Her Trick, My Treat


I laughed to myself realizing that my body seemed to have the same effect on her as hers did on mine. I pulled the navy-blue jumpsuit out of its bag and started to pull it on. The costume fit loosely last year but was a tight fit now. The material clung to my chest and arms, showing of the contours of my muscles. My movement was slightly restricted by the costume so I had to move more slowly than I would have liked.

"Finished," Lilah announced as she bounced up from the stool. Her long hair was now in two pigtails tied with red ribbons. Her makeup was amazing looking but heavily done. Her eye lashes were curled and darkened with mascara, complementing her slightly bronzed skin. Her cheeks had a lot of rouge on them and highlighted her cheek bones. She wore a black velvet choker around her neck with a red heart pendant on it. I thought after cumming twice my dick would stay down for most of the night but looking at her completed costume started to make me hard. With how tight the costume was my cock started to bulge and strain against the fabric.

We both stared at each other and said simultaneously "Wow."

Lilah walked towards me and placed a hand on my chest. "I guess you're going as sexy Michael Myers." I was about to respond when her other hand rubbed along my shaft. "I guess you like my costume too," she said with a smirk. She wrapped her hand along my shaft and started to stroke me quicker. I moaned and she stopped. She looked at me with her big doe eyes and gasped, "What is this thing in my hand? It's getting harder!" I leaned down for a kiss and she stepped back from me. "Let's go, we are going to be late!" She said in a sing song voice, starting to get into her role as an innocent school girl.

Lilah skipped out of the room and I was left confused and wanting her even more. I grabbed the Michael Mayer's mask, turned off the record player and followed her out the door. When I stepped into the hallway she was already at the far end and she spun of sight, her short skirt lifted and gave me a view of her ass clad in tight white cotton panties. I beat myself up for zoning out while in her room, she must have changed out of her wet pair of panties while I was laying in her bed.

When I turned the corner, Lilah was standing in the doorway waiting for me. I followed her out and she locked up the door behind us. I leaned down and kissed her, not caring if some of her lipstick came off on my lips. She gave into my kiss and returned it. I tried to reach down and cup her ass but she slapped my hand away. She started to walk down the stairs and when she got to the bottom she smiled naughtily at me over her shoulder and lifted her skirt for a moment allowing me to see her sexy young ass before gravity conspired against me and her skirt fell back in place.

Once in the car I put the address Lilah gave me into my phone and started driving. Her friend's house was only fifteen minutes away. She spent the first couple of minutes going through my favorited radio stations and letting me know which ones she approved of and which ones she couldn't stand. I was always open to new music recommendations so I let her find a radio station she liked. She settled on a station playing punk rock and then sat back in her seat.

She reached over and held her hand out to me so I held it. I was focused on paying attention to the directions on my phone when she rested our hands on top of her thigh. I tried to stay focused on the road but her smooth skin stole my attention. I did my best to not give her the satisfaction of distracting me. I felt like I was winning, until she decided to increase her strategy. Lilah started to slide my hand up her thigh until my hand rested just inches away from her pussy. I cock started to throb at the thought of my fingers being able to explore her pussy further then earlier.

I was approaching the end of the drive and I memorized the last of the route. I looked at her and slid my hand the last couple of inches and rested my hand against her entrance. Lilah smiled and closed her legs, enclosing my hand in a fleshy prison I had no intention of escaping. Since I couldn't move my hand much I started to clumsily caress against her. One of my fingers slide along her slit and she sighed. I kept on rubbing her pussy, pushing my fingers deeper inside of her through her panties. I managed to get nearly the entire digit of my middle finger inside of her before the panties offered too much resistance.

Lilah reclined the chair back slightly and spread her legs a little for me. Accepting the invitation, I rested my hand at the edge of her panties and started to slowly slip my fingers under them. I inched my fingers forward and damp wispy pubic hair slicked my fingers and seemed to direct my fingers forward. I hit a bump in the road and I rocked towards Lilah. My hand slid the rest of the distance and my fingers grazed past her pussy lips and my palm rested against her entrance. I pushed my middle finger in between her lips. She was tight but my finger slipped halfway inside of her from all her pussy juices.

I glanced at Lilah out of the corner of my eye, she was looking out the window and smiling, but seemed to be pretending nothing sexual was happening. I pushed my finger in the rest of the way, she tried to keep up the act but she closed her eyes and parted her lips in a silent moan. I started to slowly slide my finger in and out of her. I could hear her breathing coming in short gasps and she started to moan. I picked up the pace as I pulled into the neighborhood where her friend lived. I was determined to make her cum before we made it to her friends' house. It was an awkward angle but I reached up and started to rub her clit with my pinkie finger every time I entered her.

Lilah started to moan loudly from the attention of both fingers. She grabbed the back of my hand and pulled it tighter against her as she started to rock her hips against my hand. I turned the last corner and was on the last street that lead to the house. Lilah started to lift her ass up off her seat as her thrusts increased in urgency and speed.

"Oh God," Lilah said as she started to buck against my hand, driving my finger as deep inside of her as possible. She froze up with her ass lifted in the middle of a thrust as her orgasm hit. Her pussy flexed and held my fingers inside of her. After her orgasm passed Lilah collapsed back into her seat just as I parked behind one of the many cars parked in front of the house.

I watched Lilah as she panted and got her breath back. There was a light glistening of sweat on her face and she had an after-sex glow that made her make up look even better. Reluctantly I pulled my hand from out of her. My fingers were slick with her juices and I started to reach towards the glove box to get a napkin to wipe my hands off. Lilah grabbed my hand and started to lick her juices up. She took my middle finger into her mouth and sucked on my finger. The pressure felt amazing and I wished for a repeat performance from what she did earlier for me.

Lilah took my finger out of her mouth and left me stunned for a moment. She hopped out of the car and giggled as she closed the door. She stood in front of the car with her hands on her hips and said, "Come on, we are going to be late for the party."

I grabbed my mask from the back seat and got out of the car to follow her. I looked up and noticed just how big the house was. While all the other houses were large and nice looking, this one seemed to be one of the best ones on the block. I could hear the music thumping inside the house. The house was decorated with all kinds of Halloween decorations, skeletons hung from trees, ghosts seemed to float in the air, spider webs drifted between tree branches. A fake cemetery was set up and a fog machine obscured the air. There were several groups of party goers standing in front of the house smoking and talking. I noticed most of the guys lingering looks at Lilah so I stepped closer to her and did my best Michael Myers impression as I slowly looked from one group of guys to the other, swinging my head in a slow no. My costume and impression worked because they all looked away and focused on the girls within their groups.

Lilah opened the door and the music blasted out the door, the walls must have been well insulated to quiet the music so much. We stepped into the doorway and into the crowded party. There was a sitting room to the right of the door that was full of people. Chairs and a long coffee table covered in snacks had been pushed up against the wall making room for a dance floor. All manner of monsters and creatures danced and mingled together.

The crowd over flowed onto the tiled walkway that lead from the door way towards the rest of the house. Lilah twisted and turned gracefully through the crowd, finding the best breaks between people and passing through. I wasn't even close to being as graceful as her and I bumped into nearly every person I tried to squeeze past.

I made it to the kitchen just a little behind Lilah and I saw her talking to a petite blonde girl in a nurse's outfit. The two girls were nearly identical looking except for Lilah having darker hair and skin then the nurse. I walked up and Lilah started to introduce me to her friend.

"Amanda, this is my boyfriend Mike."

"Nice to meet you Mike." Amanda said with a smile and held out her gloved hand for me to shake. I was confused that Lilah hadn't used my real name. The fact that she told her best friend I was her boyfriend was also a surprise to me but I wasn't going to argue against it. I gently grasped Amanda's hand and bent down to kiss her hand. Seeing a movie slasher perform such a gentlemanly act made both girls laugh.

Amanda handed me a beer and the two girls talked while I tried to drink the beer through the mask's mouth hole opening. For some reason Lilah had been adamant that I keep the mask on during the party and I decided to indulge her. There was just enough room to be able to fit the beer opening in and slowly drink. I doubted I would be getting drunk at this party with this handicap but that was fine because Lilah and Amanda seemed to be drinking enough for the 3 of us. The two girls switched topics rapidly and it was hard to keep up with what they were talking about. Amanda mentioned her new boyfriend most of the time and Lilah grilled her for information about him.

Once both girls had a couple of drinks in them Lilah started to drag me towards the dance floor. I looked back at Amanda trying my best to beg for help but she just shrugged and said she would join us later. Rather than take me back to the front of the house Lilah lead me through the sliding glass door to the backyard. There was a second dance floor set up out in the large backyard. There was also a pool and hot tub but only the hot tub was in use. Strobe lights flashed and the music vibrated out from large speakers against the walls and smaller ones set on the ceiling.

The first song was an upbeat hip hop song that I was slightly familiar with. I had never been a good dancer but I decided to try for Lilah. I watched her move her body perfectly with the beat and connect one dance move to another seamlessly. Lilah used her ponytails to either whip her hair out like an exclamation point every now and then between moves. Every now and then her plaid skirt would hike up and allow me to see her ass or upper thighs. She was amazing.

The next song had a faster tempo and more people crowded onto the dance floor. Lilah and I were pressed together. She started to grind against me, causing my cock to harden. Lilah danced against me, occasionally rubbing her ass right against my cock that was straining against the costume. As the song reached its end Lilah swayed back and forth and slowly dropped down while facing me and her hand rested on my erection. She slowly started to sway upwards, rubbing first her face and then tits across my growing erection. I did my best to grind back against her and try to hold her but she kept on dancing just out of my reach, finding gaps in the surrounding dancers and making use of them.

During the start of the next song I noticed that some girl kept on bumping against me. I ignored the girl thinking that she was being forced up against me by the other dancers when the bumping became full on grinding. I turned slightly to my side so that I could see who was behind me. A tall girl in a sexy angel costume was dancing behind me. Her white dress was low cut and nearly transparent, showing off her large tits. She had her brown hair straightened and it obscured some of her face. In the low lighting, I didn't recognize her and I was content to let another girl dance against me. I didn't know how Lilah would react but I decided to press my luck.

Lilah continued to dance and grind against my cock while this angel pressed her tits against my back and ran her hands along my shoulders and neck. After five minutes of dancing I turned and looked back at the angel. She shook her hair out of her face and one of the strobe lights illuminated her beautiful face. The face of Lilah's sister Vivian, my ex.

I hadn't seen Vivian in years since I broke up with me after I confronted her about cheating. I tried to forgive her but I found out from her friends that it was with more than one guy and had been going on almost the entire time we were together. I was in love and was willing to do anything to stay with her but I couldn't see her as the same girl that I fell in love with.

Seeing Vivian brought up conflicting emotions. There was still an ache and yearning in my heart whenever I thought about my first failed love. She noticed me looking at her and she smiled seductively and ran her hands up and down her body in a way no angels would be allowed to. As the conflicting emotions rolled around in my head I had to admit how hot she had become. She had always been one of the most beautiful girls in school, and now as a blossoming woman she was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lilah finally noticed I wasn't paying my full attention to her and stepped to my side to see who I was looking at. When the two sisters saw each other they both said each other's name in surprise, only it didn't seem like either one of them was. They hugged besides me, the press of people pushed the hug closer towards me and I ended up being sandwiched in between them.

In order to be able to hear each other over the music the two sisters had to lean in close to each other. "Who is this?" Vivian said as she looked me up and down.

"This is my boyfriend, Mike."

"Well nice to meet you Mike." I forgot that Lilah was a hugger and the next moment she flung arms around me and pressed her body against me. I hugged her back and she held the hug longer then she should have. Vivian pressed her lower body suggestively against my crotch before letting go.

A new song started to play and the girls moved side by side and started to dance together and occasionally with me. I didn't mind when they were ignoring me because it allowed me to watch them more easily without getting caught by Lilah. Vivian had been a cheerleader and a dancer so she moved gracefully with her sister, they complemented each other perfectly. Lilah's budding girlish body and Vivian's womanly curves had me staring back and forth between them and I was at full hardness after just one song. I tried my best to hide it but both girls kept on accidently brushing against it.

Twenty minutes later we left the dance floor and grabbed some beers. There was a bench away from the house tucked under a pair of orange trees. Lilah sat between Vivian and me. We sat for a minute drinking our beers and cooling down in the crisp fall air. Vivian started to ask us questions about how we met and how long we had been going out. She leaned forward to see me better and directed the questions more at me then Lilah. Lilah leaned forward to block Vivian's view and answered all of the questions. She lied and said how we had been dating for a couple of weeks and met at the college when she was enrolling for her first year. I was surprised at how easily Lilah lied to her sister. I was all for her not saying who I was but a lot of the other lies didn't seem necessary.

Lilah downed the rest of her drink and went to get more for us. I was left alone with Vivian. as soon as Lilah was out of sight Vivian slid across the bench to sit with her body lightly pressed beside me. "So," she said, "Do you like dating my sister?"

I prayed for a moment for Lilah to materialize back but she didn't. I had to say something so I did my best to try and change my voice as I said "Yeah, she is great." The mask muffling my voice and me changing it must have been enough because she didn't seem to recognize me by it.

"That's great, its just," she pressed her body more against mine and rested one hand on my chest, "I'm having a hard time imagining my little sister handling all of this." Her hand pressed against me sent goosebumps racing across my skin, her touch had always done that.

"She handles it fine," I mumbled.

"And I'm having an even harder time imagining her handling this." Lilah said and placed her other hand on my cock. I jumped at her touch and she squeezed me tighter. "You were hard the entire time we were dancing. I saw this thing trying to escape the whole time." She started to rub along my shaft. I leaned my head back and sighed in pleasure when she stopped stroking me. She said, "Maybe we should stop, you are my sister's boyfriend after all." She may have said those words but her sly smile and the mischievous look in her eyes spoke otherwise. Vivian had always been subservient in bed and I knew what she wanted.

"No. Don't stop."

"Stop what?"

"Jacking my dick off." I forgot to change my voice and when she didn't start again I thought she had recognized it, but then she started jerking me off again. She leaned against me so that her tits were pressed against my side and her mouth was near my neck. She rubbed my dick through the costume with more pressure and speed. I started to sigh louder when I felt her lips press up against my neck just below where the mask started. She kissed my neck and started to alternate between sucking and nibbling on my sensitive skin.

Just like that I seemed to be falling under her spell again. Often our arguments would end in sex when we were dating and her touching me was erasing any of the bad I could think of from our past relationship as my pleasure built up. I was a couple of seconds away from cumming when Vivian abruptly stopped and slid away from me. I opened my eyes and saw Lilah walking back with three colorful drinks in large glasses.

"Sorry, I ran into Amanda again and we were talking. We figured out how to make some mix drinks," Lilah said proudly as she handed us the drinks. Lilah must have really liked the drinks because she downed hers and started to steal some of mine. Once we were all empty Lilah asked Vivian if she could get the next drinks. The drinks had been strong and Lilah slurred a little as she talked.

"Sure," Vivian said as she got up and walked away.

"Are you ok?" I asked Lilah. She responded by straddling me, lifting my mask, and kissing me fiercely. There was a hunger to the kiss as Lilah smashed her lips against mine. She bit my lower lip and I sucked on hers in return.

Lilah pulled away from the kiss and said, "Yeah I am fine, I'm just super horny."

"Sounds like a great super hero idea."

She laughed and hit me on the chest. "I talked to Amanda, she said we can crash here tonight."


"Yeah, we can use her parent's bedroom." We both saw Vivian emerge from the sliding glass door with beers in hand. Lilah whispered even though Vivian couldn't hear us from so far away, "Look, I'm going to pretend to get sick and run off in a couple of minutes. Follow me and meet me in the bedroom to the left when you go upstairs."

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