Here Kitty


Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a girl named Sasha who lived in New York City. Right on the edge of central park in fact. She was a remarkable normal girl, so normal in fact that nothing out of the ordinary had every happened to her. And as far as she was concerned, that was perfectly all right. Sasha worked in a department store down town, and made just enough to have her own tiny one bedroom apartment with a view of the park. She didn't mind her tiny living arrangements, it was just her and she didn't take up much space. She was a very solitary girl, what few friends she did have rarely came over and she had never had a boyfriend she really wanted to spend the night with anyway.

Our story begins on a steamy summer night when the high temperatures in the city made most people plan vacations to the beach. Sasha was taking a walk in the park trying to take advantage of the light breeze rustling through the trees. She didn't have much fear of nighttime predators; the heat was so intense even the muggers and rapists were taking some time off. Settling under a tree, Sasha loosened the top button of her blouse and leaned back against the rough bark. She had had a tough day at work, and she didn't really feel like going home to her TV dinner and CSI re-runs just yet. She just wanted to relax for a few moments and try to cool down. The sticky heavy air made everything feel so hot and heavy.

A sudden noise in the branches above her made Sasha start from her semi-doze and look up in alarm. A gentle mrouwp as a large black cat slid out of the branches made her laugh nervously. The cat padded over and settled on her lap as if that was what he'd always done. Sasha ran one hand down over his back as she checked for a collar with the other. She frowned slightly when she didn't find one for this cat was far too friendly not to be domesticated. Assuming someone had dumped him in the park to be rid of him, Sasha came to a decision. She had always liked cats, and rather then leave him here to eventually meet his demise in some unpleasant way; she would take him home with her. Scooping him up off her lap, she watched carefully for any sign he was reluctant and didn't want to go with her. Quite to the contrary, he sprawled across her arms and looked up at her with large adoring eyes as the volume of his purring increased until he was practically vibrating with the intensity.

Sasha made it home and dropped him gently on the couch while she went into the tiny kitchen and opened a can of tuna. She would see how the night went before she began buying any kitty supplies. He seemed quite content to curl up next to her on the couch after he was finished and allow her the supreme honor of stroking his fur. After a couple shows on the TV, Sasha decided to turn in. She left the window to the fire escape open in case the cat decided he wanted to leave.

Shuffling down the hall to the bathroom, the washed her face and brushed her teeth in front of the mirror. Pausing for a moment, she gazed at the face she saw there. Not ugly, but certainly no runway model. The dark hair swept up into her nightly ponytail had never decided if it was brown or black, so it seemed to be stuck somewhere in the middle. Her skin was light to the point of transparency and always looked caked when she wore makeup, so she went without. Long lashes framed a pair of shockingly green eyes behind her wire framed glasses. The glasses gave her a slightly nerdy look that directly corresponded with her love of books. That more than anything seemed to be the reason any date she went on ended badly. Most men she had come in contact with seemed to want a woman who was concerned with things like their bodies, the latest fashion and nothing more intellectual than the best color combination to wear after Labor day.

Sasha had never had any real concern for her body. She had leaned at an early age no matter what she ate, she never gained weight. In high school she had despaired when all her classmates were becoming willowy and voluptuous, she was still a "stick". But she no longer cared. Her body was just what carried her brain from place to place, and that was all.

Plopping down on the bed she stripped off her shorts and tee-shirt, tossing both in the direction of the hamper. Sliding under the sheet in just her undies, she stretched out with a sigh. For a few minutes at least, the sheets would be cool against her skin and it felt heavenly. She was so absorbed in the comfort of her bed, she gave a little yelp when the cat jumped up with her. Settling comfortably on the other side of the bed, the cat looked at her with large yellow eyes that seemed uncannily intelligent. He stared at her for a moment then yawned hugely and stretched out his head to rest on the pillow. With a deep sigh he closed his eyes. Sasha laughed at his familiarity and settled herself in as well. Switching off the light she reached out and gave the cat one last stroke before drifting off to sleep.

During the night Sasha woke to find the cat pressed up against her side, breathing heavily and twitching from some dream. Stroking him lightly, she waiting until he sighed and rolled onto his back before getting up to go to the bathroom. Coming back she almost sat on the cat who had rolled over into her spot. Laughing she picked him up and tossed him back onto his side. He padded back over and climbed up on her stomach. Lying down he stretched out his head and licked her once on the chin before she fell asleep again.

She woke again in the stillness of the last hours before dawn. Sometime about the room seemed different and rolling over she nearly screamed when a pair of yellow eyes stared at her from a rugged male face that smiled at her with elongated canines. She felt the heavy soft blanket of sleep still fogging her mind and she decided that she must be having a dream. Satisfied with that explanation, she didn't protest when he reached out and pulled her into his arms. She lay on her side with her back pressed up against his chest, noticing in that weirdly clear way of dreams that he was naked and very aroused. She didn't usually have erotic dreams, but this one was rather nice, so she just went with it.

He began kissing the arc of her neck and she stretched to give him better access. When his hand came up and cupped her breast she sighed and settled against him, feeling his cock press up against her butt. His fingers began gently squeezing and twisting her nipple, causing it to harden to a tight bud that he flicked with his fingertips. She moaned and arched against him as he pulled away. Pulling her over onto her back, he lowered his head to her nipple, sucking it gently into the heat of his mouth, making her gasp and twitch. He continued to suck and nip at the nipple in his mouth while his fingers began teasing the other. Sasha felt a molten heat begin between her legs and relished the feeling. When he bit harder on her nipple and a bit of pain mixed with the pleasure, she couldn't distinguish between the two. Holding his head in both hands she begged him silently not to stop. He didn't. Pulling hard on her nipple with his fingers while he bit down on the other sent her a bit higher as he moved his body closer.

Switching his mouth to the other nipple, he bit down on the sensitive tip as he gave the other a hard twist. Sasha had never felt anything so good in her life. Always before her sexual experiences had been ok, but never this rough, or this erotic. She writhed under his hand and mouth as he tormented her nipples, twisting and biting till she cried out in need. Moving his other hand down across her stomach, he felt her wetness seeping through her underwear. Biting her nipple harder than before he gave a sharp tug and ripped off her undies. Moving his hand back, he slipped one finger inside her for an instant, and then slid up to her clit. Stroking it gently with his thumb and licking her nipple with a tongue that felt rough as sandpaper, he let Sasha cum gently in his hand. Before she could come down at all, he drove two fingers viciously into her pussy, slapping her clit with the heel of his hand. She let out a scream he barely managed to muffle with his mouth. He fucked her hard with his fingers as he fucked her mouth with his tongue. He twisted her nipple and slapped her clit with the palm of his hand as she cried out again and again into his mouth.

Letting go of her nipple he found her hand where it was clenched on the sheets. He forced open her fingers and guided her trembling hand to his throbbing cock. Sasha could feel the velvet heat emanating from his turgid cock and he felt an answering pulse of wetness against his fingers. When she wrapped her hand around him as best she could, she could feel that he was far bigger than any man she had had before. When she began to tentatively stroke him, he let out a low growl and forced a third finger into her tight pussy. Stretching her out for him she knew now. She stroked him, slowly sliding her hand up and down his cock, feeling pre-cum oozing out of the tip as he moaned against her lips. She didn't know just how close he was when he finally pulled away from her hand and slid his body back across the bed.

Reaching down he flipped her easily onto her back and pulled her hips and ass up against him. He ran his cock up the crack of her ass and down to her pussy. Positioning the head of his cock against her, he reached one hand down and began twisting her nipple again. This motion brought him fully against her, but her pussy was still far too tight to allow him easy entry. By this time Sasha was so aroused she was dripping slightly onto the bed. Pushing back against his she ground out,

"Do it! Just...ugh...fuck me. Please, please, fuck me so hard!"

At the sound of her words he grunted and, putting both hands on her hips he pulled her back as he drove his cock into her as hard as he could. He still only managed about half his length before the tightness of her pussy stopped him. Sasha couldn't even scream, all she could do was pant as she pushed back against him. She could feel her pussy trying to accept his huge cock and while it hurt a little, it also felt so good she didn't want him to stop. When he pulled out a little, she whimpered and pushed back again. He pulled his cock out till just the tip was still buried in her. Shifting his hips to a different angle, he drove into her again, rocking his cock in and out of her pussy, sliding deeper each time. Sasha grunted as her face was pressed into the blankets and she finally felt his balls begin slapping against her clit. By this time she felt so full and stretched she was constantly on the point of orgasm. As her pussy stretched to take his entire length, he began moving harder, slamming into her as hard as he could, driving himself into her. She was sobbing by this time, the pleasure building to a point she thought she was going to explode. He leaned over, biting the side of her neck gently as he fucked her. She heard him speak for the first time,

"Here it comes Sasha; I'm going to cum in you. Are you ready? You ready for this, oh God Sasha you feel so good, yeah, that's it, squeeze my cock baby, take my cum inside you, oh God Sasha! Here, baby, here!"

On the last word she felt him stiffen and she was wrapped so tightly around his cock she felt it pulse as he drove it deeper than ever and held it there. He grabbed both her nipples and twisted them hard, forcing her to cum with him. And she did. She came so hard she saw stars behind her tightly closed eyes. Her muffled cry mingled with his moan as his hot cum filled her deep inside.

A moment passed, then two. The only sound was panting and gasping. Finally he moved, began pulling out of her slowly. She felt the emptiness he left behind, and as the tip slipped out, a gush of fluid down her leg. She fell on her side on the bed, eyes still closed as he moved around on the bed. Sasha opened her eyes as he pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. Looking up at him, he smiled at her as she opened her mouth and he slid his softening length in. He moved forward until her nose was pressed against his stomach and his cock was mostly down her throat. He moaned as she used her tongue to clean the cum off his cock and he began to gently fuck her mouth.

As his cock began to harden again, he fucked harder, forcing his cock down her throat and making her gag a bit. She reached out and ran her hand over his balls, gently kneading and caressing them as he slammed more of his cock down her throat. It didn't take very long this time and she saw it in his eyes as he began to cum again. She got no other warning and suddenly her mouth and throat were filled with his creamy cum. She chocked and gagged, but he held her head still in both hands as she swallowed again and again trying to clear her throat around his cock.

When she had finally swallowed it all, and cleaned his cock off, he pulled out. Lying down next to her he kissed her gently and pulled her over to lie with her head on his shoulder. Placing her hand on his cock, he gently stroked her back as she stroked his cock. He knew it would take a couple minutes before he was ready again. Leaning over he kissed the top of her head and whispered.

"Do you want to know what we're going to do next Sasha?" When she nodded he continued, "Next I'm going to fuck your ass." She stiffened. "I know you've never had a cock in you ass before Sasha, but your going to tonight. All of my cock, buried in your virgin ass. That's what we're going to do next."

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