tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Train Ride

Her Train Ride


As she stepped onto the train, she noticed how crowded it was. There was no place to sit. She moved down the aisle and finally found a place by the door. As she gazed through the door, she could see trees and fields as they went by. The commute was a long one with few stops. As she stood staring out the window, she became aware of someone behind her. Recognizing that the train was crowded, she thought nothing of it and continued to gaze out at the passing countryside. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her ass, touching her gently through her long skirt and slip. It seemed casual enough, yet somehow she could sense that it was not. Glancing around, she noticed that a tall bearded man was standing close behind her. He was closer than he needed to be and she knew then that his touch was not accidental. Her first impulse was to either turn around and slap him or just move away. But then something inside her wandered how far he would take this encounter.

As she stood silently pretending to ignore him, she could feel his fingers through the material of her dress, sliding up and down her thigh. Emboldened by her inaction, he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her hard against his body. Emitting a little gasp, she felt his cock was hard, even through his pants and her dress.

She began to think that perhaps this had gotten out of hand. At that moment, the hand around her waist slid slowly upward and he began to knead her breast lightly. She realized now that this had gone too far. Even though she was feeling a wetness between her legs and an aching in her nipples, she made up her mind to move away.

As she began to move away, his arm moved around her body and he pulled her back toward him. As she tried to turn, he maneuvered her into a corner and that she knew she couldn't turn away. When she started to scream, his whisper was sharp in her ear... "Don't!"

She was stunned into silence. "I know what you want..." he whispered.

Her resolve left her at that moment and she felt weak, unable to fight it the feeling, knowing that he was right. He knew...

His arm eased its grip and one hand returned to her waist while the other moved back to her breast. She was still, silent, as if in a trance. He began a slow, sensuous kneading motion with his hand. She felt her nipple harden as he somehow managed to pinch it through her blouse and bra. She felt his hardness pressed insistently into her bottom. She closed her eyes wanting more, wanting him to touch more than just her breast.

"Unbutton your blouse," he whispered to her in the same commanding tone that he had used before. She blushed and hesitated. Suddenly, the kneading stopped. "Unbutton your blouse, now!," he whispered insistently, his body molded against hers. She wondered if any other passenger could see what was going on, but then she realized it didn't matter. She wanted to feel his touch again!

Her hand moved to the buttons of her blouse and she slowly unbuttoned them. His hand reached inside her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breast. A small gasp escaped her lips and again she felt panic. How would she ever get off this train? His fingers began caressing her breast again; this time touching her bare flesh. As he continued slowly kneading her breasts, she began rotating her hips against his erection, almost involuntarily. Her eyes were closed and she was quite aroused. Her panties were becoming wet and she wanted to feel some part of him inside her. Deep down she wanted him to just throw her to the floor and take her then and there.

Her body became more and more aroused until she felt she might just come from his playing with her breasts. And then he stopped!

"Tell me what you want me to do..."

She felt her body flush... she wanted to say the words...yet...

"If you don't tell me, I'll stop and get off the train and you will never hear from me again..."

Tears began filling her eyes...who was this man so able to bend her to his will? She moaned softly and leaned her head back, trembling as he made her want... NEED...what he he was offering...

"Fuck me" she whispered softly...almost too soft to be heard...but spoken nonetheless.

"What?" his voice was taunting. He knew that he had her in his power. She knew that he had heard but she was compelled to reply. "Please, Fuck Me!" Her voice was a little louder.

"Here?" he continued taunting her. He slid his hand down the front of her body and she trembled wondering what he would do.

"Perhaps... " His voice was still low but commanding. "Lift your skirt in front."

She glanced around. It seemed that most of the passengers had left the train already, and no one was near them. Yet she wondered how can these people not know what was going on? Slowly her hands begin bunching your skirt in front, as if they had a mind if their own. As her skirt lifted above her panties, his hand glided down the front and began rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her panties. The juices within her soon made a wet spot and she felt as though she might collapse from the pleasure of his fingers grazing her clit through the thin silk of her panties.

"Take them off."

She didn't need to guess what he was talking about. She slipped her panties over her hips, stepping out as they puddled at her feet. Then without being told, she raised her skirt again. His hand returned to the same spot, only this time he was touching her completely. He entered her cleft, stroking, teasing...soon she was pushing he hips back against him in rhythm to the fucking that his fingers were giving her pussy. She felt a deep welling inside and realized that she was on the verge of cumming... when he suddenly stopped.

"Well, this is where I get off," he whispered. "I'm sorry we couldn't finish this..." But her face told him everything he needed to know, "Unless you want to come with me. Of course, I can't take you home, but perhaps we can find a place and finish what we've started..."

She was suddenly so frustrated that she wanted to cry... the excitement and the nearness of her release, so close...

Throwing caution to the wind, she nodded, breathlessly speaking, "Please...yes."..needing what he offered... needing the control that she heard in his voice...wanting to be at his mercy.

Without a word, he maneuvered her to the door as the train began slowing. Looking down, she realized that although her skirt was down, her blouse was open, her bra pushed above her breasts... and her panties were on the floor. She was suddenly flustered and began pulling her bra down. His hand stopped her. "No, you must leave your breasts bare and available to me. If you want you may take off your bra."

She wondered, "How can this man have such control over me? Yet, it feels so good to surrender control."

Reaching back, she undid her bra and he helped her slip it out from under her blouse. The train came to a stop and she began to stuff the bra into her handbag when his hand covers hers.

"Leave it. You don't need it anymore."

She let it drop and wondered what someone would think when they found her underwear on the train. She pulled her blouse closed and sighed, happy that he didn't stop her from closing it. As the doors opened, they moved onto the platform together. His hand was on your waist and he maneuvered her toward the stairs. Wondering where he would take her, she began blushing. As she started to mount the stairs, his hand restrained her. He then maneuvered her behind the stairs. This dark little alcove although not totally private was certainly a place where few would ever look.

"Now," he whispered, " I want to look at you."

He turned her around slowly. Gazing up into his flashing green eyes, she was mesmerized. Even in the shadows on the stairwell, she could see that he was in control.

"Let me see you," he said. There was no doubt what he is asking. She unbuttoned her blouse and slowly pulled it open.

"Magnificent!" He exclaimed. "They are as beautiful as I knew they would be. Finish."

She felt a shock course through her body. Finish? Did he mean...

"That's right, I want you bare-assed naked."

She hesitated, afraid to continue, yet feeling the power of his stare...

"Fine, I guess its time I left then." He turned and began to walk away...

She moaned and shook her head, "No... please don't go" as she slipped the skirt from her hips, letting it pools at her feet. She stood before him in only her heels, trembling, her dark eyes downcast... her body exposed for his pleasure.

He paused and turned. "No more hesitation. I don't have time for it."

As she stood before him, her head slightly downcast, she could sense that he was taking in her body. Realizing that she still had shoes on, she reached down to undo the straps.

"No. I like that," he said as he walked slowly around her, "The shoes highlight the line of your legs. Nice." As he passed behind her, his hand cupped her ass briefly and she heard himself say, "Yes, you will do nicely,"

Her blush deepened and she felt warm and even though he had not touched her since they had left the train. His touch remaindered her that she was very aroused. As he completed his circuit, he moved closer to her and she looked up at him. She could see his eyes better. They seem to bore into her and she couldn't remove her gaze. The look was stern, but at the same time, kind. She somehow knew that although he might punish her for disobeying, he would never really hurt her. She felt a bond forming with this stranger. He took his hand and began moving it down her body until he cupped her genitals. She was wet, slick and his finger started working its magic again. Stroking, teasing. All the while his eyes boring into her.

"Kiss me," he commanded and she moved forward ready to throw her arms around him when he backed away a little. "No, only your mouth."

She touched her lips to his; they parted gently and their tongues meet for the first time. The feeling was once again almost overwhelming. His fingers played with her clit while his tongue slowly fucked her mouth. Once again, she was so close...

He seemed to sense how close she was and his hand and mouth withdrew. The moan of frustration that escaped lips was soon stifled as she remembered that he was in charge.

"I want you to undress me now."

He laid his jacket on the ground and stood still. She unbuttoned his shirt. His chest was broad and covered with a delicate mat of black and gray hair. As she finished opening his shirt, he opened his arms and let her remove it.

"Kiss me," he commanded again. As she stepped up to him, he took her chin in his hand and pushed her face down onto his chest. As she began to suck his nipples, his hand cupped her breast, and his fingers teased her nipple. He let her taste him for a while and then drew her back up. Bending down he sucks in one of her nipples into his mouth, hard and deep, his tongue swirling and playing with it. The nipple hardened even more and she gasped as she moved her hand down and felt the lump in his pants. He straightened up and smiled, "Well, slut, I guess if you are that eager..."

"Slut! How dare he!" But as he stood, he put pressure on her shoulders and she found herself on her knees kneeling in front of him. "I guess, I really am a slut," she thought as she unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his pants. She could see how hard he was as he tented the shorts. With only a slight hesitation, she finished the job and pulled his shorts and pants down to his ankles. His rock hard cock was bobbing in front of her face. He lifted his legs one at a time and she folded the pants on the coat. When she turned back, she was only inches from his cock. It is about average length but quite thick. From above she heard "Kiss me..."

She kissed the tip of his cock, looking up at him, her tongue darting out to taste it. She reached out to wrap her hand around it. She was trembling... afraid but excited also.

A smile creased his face. "You learn quickly, little one. Take me deeper." Trembling she leaned forward taking the head of his cock into her mouth. There was a slight saltiness mixed with the bitter tang of his pre-cum. Instinctively, she began a slow motion, moving the head in and out of her mouth. There was something exciting about being this close, about feeling him penetrate her mouth. She wanted urgently to bring him pleasure. She looked up and his eyes were closed. His hand drifted to her head and he lightly cradled it, urging her to take more of him deeper into her mouth. As she did, her own hand drifted down between her legs and started stroking herself.

She suddenly felt pressure on her head and reluctantly let his cock fall from her mouth.

He looked down at her sternly. "Did I say you could play with yourself? Bringing you pleasure is MY job. You must first satisfy me, then I will bring you to orgasm."

As if stung, her hand moved away from her pussy and back up to his cock.

"Lick me!" he commanded softly. She began licking the shaft of his hard cock, slowly, cat-like up and down. With pressure from his hand on her head, she licked down his cock down and slowly cradled each of his balls in her mouth, licking and sucking each one. She then licked her way back to the tip and at his urging engulf him again, this time more deeply than she thought possible, almost gagging as his thick cock filled her mouth. As she came up for air, gasping, he let her sit back.

"My, you are a natural. I wish I had time to cum in both your mouth and your pussy. But I promised you that I would fuck you and I always keep my promises."

He pulled her quickly to your feet and embraced her. His whole body pressed against hers. His tongue entered her mouth and his hand reached down to cup her pussy. His finger slid easily into her dripping center once again and she moaned into the kiss.

As the kiss ended, he looked into her eyes and smiled. Glancing about he said, "How do you want me to fuck you? Quickly now, time grows short!"

This was a decision that she had to make quickly. On her back, she would be able to hold him, and perhaps feel his lips on hers...and feel him deep inside her. But, her favorite position on her hands and knees would put him deeply into her yet... she was unsure but knew that she must decide. She ached to gaze into his eyes as he brought her pleasure... the stranger who knew her so well. She never wanted to forget him. Resolutely, She lay on his jacket on her back, with her hips raised upwards, her thighs wide open... her bare breasts heaving with the deep breaths... her sweet bare pussy totally exposed for his pleasure...

As she gazed upward, she could see that he was pleased with her decision.

He looked down at her and seemed to slowly take in every inch of her body. Her breasts were flattened against her chest with her nipples hard in anticipation. Her legs soft and supple spread wide for him. His gaze finally rested on her glistening pussy, swollen with desire and wet with lust. She blushed, not in shame, but in heat and anticipation.

He then knelt between her legs and bent down to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Slowly he teased it, bringing his hand to engulf her breast and guide the nipple into his mouth. His teeth tease her hardness as he nipped and chewed. She begin squirming, wanting to demand that he enter her, but afraid that if she did so, he might leave. She was his now, totally, and you did not want to displease him.

Finally, he let her nipple go and rose, grasping his cock in his hand and brought it to the entrance to her pussy. He stroked it up and down her slit, getting the head wet and at the same time teasing her. She felt the delicious sensation each time his cock grazes her clit. Soon she was thrusting her hips up trying to capture his cock. Opening her eyes, she saw that he was staring intently at her enjoying the tease. "Tell me what you want."

"Fuck me." She whispered.

"How?" he asked?

"I want your cock inside me. I want your cock in my pussy. Fuck me, please!" her voice growing louder, ignoring the fact that they were only a few feet from the staircase where anyone could suddenly appear

He suddenly sank deep inside her, his hardness moving swiftly to fill her...hard...deep. Her legs wrapped around his hips as his lips met hers. His tongue thrusts deep into her mouth as his cock buries itself deep in her pussy. She was filled from one end to the other. He began moving, slowly at first with soft, gentle strokes. She matched his movements with her own. Soon they had found the rhythm, steady, deep, intensifying.

He cupped her breast, kneading it in rhythm to his strokes. She felt herself getting closer and closer. His strokes become deeper, harder, faster.

She opened her eyes and locked in her gaze into his. Suddenly she felt the feeling overwhelming her... and she came crying out as his hand moved across her mouth stifling the sounds. In her heat and passion, she had forgotten where she was. The intensity of her orgasm, fueled by the long and tantalizing foreplay, was almost overwhelming, and she was cumming and cumming again, until finally, her body was sated and she felt his body roll from hers. She reached down and touched her swollen sex, feeling his cum, knowing that he had climaxed with her.

Moments went by and she was aware that she was alone. Glancing about, she retrieved your clothes, slipping into them frantically, afraid that someone would suddenly find her like this. He was gone, but he left his jacket... Taking it up, she folded it over your arm... perhaps on another day he would want it back...

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