tagBDSMHer Sweet Punishment

Her Sweet Punishment


Well, this is my first story so let me know if there's any mistakes and please forgive me.

Hope you like it.


"So what are we going to do again?" You ask as you enter my room and turn to lock the door.

You turn around to see me sitting on the chair near bed and unbuttoning my shirt slowly. You watch my fingers push the buttons through the buttonholes. As the fabric flutters, my hard chest and abs come into view glistening in little sweat.

"Strip." You snap out of your thoughts as you hear me speak in deep stern voice.

Surprised, you look at my face to see if I'm kidding. You realize I ain't by the look in my face and lust in my eyes. You put down the hockey bag before reaching for the hem of your tee. You pull it up slowly.

"Fast babygirl!" You quicken your action hearing my voice. Cold air from the fan tingles your exposed skin. You throw it aside and pull down your shorts quickly before unclasping your bra and shrugging it off. You reach for your panties when you hear me telling you to stop.

"Leave it now. Come here and get on the bed. On your knees."

You quickly climb on the bed and kneel on it before me. You watch me as I pull myself up and take off my shirt before reaching for the tie lying aside. You grow curious as I move closer to you.


"Babygirl do you trust me?"

"Yes, daddy..."

"I'm gonna push your limits today and it will be rough. But remember you can say no any time or request to stop at any moment. I won't do it if you don't want to, okay? Do you trust me, baby?"

"Yes, daddy I do. And I know I can say no or stop any time I want. I love you so much, Daddy!"

"Good girl. Let's begin!"

You close your eyes as I blindfold you with the tie. You feel the soft fabric on your skin and eroticness of the situation. You sense the weight lifting on the bed, feel my touch running across your skin playfully.

You feel my hand hold your shoulder gently and pull you forward. A slight touch of my big lips lingers on your collarbone. You inhale deeply as the sensation continues till your chin with my hot breath dancing over your skin. You eagerly lean forward when you feel me grab your hair hard and hold you in place.

You gasp by the suddenness and force. You gasp louder when you feel your left breast being groped hard before the sensation of your nipple being pinched and pulled hits your brain and sends tingly feeling down to your clit.

I wrap my lips on your nipple slowly and start sucking it hard and sloppy. You feel my hot lips wrapped around your nipple as my tongue fondle it with the tip. I tighten my grip on your hair and pull your head back as I kiss your neck and chest softly. You moan as you feel a finger probe over your clit firmly.

You buckle your hip forward in pleasure as the sensation of your clit being teased with my fingers loads your senses with pleasure.

"Oh my beautiful slut, you're already so wet and soaked!" You thrust your hip into my hand as you listen to my deep voice.

I constantly rub your clit over your panties while my lips suck your nipples alternatively.

Suddenly all sensation stops and you feel me move away. You turn your head trying to listen for me before you feel being pushed on the bed roughly and your hands pulled over your head. You sense something cold and hard lock around your right wrist before the same happens to your left wrist. You tug cuffs to realize you're cuffed to the bedpost.

Before you could adjust to the cold steel digging into your wrists, you sense your legs pulled wide and tied to the bedpost. You feel the wind run over your drenched panties cladded cunt.

I grab the hairbrush from the table and climb back on the bed. I softly drag the flat side of the brush over your thighs giving you light and small smacks. I firmly rub your clit over your panties with it before giving you a hard smack on your clit. I grab your buckling waist and push it down pinning you to the bed. You grab the handcuff chain tight as I smack your cunt again.

"Count them!"

I start smacking your cunt hard and nice making you scream and whimper loud.


"Do you know why I'm punishing you?"

"Yes, daddy... I teased you in public too much. I'm sorry daddy!"

"Do you regret it?"

"...no daddy."


I let go of your waist and grab the vibrator from the dresser. You grow stiff and alert when you hear the buzzing sound of the vibrator.

"Daddy n...!!"

I press the vibrator on your clit and turn it to its highest frequency.

Holding it tight on your clit, I grab your throat and squeeze it lightly as I say in low stern tone,

"Let's make one thing clear, my cumwhore! You flashed me your tits like the slutty whore you are and ground your dirty ass on my crotch in the elevator knowing I won't be able to do anything. You think you can tease me and go unpunished??!"

I tighten my grip on your throat as you start choking and thrashing from the vibrator on your clit. I press it firmer on your clit and rub it in a circular motion making it more pleasurable and torturous as you know you can't cum while you're being punished. That's rule no.1.

"You wanna cum badly don't you??"

"Yes, daddy, please! I'm sorry I teased you in the elevator!"

"You know what I wanted to do there? I wanted to bend you over and fuck your ass raw and hard right there! I love when you tease me baby but you must understand it comes with a price. Now beg me."

I push the panties aside and stick the vibrator right on your protruding clit and rub it all the way down till your perineum.

"Daddy please daddy let me cum! I can't hold it anymore! Daddy please!!"

I choke you harder and lean into your ears,

"Cum my dirty slut. Cum for daddy!"

Still blindfolded, you thrash as waves of orgasm hits you again and again with the vibration still held on your clit. You slump on the bed like a broken doll when I finally take the vibrator away. You hear the buzzing die and your labored breathing. The room now filled with the scent from your soaked pulsating pussy makes me more horny.

You sense my weight moving before you feel a pair of lips pressing on yours. You greedily suck my lower lip before slithering your tongue into my mouth. I gladly suck on your tongue as I climb over you. You sense my hands pressed on either side of you holding my weight as we kiss like no tomorrow. We break the kiss only to breath as a string of saliva hangs between our lips and falls on your chin.

"But you know baby, you made daddy so hard today! It's hot to see you being naughty. Maybe it's because we both know we look forward for the punishment. You just have to be put in your place when it comes to this. Here, in the bed, you belong right..."

I lower hip slowly and press on your crotch as you realize I'm naked and my hard dick is pressing on your cunt


I grind my hard length over your wet pussy firmly. You feel my breathing get heavier and hotter on your skin.


I hump into you hard and rough that your head hits the bedhead. You feel my hard body pressing on you as I dryhump you hard. I reach down and push aside your panties. You moan louder when you feel your naked pussy being touched and rubbed by my hard cock. You feel the hardness press and thrust between your labia and on your clit. My balls drag on your perineum as I push my hip upwards.

I reach down once again and rub my tip on your inner labia before thrusting my length into slowly. You start moaning louder and louder by every inch being pushed in your dirty tight cunt.

I grab your blindfold and loosen it. Once I lower it, your eyes flutter open and your pupils try to adjust to the sudden brightness and unfocused. You focus on my face above you as I thrust harder and faster. Your mouth hanging open and your back arching by every stroke.

You feel my hard length impaling you deeper and deeper. You could feel my blood rushing into my cock making me hard af. You unable to see my face clearly;

"Daddy? Can I... Mmmmmm... Wear my glassesssss?" Unable to contain your moans as I start ramming faster.

I pause and reach for your glasses. With my cock still buried in you, I grab it and set the temples over your ears while making the nose pads sits high on your nose.


"Mmmhmmm" you smile sheepishly as you notice my hard body covered with sweat.

"Good. Let's begin my beautiful cumwhore!"

I start ramming into hard and nice that your head starts banging into the bedhead. You scream and moan into my ear as I lean down and kiss your jawline and neck. You wanna hold my head and dig your fingers into my back but the cuffs stop you from doing it.

"You're moaning too loud!" Without waiting for you to control yourself, I wrap the loosened tie over your mouth and tie it hard muffling you.

"That's more like the good whore you are!"

I sit up on my heels and start banging your tight cunt rough. You feel my curved cock stretch your tight pussy walls and rub them nice and firmly. I grab your nipples and squeeze it hard. I keep ramming my hard length into you while groping and roughing up your tits. I smack your right tit hard and then left making you scream in pain and pleasure. The smell of our sex covers the room and hangs heavily in the air. The sun streaming through the window shines on our making our bodies glisten in sweat. Your eyes travel below my chest to my abs and then our crotch. Your hairy cunt being used like a filthy rag doll by me pushes you closer to orgasm.

You open your mouth making the tie slipping down into your mouth;

"Daddy I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too baby! But I'm not gonna pull out. Im gonna show you why you're my cumdump!!"

With that, I start ramming harder and rough making you buckle your hip as you cum on my cock. The gushing cum on my dick pushes me off the edge and I start cumming like hell. String after string shot deep into your cunt. You feel me fill you up with my hot cum.

I slump on you with my dick still buried in you and our cum leaking out.

"I love you so much, Daddy!"

"I love you so much more baby! But I ain't done with you."

I lean on you and kiss you softly.

"You're my cumwhore alright. Today, you are gonna be my pisswhore too."


To be continued...

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by Anonymous04/21/18

you lost me

At the end. Water sports are a big turn off for me. Up to that point it was hot.

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