tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHere Cums The Bride

Here Cums The Bride


Karen Lassiter felt she was the luckiest woman alive. At thirty-eight she had all but given up on finding "Mr "Right"." Then in a relatively short period of time she found herself looking forward to a wedding she never thought she'd have.

It all happened six months earlier when she was holiday in Rome, Italy, with her friend and work colleague, Joyce Madden. They went with a local tour group. Also travelling in the group were John Connors and his son James. It was clear to Joyce that when Karen and John met they were smitten with each other. Joyce encouraged the romance by suggesting they eat together and tour as two couples. This was despite the fact that she was in her mid-thirties and James was only twenty-two.

James was studying at university. He was without doubt a brilliant student. He was nerdy but treated Karen and Joyce with courtesy and respect. His father, John, was fifty-two. He was managing director of an engineering firm in New Heath, Essex, England, where all four were from.

Both Karen and Joyce worked for T.S. Crompton solicitors, as secretaries. Karen several failed relationships and never married. Joyce was married to Paul, a lieutenant serving in Afghanistan. They had no children.

After the holiday, Karen and John saw each other regularly. Karen dined at John's home and she reciprocated in her flat. Eventually John asked her to marry him. Now she was driving into the car park where her flat was situated and simply couldn't believe the wedding was only a week away.

When Karen got to the door of her flat she could hear her phone ringing. She rushed inside and picked up the receiver. It was John.

"Hi love. I was talking to your mother. She wants to organise a weekend party for you. I told her she could use the house. Myself and some of the boys are off to Snowdonia were the weekend."

"But what about James?"

"He's off to Scotland with his scout troop so you and the girls will have the house to yourselves."

"I wish Mum would consult me before she makes these plans."

"Now don't be hard on her Karen. She means well. Besides, you have to have a hen party. By the way, you're not supposed to know anything about it so act surprised mo matter what."

Caroline Lassiter, Karen's mother, was fifty-five but you wouldn't thinki it. Years of rigorous training and good eating habits kept her in good shape. She retained her youthful looks too. She was tall and slim. Indeed she and Karen could be taken for sisters. They certainly looked similar. Karen was also tall and slim. Her father had died two years earlier of a heart attack and her mother shared their house with Faith, Caroline's fifty-four year old widowed sister and Karen's aunt.

Karen also had two sisters. Monica, who was thirty-five and Chloe, who was thirty-four. Both were married and had children that Karen adored as her own. Along with Joyce, these were the girls referred to for the girls weekend. Karen was a little cross but as John said, her mother meant well so she decided to go along with it.


On Thursday, Caroline rang her daughter to inform her that she had arranged a special hen weekend for her. Karen tried to appear surprised and a little angry. She told her mother she appreciated what she had done but felt she should have called to ask. Nonetheless she decided to go ahead with it.


On Friday, Caroline appeared at her daughter's flat driving a mini bus. Caroline's sister Faith, was on the bus, along with Monica and Chloe. They picked up Joyce Madden on the way. When they got to John Connors' house Karen pretended to be surprised. "What are we doing here?"

"This is where the party is been held. John and his son are gone for the weekend," responded Caroline.

"And John didn't tell me?"

"Don't be silly dear. He couldn't spoil the surprise now, could he?"

They all filed out of the bus and into the house. Karen was amazed at the amount of food and drink on the table. Caroline put on some soft music. "Help yourself girls."

They chatted merrily, exchanging stories of their hen nights and weddings.

Caroline stood up. "Karen, I have an idea. Why don't you and Joyce put on your dresses and we can take some photos?"

"Isn't that bad luck?"

"Only for the groom to see," replied Caroline with a smile."

Karen and Joyce, who was her bridesmaid, went upstairs to get changed. When they returned the women were struck by the beautiful white gowns. Caroline took several photographs. They were all so wrapped up admiring Karen that they failed to notice a dozen or so youths enter through the back door.

Suddenly they appeared and all six were held fast.

"What the fuck are you doing here? Get out or I'll call the police," yelled Caroline.

A very tall athletic young man, perhaps six feet, walked calmly to her and grabbed her mouth. "Now that's not very hospitable. We're only here to liven up the party and give the bride a good send off."

There was a chorus of laughter from the others.

"Get your filthy paws off my mother," Karen cried out in anger.

Again he walked casually over to Karen and squeezed her breasts through her dress.

"You are a beauty, aren't you?" he said and yanked her head towards him and kissing his unwilling partner, muffling her protests. There was a huge cheer from the others.

"Release my daughter," protested Caroline. She was silenced when another tall young man yanked her head back. He kissed her, stifling her words. Once again there was a roar of approval from the others.

The music changed to wild rock music and the young man with Karen spoke, "Boys, choose your partner," and all six women were dragged around the floor as the loud music continued. Between breaks and switching partners they were plied with drink.

As the night wore on, Karen became aware that she had consumed more alcohol than she normally did. She wasn't drunk but she felt sick.

It was about midnight when the music came to a sudden halt. Karen and Joyce were held separately from the others. The young man holding Karen spoke. "Ok ladies. You will come to no harm so long as you do as you're told." He turned to Caroline and the others. "Get naked."

There was a momentary silence as the four women looked at each other in horror. Then Caroline yelled out. "Go and fuck yourselves,"

Karen and Joyce screamed in both pain and fear as their heads were arched backwards and knives appeared at their throats.

"It would be shame to scar the bride before the wedding.

"Oh God," cried Karen.

"Let the others go and I'll do what ever you want," begged Caroline.

"No Mom. Don't..." screamed Karen. She resumed silence when she felt her hair being strained.

The young man holding Karen responded. "Nothing doing, sweetheart. Get naked. It's a cold night outside. You won't be going anywhere."

The others joined in laughter.

Defeated, Caroline and the others began to undress, every moment more humiliating than the last, conscious as they were that they were being observed by these lustful animals.

Tears fell from Karen's eyes as she was forced to watch helplessly as her mother and the others stripped away their dignity. As they stood there naked, the women huddled together to try and shield. However, they were forced apart and held fast. They were forced into single file. For the first time in her life Karen witnessed the total nakedness of her mother, aunt and sisters.

One of the young men stood in front of Caroline and began to fondle her breasts. "You really are a fine looking MILF."

Caroline spat at him as if it were venom.

The youths laughed.

Karen turned her head away.

The young man holding Karen spoke. "Well boys, I'll say good night. Enjoy yourselves. I know I will." With that he dragged her upstairs.

"No, no. You can't do this," screamed Karen as she kicked and struggled. All of the youths broke into a mocking chorus of "Here comes the bride."

Caroline could only watch as both her daughter and Joyce were dragged upstairs to separate rooms.

When the door was opened, Karen was pushed roughly onto the king sized bed and the door was then slammed shut. He went over to her and yanking her head back, he kissed her.

This time Karen tried to resist. The young man pulled her hair, making her yell. "Now you listen to me Lady. Your mother and friends are safe only as long as you do as you're told, understood?"

Karen nodded and tears wells up in her eyes.

"Stand up," he barked.

She did as ordered and he sat in a chair and crossed his legs.

"Take off your dress."

Karen stood before him knowing refusal was not an option not to mention perhaps lethal for them all. She always assumed she'd undress in front of her husband to be not some youngster and certainly not like this.

Karen took a deep breath and putting her hands behind her back, she slowly lowered the zipper. Karen could see the young man getting a hard on from the rasping sound. She freed her shoulders and allowed the beautiful gown to fall to the ground revealing her white slip. Karen paused.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get naked," yelled her unwanted audience.

Karen eased her slip over her head and dropped it to the floor.

The young man gave a sigh of approval at the sight of Karen in her white low cut lace bra and matching knickers encased in tan tights. "I've always wanted to see a bride strip. You don't disappoint lady," grinned the young man.

Karen blushed. She wanted to stop and hide but knew she couldn't. Again she put her hands behind back and unsnapping her bra, she allowed it to slide from her shoulders to the floor, allowing her firm breasts to bounce forth and her nipples harden as the cold air struck them. Resigned to her fate, Karen simply put her hands to her sides and rolled her tights and knickers together and stepped out of them.

The young man wolf whistled as her observed Karen's wonderful naked body. Karen instinctively tried to cover her body.

"Ah, ah. Hands on your hips lady. I want to see your luscious body," said the youth as he pointed to her.

Reluctantly, Karen obeyed.

For a moment the young man sat and admired this mature beauty. He rose and walked behind her. He sniffed. "Oh you smell wonderful," and gently kissed her bare shoulder. The sensation made Karen shudder, not from fear, but excitement. She closed her eyes and despite the fact that she was being raped, Karen, to her shame, couldn't help imaging she was being seduced by a young lover.

She quickly came back to earth as the sensation ended and the young man ordered her onto the bed. As she was resting on the bed, Karen, for the first time suddenly appreciated the athletic build of her attacker as he stripped rapidly and mounted her.

The warmth of his body and gentleness of his movement excited Karen. His first kiss to her lips was deep and passionate. It finally melted away any thought of resistance.

Kissing and licking her neck, he proceeded to her shoulder, each touch more exciting than the last, making her give small responsive moans. When her arrived at her breasts the young man began a series of ever decreasing circular movements with both his lips and tongue, culminating with Karen's nipple being totally absorbed, being lashed by tongue and sucked alternatively.

"Oh my God," moaned Karen as the young man moved into the deep valley between her breasts and repeated his actions on her left breast. Moving down to her flat stomach, the young man separate Karen's long slender legs and his tongue began to burrow through her pussy lips and began to lash her clit.

It was all too much for Karen. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck," she repeated with increasing excitement.

This wonderful ecstatic sensation ceased momentarily but resumed again as Karen felt the young man's large cock drive deep inside her. His slow movements rapidly gained pace at each stroke and her body reacted positively as she began to match his speed and both settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. Karen was finally consumed with lust as she gripped the young man's bare hips as if guiding him. As their speed increased, their breathing became deeper and perspiration flowed..

Karen could feel her juices beginning to gather. She was also aware that the young man was close to cumming. She made every effort to prolong this amazing sensation. At last however they ogasmed together, releasing a joint sigh of sexual satisfaction. Karen, overwhelmed by a combination of alcohol and sheer physical exhaustion fell into a deep, trouble free sleep unaware of the fate of her companions and for the moment, at least, not caring.


Karen felt the heat of the early morning sun as she slowly woke from her slumber. She moved her hand over to where the she expected to find the young man only to find an empty space and disappointment.

"Good morning beautiful."

Karen turned and saw the young man fully dressed and sitting patiently in a chair with a broad smile on his face. "You really are one hell of a ride. Your future husband is a lucky guy."

As her eyes continued to focus, Karen became aware of a strange sound in the room. It was the sound of moaning. She looked up and for the first time noticed a television in the wall and a VCR underneath. Slowly, Karen realised what had drawn her attention. Her mother and aunt were naked and on their knees sucking cock after cock. At the same time they were being forced to hand fuck. Their arses were also being ravished. When the picture switched to her sisters, Monica and Chloe she could see they too were naked and on their knees. In their case however they were forced to eat pussy and their arses were pounded by girls wearing strap on dildos.

"You sick bastard. What have you done to my mother and sisters?"

"Nothing. I was here with you. Remember?"

The mock innocence enraged Karen and she leapt at him like a wounded tigress with the intention of hitting him. He was too fast for her as he grabbed both her hands tightly and planted a kiss. At that moment there was a knock at the door.

"You awake Harry?" came a voice from outside.

"Yeah. Wide awake Ben," responded Harry, still holding Karen tightly.

Ben opened the door and dragged a naked Joyce in with him. "I just thought the bride would like to get cleaned up. Her bridesmaid here offered to er, help."

"Good idea, Ben."

"Joyce, what are they talking about?"

"Please Karen. Just do as they say," begged Joyce as both women were dragged to the en suite shower. Karen was pushed in first. Ben held back Joyce and whispered in her ear. "Remember sweetheart, do exactly as I said and make it look good. Or else. He pushed Joyce in.

The women screamed as the initial cold water struck them, followed rapidly by steamy jets of hot water.

"Well, get to work," shouted Ben.

Karen understood what he meant when Joyce stood behind her and began to apply soap to her back and rub her down. When she had rinsed, Joyce turned Karen around and applied the soap to her breasts. Both women were the same height and build. As their wonderful breasts clashed. Karen began to drift into a fantasy world. Despite the situation she was in she found it erotic that she and her best friend and bridesmaid were showering together. She was shocked with what happened next as Joyce grabbed her face. "I love you, Karen," and planted a passionate kiss.

Karen didn't get a chance to react because Joyce swiftly engulfed her breast with her mouth and began to suck and lick at intervals. All Karen could do was moan. "Oooh," several times. Swiftly, Joyce knelt down and expertly penetrated Karen's pussy lips with her tongue and began to whip her clit. "Aaargh," moaned Karen as her arousal began to build. Not even the young man could satisfy her as Joyce was doing now. This was her first time with a woman and it was the most wonder experience she ever had.

As she orgasmed, Karen leaned against the shower wall and sighed deeply. Without being asked, she took Joyce and copied her every move. Soon both women were consumed with lust for each other. So much so that neither were aware that they were filmed on video and on mobile phone. As soon as he felt he had recorded enough, Harry dialled a number and sent it on. "Ok ladies, time to get dried off," said Harry when he saw that Joyce had finally orgasmed.

They were both given large body towels, Harry whispered something in Ben's ear as he led Joyce downstairs. Harry led Karen back to the bedroom and ordered her to lie down on the bed naked.

A few moments later, Ben opened the door with a nude Caroline Lassiter in tow.

"Mom!" cried Karen.

"Get on the bed," ordered Harry.

Reluctantly, Caroline crawled beside her naked daughter. Both women huddled together.

"What are going to do with us?" asked Caroline nervously.

"Only this," responded Harry and both he and Ben suddenly produced rags and forced them to each of their faces. The women struggled with the acrid odour in their nostrils but to no avail as darkness enveloped them.


"Wake up. Come on. Wake up, damn it."

As she slowly awoke from her drug induced slumber, Karen heard the familiar male voice getting louder. As the fog lifted she saw John standing by the bed. "My God. John? What are you doing here?" as she tried to cover up.

"I came back when I got this," and he played the recording on his phone.

Karen put her hand to her mouth in shock as she realised it was herself and Joyce in the shower.

"What the hell have you been up to and what the hell are you doing in bed with your own mother?"

"Please John. I can explain..."

"That would be quite interesting. You fucking your best friend, in bed with your mother, your sisters naked in bed together and your aunt and best friend were clearly cosy with each other too. Get dressed and get out of this house and my life."

"Please John?" begged Karen as tears streamed down her eyes.

Caroline began to wake up. "What's going on?" she asked innocently.

"Ask your whore daughter. Now get the fuck out of here before I have you all arrested," screamed John with venom.

Caroline and Karen scrambled out of bed and desperately searched for their clothes. They rushed downstairs and headed for the bus where they found the others waiting for them. Caroline drove away rapidly as if being pursued by demons.


It was two weeks later when James Connors was sitting in his usual spot in the college library. Two young men, both classmates, came up and sat beside him.

"You all did a great job , Harry, well done. I'm not sure I appreciate your use of knives though."

"Knives? Oh you mean these?" and Harry produced a knife from his pocket. He drove it into James's side and then retracted it.

"Just a stage prop from the college theatre department."

They all laughed.

"Too bad James. Your stepmother..."

Harry realised he had made a mistake when James frowned.

"Sorry, James. Your ex stepmother is quite a fuck."

"If that bitch thought she could waltz in and take half my father's fortune and my inheritance she had another think coming."

"I wonder how the women would react if they realised they had been fucked by every single member of the class?" asked Ben.

"The girls too?"

"Are you kidding? They couldn't get enough."

They all chuckled.

"Have you got it?" asked Harry.

James looked around and then went to his bag. He handed Harry an envelope with a disc inside. "The exam questions and the answers that are expected are on this."

"You're sure?"

"My dear man, the college encryption code is nothing to James Connors." Once again they all chuckled.

James got up and headed out of the library with a smile of satisfaction.

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