tagGay MaleHere to Stay Ch. 09

Here to Stay Ch. 09


Gavin stopped clapping to wipe away the tears that were forming in his eyes. He watched Emmett walk back onto the stage, stand next to the piano, and take his third and final bow. Gavin looked from the ring on his finger back up to the breathtakingly handsome man in the tuxedo on stage. He thought how lucky he was to have such an amazing man that he could call his husband.

After Emmett walked off the stage again, the audience finally settled, putting on coats, turning on cell phones, and gathering their programs. Emmett's students stood in the front, and had started the standing ovation that was rightly earned after Emmett had finished his final piece, the fourth Chopin Ballade. The recital had been phenomenal, beyond what words could describe. Very few note errors were made, and flawless interpretation and style, along with solid memory, made these small discrepancies disappear from the audience's mind.

"He certainly is something, that Emmett, isn't he?" Gavin turned around to face a beaming Cecelia and Pete.

"Yes, he sure is, Cee," Gavin replied.

"Never says a word about how talented he is, and then he puts that out there. You're lucky. You hooked yourself a good'un, Gavin."

"I sure did. I don't know how, but I did."

"How's married life?" Pete asked.

The pastor at Gavin's church had been willing to marry them, and had done so two months ago. The plans had taken six months, and couldn't have gone any smoother. Gavin still remembered watching Emmett walk down the aisle, a decision that was decided by nothing less than a coin toss. Emmett had also decided to take Gavin's name. They'd had their finances combined, and had bought a loft in a nice suburb of the city.

"It's great. I couldn't have asked for anything better," Gavin said, walking with the couple through the doors of the concert hall and into the green room.

Even after over a year of seeing him every day, Emmett still took Gavin's breath away. He was standing by the wall, shaking hands with people, thanking them for their praise of the performance, and even this affected Gavin.

Emmett, tired from the performance, graciously accepted the compliments bestowed upon him. Smiling, he shook everyone's hand and accepted a few hugs, but in his mind, he wondered where Gavin was. The thoughts of why Gavin wouldn't have been there plagued Emmett's mind: did he get held at one of the restaurants? Had he forgotten? Emmett's patient waiting turned almost to panic as the last person walked into the hall to mingle.

Gavin waited until everyone had gone through the line to go up to Emmett. Grabbing one of Emmett's hands in his and putting the other tenderly on the side of Emmett's neck, he pulled Emmett into a quick kiss.

"You were wonderful," Gavin said. "I've honestly never heard anything that has moved me so much."

"You're just saying that," Emmett replied automatically.

"No, Emmett." Gavin grabbed Emmett's face in his hands. Emmett could feel Gavin's breath on his skin, sending chills down his spine. "It was truly remarkable."

"He was bawling like a baby at the end."

Emmett and Gavin whirled around to face the sound of Cassidy's voice.

"Was he, now?" Emmett said, raising one eyebrow curiously.

"I was," Gavin confirmed.

"It really was wonderful, Emmett. Sorry I'm late to tell you that, but I had to use the ladies' room so badly by the time you were finished I thought I was going to explode."

"Uh, too much information, Cass, but that's fine."

The three walked out, through the hallways and lobbies to the parking lot, talking about Emmett's stellar performance.

"Now, if you don't watch, he'll get a big head," Cassidy remarked after another one of Gavin's positive comments.

"That's not the only head that will be getting big tonight," Gavin said under his breath so only Emmett could hear. Emmett blushed.

"What'd you say?" Cassidy asked, then saw how Emmett was blushing and figured it out for herself. "Never mind. I don't want to know. I'll see you two tomorrow at your place for dinner."

"What time?" Emmett asked.

"Is around six okay?"

"That's fine," Gavin and Emmett said in unison.

"Is it, uh, okay if Freddie comes?" Cassidy asked, the only time Emmett had ever heard her be timid.

"Ah, we get to meet the infamous Freddie," Gavin sneered.

"Bring him, but warn him about how shy this one is," Emmett smiled, patting Gavin on the rear.

"I'll be sure to give him a heads up about how he'll be corrupted for life. Thanks, you two," Cassidy said as she got in her car. "See you tomorrow."

Gavin and Emmett got in their own car and made their way to their loft. Once they had walked inside, Gavin was all over Emmett.

"You have no idea how hot you made me on stage in that sexy little tux giving that Steinway the run of its life," Gavin said, kissing Emmett's neck while undoing his bowtie.

"Gavin, what has gotten into you?" Emmett asked. Although he was thoroughly enjoying Gavin's enthusiasm, he was a bit puzzled as to what had triggered it. He hadn't been this eager since their first night on the honeymoon. Emmett sighed as Gavin kissed his earlobe.

"You. You have gotten into me," Gavin breathed, unbuttoning the top button of Emmett's shirt and kissing the hollow of Emmett's neck that had been hidden beneath. "Well, at least by tomorrow morning you will have."

Emmett blushed at the thought, making Gavin even more turned on.

"Dear god, you have no idea what you do to me when you blush, do you?" Gavin asked rhetorically, finally succeeding in undoing all of the button-stays in Emmett's shirt. He picked Emmett up, and Emmett wrapped his legs around Gavin's waist, kissing him as he transported them both to their bedroom. Gavin threw Emmett's cummerbund, tie, and jacket on the chair in the corner while locking Emmett's arms behind him by pushing the shirt off his shoulders.

"No fair!" Emmett said, glaring at Gavin.

"I don't always play fair, but you always like it when I don't."

"You say things for the sole purpose of making me blush, don't you?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Gavin whispered into Emmett's ear, taking the shirt all the way off. No sooner had the shirt come off when Emmett pushed Gavin to the bed, undressing him to only his underwear in no time flat. He kissed up and down his smooth chest and stomach, loving the muscles beneath the skin responding to his light touch. Emmett fastened his mouth on one of Gavin's nipples, biting gently, sending shockwaves through Gavin's body.

"Emmett--" Gavin strained, mustering up enough control to flip them so that Emmett was beneath him on the edge of the bed. Gavin unhooked Emmett's pants and threw them to the chair as well, surprised at what he found beneath.

"Why, you naughty, naughty boy. No underwear, eh?" Emmett smiled.

"I slipped them off backstage because I knew you'd be ready to go, tonight."

"You little monster," Gavin grinned, kissing Emmett and rubbing the soft cotton of his boxer-briefs on Emmett's hardness. Emmett shuddered from the contact, and writhed as Gavin wrapped a hand around him, pumping up and down.

"Gavin, I know you said . . . in the kitchen . . . oh, god . . . but I need you . . . right now . . . mmm," Emmett said, the assault on his senses overwhelming. Emmett wondered when Gavin had lubed up his fingers because they were there instantly, lubricating his pulsating hole. Gavin slipped two fingers inside, and Emmett moaned at the welcome sting of pleasure. Gavin wriggled and scissored his fingers, stretching Emmett enough to add a third finger to the mix. Gavin found Emmett's prostate and brushed against it while taking Emmett's cock in his mouth. Emmett thrust his hips up, shooting his load into Gavin's mouth. Gavin swallowed every last drop, and sucked every last bit of the sweetness from his lover's length. He was surprised when Emmett's dick did not soften, but stayed hard. Emmett continued to writhe in pleasure as Gavin's fingers maintained their attack inside him.

"Gavin, please, I need you," Emmett pleaded. Gavin kissed Emmett while pulling his fingers out to slick up his own steely tool. He pulled away only long enough to mutter four words.

"I need you, too," Gavin replied, covering Emmett's mouth with his own again while pushing into Emmett. Emmett arched beneath him, in bliss from the feeling of fullness. Gavin slipped in until he was completely sheathed, releasing Emmett's mouth from his own to stand up and catch his breath. Emmett wrapped his legs around Gavin, pulling him in even deeper, making it very hard for Gavin to stand on wobbly legs at the edge of the bed.

"I love you, Gavin," Emmett said.

"I love you, too, Emmett. Always and forever," Gavin replied, then started to thrust his cock in and out of Emmett's body. Emmett draped his legs over Gavin's shoulders, and Gavin grasped his legs with his hands. Leaning down after only a few moments, Gavin kissed Emmett.

"Come with me, baby," he panted. The stimulation from their bodies rubbing together against his arousal was enough to send Emmett over the edge. He moaned Gavin's name as he peaked, his muscles tightening around Gavin's rigid length buried inside him. Gavin followed, thrown over the edge by Emmett's muscles inside massaging his sensitive dick.

Gavin picked Emmett up gently and repositioned them so they were both lying on the bed, carefully enough so that he didn't pull out right away. Gavin lay atop his husband as both of their breathing slowed. Gavin kissed Emmett again, this time gently and in no rush to finish. Gavin finally slipped out of Emmett, too soft to stay, and he relaxed, resting his head on Emmett's chest.

"Oh, Gav," Emmett sighed contentedly, wrapping his arms around the man he loved. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Gavin said, listening to Emmett's heartbeat. Gavin looked at the clock. "Half an hour. That's a record from our five-minute session yesterday."

"It's not my fault you turn me on so much," Emmett said.

"I could say the same to you," Gavin smiled, tilting his head up to kiss Emmett again. "And let me tell you again how wonderful you were this evening."

"Before or after we got home?" Emmett asked, raising his eyebrow. Gavin chuckled, kissing Emmett's chest.

"Before, silly."

Gavin made his way up to Emmett's lips, kissing him passionately.

"It was incredible to see you like that," Gavin said, pulling back just long enough to say it, then resuming the kiss. He deepened it, searching Emmett's mouth with his tongue. Emmett returned the favor, moaning, melting under Gavin's heat and weight on top of him. "Baby, you have no idea what it did to me. You up there in your tux," he said, pausing for another kiss, "looking all kinds of sexy. And then that music . . ." Gavin covered Emmett's mouth with his own again. "You certainly are one talented individual, Dr. Adams."

"Thank you," Emmett said, enjoying Gavin's warmth seeping into him. They fell asleep like that, content with having one another. Emmett sighed happily. Gavin had cut some of the hours he spent managing the restaurants finances and business matters by hiring a person solely for that job, an admirable, jolly man who loved the tedious job that demanded so much attention. He spent more time in the kitchens, now, and kept regular hours away from home. At home, he would have work to do, but Emmett knew he could be quite distracting to Gavin's concentration. He smiled at the thought.

"What are you thinking about?" Gavin asked, his heart flip-flopping from Emmett's warm but mischievous smile.

"The suspenders," Emmett replied. Gavin's mind immediately went to yesterday evening, when Emmett had walked--well, more like pranced--in his office dressed in his favorite tweed trousers that always got Gavin's attention, a pair of suspenders, and his white shirt unbuttoned all the way to where it was tucked into the pants. Gavin also smiled, remembering the sound the suspenders made when the clasp broke and shattered a glass-covered picture frame sitting across the room.

Gavin got up, Emmett's moan of complaint soon pacified by Gavin returning with two glasses of water. Gavin turned on the TV, turning the volume so it was low but audible, and propped himself up, pillows behind him to watch. Emmett situated himself between Gavin's legs, leaning back on Gavin's smooth, warm chest. They sat like this, Gavin watching, Emmett listening to the news, some stories sad, some happy, and some outrageous. They commented on each to one another, smiling and laughing for some of them, Gavin pulling Emmett closer for others. Finally, Gavin's mind started to wander after a sad story of an innocent woman who died in a shooting, and wondered how he would live without Emmett if that something like that would happen to them, then pondered how he had lived without Emmett for so long.

"You know you're stuck with me for good, don't you?" Gavin asked quietly, kissing the side of Emmett's face.

"I should be asking you that. You're the one who has to lead me everywhere, even when I get old and decrepit and you have to guide my walker because you won't be able to carry me anymore," Emmett answered, smiling and turning his face to the side toward Gavin's. "Not to mention, I won't be able to get it up anymore to thank you."

"There's your mind, always in the gutter, doc," Gavin smiled, kissing Emmett's nose and pulling him in, holding tightly.

"It's true, though," Emmett said. Before replying, Gavin kissed him chastely but affectionately, both of them smiling when he pulled away.

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't have it any other way."

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