tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHere's to You Mrs. Robinson

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson


She lay there on her bed with the covers down by her feet. It was a warm Saturday morning in May. The warm breeze through the open window was gently lifting the sheer curtain. She felt sleepy, lazy, and maybe a little sexy. Janet Robinson was a 43 year old woman. She'd been divorced for over 6 years and had not enjoyed sex with another person even once during that time. She told herself, she didn't need it nor did she want it. There had been a time when she was very passionate. It didn't take but a few passionate kisses and she would become aroused and filled with desire. But 18 years of emotional, physical and sexual abuse quenched that fire and these days, she didn't think much about it. There were also the messages that she carried inside. Men want only one thing. Sex is dirty and disgusting. The abuse and the childhood messages had left her with very little interest in sex. Oh there were occasions when she would fantasize about a lover and on rare occasions she would give into these fantasies and take herself with her hand. She would always feel very guilty and mentally punish herself for days after.

She was still a beautiful woman. Her reddish brown hair stylishly cut framed her stunning face, which was accented by quite extraordinary large, clear blue eyes. They were eyes that one young man in college had told her you could get lost in. Her figure could be described as voluptuous. She was a little heavier than ideal, but still had a thin waist a firm behind and magnificent breasts. She was aware that men admired her figure, particularly her large breasts, but she really didn't care anymore.

Although she didn't want to, she knew that she had to get up and fix breakfast for her son's two friends, Josh and Sam who were home from college for Spring break with her 18 year old son Ronnie. Ronnie had to leave early along with his older sister to spend the day with their grandmother who lived in a small town about 2 hours away. vacation.

She didn't really know why she feet sexy this morning but she did. In fact all of a sudden she felt downright horny. She arched her back and stretched all of the muscles in her body. As she did so she lifted her nightgown up around her neck leaving her basically naked except for her lace panties. She relaxed and ran her hand over her breasts and felt the large pink nipples begin to harden. She continued down her belly and cupped her mound tracing the cleavage, which hid and protected the core of her passion. She wondered if she should, it's so wrong, she thought, but she slipped her panties down to her knees. She moved her hand between her legs, spread the lips of her vagina and felt the wetness at her opening. She pushed her panties all the way off and spread her legs. She raised her hips and gently slipped a finger into her well lubricated opening. It felt so damn good. She began to moan and then . . .what was that? There was definitely a noise outside of her door. The door in fact was open a crack. She quickly pulled her nightgown down, pulled the sheet up and said, "who's there?"

"It's just us, Mrs. Robinson," answered Sam's sleepy voice. "Are you getting up or should we make our own breakfast?"

"I'll be right out" she said, but almost before she finished Sam opened the door and he and Josh walked in.

She had known these boys for some time now and she liked them. It was obvious that they liked their friend's mom as well. She felt a little uneasy however, with them in her bedroom, with her in her nightgown in bed. Furthermore she wasn't completely sure that they hadn't been peeking when she began to finger herself. Her face flushed as she thought of this, but it didn't seem that either of them noticed her embarrassment.

Sam was in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and Josh the bigger and more mature of the pair had on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt as well. Both boys were nice looking, but Josh could be characterized as very handsome and very well built. Sam was cute. A late bloomer, he still had some baby fat, but was certainly nice looking.

Unfazed by the fact that they were inappropriately in her bedroom, they asked if Ronnie and Carolyn had gotten off all right. It was then that Janet noticed that Josh was semi erect and that there was a small wet spot on his pajama bottom at the place where the end of his penis was.

They asked what was for breakfast, commented on the weather, told a little about their plans for the day and then asked a question, which took Janet totally by surprise.

"Mrs. Robinson, would you give us some pointers on kissing?"

Janet had a joking relationship with these boys and she thought that maybe this was the spirit in which the question was asked. She quipped back "Oh I'm sure you don't need any pointers from an old lady like me"

"No we're serious, would you show us? We heard some girls in the student union talking about kissing and who's a good kisser and French kissing and all that stuff and we don't know much."

Janet suspected that these two, like her son Ronnie had not dated much and did not have a lot of experience with girls. Janet was in a quandary. She knew that it wasn't right to kiss these boys, but she was somehow excited by the prospect. She hadn't been kissed passionately in six years. She used to love to be kissed and kiss back. She had always been told that she was a great kisser.

"All right" she said, "I'll try to give you some pointers. The very first thing is to always make sure that your breath is sweet. So seeing that we all just woke up, let's all three of us brush our teeth."

The boys left and went into the other bathroom. She quickly reached under the sheet found her panties and slipped them back on. She went to her bathroom, brushed her teeth, used mouthwash and sprayed on a little light fragrance. She got back in bed just as the boys re-entered the room.

Janet felt naughty and excited. "Come lie down next to me. Josh you come on this side, Sam you come over here. OK, who wants to go first?"

Josh said somewhat hesitantly, "I will"

"OK" said Janet. "I'll stay lying down here and you show me how you kiss"

He raised himself up on his elbow and then put his upper body over her supported by his arms. As he leaned his face towards hers, his chest pressed against her bosom. She hadn't felt this in quite sometime and this and the anticipation of the kiss excited her. The body contact was great but the kiss was disappointing. He pressed dry hard lips on hers. It was obvious he didn't know what he was doing.

"All right" she said after he finished and laid back. "That was a good start, but let me show you how you might do it. First moisten your lips with your tongue and keep your lips full and soft. Now you lie still and let me kiss you. Then I'll show Sam."

She raised herself up and leaned over him. Her pendulous breasts were on his hard chest before her face was even close to his. The neck of her nightgown hung down and Josh could see as well as feel her large soft tits. His penis began to stiffen and lying on his back as he was there was no way that he could conceal it. She put her warm, moist, soft lips on his and swept her tongue over his lips. She gently parted his lips with her tongue and put it into his mouth.

At first he was surprised, but he really liked it. His cock was now fully erect and about to tear through his pajama bottom. She kissed him long and tenderly. He had never been kissed like that. It reverberated throughout his body, particularly in his groin. He was in heaven.

Josh knew that his dick was relatively long and thick compared to most of the other boys that he had seen. He, like many boys his age, measured it frequently. When fully erect it was a little over 8 inches with a very large head and thick shaft. He was proud of it, but in this situation with Mrs. Robinson, it was embarrassing. As she withdrew from him and was about to lie back down she couldn't help but notice his immense hard on. An excitement ran through her, but she didn't want to add to his embarrassment. Josh, for his part, immediately rolled to his side and tried to conceal his arousal by pushing it against his body.

"OK Sam" she said, "now it's your turn."

She rolled over on her side and kissed Sam passionately the way that she had kissed Josh. Sam was breathing very hard. She glanced down to his boxers and saw out of the corner of her eye that his fully erect penis had poked through the fly of his boxers. Sam's member was smaller than Josh's but very respectable, probably about six to six and a half inches. It was medium thickness but definitely hard as a rock. She could see a glistening at the tip where the slit opening was. Sam was definitely turned on and she was sure that with a little manipulation, he would come in a minute.

All at once she felt her nightgown being raised from behind. Josh had moved up next to her spoon style and she could feel his big dick pressing against her panties just outside the crack of her ass. As pleasurable as it was, she knew she had to put a stop to it.

She rolled off Sam and at the same time pushed Josh back with her movement.

"Now" she said, "how did that feel?"

Both boys kind of moaned a "goood" and then Josh said, "May I try kissing you one more time?"

"OK, but after this we'll give Sam one last chance and then we'll have to have breakfast"

Josh rolled up and before she realized it he was half on top of her and his thigh was between her legs. He had learned fast as his kiss was long slow and passionate. His tongue darted in and out of her open mouth. She began to breathe hard and her hips writhed up and down very slowly as Josh worked her pussy with his thigh.

Sam had reached around and found her large breasts. He was slowly caressing and squeezing them, until he found her nipple, which he began to caress with his fingers.

She was very turned on and thought, these boys know more than they are telling me, she thought. She was getting way too excited, so she pulled away.

She let Sam kiss her quickly to be fair and moved to get up when Josh said, "don't get up, we want to fuck you."

Janet said, "Josh don't talk to me that way. Now this was fun but that's enough."

"Mrs. Robinson," Josh said, "please don't make us force you. Whether you want it or not we're both going to fuck you.

It was at this point that she became a little fearful. She had not had sexual intercourse in over six years. She had never been raped. She had all of these thoughts running through her head and she didn't know what to do.

She decided that she would not, could not allow them to do this.

She tried to pull her nightgown back down, but Josh grabbed it and pulled it off over her head. He then grabbed her wrists and held them up and out by the side of her head. He immediately went down on her bare breasts with his mouth and tongue. When he came to the nipples he sent chills through her as he sucked and manipulated them with his lips teeth and tongue.

She was trying to hold her legs together, but Josh managed to get his powerful leg and knee between them. Sam began to gently massage her mound. She could feel her body betraying her. Even though she was being taken by force, she was experiencing physical pleasure. She began to move up and down and relax. Her legs gently parted and Sam moved his hand lower between her legs. Her panties were very wet. He pushed them aside and found her opening. He entered her with one finger and then pushed two fingers way up inside of her. She moaned as he pushed them deep inside, then out, then deep inside again.

Josh now straddling her on his knees, hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. She was very aroused and almost automatically lifted her hips to allow him to pull them down and off. She lay there totally naked in front of these two college boys, but she was so hot there was no embarrassment. Her hips were moving slowly around.

Josh had removed his t-shirt exposing his well-muscled chest, but he still had his pajama bottoms on. He laid down full on her and kissed her passionately. She hated the fact that she was cooperating, but she was totally turned on. She knew that she could not let them fuck her though, that would be wrong.

Josh got back on his knees and pulled down his pajama bottoms. When his large dick came into sight, Janet became even more excited. Her ex-husband had a 5" relatively thin prick. She had never been laid by anyone with a good sized member. As hot as she was, she had to fight it.

When Josh realized that she was determined to fight him, he kissed her again, gently massaging her breasts and nipples. She was loosening up, but still determined not to be fucked.

"Please Mrs Robinson, you know you'll like this," he pleaded.

Janet still held her legs tightly together.

"Pull her legs apart" Josh ordered Sam.

Sam was stronger than he looked and he was able to spread her legs far enough apart to at least allow Josh entry. She needed no lubrication, because the sight of Josh's big dick had caused her to be soaked with her love juices. Josh felt her opening with his finger and knew penetration would be no problem. She was tight however and he didn't want to hurt her.

"Mrs. Robinson, I don't want to hurt you. I know you haven't done this in several years and I really want you to enjoy this, so I'll put it in gradually. As you want more, just spread your legs wider and nod your head yes. I promise to fuck you slow and long."

She thought she would die. How could she fight this? She was so hot she could hardly breathe. She pretended to fight, but she wanted his dick inside of her so bad, she could scream.

Sam spread her a little further and Josh placed the massive head of his dick at the wet opening of her vagina. She closed her eyes as he eased it in about 2 inches.

Oh my god, I forgot how good this feels, she thought.

Josh kissed her again as Sam was rubbing lotion gently on her nipples. Josh looked into her eyes. He felt her legs open slightly wider and she nodded her head yes. Josh pushed his big dick two more inches into her. She began to whimper as her hips writhed up and down. She had never been this excited in her life.

Sam had now moved down and was gently rubbing lotion on her ass. It felt very good to her. Josh had begun to slowly fuck her back and forth being careful to keep his penetration at just those four inches.

Janet spread her legs as far as they would go and slowly nodded again. Josh obliged and pushed another thick two inches into her. She let out a fairly loud moan followed by "oh this feels so good . . . please fuck me don't stop."

He worked his now pulsating dick in and out being careful to hold out the last few inches.

Sam found her tight little ass and gently inserted his finger. She growled a moan and moved into it to take it deeper. I never expected that to feel so good, she thought.

Sam was jerking off, as he was finger fucking her ass. When he came, he took his hot come and used it as lubricant to continue to finger fuck her ass.

She felt really well fucked at this point, but she knew there was more to come.

Josh took another turn on her tits with his mouth then kissed her neck, ears and lips. She nodded her head again and lifted her legs up and held the back of her knees with her hands. He thrust the entire 8 inches into her. At the same time Sam thrust his finger all the way up into her ass. She began to climax. She screamed loudly as the waves of pleasure flowed over her. Her orgasm sent Josh over the edge as well and he came violently at about the same time. His back arched as his young dick shot load after load of come into her.

The three lay there exhausted for a few minutes. Then they each got up silently, showered, dressed and sat down in the kitchen for breakfast.

There was absolutely no reference to what had just happened in the bedroom until Janet served the boys a glass of orange juice. Both Josh and Sam lifted their juice glasses in a toast saying in unison," Here's to you Mrs. Robinson" She smiled coyly at them, "needless to say, this will remain our little secret."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/14/18

I wasn't optimistic so it was a nice surprise.

Not a fan of rape and it's tough to know the line.
Technically ally I think this was rape, but all partiest benefited and seemed happy at the end.
It was a turn on.
Thank you

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