tagIncest/TabooHere Cum The Parkers!

Here Cum The Parkers!


Patty & Karin by lesbian_slutmom (aka patty parker)


700 pm....I wait in my bedroom for one, or both of my sweet young daughters to arrive. Earlier, after a nice bubble bath and a cleanse (enema), I put on a black lace suspender belt and stockings, plus stilettos of the same shade, and a thin black chemise over the lot. There's the front door!....

The lights are down low, beautiful and sexy Karin is in my arms. She smells sweet, having showered after aerobics class. As I help her peel off her work-out gear, darling Karin plants a soft, wet kiss on my mouth. Her lips are like velvet against my own. Her warm tongue is like a serpent of excitement within my mouth. I take her hands in my own and settle them upon my large, heaving breasts.

I lift the filmy material above my heavy, unencumbered breasts. The dark brown, rubbery looking nipples harden perceptively as the cool air hits them. Karin's hands are slender, and long-fingered. The way she fondles and squeezes my supple mammary-flesh is evidence of her fetish for large boobs. I exude a full sigh of joy into Karin's mouth as my nipples stiffen into almost painful hardness.

I'm seated on my king-sized bed, and I widen my thighs so that Karin and snuggle yet closer. Her soft lips suckle me, the roughness at the back of her tongue makes me moan aloud.

She works both of the hard nipples with her tongue, delighting me as as she switches from one to the other. She knows what arouses me most,and bites down gently on my turgid teats as I shift and wriggle about.

"God yes, more" I whisper throatily.

One slips-down between us to spider-along my freshly-shaven mons. My hips perform a slow hula as her fingers work their magic. My lovely baby's digits quicken their pace, rubbing the top of my vulva, then slipping back to delve back inside. The heat and energy generated between my thighs is making me drip. I can feel a few drops making their way down the insides of my legs, to melt into the tops of my stocking vamps. Karin straightens her fingers, runs the adjacent thumb along the top of my crease. My gasp of want is music to her ears...

She leaves me for only a few seconds, long enough to retrieve a large bottle of baby-oil and one of the numerous strappies stored in my night table. The one she selects is a mere 10", and I'm secretly a bit relieved as the last few days have not been enough respite from the vigorous back-door bum-fiddling I 'd been subjected to the week prior (my "monthly visitor", which lasts three days max, on the normal, earns me a buggery- free 72 hours before normal activities resume)...

With my help, the contraption is secured about her waist in only a few moments, and as I lie back, I lift my legs high, which raises my bottom into perfect position for the angle at which her big cock is jutting, high and perpetually stiff. I have taken the time to grease myself throughly back there, so that when she drives into me, in one quick, fluid thrust, my anus flowers open greedily and easily accepts the entire length. One fully-sheathed, Karin takes her time, slowly but gradually building momentum. My heels rest on her shoulders so that I'm bent nearly double, so that I have a bit of difficulty reaching down between us twiddle my un-sheathed little pearl.

My botty is full to the brim, yet my palpitating, hotly-inflamed flesh receives her probing, prying dildo-cock with a smooth, sucking motion. I am deeply, DEEPLY impaled, and I'm LOVING it! I can feel my anal walls sucking and hugging the snakelike, twisting I intruder.

The shaft slides in and out easily, titillating my sensitive walls and sending delicious thrills rippling from my bottom to snapping fanny and spiraling around my clitoris. I moan, gasp, whimper as my daughter's antics at my back door accelerate. I wail my pleasure, beg, plead and whimper for her to keep fucking my ass, never stop fucking my ass! My big buttocks wobble and quake with each contact of Karin's thighs. She is perspiring freely, her eyes slitted and her nostrils flaring while she slim hips swivel and thrust.

"Dear, GAWD!" I yelp, as the first of many smaller, gut-quivering orgasms spiral through me. It comes-up up from the bottom of my pleasure and swells into a crescendo, a liquid tidal wave beyond all proportion.

I come crashing down from this high, gasping for breath, finally finished with the heavy orgasm. I am totally limp underneath Karin. Her eyes are closed, her chest heaving the air in and out. She is completely spent as well. After a time, she assists me in disembarking from the hanging gadget and leads me in for a shower. After that, bed and blessed sleep.

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