Her Wedding Gift


I looked up at her as I began tugging at her panties, slowly lowering the tops; I kissed and teased her until she lifted her hips to let me slide off the cover to her glorious sweetness.

I pulled them off and tossed them across the room, then I dove back down discovering her cute landing strip of neatly trimmed hairs that led to her soaked lips. I kissed and teased her thighs, mound and every other sweet piece of flesh I could find on her.

She giggled and squirmed as I went about pleasuring her. My tongue eventually slipped between her swollen lips and parted them. Licking her up, and down she cooed and moaned with delight. I hadn't done this in quite some time and was hoping I wouldn't disappoint.

My tongue went deep inside as I looked for her clit. I licked the inside of her lips up and down softly at one time and quickly at others. I was exploring her and seeing what she enjoyed. Just as I was about to inhale her clit I felt her hands on my head wanting to pull me up.

I stopped even though I didn't want to. She tasted so nice I wanted to spend more time there pleasing her. When we were face to face, she whispered to me, "I want you inside me."

I felt her legs part under me, opening wider as I moved over her. She reached down and helped guide me and with a feeling I hadn't felt in many months I was in. Softly, she moaned encouraging me, telling me how good she felt. I started getting a good rhythm going and just about to climax when she stopped me. "Not yet, I want to be on top." She whispered.

Hoping I wouldn't lose my little friend, I pulled out and nearly lost it. She rolled out from under me and I flopped down on my back. She quickly got back over me and guided me back into her. I took her hips in my hands and helped lift and set her down as we got back into perfect timing. It didn't take long and she was moaning again, louder this time.

I was amazed at how long I had lasted, trying not to disappoint her I thought of non-sexual things. It didn't help too much and was hard not to concentrate on her sweet sensual body.

Finally, after I almost lost it, we both reached orgasm. We were both panting and sweating as she collapsed on top of me. Kissing and confessing how wonderful it was with an "older man." I just grinned and massaged her back as she lay there, she felt so good to me. I couldn't help but wonder if I had really pleased her.

She slipped off me and lay by my side; I moved her hair from her face and gently placed it back over her ear. I softly kissed her face and held her tightly to me. We laid there and talked for some time.

She confessed that she had wanted to do this since seeing me almost a year ago. I was shocked; a young beautiful woman wanted a fifty-year-old man, the father of her best friend?

She fell asleep in my arms and in the morning, we did it all over again. She was lying on her left side; I snuggled up to her and began massaging her hip, then her sweet firm cheek. Slowly, I ran my hand up and down her side following the cure of her cheek down her leg to her calf. She squirmed a bit and moved her leg over mine. I slipped my penis between her legs and snuggled closer.

She softly commented, "Good morning, we're awake and wanting something?" I just mumbled "Mm Hmm".

My hand went around and felt her tummy; I began massaging it as I started to move my hips in and out of her legs. I wasn't inside her but I was rubbing the tiny area between her vagina and her rosebud. As I grew harder, she got into the motion. We were rocking back and forth sideways on the bed.

My hand would move up and down from her sweet breasts to her tummy as we kept the motions going. She arched her head back and I moved her beautiful red hair up and out of the way. I softly kissed her neck and then pinched her nipples as I continued feeling her soft skin and delicious body.

Every other thrust between her legs I really pushed myself into her; my arm would wrap around her waist and pull her tighter into me. Then with my hand, I would slip a finger just inside her and play with her moist lips, the head of my penis would pop through on the thrusts that we came closer. She seemed to enjoy the feel of me outside her and with the addition of my finger playing with her she was in heaven. After some time rocking back and forth, she was ready.

She asked in a whisper, "Something different to start the day?" I didn't know what she meant but I stopped and let her loose from my grip. She rolled onto her tummy and turned her head to face me. Arching her ass in the air, she said in a smile and deep voice, "woof woof." I had to laugh but I knew what she meant.

I kicked off what was left of the covers and got behind her. She giggled and spread her legs a bit wider as I placed myself inside. She gasped as I slowly entered her and then with her deep guttural voice said, "That's a good doggie." She moaned as I began doing just that, being a good doggie.

My wife was never one to experiment or do anything playful in bed. I was enjoying this in more ways than Linda could have imagined.

I continued making dog sounds as I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, she giggled and moaned with delight as I humped away just like a Rottweiler with his first Poodle. I came a bit too soon for her this time and she let me know her disappointment by sighing, "Oh, all done Mr. Puppy?"

I told her, "No, Fifi not quite yet." She giggled as I pushed her and rolled her over. I slipped back up to her and kissed her deeply, my hand went exploring that wonderful wet area between her legs I had just vacated. My finger slipped inside and as we continued to kiss. I could feel her body ready to explode as I began massaging her clit, stroking it.

Our kisses became more heated as she became more aroused. I was working her into a frenzy when she broke our kiss and quivered next to me. I smiled and began to work my finger more but she stopped me by turning a bit. I stopped and let her spasm as I laid there admiring her body.

I gently traced my fingers over her curves taking in the beauty of the female form. She looked at me and grinned, cuddling next to me and wrapping herself in my arms. We both caught our breath as we lay there smiling and kissing each other's face.

She leaned down and kissed my chest, then moved up and looked me in the eyes again, her look was so precious. I think I pleased her more than she had expected. We both lay there softly talking and then falling asleep in each other's arms. After our nap, we got up to shower. The shower became another playground, soaping and rinsing each other off several times.

After showering together, we got dressed and I made breakfast, we had a long talk about what happened the night before. She was tired of all the "boys" she met, just wanting to bed her, and either coming up short or finishing too quickly.

She wanted someone who would make love to her; taking his time and making her feel as if she were the only tone in the world. She had heard that older men tend to be that way so she figured I was safe. After hinting at it to Shellie and asking her questions, Shellie realized Linda wanted me to test her theory on me.

At first, Shellie was against it, but during the times I spent with the girls getting prepared for the wedding, she saw it wouldn't be a bad thing. So just before the wedding, Shellie gave Linda her permission to bed me. When I look back, I just have to laugh. Being a science experiment didn't really thrill me, but I did prove Linda was right in her theory. Pleasing her was all that mattered to me then.

It's strange, I over heard her talking to Shellie on her cell phone, I could have sworn I heard something about step moms. Maybe that's just my imagination playing tricks on me or my hearing is going.

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