tagFetishHer Toy Takes My Cherry

Her Toy Takes My Cherry


Ready for some more wild shit?

Hey guys, I'm sure you have seen those make your own dildo kits. You know the kind, where you make a mold of your own dick, and use it to make a vibrator so your significant other can fuck themselves with it when you're not around. Well, I'm here to tell you be careful, if you get one of those, the decision might come back to bite you in the ass. Or worse. Here is my second chapter.

As we get out of the shower she guides me on the edge of the bed and has me sit down while she kneels on the floor and lowers her mouth to my stiffening rod. "Lay back and relax babe, I've got something special for you now." I feel her wet lips on the head of my cock and lay back as instructed, letting her go to work. I love it when she sucks me before I get fully hard; it's about the only time she can take the whole thing in her mouth so I can feel her chin on my balls. With her talented and lips and tongue working my meat, her hand runs over my ball sack and she begins massaging my spent balls, rolling them between her fingers.

I'm in heaven, lying on my back, her head bobbing up and down on my cock, her hand between my legs rubbing my balls. When I feel a finger trail lower and head towards my back door, I moan, "oh yes, baby", and part my legs wider to give her better access.

Pulling off my rod, she spits a generous glob of spit on my brown eye and proceeds to massage it around with a deft finger before popping one knuckle, then two up my poop chute. "Oh baby, that is so fucking hot....I love it when you finger fuck my ass as you suck my dick...." I practically growl through gritted teeth.

I get several minutes of some intense prostate massage as her finger explores my dark passage and her mouth works its magic on my dick before she pulls off and tells me to get on all fours. Then she kneels behind me, her hand stroking my cock and balls as her talented mouth seeks out my sensitive little back door. I am moaning to the pillows as her nimble fingers tighten around my engorged cock, giving me a tug job, as her wet tongue dances around my asshole like a crazy butterfly. I love it when she rims me. Feeling my cheeks held open wide as her mouth kisses and licks across my sensitive hole. I wish I could get this kind of oral treatment every day, but I'll take it whenever she is willing to give it.

Her mouth moves lower, and I feel her tongue slide up and down my shaft. Her hungry mouth slides from the head of my cock down to my puckered bung. Up and down she goes, slurping and moaning along the way. When my little back door is shiny from her spit, she gently works a finger up back up inside of me. I let out a soft moan as her finger slides in and out. "Oh, don't stop honey...." She says something in reply, but her mouth is filled with my cock so it's just a mumble.

I hear the opening of a drawer and can only assume she is dipping in to our toy chest. A little lube is applied and her finger is joined by a second, all the while, she keeps her lips tight around my shaft, sucking me from underneath while fingering my butthole with two slippery digits.

She pulls her hot mouth off my swollen member and begins kissing her way up my back, keeping her fingers where they are. She reaches my neck and I can feel her breath across my ear as she asks, "How does that feel, lover? Does that feel good?" She emphasizes her words with gentle thrusts of her hand.

"Yes," I tell her, "those fingers feel fucking fantastic up there. Oh please don't stop fucking me..."

"Oh don't you worry about that. Are you enjoying this? Well, I think you are going to love this." I think she means a third finger But I have no idea what was in store for my asshole. She withdraws her two fingers and I feel her putting more lube on my eager backdoor. I feel pressure at my sphincter, and she puts a hand on my shoulder and leans in close to whisper in my ear, "Don't worry lover I'll be gentle..." I wonder what she means, but when I feel BOTH her hands on my shoulders, I fully realize what she's about to do. She's about to fuck ME up the ass!

"Whoa, what the fuck?!" I say and try to turn around but he has me held down quite effectively."Who's the Bitch now?!" She giggles as her fingers dig in to my shoulders and something begins to push inside of me. My third eye is forced open wide as she begins to fuck me up my virgin ass. I let out a loud gasp as she takes my anal cherry. Never before have I felt anything like this, my sphincter burns as it's forced wider and wider. Inch by inch she filled my bowels with her plastic dick. I had to bite down on the pillow to keep from screaming. It felt like an eternity before I felt her hips against my butt and a set of rubber balls against mine, but at least I knew she had bottomed out and had nothing more to stuff up inside me.

She held me close for a good couple minutes, allowing me time to adjust and get used to this new sensation. "That's it baby; just take nice slow, breaths. That's what I usually do when you're in a buttfucking mood. Just relax baby, you'll learn to LOVE this piece of meat up our back side. I know I've got quite used to it. Even miss it a little when you don't give it to me between the cheeks for a while." I feel stuffed, like I have to take the biggest shit ever. She bumps and grinds a little here and there, allowing me to feel just how deep her toy is burrowed up inside my butt.

She leaned over me, her mouth brushing against my ear. Her hand slides from around my hip and grabs for my cock. My once raging hard-on is wilting quickly. "Aww, what's wrong baby?," she teases, "does this big, bad dick up your ass hurt a little too much to stay hard hmmm? Well, you might not love this right now, but I think I see why you love doing this to me so much. Feels so powerful watching every inch of me disappear up inside of you. Hearing you whimper as I entered you. Oh yeah, I like this..."

She pulls out slowly for an inch or two before changing direction and going deeper. Very slowly, (and actually quite gently for a newly dicked fucker) rocking her rubber cock in and out of my rectum."What do you think of my new toy," she asks, "have you figured out what it is that I'm fucking you up the ass with?" I can't reply. "That's right baby, it's you. I took your little cock clone down to the toy store and bought me a harness for it. And the little pussy eater behind the counter was all too eager to help me. She laughed when I told her what I was planning to do. She made sure I got a good harness too, one the rubs my pussy just right when I fuck you. Ooooo baby, does it ever..." With that, she holds onto my hips and grinds her pelvis into me in small circles. A move she undoubtedly learned from me. "Oh yeah honey, I really like this...." She says devilishly and continues a slow reaming of my ass.

I feel her hands on my waist as she guides me back on forth on her rubber phallus. Making me fuck her, "ooooh yea," she chuckles, "that's a good little bitch, take my thick, hard cock up your little butthole." At one point, I wince and let out a sharp cry of pain, which only made her chuckle. She leans in close to whisper in my ear, "Now you have an idea what I go through each and every time you want to take a trip down the ol' Hershey Highway. Now shut up and take it like the little butttfucking bitch you are right now, got it?" She emphasizes her last words with a strong thrust at each one.

It doesn't take long before she has built to a rhythm. Her hands are holding on to my hips, occasionally slapping an ass cheek as she gleefully uses her pelvis to repeatedly ram that damn cock in and out of my poor asshole. I've always been proud of the size of my cock, particularly of it's thickness, but now that I was on the receiving end of a butt fucking by it, I promised I'd take it easier on hers next time.

She reaches around my hip and her hand finds my cock limp and flapping with each thrust of her hips into mine. "What's this? Why isn't my 'strong man' all hard? Are you not as turned on as I am? Well?" She slams her hips roughly into mine when I don't reply quickly enough.

"It's just...it hurts a bit, and it's hard to stay, well, hard." I say, trying not to sound like a bitch who just lost his cherry.

"Well you know what? I want to see this thing get hard. I'm going to make to cum as I fuck you, and I bet it'll be a hell of a load too!" With that she pulls out of me and pushes me over. "Roll over, bitch, I want to see that dick of yours." I roll over on my back, and she takes her position between my legs. She squeezes another glob of lube on her dildo, and positions the head up against my abused little hole. "Now, where was I?" She muses, "Oh yeah, right about here!" and with that, she shoves that damn dildo back up my asshole. I throw my head back and let out a cry of surprise and pain. "Oh this is good," she says, "I get to see your face now as I fuck that sweet butt of yours."

I've had fingers, and the occasional slim vibrator, up my ass but never anything the size I was taking now. I was definitely getting a taste of my own medicine. Although, maybe it was the new angle or maybe I was just getting used to it, but it actually started to feel kind of good. She was stroking my cock in rhythm of her thrusts, and it was having the desired effect, "mmm, baby, you're getting a bit thick now aren't you? Starting to enjoy getting buggered huh?"

"Ugh..Yessss....' I managed to grunt out.

"This strap is definitely working better on my clit at this angle too. Oh, yeah, I am loving this...." Her thrusts become more rhythmic and I can see in her eyes she is getting more turned on. "Take your cock; I want to watch you jerk it." My hand replaces hers on my hardening dick, and she focuses on her own luscious breasts. Her hands rubbing them, pushing them together and squeezing her own nipples as her eyes close and her head rolls back. The sight of her standing there rubbing her tits as her hips rock in and out of me is hot, so hot that I'm fully hard now. "Oh yessss....." She hisses, "This is good. So good." She opens her eyes and looks down at my swollen member and smiles. "Oh honey, that looks good," she moans, "keep stroking it for me...that's it, stroke that beast....stroke it, I want to see it shoot it's glorious load."

She grabs hold of my ankles and opens my legs wide as her eyes are glued to my throbbing erection and her phallus plugging in and out of me. I can tell the sight of me jerking off is turning her on. She has always enjoyed watching me masturbate. She drops one hand to her crotch and begins rubbing her self. "That's it honey....stroke that thing...make it all hard for me...." Her hand slides out from between her legs and she grabs a hold of my balls. I know for sure how turned on she is now, her fingers are practically dripping with her juices as she rolls my smooth nuts between her delicate fingers.

"Oh, that's it baby...you know what I like..." I pant.

"Yeah? That what you want?" She teases as her fingers encircle my ball sack. She knows damn good and well what I'm asking for. I love a good sharp tug on my balls when I am jerking off; it keeps me from cumming too quickly. I nod my head and continue beating my meat. She keeps fucking me slow and watching me stroke myself. "That's it baby stroke it good for mama." The feeling of that dildo sliding in and out of my asshole, her dirty words and my hands sliding up and down my greased shaft were bringing me close to the edge. She must have heard my breathing quicken up and realized I was getting close to cumming. Because that's when she did it, a hard tug on my ball sack followed with an open hand slap across my nuts.

I let out a yelp as my body convulsed in pain. The tug, I was expecting; the slap, I was not. But secretly I loved it. That bite of pain brought me back from the edge of cumming, and I could continue stroking off and getting buggered by her as I watch her huge tits bounce up and down for a while longer.

Her hand was back between her legs and I could tell that while the strap-on was rubbing her little nub, it just wasn't enough, her hot pussy demanded more. And her fingers must have given it. Because soon she was going at it harder. Her breath was sharper, her thrusts her getting harder. Her fingers were wringing her poor nipple....she was super close.

"O baby...." she pants, "I'm so close...so close.... ooohh...oohh... YESSSS!!" She bellows and slams into me hard as she can. That right there is it for me. That's the trigger I needed, to see her cum. As her eyes roll closed and her body convulses, I am pushed past the point of no return.

Her twitching causes her cock to jiggle inside me, again putting the wonderful pressure on my swollen prostate. With a cry of my own, I surrender myself to orgasm. A thick stream of cum shoots from my cock across my stomach and chest. It feels like electricity, emanating from my balls, pulsing down the length of my shaft until it erupts out the tip, arcing in the air before landing with a hot splat between my nipples. She leans forward, "oh honey, that is so fucking hot! Gimme some of that, coat my tits with your sugar, baby...."

She pulls the base of my dick back just as another load shoots out. This steam lands right where she wanted it; right between those huge knockers of hers. She runs a hand up from her stomach, right up that sticky sweet valley, and drags some of my juice up to her smiling lips. She smears some across her mouth like carmex before dipping those fingers past her waiting lips. She smiles wickedly as she sucks them clean, making small slurping sounds and popping them past her lips as she pulls them out.

Her other hand remain gripping the base of my dick. "You have any more cum for me baby?" She teases. A couple of small, gentle thrusts of her dildo still up my ass produces a small amount of the white cream she desires to bubble out the slit of my cockhead and drip down the shaft, across her knuckles and over the back of her hand, covering them in my sticky sugar.

She wraps her fingers tighter around the bottom of my cock and pulls up slowly. Like my dick was a tube of toothpaste and she was determined to get the last bit out of the tube, bending forward, she sticks out her tongue, and with a greedy slurp she licks off the glistening pearl of cum sitting on top.

She removes the cum-covered hand from my wilting cock and smears my juice over her heavy breasts. Rubbing my cream into her nipples. "Baby, you came a LOT," she whispers contentedly. Her finger absent mindedly playing with the pools of my jism that cover my stomach and chest. "Look at all that beautiful cum.....such a nice load." Her fingers now circle my nipples, rubbing them with the sticky fluid. A slight squeeze of her fingers sends a nice shock through my body, causing my spent cock to twitch a little as I moan in approval. Her fingers scoop up more and she rubs that into her own nipples rocking back and forth a little as she does so. The sight of her massaging those massive tits of hers along with the slight rocking of her toy still buried up my ass turns me on even more, causing my wilted cock to slowly plump up a bit.

She leans forward, big plump tit in hand, leaning towards my face, about to feed me from her massive globe. I begin to turn my head away as I remember those nipples are coated in my man juice, and I'm just not too sure about that. She sees my flinch and laughs, "You kiss me all the time after your sweaty prick and balls have been in my mouth. Hell, you've even kissed me after I've been rimming you! And yet, you don't want to lick my nipple just 'cause it's got a little cum on it?!" She leans down, and with a slurp, licks up a pool of white sitting up near my neck.

When she looks up, her previously CFM red lips are now almost solid white, and she has an extra evil grin. Before I can react, she has my head between her hands and her lips are mashed against mine. I feel her tongue trying to get inside my mouth, pushing against my lips. Now, with the way we play, I knew this day would come (no pun intended) when she'd be kissing me with cum on her lips. She is always wanting me to eat her pussy after I've came in side, and to be honest, I'm not entirely opposed to the idea. I expect her to swallow my load and all that, but I am feeling like making her work for it a bit. So I fight back. But she is sneaky and reaches up and pinches my nose, and then it's only a matter of time before I lose. I open my mouth to breath, and in that instant, a warm glob of my own cum falls into my mouth, followed by a hot, squirming tongue. Her tongue danced in my mouth, running itself over every inch, every surface it can. Making sure I don't miss a drop, and that I taste as much of myself as possible.

And taste myself I did. The load of my cum passed from her mouth into mine, it was warm and slightly bitter. Not salty like I was expecting, it had a flavor like nothing I could compare it to exactly, although the closest I can get would be coconut milk. Thinner than I would have thought, and felt kind of slippery, like a fresh, raw oyster almost. Nothing 'fantastic', but it wasn't utterly repulsive, either.

We lay like that for a while, her cummy lips sliding over mine, her heavy breasts pressed into my chest, her stomach rubbing across my now almost painfully raw cock, as she tongue-fed me and made sure I ate every last bit of my cum.

I had gotten so used to it, that when she told me she was going to stand up and withdraw from my ass, I was actually a little bummed. She held a towel between us and slowly, ever so slowly began to back out of me. Inch by wonderful inch she pulled that rubber cock out of my now well fucked backdoor. It felt like I was taking the biggest, slow shit of my life. The movement again ignited the sensitive nerves of my little puckered hole and brought back all those wonderful sensations. Now that the pain of that initial penetration was gone, all that remained was a wonderful feeling of being filled up. She was right. I could get used to this.

"Ready for me to pull out?" She asked. When I hesitated, she asked, "or do you want....MORE?" And with that brutally slammed the cocked all the way back up inside me!

I actually screamed as the pain shot through my body. My poor abused asshole felt like it was on fire. My cock jolted to life and stood straight up, shocked into an instant erection. "Oh, too much?" She snickered and just as quickly as she thrust inside me, she pulled out causing my asshole to snap painfully shut. I pull my knees to my chest and roll on to my side, the towel she had between us, now wedged between my legs. "Long, deep breaths baby, long, deep breaths..."

The stinging I feel deep up my ass feel like it will never go away. It takes me a few minutes to get my breathing under control. During that time, she unbuckles her harness and steps out of it, before curling up to me on the bed. "Well babe, your sweet little ass is no longer cherry. Was it as good for you as it was for me?" She giggles a little at her small joke.

"Ha ha, very funny...." I reply, "It actually wasn't too bad, except for that shit you pulled at the end. What the fuck was that for?"

"I couldn't resist it. You know how often you practically get a running start at my brown eye! Don't be such a pussy; learn to take it as well as you give. I was very turned on by you eating your cum. You actually surprised me with that." By now, she's spooning me from behind and her hand has slid down my chest and is inching toward my crotch. "Seeing you take such a thick cock up you tiny little butt, having you swallow a hot load...damn baby, that was sexy...kinda makes me wonder what else you might get into?" And with that, her fingers reach my cock, "you liked that dildo huh? I could tell you got into it." Her fingers stat sliding up and down the shaft, "liked he feel of big, hard dick sliding up inside you?" My cock was pulsing now. "And with the way you sucked my mouth and lips clean, I think you might actually enjoy the taste of cum....Makes me wonder how that little mouth of yours that eats pussy so fucking well would do with a flesh and blood dick. Do you wonder what a real cock would feel like up that tight little butthole of yours? I think you just might..."

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