tagSci-Fi & FantasyHer Unicorn: a Fable

Her Unicorn: a Fable


Author's note: My thanks to my editor. Even more for this story than usual, as she had to struggle with my straying into new pastures.


She followed the unicorn all day, far from her shelter, much further than she'd ever travelled. He was her friend. He protected her when the beasts came; they were no match for his size. Nor his agile horn. He foraged for food with her, showed her where the best things were. Sometimes when he looked at her, she understood what he required of her. She cared for him: washed dirt from the places he couldn't well clean on his beautiful coat, and in his proud fastidiousness she knew he was grateful to her. Sometimes he would be gone for days -- days filled with aching emptiness inside her.

When he returned from these partings he gave her recompense, using his tongue on her pleasure-place till her exhilaration made their wetness mingle. Even his breath on her was exciting. She used her hands on him sometimes, felt from his look when he needed that, and she knew what she must do. Her excitement was unbounded when she watched the stuff surge from him. She had tried to please him with her mouth. This was harder; her mouth was so tiny against his hugeness, but she relished the taste of his glutinous spend when it covered her face.

She knew he yearned for more, and understood what it was. She had watched other beasts doing it and it always excited her. But on the occasions she had sought to give him full release, it had proved impossible. When she crouched under him offering herself, he'd been unable to enter. If she tried to help, lifting an arm behind herself to guide him, the force of his enthusiasm knocked her down and his wetness on her back ended every attempt.

Today was different, a change from all that had passed between them before. She understood from his behaviour at morn that something was new. Impatient head-tossing, gossamer mane flying, something in his eyes she hadn't seen before. She knew to follow him, up into the hills above the forest, stones hurting her calloused feet. Through the pass, cold and wet, till she was shivering and exhausted.

He allowed her to climb on his back. He'd never done that before, though she had oft wanted to feel what it was like. Now at last she knew, her muscled legs clutching his silken flanks. Leaning forward onto his neck, his spine rubbed the pleasure-place, and it tingled through her discomfort and weariness. He picked his way carefully down from the pass, into a wooded valley overhung with strange trees.

Light was fading when he stopped before a cave by a stream. She slipped from his back. He whinnied at the scent of her wetness, nudged her two mounds with his velvet nose. He knew her need and she was grateful. She removed the skins which covered her. Lay before him on the soft grass, gazing in the dark pools of his eyes as his head bowed and his long tongue protruded. The feelings rushed upon her at his attention, excitement and need welling. She watched his rod lengthen till it almost brushed the grass beneath him. After the first surges shook her, she scrambled to crouch under him, immersed in his strong scent, seeking to succeed where she had failed before. Yet again she collapsed before his thrusting. His cries of frustrated lust pierced the evening as the spend fell on her back and his hooves, so close to her, pounded grass to mush in frustration.

Afterwards he went to forage before the final orange light slipped behind hills on the other side of the valley. She ate from the supply she'd garnered on the journey, drank from the stream, felt herself full and content. He returned before she slept and lay beside her, his graceful white form granting her warmth.


She laved at the stream in cool mornshadow whilst he sought fodder. When he returned, she washed flecks of mud and lichen from his beauty before she broke her fast. He was agitated, excited, and she followed him down through trees by the spuming stream, against the slight morning breeze. He stopped. She followed the direction of his eyes.

She'd never before seen a beast like the one below her. In form it wasn't unlike herself, but there were differences. Where her face was smooth, this was grizzled and hairy. Where she had two soft mounds, this had powerful ripples of muscle, almost imperceptible below a pelt of darkness. Where she had a graceful mossy cleft, this had a rod hanging from thick undergrowth. The beast was cleaning itself in much the same manner as she laved. She was frightened. And excited. She moved behind her protector. He turned his head, nuzzled her. And moved carefully through the ferns towards the beast. She followed in trust.

The beast looked up as the unicorn emerged into the clearing, and froze. Her being was liquid. A swish of the tail urged her to emerge from behind her protector's flank. On her appearance, the beast's eyes bored into her. This was not like any other creature. They ran from her friend. This one stood up proud, faced the beings before it, muscles tensed. Her arm snaked round her guardian's neck. The long head she trusted nudged her forward. She moved hesitantly, stood between her unicorn and this new beast. It stepped forward warily, eyes fixed on hers. Reached out, touched her two mounds, its pupils dilated. The peaks of the mounds began to protrude. Her protector sighed behind her. The dangling rod between the beast's legs rose slowly. She could smell something, rank but exciting. Felt her own wetness.

The beast felt the eyes of the unicorn, and raised its own to meet them. It understood what the unicorn required. Knew too that there would be reward for assisting this stately and commanding presence. The creature's arms extended to the smaller being before it, took both her hands. Led her gently, eyes glowing in hers, to a raised flat rock.

She understood what was happening. Arousal and terror warred within her. She was to do this new beast's bidding, permitted it to remove the scant skins which partly covered her. Allowed it to touch her, the fingers of its paw sliding into her pleasure-place just as she sometimes touched herself. But this was different, this sharing herself with a strange being. She knew herself to be ready.

The beast bent her over the rock, so she was presented to her protector, more securely than when she tried to crouch beneath him. Stone chafed the hardness of her points, but the unicorn's excited whinny overwhelmed the pain. She heard his hooves moving closer, felt the rapidity of his breath. The beast stood back, watching. Then her protector was over and around her, his strong odour enveloping her, hooves stamping in excitement beside the rock, the fine coat of his belly brushing her back.

The beast stepped forward, the pole now hard between its legs. It crouched and grasped the unicorn, bringing her protector's need to her pleasure-place. She gasped, wondering how her small form could accommodate her friend at last, fearful and enthralled at this newness. Instinctively spread her legs wider. Had to expose herself to what she must receive. The beast held the unicorn to her openness. Whinnying and frenzied stamping. Then a surge of pain as the hugeness pierced her, forcing into her, ramming her harder on the rock. For the first time she was fully entered by another being. She made herself accept him through agony she'd never felt before. Knew his need, and her own insuperable urge to give.

His rod slid in her body urgently and she thrust back on him. Deeper and deeper he moved in her. The initial pain faded. Now she welcomed every movement. There were sensations she had never dared dream of, a fullness she now knew she had needed all her life, as for the first time she gave her trust and body fully to her protector. And he took her, pounding now so she slid on the abrasive stone with every mighty stroke of his lust. She convulsed at the unicorn swelling impossibly in her. Felt the pumping through the intensity of her own explosion as he voided in her, his bellow of triumph echoing through the valley. Knew emptiness as he withdrew and she gasped for air, struggling back to the present.

Settled comatose on the rock, sleep overtaking her. Felt her unicorn step back daintily, musky aroma less intense.

Then the beast was beside her. Its paws pulled apart the muscle at the top of her legs, exposing the other place. The place whence she voided solid waste. She felt something soft and wet there, knew it to be her unicorn's tongue, as the beast held her flesh apart to allow entry. She had only touched herself there to clean it, had never felt pleasure doing so. Now... she squirmed at the tongue probing her, forcing entry. But before her pleasure could gather itself, his tongue withdrew and there was something else. His huge horn, easing itself into her tightness, hard and ungiving, forcing the muscle wider as it entered, ever thicker as it probed deeper into her being. Earth and stars, she was shaking as it gored her relentlessly, opening her where she had never dreamed of being opened, exposing her soul. Her scream shattered the morning as she writhed, helplessly pinioned to the rock by her unicorn. Then blackness.

When she came to the unicorn was cropping grass, his eyes on her. The beast sat on the rock beside her, stroking her hair. Unicorn trotted over. Lowered his soiled horn. She licked it clean, and her friend moved away.

The beast wrenched her hair so their eyes had to meet. Gone was the earlier gentleness. Its face possessed her. She screamed, not in pleasure this time, looked to her protector. He grazed unconcerned. Then she realised: there had been a bargain, her protector had traded her. She tried to rise, but the beast's grip on her hair was secure. It thrust her over the rock on her belly again, head dragged back by the agony at her hair-roots. Forced her legs apart with its matted limbs. Thrust its rod in her pleasure-place, still slimed from unicorn's gift. And in her total shock, as the beast had its way with her...

... she felt pleasure returning. This beast didn't tear her body apart as her unicorn had. But it filled her. She knew a new sensation as she was used. There was no care for her... but sensation there was, different, a yielding to the unknown. To her own violation.

When it knew she was subdued, the beast withdrew, signed to her. She turned to lie on her back, rough scratches on soft mounds, belly and thighs from abrasive stone. Now she could see the beast, savage in need. Its mouth met hers, sour fish-stink. She gagged as the face mercifully parted from hers, its rod ramming in her pleasure-place, teeth now agonisingly tearing her hard points till its head lifted and a dreadful roar issued forth. Startled birds rose in flocks from the surrounding trees. The rod grew in her, thrust, another roar, and she felt the urgent jerks against and into herself. The beast stilled and collapsed.

She twisted her head from it. Her unicorn cropped delicacies, his eyes elsewhere. She felt his apartness, but knew she was not abandoned.


Presently the beast rose and trotted into the trees. The unicorn ambled to her, head down, licked her face as she lay still on the rock. His eyes avoided hers. She knew his abjectness at what had passed.

She gathered her skins about her and slipped onto the unicorn's back, grabbed his mane harshly, kicked calloused heels in his flanks. He trotted uphill towards the pass, and her territory.

She found a suitable rock near her shelter that evening. Beckoned her unicorn to come. Removed her skins.

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