tagMatureHere's To You Mrs Robinson

Here's To You Mrs Robinson


An exhausted Karen Robinson got out of her car after parking it in her driveway. She opened the boot and began to take out her weekly groceries.

"Hi Mrs Robinson. Let me give you a hand with those." It was Joe Palmer, who lived around the corner from Karen.

"Thanks Joe."

Between them they brought in everything in one go and deposited them on the table.

"Now, I finished the cutting the grass in the back and if it's alright with you I'll work on the front tomorrow."

"That'll be fine Joe," responded Karen as she went for her purse.

"Don't even think of opening that purse Mrs Robinson."

"But Joe, I have to pay you for your time..."

"You helped me out big time last year Mrs Robinson and I won't ever forget that."

"Oh Joe, that was nothing."

"It was to me. I'll see you tomorrow."

What twenty-five year old Joe was referring to were the events following the tragic deaths of his parents. They had been killed on the way back from London in a horrific smash. Karen was one of the first to call on him and offer support. When it came to say farewell at the graveside only one person had the courage to stand beside him and that was Karen Robinson. She gripped his hand and squeezed it gently. The kind gesture made Joe feel he wasn't alone. In the coming weeks she'd call him to do little jobs around the extensive grounds of her home. Joe was convinced that if it wasn't for Mrs Robinson doing this he would have fallen apart. It meant so much to him that he had such a friend.

After finally putting away all the groceries Karen poured herself a glass of white wine and sat in her recliner, kicking off her shoes and eased back. At thirty-two, she ran her own successful accountancy firm . She was financially secure with a fine house and grounds in the wealthiest part of Norbury West Sussex. Yet for all these advantages Karen Robinson felt alone. It had been four months now since that acrimonious evening when her husband, Matt Robinson, announced he was leaving and moving in with his girlfriend who had been his secretary at the transport company where he worked.

Karen wiped a tear from her eye as the doorbell rang. When she opened the door she was surprised to see who it was. "Alex?"

It was Alex Robinson, Matt's older sister. "Can I come in?"

Karen said nothing. She simply gestured her sister-in-law to come in. "Drink?"

"Not for me thanks, Karen.

Both women sat down.

"So how have you been?"

There was a few tense seconds of silence then suddenly and unexpectedly as far as Alex was concerned, Karen erupted in tears. She put her arms around her sister-in-law and allowed her to cry on her shoulder.

"Oh Alex, I don't know what I did wrong. I just don't understand," she cried bitterly.

Alex fought back her own tears. "Oh Karen. You didn't do anything wrong. It's that oaf of a brother of mine."

Karen pulled herself away. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, Matt was always a spoiled brat. He never knew when he had it good and certainly never appreciated it. When he married you mum hoped he'd change but we both know he didn't. He never grew up and he's not going to do so now. Nobody asked him to move in with Barbie. Mum wants you to know that she's one hundred percent behind you, despite Matt being her son. That goes for me too Karen. We've known each other since school days. I am and I always will be your friend."

Karen looked at her in amazement.

"Our attitude surprises you?"

"Well, yes."

"Well it shouldn't. We knew him a lot longer than you. When was the last time you had some fun?"


"Don't tell me you've stopped having fun just because of him?"

"Well, I've been..."

"Don't give me that 'I've been too busy' line. It's very stale. Why should you sit here in misery while he's off enjoying himself? You're not the guilty party. He is. Now how do you really feel, about Matt, I mean?"

"Well, I feel angry enough to get my own back on him."

"Now you're talking. So why don't you do it?"


"Let's go up to the club."

"What? I think I'm a bit old for that."

"For crying out loud Karen. You're thirty-two not sixty-two. Now come on," and she grabbed her sister-in-law and dragged her upstairs to her bedroom. Alex went through the wardrobe.

"What are you doing?"

Alex remained silent and continued searching. " Ah, this will do," and she threw out a short blue dress Karen hadn't worn in years.

"I can't wear that."

"Come on Karen. Loosen up. You want the guys to notice you. Put it on and let's have a look."

Karen reluctantly did so.

"Wow, knock them dead Karen," said Alex in triumph.

"What about you?"

Alex opened her coat and revealed a similar short dress only it was green.

Alex drove them to the Palace night club. Karen was taken aback at Alex's familiarity with the door man. "Hi Gerry. Two tonight."

"You're very welcome," he replied and allowed them to enter.

"You've been here before?"

"Of course." Alex went to the bar and brought back the drinks.

The noise was deafening but Karen did enjoy the atmosphere. It was a joy just to see so many people enjoying themselves.

After several sips of their drinks Alex cried out, Come on," and headed for the dance floor. Karen took one last sip as if for courage and followed her. Alex began to dance alone and Karen began to follow her example. "Wow, this is fun," shouted Karen.

"I told you, didn't I?"

"It's the first time I've seen you up here, Mrs Robinson."


"This is my friend Vince," said Joe as he introduced his companion.

"Why Karen, you never mentioned how handsome your neighbours were. Come on cutie." Alex grabbed Vince and they disappeared into the crowded centre.

Karen and Joe looked at each other and then laughed.

"We better follow them or the others will think there's something wrong with us," shouted Joe as he dragged the older woman with him.

Karen danced with Joe, Vince and several others and despite being exhausted she did really enjoy herself for the first time in years.

It was the early hours of the morning as the four of them made their way out of the club. "We'll see you later," said Alex.

"Where are you going?"

Alex just smiled and winked as she and Vince headed off holding hands.

"I have my old banger around the corner Mrs Robinson, if you'd like a lift?"

"Thanks Joe."

"Did you enjoy yourself."

"Oh yes Joe. Thank you."

"I'm glad."

Joe left Karen off at her house. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mrs Robinson. Good night."

"Goodnight Joe, and thanks again."

Joe nodded and smiled then drove away.

Karen was glad tomorrow was Saturday. That night she had the most peaceful sleep she had had for several weeks and woke late.


A few days later Karen took her lunch break at her favourite café across the street from her office. She had arranged to meet Alex for lunch.

"So how was it?" asked Alex, dying with curiosity.

"Oh it was a great night. Thanks for dragging me out."

And Joe?"

"I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself too."

"Oh, for God's sake Karen. What was he like? You know."


"My God. You mean you and Joe didn't?"

Karen was shocked. "Alex, you and Vince? He's only a boy."

"He's twenty-five and as regards being a boy, well, it was quite a night. What the hell did you think we were doing? Honestly Karen, you can be so naive sometimes. You're spending too many hours behind that desk of yours. We went out to pick up some guys. That's what it was all about."

"Alex, I couldn't do that to Joe. He's a vulnerable young man."

"He's not as vulnerable as you think."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean he cares for you. You, the person. He doesn't care about your money or your property but he genuinely cares for you and you care for him."

"You're imagining things."

"Am I? Come off it Karen. Don't give me that tough business women exterior bullshit. I know you too long. Give me some credit. You both have feelings for each other and neither of you will admit it"

"I don't want to talk about it Alex."

"Ok, but let me say one more thing and I'll shut up. Don't let him slip through your fingers, Karen. It could be the worst mistake of your life."


All that week Alex's words echoed constantly in Karen's mind. Her emotions were in total turmoil. She finally came around to realising that her sister-in-law was right. She had feelings for Joe. What she wasn't sure of was what kind of feelings and what his feelings might be towards her.


The following Thursday Joe had was just finishing the clearance of the hedge in Karen's back garden as she arrived home from work. She went around the side entrance to see the work. "Oh Joe that's great work. Come on in and I'll get you something cool the drink."

"Thanks Mrs Robinson."

Joe sat at the table in the kitchen. Karen put a glass of iced lemonade and a sandwich in front of him.

"Wow, thanks."

Karen smiled and sat down. "Joe, there's something I want to ask you," began Karen tensely, gripping her hands together.

"Sure. Anything."

"Well..." Karen hesitated.

"Spit it out Mrs Robinson. What is it?"

"Alex's birthday is next weekend and I wondered would you and Vince like to travel with us to Wales to celebrate it?"

Joe sighed with relief. "Myself and Vince will be very honoured Mrs Robinson." Then he broke out in laughter. "I'm sorry Mrs Robinson but the way you approached I thought you were telling something else."

"I'm sorry Joe. It's not easy for me deal with certain things."

Joe put his hand on Karen's. "I know that Mrs Robinson. It hasn't been easy for you either for the last few months. Remember, I only live around the corner and you have my number. Call me for anything. Day or night."

"Thank you Joe."


The following Friday they arrived at the hotel Karen had booked. They had separate rooms and all of them wanted to freshen up before the party that evening. It was perfect. All four sat at a table together as a band played soft music in the background. A waiter came to Karen and bending over, he whispered something in her ear. Karen simply nodded. A few moments later the waiter returned pushing a trolley with a large cake on it. The band began to play "Happy Birthday," Karen and the others, as well as the other patrons began to sing and applaud.

It was a complete surprise to Alex. She turned to Vince and kissed him. "You knew about this. Didn't you?"

"I had an idea," smirked Vince. He took Alex's hand and led her to the floor as the band began to play a slow dance.

"Shall we?" asked Joe. Karen nodded and they danced. Most of the other patrons joined them.

Hours later Joe stretched out his weary arms. "Well, I don't know about anyone else but I'm dead beat." He got up and the others did likewise and began to head for their rooms.

"No, wait. This way," cried Karen.

"But our rooms are that way," responded Joe, somewhat surprised.

"Trust me," replied Karen with a twinkle in her eye. The young men walked behind Karen and Alex until they reached a door and a man, who looked like the manager, waiting for them. "Everything is ready as you requested, Madam."

"Thank you."

The man unlocked the door and opened it. In the room was a bubbling Jacuzzi.

Vince and Joe looked at each other dumbfounded.

"Why don't you and Vince check it out. We'll be back in a moment."

Joe and Vince stripped.

After several moments of relaxing in the Jacuzzi Vince spoke, "I could get used to this, Joe."

"Me too. I wonder where the girls are gone?"

"We're right here, boys."

Alex giggled.

Joe thought he was going to swallow his tongue as his eye scaled Karen's long smooth legs up to where the towel she wore concealed the rest.

Karen let the towel slide to the floor and Joe saw for the first time her luscious body. Her wonderful large breasts, flat stomach and trimmed bush all conspired to make him hard.

As they eased themselves in, the women screamed as the tingling water excited their bodies. Karen made her way to Joe and putting her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"What was that for?"

"For treating like one of the girls."

"Remind me to do it more often," and he kissed Karen with equal passion.

After a short period during which Joe massaged Karen's shoulders and sucked her breasts, she whispered in his ear. They both got out, dried themselves and wrapped themselves in towels.

"Don't you children stay up too late," said Karen as she and Joe made their way to her room. Alex and Vince looked at each other and laughed. They continued to enjoy themselves.

Once in her room Karen turned to Joe. "I hope you've enjoyed yourself this weekend Joe?"

"I certainly did Mrs Robinson."

"Stop calling me that. My name is Karen."

"Ok, er, Karen."

"You don't think I'm taking advantage of you. Do you?"

"Of course not. Besides, what makes you think I'm not taking advantage of you?"

"Hah, I wish."

"Why, Mrs. Er, Karen, that sounds like a wicked invitation," laughed Joe.

Karen laughed. "No Joe. This is the wicked invitation." Karen dropped her towel, once again revealing her beautiful naked body to Joe. "That is, if you don't mind making love to an old woman?"

"Karen, from what I see, you're far from being an old woman. Believe me."

Karen lay down on the bed and Joe gently mounted his neighbour and began to kiss her. After a few moments he moved to the neck, licking, sucking and nibbling as he went.

This sensation made Karen shudder.

Joe worked his way down Karen's bare shoulder, eventually arriving at her wonderfully firm breasts. Still using his tongue, he began a circular movement around her left breast.

"Uuugh," groaned Karen, as he did so. The circles decreased as Joe drew nearer to her nipple. When he began to lick and suck her nipple Karen groaned even louder.

"Oh my God. Oh my God," she repeated over and over. This wonderful sensation continued for Karen as Joe descended down the deep valley between her breasts and up to her right and this wonderful sensation started over again, much to her delight.

Joe worked his way down Karen's slim waist and she continued to moan with excitement. Arriving at her trimmed pussy, Joe began to drill through her lips and proceeded to lash her clit with expertise.

"Aagh," exclaimed Karen as this young man excited her with his every move. She could feel her juices starting to slowly gather. The sensation almost ended in anticlimax when Joe suddenly stopped. However it was only temporary as he eased his huge cock gently into her vagina and began to pump. His gentle movement amazed Karen. Joe's pounding was slow at first but accelerated as each stroke passed. Gradually Karen's body surrendered and they both became rhythmically unified.

Karen gripped Joe's hips as if steering him to their final destination. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck," she cried several times. As their excitement built, their breathing became deeper and deeper and their body heat caused them to perspire heavily.

Karen's juices were now starting to flow and Joe also knew he was also close. However they both strained to prolong this wonderfully ecstatic sensation for as long as was humanly possible. Eventually though they orgasmed together, both exhaling sighs of joy and sexual satisfaction. For Karen, it was the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

After several moments Karen spoke up. "Thank you Joe. Oh thank you," she said. She rested her head on Joe's chest and rapidly fell asleep. Joe fell asleep a few minutes later.


The following morning Karen woke as the blinding morning sun beamed through the windows. Joe was sitting on the side of the bed fully dressed. "Good morning," he said with a smile.

"Good morning Joe," she responded.

"Well? How was it?"

"Oh Joe, where have you been all my life?"

"No regrets?"

Karen rose up and kissed him. "Absolutely none. You?"

"Absolutely none," echoed Joe with a slight laugh. "How about a walk on the beach before breakfast?"

"That sounds good. Let me shower and I'll meet you in the lobby."

"Great," replied Joe and left the room.

Meanwhile, Alex stood on the balcony of her room and stretched out her arms. Suddenly she spied Karen in her white slacks with her white top tied over her shoulders, walking hand in hand with Joe and she smiled. Vince suddenly came behind her and put his arms around her waist. He kissed her shoulder. "What are you thinking?" he asked.

"I'm thinking those two are going to make it."

"Me too."

"That was a great idea about the club. Thanks Vince."

"Oh no Alex. Thank you," and they kissed with passion.


A few days later Karen and Alex were at lunch in the café.

"Well I don't have to ask how you are. It's written on your face."

"It's that obvious?" responded Karen.

"It is and you know something? I'm glad."

Karen put her hand on Alex's. "And it's all thanks to you."

"Hey remember. I got a new boyfriend too. So it worked well for both of us."

"Oh Alex. Having Joe does something to me. The very sight of him revives me. He makes me want to do things I'd never dream of doing before."

"Have you told him that?"


"Then you should. Are you satisfied now?"

"Well, yes and no."


"No. Not about Joe anyway."

"Then what?"

"Well remember I said I wanted to get even with Matt?"


"Well I was thinking of something really wicked. Something that would make him really jealous."

"Go on," prompted Alex.

"You'll laugh."

"Try me."

Karen whispered in her ear and Alex laughed. "Well, you're right. It made me laugh. But I like it."

"You do?"

"It's a great idea. It certainly would drive Matt crazy."

"That's the idea."

"Wicked. Positively wicked," laughed Alex, as she rubbed her hands with glee.

Karen could see that her sister-in-law was formulating a plan in her mind.

"Now this is what we're going to do..." Alex outlined her plan.

The following evening Joe was sitting at home watching TV when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and Alex was standing there.

"Oh hi Alex."

"I wonder if I can have a word Joe?"

"Certainly. Come on in."

"So you see Joe I just want you to know what you're getting into. I know Karen. She's very sensitive underneath that tough skin of hers. She'd never ask you to do what I'm proposing. She'd be afraid of offending and losing you."

"No problem Alex. I'll act dumb and play along."

"Good man. Of course, we haven't spoken?"

Joe raised his hand in his old scout salute. "Scout's honour, Alex."

They both laughed.

The following day Matt Robinson was surprised when he received a phone call from his sister. "Alex, it's good to hear..." he began but was cut off by Alex.

"Shut up and listen. Be at the side window of Karen's at five. Don't bother trying to get in all the locks have been changed. Your ex-wife has something to show you. Something you walked out on." Alex hung up.

Joe finally tidied up the front lawn as Karen's car was pulling into the driveway. She got out of the car with her briefcase and went into the house. A few moments later Joe could here her calling from the window.

"Joe, could you come in here a moment please?"

He walked into the house without a word. "Karen? Where are you?"

"I'm in here," came her reply.

Joe followed the sound of Karen's voice and realised she was in the shower room. He uneasily opened the door. The shower was running but Karen was still dressed.

"Come on in Joe," she said. Karen went over to him. "Oh Joe. You drive me crazy. Those muscles and youthful body. Then she kissed him and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Joe, in turn, slowly unbutton Karen's white short sleeved blouse. Joe eased his shirt off and Karen began rub his bare chest. As Karen's blouse fell open it revealed her low cut red lace bra. Her huge and wonderful breasts were straining to escape.

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