tagNonHumanHer Toy, Her Master Ch. 01

Her Toy, Her Master Ch. 01


The main street was always busy on a Saturday. Cars and people going in what seemed like every direction around the small, dark-skinned girl who walked placidly along the road, stopping at each store to window-shop for a bit.

In front of one of the newer boutiques, an antique shop just off the main road, she stopped, a strange feeling drawing her in the door. The place was cluttered, piles of stuff covering the walls and floors. The proprietor was a skinny, elderly man, balding with small eyes, but he was energetic, and seemed more than glad to help as he bounced up to the pretty girl.

“Welcome! Welcome! I’m Roger, and this is the Ancient Mysteries Antique Shop. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“My name’s Maria,” she replied. “But I don’t know. Something just told me to come in here and look around.”

She wandered off, slowly, looking at everything that was displayed, sometimes having to move pieces of furniture and lamps and boxes of jewelry to see. After a good thirty minutes of looking, she had covered maybe a quarter of the small shop, and pushed aside an old hand-mirror and a faded painting to reveal a small porcelain doll.

It was shaped and dressed like a gentleman, with fine, glossy black hair and blue eyes made of crystal. The suit it wore was old-fashioned, 18th century America, she guessed as she lifted it, and the warm feeling returned, stronger than ever.

She turned, sharply, staring wide-eyed at the owner, who smiled benignly. “How much is this?” she asked in her child-like voice, hearing it seem to echo in the sudden silence.

The man gestured her to the counter, gave her a price, and she paid it gladly, though it was a good deal more than she had meant to spend.

Once home, she set the strange doll up on the mantle, a place of honor, she thought, for her great purchase, and went to take a shower. She turned on the hot water to let in run and stripped off her tight shirt, letting her skirt fall around her ankles. She paused to admire her body in the full length mirror attached to the door. Her skin was almost chocolate brown, her hair dark, streaked with red from a recent dying session with her friends. Green eyes blazed like fire down her frame to softly hanging breasts, her toned belly and pink shaven cunt. Her butt and legs were lean and strong from all the time she’d spent as a young girl running and climbing.

The steam was beginning to fog up the mirror before he tore herself away and stood in the hot stream, letting the rivulets run over the curves of her flesh, running the soap over her skin to create a thick lather. As her hands ran lower on her body, she felt that warm sensation again, this time concentrated in her loins. As she ran the soap between her legs, she felt a surge of pleasure that almost knocked her off her feet, and she sank to her knees, dropping the soap in preference to her soap-slick fingers. She swirled them around inside her tiny heat, pushing them into her tight hole, like a vise from her long, involuntary chastity. She pressed her other hand down, spreading her heat for easier access, letting her other hand work over the pink, sensitive flesh, her thumb pressing and rolling her clit around as she worked. Her head rolled back against the wall of the shower, the sensations crashing over her unlike any other time in the months before, causing the world to shake, and her vision to blur and almost black out as her first orgasm slammed into her like being hit in the face.

She woke up with the water cold, washing over her face, and she kicked the water off, climbing out shakily to dry her body, taking extra care with her heat, as she knew she must be a bit sore at least from her wild session. As she stepped out of her bathroom, she noticed immediately that her doll had changed position, now standing instead of sitting, and closer to the bathroom door on the mantelpiece.

Becoming frightened, she quickly ran to the door, making sure it was still locked. It was, and she glanced around the house in fear. As her eyes fell on the doll on her mantel, it turned its head to stare at her with those uncanny eyes.

A soft, strong male voice seemed to boom from the walls of her home: “Maria. Once more, Maria, and you will be mine!”

“What? Who are you? What do you want?” Her voice was frightened, becoming higher than before even, and more childlike, her eyes flashing around the home she had thought so safe.

“You will cum for me again, Maria, and then you shall be MINE!” The voice seemed to slam into her, and her pussy exploded with fire, as though she were on the brink of orgasm. Letting her eyes roll back into her head, she sank to the ground, her hand going involuntarily to her pussy, the slightest touch like electric shocks. Her fingers flew over her pink pussy, creating a blur over it as her mind reeled in the ecstasy. Her orgasm washed over her suddenly, and once again, she blacked out.

When she woke this time, she was naked, sitting in a shallow chair in her living room, the most handsome man she had ever seen standing over her, wearing the same outfit the doll had worn. Her body still shaking from the power of the orgasm, his smile seemed to warm her body once more, and she dove at his form, her hands tearing at the buttons and seams of his outfit. He allowed her to strip him, violently, but making no mark upon his flesh, and she looked over him. He was tall, strong, his muscles rippling under his skin. Her gaze was torn between the bewitching blue eyes and the massive cock hanging from the well-trimmed clump of hair between his legs. She reached out, tentatively, stroking it gently until it grew hard, and a smile drew over his face. Now her eyes were riveted upon the 8 inch beast he had hidden, but no more. Almost without knowing what she was doing, her tongue stretched out to caress the tip, flowing around it and slicking it up to slide into her small mouth. She felt her mouth open more than she could remember it opening to accept him, her teeth never touching, and as she slid down, her throat widened to accept every inch of his flesh. Her hands roamed over his legs as her head began to bob on his cock, sucking and fucking it into her mouth, her mind totally on the sweet honey she knew would come from it. His scent filled her head and made her mind go blurry, and her mind shrank, until her universe was this cock, and that alone, she knew nothing else. With a soft grunt, he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, spraying her face and body with his cum. Her hands flew to gather as much of it up while it was still warm, sucking it from her fingers and swallowing every drop she could find.

As the think goo flowed down her throat, that burning sensation returned, and her hands flew once more to her pussy, but this time, she was unable to cum, no matter how long or hard or fast she frigged herself.

After letting this continue for some time, the man looked down, his powerful voice thunderous in her head. “You will never again cum without my permission, and you will always want to, from now on. You are mine, my property, my possession, my slave. You will do all I ask, because only then can you escape the torment you will have forever.”

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes, and begged in a weak voice, “How can I please you, Master?”

He smiled.

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