tagInterracial LoveHer Wedding Plans Go Awry

Her Wedding Plans Go Awry


Sally Anne Marie Williams was sat watching television, she was on her own at last, breathing a sigh of relief when her beloved parents said goodbye and left for the night.

They were going over to stay at her boyfriend's parent's house for the night to make sure all the plans and preparations were fully coordinated for Saturday.

Her best friends, 3 of them had said they would come and stay over and keep her company, but she had steadfastly but gently refused, this was her last and only chance to sit and collect her own thoughts before she became Mrs Marc John Butler 3 days hence.

She was so looking forward to her big day and it was going to be big, her dad was organising the best hotel the best reception the complete works for his one and only child, his breathtakingly beautiful daughter Sally.

And Sally was a real beauty in every sense of the word, not only to look at but inside too where it mattered, she was a child nurse at the local hospital where she was loved by all the children to distraction, her employers loved her too because she could do things with the little ones no one else could.

Sally was demure, soft gentle, kind, sweet, and loving would never start an argument but constantly got her way with her reasons failing to be challenged.

The only people who could feel and did feel her soft wrath at times was her soon to be husband, but she loved him, and only between them did she sometimes tell him not to be a silly boy!

She was horny now, god was she horny, she had determined to be a virgin when she married but she had given way to her feeling 6 months ago on a beach at 5:00 in the morning wrapped in a blanket, and was now an ardent believer in sex, she loved it and couldn't get enough, her boyfriend had gone from a sort of aggressor to the loving victim of Sally.

She had allowed touching sex, no cock in her pussy was her motto, but that had gone that night, and she aroused beyond control, Marc had been insistent but gentle and patient, she gave way and had a mind blowing orgasm at the hands and cock of her wonderful boyfriend, the following day she was on the pill!

A month ago she had put a stop to sex though, she wanted to look forward to a first night in her bridal gown and be fucked in it at the hotel they were staying overnight in before they left on honeymoon, Marc wasn't happy but gave in when she became annoyed at him.

Now it was 3 days to go and she would have his cock inside her again, oh boy her pussy twitched at the thought of it.

Sally was a beautiful young woman, 21 years old, an only child, 5ft 8" tall, around 120 pounds or 81/2 stones, wonderfully rounded soft curves, voluptuous, her breasts were high and full and oh so sensitive to the touch, she had long blonde hair that was lustrous and thick, huge azure eyes that caught the light when she laughed, a small upturned pert nose, her lips were full yet firm and a downward sensuous curve at each side that made her look sultry and seductive, which is exactly unknowingly to her is what she was.

Her tummy was firm and flat she exercised regularly, her legs were long and toned that tapered from very shapely hips to small symmetrical feet, even her nails were beautiful, perfectly shaped and tapered to a rounded tip, her toe nails were also lovingly cared for.

2 of her 3 best friends were in the beauty business, so her nails and hands were always looked after, and her skin condition was totally unblemished.

But no one knew her new secret and no one ever would except her new husband and he wouldn't find out until they made love after the wedding, she had shaved her pussy, it was as bald smooth and soft as a baby's bum.

She turned off the television, shut off the lights and made sure the house was locked up and went upstairs to her room, and turned on the dimmer switch to cast a soft glow around it.

There in the corner on a tailors dummy was her wedding gown, all soft and silk, it took her breath away, the last fitting had taken place and it fitted her like a silk glove now.

Jesus Christ she said to herself, its making me horny just looking at it, her pussy twitched again, down girl she ordered no relief for you this night, I promised Marc and now you are going to have to wait!

She undressed to ready herself for bed and picked up her little night dress, and admiring her soft toned gently curving sexy body in the full length mirror again, but couldn't help taking the gown off and putting it on, she wasn't supposed to touch it without her dresser being there, but she couldn't resist.

Standing in front of the full length mirror she admired herself wholeheartedly, she did look wonderful, and twirled herself, you are a naughty girl Sally she admonished herself and giggled, and because she didn't have anything on underneath the dress the stitching of the embroidery gently tickled and scratched at her nipples which were now burning embers of desire and arousal, and hard as tiny bullets, her pussy twitched royally again, reminding her of how hot and horny she was feeling, she almost told her pussy to behave or I will spank you! She laughed to herself.

Carl Thompson was and is an independently wealthy man 27 years old, he was left a lot of money by his sadly deceased parents, he had a really large home in the country where he had two 18 year old lovelies who lived in as house servants, their parents believed they were nannies, who not only cooked and cleaned for him but provided all the sexual relief he wanted, it had taken him months to find the correct girls but it was an arrangement he loved.

He had several cars and 2 large delivery vans, one of the cars was an unobtrusive but large and powerful one with inter changeable number plates that were only ever swapped if necessary but stored in the garage until or if needed, he never ever broke the speed limit, never committed any crimes except one, if he was ever likely to be in an accident he was certain nothing would ever be laid at his door, anyway he only went out in it when he was on a mission.

Carl was a very good looking black male, not too black, but black never the less, he was proud of his heritage, and happy he was intelligent and bright, he was 6ft 3" tall, super fit, powerful and muscular but not overly

When ever he was in a city or town he could be seen in a business suit and carrying a brief case with none descript papers in it, but it was never business he was conducting, he was looking out for the next one.

And he spotted her sat in the window of a coffee house demurely drinking a latte, he entered and ordered, then sat opposite but in the far corner of the room, he had on light sunglasses that allowed him to observe her without being obvious, he decided in a moment that she was the kind of woman that would be long used to being looked at.

He didn't know it just then but her name was Sally Anne Marie Williams and she was 2 weeks away from her wedding which was why she was preoccupied with her thoughts at that moment.

He stayed and admired her beauty and sensuality, and instinctively knew she was the one, he had to have her, and have her he would.

Strictly speaking Carl was a rapist, but the very best rapist a woman could hope to meet, he actually thought of himself as a teacher to women on how to make love to a man, because invariably that's what the women who came under his spell did, he was always considerate to them, never hurt them and made sure they got out of him what he got out of them.

Even the lovers he had on hand were all testament to his sexual prowess.

He followed her at a distance when she left, she did a little window shopping then caught a taxi, so he hurriedly got to his car and luckily spotted the taxi she was in, and followed at a discreet distance, she eventually got out, paid the man and walked up a drive and using the key entered a large well cared for house, knowing the address now it was a simple matter for him to find out who owned it and who lived there complete with all the necessary information pertaining to their lives.

With this information he started to plan her unknowing seduction, her subjugation to him, it was purely by chance when he saw a woman heaving a wedding dress out of her van that he realised he was chasing a bride to be, and a stunningly beautiful one at that.

As he secretly watched the comings and goings he saw different people, mostly girls and women going to and fro from the house, he was accidentally one day walking down the street when his ignorant intended informant left by the front door.

He stopped to ask who the lucky couple were who were getting married and all the eager information was given excitedly.

He now had all the information he wanted, including the date of her marriage, he would have to take her before her wedding day, the only thing he didn't have was the how to and when to do the deed.

This came on the day he saw her parents leaving for their night away, he guessed they would be gone for at least a night when he spotted them with a small suitcase, and he saw her mum kiss Sally goodbye at the door.

'Okay,' he said to himself, 'if no one comes around in the next 3 hours, then tonight can be the night.'

He was in one of his vans that he had exchanged in the day and was parked in a quiet spot up the road where he could see her house through the blacked out rear windows.

As darkness covered the area, he quickly left the van and using rear gardens he gained entrance unseen to her rear garden, gaining entry to her house was the simplest of tasks for him and he silently went upstairs, quickly establishing whose room was whose, he entered her parents room to await her coming to bed.

Sally was completing her twirl in her beautiful wedding gown, and unknown to her Carl was peering at her from around the edge of the door, he saw her clutch herself and knew she was turned on! She grabbed at her pussy through her dress and said 'Stop!'

Just as a silk gloved hand closed over her mouth and an arm encircled her arms and waist.

She was held tight, a hoarse voice in her ear warned her not to struggle because all that would happen was she would end up in pain, she could feel the heat of his breath on the side of her face and knew that she was in real trouble; she tried to talk her way free.

'Please who are you, what do you want, I'm sorry if I have upset you sometime, but please let me go, you are scaring me.' She pleaded.

The words, "you are scaring me" pleased him because that meant he was in charge and half way to his ultimate goal, he was dressed all in black from head to toe and all she could see were his dark eyes in the mirror which penetrated her own.

'You are so stunningly beautiful Sally,' he told her, 'so soft and seductive, we are really going to enjoy our short time together.'

'My parents and boyfriend will be here soon, please leave and I won't say anything about this, I promise,' she begged.

'They won't be here again tonight baby; you are on your own apart from me?'

'Please don't hurt me,' she sobbed a little.

'Baby, I have no intention of doing anything to hurt you, if you end up hurt it will be caused by your own actions, so don't worry okay?'

He pulled up the balaclava mask to just above his eyes, then reached round her and at the same time as his lips found her sensitive neck, his knowing fingers found a super sensitive nipple through the thin top of her dress.

She squiggled and wriggled but found no release, he continued his gentle insistent attack upon her aroused quivering body, his arm around hers and her waist was immovable.

It was at that time that she began to realise that escape wasn't going to be an option.

'Take it easy Sally relax and go with the flow, it will be okay, trust me, I know you don't know me but you will, and at the end of this I am sure you will, believe me.' He said.

His finger twisted gently but firmly around her other nipple and it lit a fire unbidden in her loins, her nipples were burning hot and sent a message through her body, she felt her pussy jingle!

'Please don't do this she begged I'm getting married on Saturday,' she moaned.

'Yes baby I know that, and I will send you to it well prepared.'

'What do you mean?' she asked as her nipples were being tested beyond the limit of her growing endurance and arousal, although that wasn't at the fore front of her thoughts, until she heard a grunt, it was a grunt of arousal that she knew so well, it was from her!

He carried her to the bed and sat her down, pulling the unfastened gown down her arms this in effect trapped her wrists as the long sleeves held them, he continued twisting tweaking and pulling murderously at her fully distended electricity charged nipples.

Letting go and stepping slightly away from her he quickly pulled off the black top her had on, she was now staring at his powerful flat chested muscular dark brown body, with washboard rippling stomach muscles, topped with a hugely handsome face, some of his lovers had said he was beautiful, and Sally actually thought the same now to herself.

Making her stand he ordered the stunned young beauty to take off the dress or he would and it might get torn in the process.

She reluctantly obeyed asking him if she could replace it on the dummy in the corner, he agreed but went with her, and as soon as she had, he took her in his arms from the back again and started kissing her neck along with stroking her jangling nipples, this kept her well off balance and easy to control, he took her back to her bed and sat her down again.

Standing now directly in front of her face he was wearing loose fitting jogging bottoms and elasticised running shoes, he placed her hands on his hips and told her to pull them down, he wasn't wearing shorts, they were incorporated within the bottoms.

In a trance like stupor because of her arousal that still held her in a captive like mode she did as bidden, suddenly a large black cock swayed into view, he gently swung his hips to make it sway in front of her, thus entrancing her further, she had never seen such a weapon, and a black one at that, her Marc was well hung but this was bigger and soon she was to find out, better!

He told her to pull his pants and shoes off, and now he was as naked as her, his magnificent body was on view totally his strong thick toned legs holding up this big strong man, and she just couldn't help looking at him, he was a true specimen of a man, an Adonis, a black Adonis.

His cock was right in her face and growing, it mesmerised her, he stepped closer and leaning in tweaked her nipples again, she had no idea she was in the power of a man who knew how to love, seduce and arouse almost any woman, and this was proving to be the case for Sally.

He raised one of her arms and directed her hand to his prick; he knew that once it was in her palm and fingers it would be game over.

It was her own arousal that she was responsible for, that was too overwhelming to resist, her hand did the deed and grasped his growing tool, it hardened and stiffened seemingly in unison with her desire.

She was holding another mans prick and a black one too, she was going to be unfaithful 3 days before her wedding, his cock was now fully erect and pointing at her wide open mouth, he leaned forward and pushed it into her unwittingly inviting lips.

She instinctively closed them around the gorgeous soft velvet head and began to suck, she was gone now, all thoughts of her boyfriend, husband to be, her parents and friends were gone, the only thing she was interested now was his cock and his sperm, she wanted it all, nothing could deter her now from completing the mission set for her by this man.

He held her gently by her long blonde hair as she swayed back and forward to suck his beautiful wonderful overpowering prick as hard as possible, while he was gently but firmly pushing against her inward thrust, she was rewarded with a groan and a loud grunt as he fired his load right into the back of her throat, it nearly choked her but she swallowed all he gave her.

She felt immense pride that she had made him come in the short space of time he had his black organ firmly ensconced in her willing mouth.

She fell back onto the bed and looked up at this black beautiful man who had totally seduced her with such ease, and she also knew she wanted fucking by him so badly her body almost screamed at her for it.

He hefted her onto her bed and began a loving irresistible seduction though none further was needed now, he still went through motions for her benefit, she responded fully she mauled him, kissed him, told him to hurry she wanted him right now.

He placed her in the centre of her bed and climbed over her in a dominant 69 position, and holding her knees apart he bent his head and looked at her wonderfully shaven pussy, 'Oh my Sally, this is just too beautiful,' he murmured.

He licked long and forcefully down the full length of her slit, his tongue dipped into her slick pussy, and it made her gasp out loud, taking this as consent of his power over her he sucked at it, this caused her knees to rise involuntarily into the air and her arms encircled his arse, she was looking directly at his prick and hairy arse, and it was tight and full of hard muscle, Carl had his elbows inside her knees keeping them apart, all she could do was kick her feet.

He found her sweet little clit and nibbled and sucked at it, sipping his tongue in at the same time, this caused her first orgasm, she wasn't aware of its arrival it just blasted its way through her.

He stroked her open bum hole while he was doing this adding to her complete arousal, he kept up the onslaught on her pussy until her orgasms became too much and her head rose up off the bed to suck his cock deep into her mouth once more, she wanted to please this man like she had never pleased anyone in her life.

She had one more powerful orgasm then asked him, no, begged him to make love to her.

He obliged by thundering his still erect prick into her tight pussy, he fucked her with such abandon she thought she would die, never had she orgasmed like this, it wasn't only the prick inside of her boiling quivering pussy, it was the excitement of what was happening to her, being totally ravished helplessly by this man

He had her all over the bed, she couldn't get her bearings at times, her feet were high in the air, over his back, her head was over the edge of the bed, she was on her knees, he rolled her on top of him then she was back underneath, all the while his fabulous black prick was playing havoc with her senses and devastating luscious wanton sexy her body,

Nothing in her life could have prepared her for this, it was animal rutting, a bull riding its cow, a horse covering it's mare, all she could do, and all she wanted to do now was hang onto him which she did with all her might while he rode her into oblivion, her orgasms were becoming one, then light drifted from her eyes.

When she became aware of her surroundings again she was laid full length on top of him, her face in his neck, his prick still in her, her pussy twitched and grabbed at it, a natural reaction instilled in a woman by Mother Nature.

Sally raised herself up and looked down at him, 'who are you?' she asked quietly, she kissed him before he could answer, it was something she just wanted to do and it was a sweet loving kiss too that she reserved for Marc.

'Me? My name is Carl and I am the man sent to you to teach you to love a man in the way a woman should love her man,' he told her.

'Well,' she admitted softly, 'you sure have done that, I'll never forget this,' she said.

This time they made love gently softly and gently because he knew this was what she wanted after the wonderful hammering he had delivered on her.

Reaching to the side of the bed he picked up his joggers, and took out a pair of soft fur handcuffs, laying on her right side, he attached one to her left wrist and the other to his own right wrist, they were attached to each other with arms over arm.

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