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Here Cums Santa Clause


Here I am getting ready to go to a kids Christmas party and dress up like Santa Clause and thinking to myself what some parents won't do for there kids. One of the kids parents had approached me when I was coaching our youth league and asked me if I would like to make a little extra money for the holidays. All I needed to do was play Santa at her kids party for a couple of hours and she would pay me $300. 00. I jumped at the chance, easy money I thought to myself. Have the kids sit on my lap, ask them what they wanted for Christmas and hand them a little wrapped gift, hell I thought, boring but worth it.

She had given me the directions to her house and told me the party was at 8pm and said she would like me there I hour or so earlier to get dressed and ready for the kids. I arrived around 7pm and rang the door bell and she answered it. She was looking pretty good as she stood there, the cold temperature made her nipples grow hard as we stood at the door. God she said, its a cold one tonight, I answered by saying yes, I could see that, and she gave me a little smile.

Once inside she showed me to a bedroom where I could change and she said she had to change also. She had a little elf's costume and she was going to be Santa's helper. She had my costume all laid out on the bed and as I started to get dressed I realized it was going to be to hot to wear anything under this costume, what the hell I thought, who will know, so I stripped naked and quickly put the costume on. She knocked on the door to see if I was dressed and then came in. Man she could be my Santa's helper anytime I thought. She really looked good in her elf's costume. She told me to wait in the room and watch TV and she would come and get me when all the kids were here.

When she finally came to get me I was ready to leave, this crap is too boring for me, I think I should have told her no when she had first asked me to do it.

She had set up a chair in the front room near her tree and she was going to have all the kids come sit on my lap and have their picture taken with Santa. One of the other mothers had a better idea. She was going to take the pictures and that way, Santa, my helper and each kid could have their picture taken together. We all said that sounded much better so I sat on the chair and my little helper sat on my knee. One by one the kids came up and sat on my other knee and had their picture taken as I gave them a small gift. After about four kids my legs were getting tired so I positioned my hand around her ass so I could move her back and forth on my knee when she got to heavy.

After a couple of more kids I found my hand just rubbing her ass and it didn't seem to bother her. She just sat there with a smile on her face. She finally stood up and said lets take a little brake and give Santa a chance to rest his knees for a while. Oh yes please do I thought, my legs were getting very tired but her ass was feeling good and I knew she had to have felt me rubbing it. My hot little helper came back into the room after a few minutes and asked if everyone was ready. We still had 10 kids to go as she sat back down on my knee but this time she had sat back further so I would really have to hold her from falling off. Was it on purpose I thought as I brought my hand to her ass to steady her.

I found out my answer right away. She had left the room alright, she had left the room and removed her underwear. I let my hand slide downward until I found her pussy and then very slowly I let my finger enter her. I could feel her body become tense but she didn't move away. Each of the remaining kids came to get their picture taken and each time my finger so slowly moved in and out of her pussy. She liked what I was doing but yet she was good at hiding her emotions from everyone. Her pussy had grown very wet and was dripping a small amount of cum from it. As it ran down my finger I would slowly again slide it back and forth up her letting her feel it all.

We had finished with all the kids and she stood up slowly letting herself feel my finger slide out of her pussy. God she is so wet I thought, she had to have cum. As she walked away I ran my finger over the back of my costume to dry it off and I notice a wet spot on my pants. She had cum I thought, and she also hid it very well. The rest of the evening went slow and she remained by me for most of the evening. The last group of kids had just left and I thought to myself, good, glad it's all over even though I did manage to have a little fun with my helper.

She had handed me my money and said thank you for all the help and I told her I had more fun then the kids, she laughed and said she did to. I had gone up stairs to change and she followed me, as I entered the bedroom she asked me if I had a gift for her. Santa always rewards little girls for being good I told her and I pulled her towards me. Our lips met, and our tongues raced to each other. I let my hands run to her ass and my finger again found her pussy. She was already wet and she wasn't keeping quiet this time.

She began to moan as my finger entered her slowly again and my other hand moved over her breasts from outside her costume. I wanted her right there and now, I tried to remove her cloths but she wouldn't let me. She unzipped my pants and her hand touched my now hard cock softly. Ummmmmm she moaned, oh Santa please fuck me now, please, please she begged. I turned her around and pressed her against the wall. She kept saying, oh yes Santa, please take me now, I want your cock Santa, I want it now. I moved up to her and slid my hard cock slowly up her pussy from behind.

She yelled, Oh yes Santa make me cum, let your hard cock make me cum. I began to move it slowly in and out of her, going deeper each time I re-entered her. Her ass began to move with me and the wetness of her pussy began to roll down my cock. Please Santa, cum in me, give me all your hot cum, now Santa, now. I pushed forward and my hot cum began to fill her pussy, she yelled and moaned and released her warm cum all over my hard cock. We moved slowly as we finished cumming and I gently pulled myself from her. She turned to me and kissed me softly on the lips and said, thank you Santa, thank you for the best Christmas present of all.

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