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Her True Nature


It all started innocently enough. I met Sally about three months ago. Tom invited me over to his place for a party. I wasn't busy, so I said sure. I wasn't expecting anything to happen. I knew most of Tom's friends, and I thought we just hang out, kick back a few beers, and have a good time.

On the way to the party, I stopped and picked up a case of Heineken's. I arrived late. I brought the beer into the kitchen, and said hi to Tom. He was putting some party food together so I went back into the living room. I sat down and started talking with Bob and his wife Susan. I hadn't seen them in a few months, and we had some catching up to do. I got up to get another beer when I saw Sally in the kitchen. Tom introduced us, and we hit it off. I spent the rest of the evening talking to Sally, and I got her phone number before I left the party.

I called her a couple of days later, and we went to a movie the following Saturday. After the movie, we went and got something to eat at a nearby diner. She was more reserved, and we didn't talk much at dinner. On the way back to her place, I asked her if she wanted to go out again. She told me that she did, but she wanted to go someplace a little more private.

I called her and asked her if she wanted to go hiking. She said that was a great idea. I picked her up early Saturday morning, and we drove a couple of hours to the mountains. We walked up the trail, stopping to look at the flowers and the trees. She was more outgoing, and we talked about all kinds of things. She was in better walking shape then me, and I was the one that had to keep stopping to rest. We made it to the top, and spread out a picnic lunch of sandwiches and cole slaw we'd carried up. We could see for miles around as we munched on our sandwiches. We spent an hour after lunch taking pictures and enjoying the view. The hike down was much easier, and we made it back to the car in no time.

We went walking the next two Saturday's. We drove to the ocean and walked on the boardwalk all day. We held hands and kissed. We visited Gettysburg and saw most of the battlefields. Both times I took her home, and walked with her to her door. I'd hoped she'd invite me in, but she didn't. I wasn't sure why.

The next Saturday it rained. I called Sally.

"Too bad about the rain. I guess we're not going walking."

"No, I guess not."

"Do you mind if I come over this afternoon, and we watch some TV or something?"

Silence. I almost said never mind and hung up when Sally said, "No, that'd be good. I'll see you at one."


I hung up, and cleaned up around the apartment for a while. I took a shower, and went over to Sally's. We started watching a movie on cable, but we didn't see the end. We held hands, kissed, and our hands were all over each other. I was unbuttoning her blouse when she took my hands with hers and said, "We have to talk."

I sat back on the sofa. I felt disappointed. Sally turned off the TV, turned to me, and said, "Henry, I like you a lot. I've enjoyed walking with you and being with you. You make me laugh and feel great about myself. I want to go to bed with you, but there's something you need to know about me first." She paused, and I wondered what she was going to tell me. "I don't orgasm. I've never had an orgasm during sex, and I have to play with myself for an hour or so before I feel anything."

I didn't know what to say or do. I'd never been with a woman that had that problem. "Sally, what can I do? How I can help you?"

Sally slumped back. "I wish I knew. Anyway, I don't care that much. I'm sure you want to have sex; let's go in the bedroom."

Yes, I wanted to have sex with Sally, but not like this. It almost felt like I'd be raping her. "Uh, I'm not sure I want to."

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my limp cock. I heard her say, "We'll see about that." She bent over, and licked my cock like a lollypop until it got hard. She took my cock into her mouth and didn't stop licking and sucking until I came. She swallowed it all, then looked up and grinned at me. "It looks like you wanted to after all."

I smiled sheepishly and pulled her to me. We kissed and cuddled for a while. I took her into the bedroom and took her clothes off. We got into bed and I sucked on her nipples. She held her hand on the back of my neck as I moved down to her damp pussy, and licked and sucked on her clit. I don't know how long I tried, but my sore jaw told me it had been a long time. As far as I knew she didn't have an orgasm. She cuddled me and told me it didn't matter, but I still felt bad. We got dressed and watched TV for a while before I left.

We kept hiking on Saturdays, and when it got warmer we went tubing. I had fun with Sally, but our sex life wasn't well. Sally didn't seem to mind using her hands and mouth to get me off, but I couldn't do the same for her. She was uncomfortable straddling my face, and my neck and jaw would give out when she was lying on the bed. I tried using my hands, but she said I was too rough. I was frustrated, although she didn't seem to mind.

I'm not sure why I got the idea, but one time we were in bed together. Sally was lying on the bed, and I was lying beside her. She had her hands in her pussy, while I squeezed and played with her nipples. Instead of just lying there, I told her a sex story I'd read on the Internet about a woman that tied up this guy and teased him with her naked body. I wasn't paying attention to what Sally was doing; I just told the story and played with her nipples. When I heard deep breathing, I stopped talking and looked into Sally's face as she had an orgasm. She gave me a huge hug, and I knew I'd stumbled on to something. The next time we were in bed together, I told her a story about a woman that tied up this guy and whipped him. She had her orgasm while I talked about the woman whipping the guy's cock.

I'd found these stories on the Internet. I have fantasies about dominant women, but I didn't have too many real-life experiences. I'd had a couple of women tie me up and tease me before. I found out I didn't like to be whipped or spanked. My fantasies were much wilder. I enjoyed imagining that I was watching a woman torment some other guy. She'd tie him up and whip him or parade around naked in front of him. Or she'd have girlfriends parade around naked in front of him and have him watch while they had lesbian sex. I sometimes imagined a woman torturing a guy, like in a dungeon. I'd always wondered how it would feel to have a beautiful naked woman stretch me on a stretching table, but I knew I'd never get a chance to find out.

I'd been reading these kind of stories on and off for a couple of years, ever since I've been on the Internet. I found them arousing, but I'd never really looked for them. Now it seemed that these stories would help cement my relationship with Sally. I spent almost all of my spare time looking on the Internet for good dominant female stories. I came across a story with pictures of a woman that tied up this guy, and put a cock sheath on him. The sheath had dozens of pins protruding through it. She stripped and played with herself in front of him, and although he tried not to get hard, he did. The pins pierced his cock and he bled. I shuddered and was aroused at the same time. I knew I would never want anyone to do anything like that to me, but the idea of a woman having that much power over a guy aroused me.

The next time I was in bed with Sally, I told her the story of the woman, the guy, and the cock sheath. As I talked about the woman playing with herself, the guy trying not to get hard, and the pins piercing his cock Sally screamed and convulsed. She had a huge orgasm, and two little ones in quick succession. As soon as she caught her breath, she whispered, "Damn, that was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had." She hugged me for the longest time, then asked me, "Would you mind fucking me?"

Mind. Who was she kidding? I got up behind her and we fucked in the doggie position. I'm pretty sure I know what she thought about when she had another orgasm. I came a minute or so later, and lay down beside her. We spent another hour or so cuddling before I got up and left.

I was really happy with my discovery, and I looked forward to our time in bed together. I was finding lots of good stories on the Internet, and Sally was responding to them. She was having regular orgasms now, and things were going well. That's why I was so surprised that evening when we were lying in bed. I started telling Sally another story, when she put her arms around me, kissed me, and said, "Henry, we have to talk."

My heart sank. "What is it, honey?"

"I really appreciate what you've done for me. I've had more orgasms in the last two months then I've had in my entire life." She kissed me. "But I'm not being fair to you."

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

"I know you get aroused thinking about dominant women, or else you'd have never told me any of these stories. It's taken me a while to figure it out, but Henry, I'm a sadist. I can't orgasm unless I'm thinking about torturing a man." She started crying, and I held her in my arms until she stopped. She looked up into my eyes and said, "I don't want to torture you, Henry. I have to torture you."

"Torture me?" I was shocked. What was she talking about?

"Henry, I need to know how it feels to torture a man. Not just think about it. You've been so nice to me, and I've enjoyed your company so much, that I've been putting off telling you. I finally realized that it's not fair to you for me to keep this desire secret any more."

I lay there speechless. I guess I should have seen this coming, but I honestly didn't.

Sally snuggled up to me, and said, "I guess I surprised you. Probably shocked you. Henry, I need to know. Will you let me torture you? If you'd like, afterwards I'll do something that you want."

Did I love Sally enough to let her torture me? Did I trust her enough? I wasn't sure. "What kind of torture did you have in mind?"

Sally giggled and slapped my cock with the palm of her hand. It swayed and got a little harder. "The kind that hurts, silly. Trust me, I think you might enjoy it." She looked over at her closet. "I know I will."

I suspected she already had something in mind. She was right, I was a sucker for a dominant woman. But a sadist? I wondered if I could stand the pain? I gulped, and answered, "If that's what you want, then yes, you can torture me."

Sally kissed me, gave me a big hug, and jumped out of bed. She went over to the closet, opened the door, and dragged a cardboard box out. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and commanded, "Come over here."

I got out of bed and walked over to her. Sally grabbed my wrists and locked them behind me. She picked up a leather cock sheath, and tried to put it on, but my cock was too aroused. She left, and came back with a plastic bag with ice. "This should take care of it." She held the ice against my cock. I tried to squirm away, but she pressed the ice to my cock until it shriveled up. She put the ice down and snapped the cock sheath on. It was snug, but it didn't hurt. She pulled a dog leash, a long metal chain with a leather loop on the end, out of the box, and hooked the chain to the cock sheath.

Sally went back into the closet, and came out holding a leather outfit. She put it on, and she looked fantastic. The top supported and lifted her breasts without covering them up, and the skirt came down to just above her knees. I was a little aroused watching Sally get dressed, but the cock sheath kept me from getting very hard. She went over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of black stockings and leather gloves. She sat down and put the stockings on first, then the gloves. The gloves went almost to her shoulders. She stepped in the closet and came out with a pair of black patent leather pumps. The stiletto heels had to be at least three inches long. She sat down and put them on, then got up to look at me.

"Do you like my new outfit, Henry?"

Seeing her dressed in a dominant leather outfit and standing in front of me with her hands on my hips was too arousing. My cock started to hurt. "Yes it looks wonderful on you, honey."

"Super." Sally picked up the end of the leash, and I followed her into the living room. When we got to the sofa, she turned around. "Now here's what I want you to do. I'm going to sit on the sofa. After I get comfortable, you're going to kneel down, crawl over to me, and eat me. After I have three orgasms, I'll unlock you. Any questions?"

I couldn't think of any. "No."

"Great." She kissed me, and said, "Oops, almost forgot." She took a wooden spring clothespin out of her pocket, took my nipple in hand, and put the clothespin on my nipple. It stung at first, then after about a minute the pain subsided. She put a clothespin on my other nipple. She kissed me, giggled, and said, "These should encourage you to do a really good job eating me." She flicked the clothespins with her fingers. I winced with every movement of the clothespins. "I'm sure you'll want these off as soon as possible."

Sally sat down on the sofa. She pulled her skirt up so I could see her pussy, looked at me and said; "I'm ready." I knelt down as gently as I could, but the clothespins wiggled around. I remained motionless for a while before I started to crawl. Every time I moved a knee one of the clothespins would wiggle, and I'd feel another twinge of pain in my nipple. I got about half way to the sofa when I felt the tugging on my cock. I turned around, and saw that the leash was taut. She had hooked the leash on the television stand. I was about three feet away from her. I thought about getting up and unhooking the leash, when I heard her command, "Stay."

I really didn't want to move anyway, so I knelt still. Sally looked at me and said, "Good. Darling, it wouldn't be much of a torture unless I made it difficult for you, now would it." She put her finger in her pussy and licked it. "Isn't my sweet, wet pussy worth waiting for?"

I don't think Sally wanted to hear what I really wanted to say. She had me where she wanted me, and I'd better go along if I wanted her to take these clothespins off and untie me. "Yes, honey, your pussy is worth the wait."

"Ooh, it makes me feel so good to hear you say that!" Sally cooed. I watched as she pulled out a nail file, and started filing her nails. Damn her. I'm kneeling in front of her with my nipples on fire, and she's filing her fucking fingernails. She took her time, filing each and every one of her nails before she looked at me and said, "Ok, you can unhook yourself now, and come to me."

I wanted to tell Sally to fuck herself, but I crawled back to the television stand, stood up, and unhooked the leash with my teeth. I knelt down, and crawled over to her. I got used to the pain in my nipples, and I didn't care all that much about the clothespins moving anymore. When I got to her I had no interest in eating her. I wanted to bite her clit, hard, but I knew if I made her angry she wouldn't untie me. She was wet, and I lapped up her juices before I started licking and sucking on her clit. I tried to forget about my pain and concentrate on what I was doing, but I couldn't. I'd never thought I'd experience something like this. I was eating a woman's pussy, and I wasn't aroused in the least. With the pain in my nipples, I couldn't even feel my cock. I licked and sucked her to one, two, and finally three orgasms. I tried to pull my face out, but she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back into her pussy. Bitch. I had to count to ten to keep from biting her clit. I licked and sucked her to another couple of orgasms before she pulled my head away.

"You did a great job, darling, " Sally cooed. "I suppose you'd like me to take the clothespins off now."

No, I wanted to wear them the rest of the evening. Of course I wanted her to take the clothespins off. "Yes honey, please."

"As you wish." Sally took off one of the clothespins. I screamed as the blood rushed into my nipple. It felt like someone had grabbed it with a pair of pliers and twisted. After about a minute the pain subsided. She took off the other clothespin. I was expecting the pain this time, so I didn't scream, but it still hurt for about a minute. I knelt there, waiting for her to unlock the handcuffs.

Sally just sat there looking at me. Finally, she said, "Darling, I can tell you're upset with me. I'm going to leave the handcuffs on for a while until you calm down a little." She got up and went into the bedroom.

I got up and sat down on the sofa. Upset? Me? Fuck, I was furious. Sally was wise to leave the handcuffs on; I think I'd have tried to kill her otherwise. I struggled a little. There was no way I was going to wiggle out of a pair of handcuffs. I sat still and fumed for a while until I realized how tired I was. I thought about how happy I'd made Sally, and calmed down some. I wasn't mad at her anymore, but I knew I couldn't do this again. I couldn't endure this much pain again. I was nodding off when Sally came back into the living room. She had taken off her leather outfit, and had a bathrobe on. She sat down next to me and snuggled up to me.

"Are you still upset with me?" she whispered.

"No honey, I've calmed down a bit."

She reached behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. I stood up, she unlocked the cock sheath, and I sat back down. She cuddled up to me and whispered, "I'm sorry I pushed you so far, but I had the time of my life. I am most definitely a sadist. I am one sadistic bitch. I don't know if I can make it up to you, but I did promise you that you could do anything to me that you want."


"Yes darling, anything you want."

I took her in my arms, and we kissed and cuddled for a while. "Anything I want?" I whispered.

Sally stopped cuddling and looked at me. "Darling, what do you want to do to me?"

"I'd like to try the same thing with you. Handcuff your wrists behind your back and put clothespins on your nipples while you give me a blow job."

She sighed. "I suppose I deserve that. As you wish, my darling."

Sally stood up. I slipped the robe off, and handcuffed her wrists behind her back. She winced as I put the clothespins on her nipples. I know it hurt me, and my nipples are little pencil points. Hers are almost the size of my little finger. I sat back down on the sofa, and she knelt down in front of me. She took my now hard cock into her mouth.

I looked down at Sally sucking on my cock. "Oh, I almost forgot. I'd like to come twice, if you don't mind honey."

Sally stopped, looked up at me, and sighed. "Of course not darling. Twice it is." She sucked me to a quick first orgasm, and swallowed it all. She went right to work on the second, but it took a while, almost an hour, before I came again. I'd long since lost interest in the clothespins, but I liked the way she made my cock feel. When she finished, I leaned over and took both the clothespins off her nipples. She screamed as the blood rushed back in. I unlocked the handcuffs, and she came up on the sofa with me.

Sally rubbed her nipples. "I can understand why you were so angry with me. Damn, that hurt worse than having the clothespins on. Darling, I'm sorry I made you suffer so much."

I squeezed one of her nipples. She yelped. "You should be," I said. "I'm not a sadist, although I think I could learn to be one. Seriously, I didn't enjoy making you wear the clothespins. I just wanted you to see how much it hurt. I found out I'm not a masochist either. I didn't know before, but now I do. I don't like pain at all."

Sally cuddled against my arm. "I'm not a masochist either. Those clothespins hurt. My jaw hurts too. I'm sorry darling." We went to bed, and after cuddling a while, we went to sleep.

A couple of Sunday's later Sally called me. "Can you come over? I've got a surprise for you."

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