All characters in this story are over twenty one except the baby.

Morton Franks was out for his Sunday walk. He liked the peace and quiet of the neighborhood on Sunday. His route took him around the park and then down Oak Street. He was a mile from his house when he saw the smoke. The smoke was coming from a small house set back off the road. As he approached a woman came screaming out of the front door followed by a blast of smoke and flame.

"My baby! My baby!" she screamed, "I can't find my baby."

Mort grabbed her by the front of her dressing gown.

"Where is the baby!" he shouted at her.

"I couldn't get to her. She's in the back room!"

Mort turned the woman loose and sprinted into the flame filled house. He heard the baby cry through the roar of the fire. Holding his breath and running through the flames, he found the back room door and kicked it in. The child was enveloped in smoke and the flames were almost upon her. He snatched her up, holding her tightly in his arms and crashed through the back window and onto the lawn.

His pants were on fire so he rolled, holding the baby, until the flames went out. It was beastly hot from the fire out on the lawn. He stood up and ran to the sidewalk in front of the house. He held the baby out to the distraught mother.

With tears in her eyes she accepted the child.

"Thank you sir," she smiled through her tears.

"Take the baby to a hospital maam. She's inhaled a lot of smoke," Mort said.

He turned and walked away.

"Wait, wait, who are you?" the woman cried.

"Mort," he answered and disappeared down the block.

The fire trucks arrived and were just in time to see the little house collapse. They doused what remained of the flames.

"He was magnificent!" the woman declared.

"Who was magnificent?" asked the fireman.

"A man was walking by and he ran inside and saved my baby, then he left," she replied.

"Who was he?" the fireman asked.

"All he said was 'Mort'. He is my hero. I'll never forget him."

The media did their usual search for the mysterious Mort but had no luck in finding him. It was about average for New York. After a while, Mort was forgotten.

Three years later, Sylvia Preston was reporting to work the first day at Franks and Company. She had just graduated from secretarial school so she was a fresh face in the huge building. Her boss gave her a desk in the secretarial pool and she got to work.

Six months later, the company was hosting a Christmas party in the main conference room. Sylvia spotted him as soon as he came into the room. She rushed to his side.

"You're the guy who saved my baby and then scooted away before I had a chance to find out who you were. I've searched the city trying to find you. You're my hero!"

"You look familiar. Who are you?" he replied.

"I'm Sylvia Preston from the secretarial pool. Everybody needs to know about you!"

"Please Miss Preston, don't reveal what you know about me," he said.

"Why not? Are you some kind of big wheel in this company?"

"Well, I own it, if that is what you mean," he chuckled.

"Oh my god! I had no idea!"

"I'll make a deal with you Miss Preston. If you keep your mouth shut, I'll give you an interesting interview after the first of the year, okay?"

"But people should know about your heroism and how you saved my baby from certain death. I promise that I won't say anything, but you really should reconsider."

"Fine! Let me get you a drink. What'll you have?"

"Some punch would be good. I don't drink very much."

When he returned with the drinks he asked, "How is your little girl?"

"She's doing great. She just inhaled a little smoke."

"Would you like to dance?" Mort asked.

"Yes, but I must warn you, I'm not very good at it. Won't your wife get jealous?"

"I don't have a wife. I've been too busy building an empire. Sometimes I truly regret it."

As she stepped into his arms and began to whirl around the dance floor she could tell that he was a very muscular guy under that two thousand dollar suit. She laid her head on his shoulder and relaxed into him.

Wow! What a woman, Mort thought. I'd better be careful.

Three weeks later Sylvia's boss, Amanda Herman, told her that Mr. Franks wanted to see her. She had almost forgotten his promise to her. Amanda accompanied her to the office of Morton Franks.

Once inside, Mr. Franks addressed Amanda. "How is Miss Preston doing?""

"She is a quick study. There is very little she can't do on her own. I just point her to the task and it gets done. I don't have to worry about it."

"Thank you that will be all Mrs. Herman."

Amanda left the office wondering what was going on.

"Now Miss Preston, how would you feel about becoming my private secretary?"

You could have knocked her over with a feather!

"I don't know about that. I've never been a private secretary before. How would I learn?"

"My current secretary is leaving in a month. She's retiring. I've been looking for a replacement. The position will require some travel from time to time but not too much. We'll arrange for child care whenever we go somewhere. She can teach you most of what you need to know in a month."

"I'll try sir. When do I start?"

"There is no time like the present. Go clean out your desk and report back here as soon as you can."

"Yes sir," Sylvia replied enthusiastically.

With the new position came a major increase in salary. Sylvie took to her new duties and learned them quickly. At the end of her first month, she was well prepared and ready.

Mort called her into his office. "My old secretary said you are ready to take over. She'll be leaving tomorrow. That's when you become my new slave. Are you up for it?" he smiled.

"Yes sir. I want to thank you for this opportunity. Now I can afford some new things for my baby."

"Don't worry about a thing, you'll do great."

Sylvia was a small redhead with medium tits and a curvy butt. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous but she wasn't a woofer either. Mort surveyed her, assessing her assets. He remembered how he felt when they danced at the Christmas party. He felt a long forgotten tingle.

As Sylvia worked into her new position it became obvious to Mort that she was going to be a super secretary. By the end of the second month she was handling everything for him. She was waiting for him when he came in on March first.

"You have a three week trip to Trinidad to sell the Drummond account. I have booked you into the Hilton," she informed him.

"You have to go with me. I always take my secretary with me. I hope you booked two rooms."

"I only booked one room but it's a Presidential Suite. Surely it has more than one bed!"

"Maybe, maybe not, you have to be careful with these things. You'd better book a room for you too."

Sylvia slumped back to her desk. Her first out of country assignment and she had blown it!

She was on the phone to the travel agent. "Harry, I've got to have another room. The boss wants me with him," she explained.

"I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks Harry, call me today and let me know."

Two hours later Harry called back. "Bad news! There are no more rooms available in that time slot. Can you change the dates?"

"No way! I guess we'll just have to make the best of it. Thanks Harry."

Sylvia entered Mort's office and sat down heavily in her chair. "Big problem boss," she said.

"What's the matter?"

"There are no more rooms. I guess I'll have to stay home."

"But I need you with me! We're not teenagers. Surely we can spend a few nights together without complications."

"I guess you're right. I was just being silly."

The jet touched down at Port of Spain. They went through customs and into a waiting limo which whisked them away to the hotel.

"I've never been in a hotel this nice," Sylvia remarked as they entered their suite.

"It's okay," replied Mort. "Let's go get a drink."

They unpacked their bags. Sylvia was dismayed to see that there was only one king size bed in the suite. After they had a couple of drinks they went back to the suite.

"I need a shower," stated Mort.

"Me too," agreed Sylvia.

"You go first," said Mort.

"Okay," Sylvia replied.

Twenty minutes later Sylvia stuck her head around the door.

"I forgot my underwear in all the excitement," she said.

Mort went through her things and found a pair of panties and a bra. He took them to her as she hid behind the door. He could see her smooth, fine little body in the mirror. The twinge returned.

Sylvia accepted the underwear and shut the door. She was trembling. What is wrong with me? I'm acting like a school girl, she thought, but the dampness forming between her legs told her that this was going to be much more than a business trip. Suddenly emboldened, she put on her underwear and walked into the main room.

Mort immediately came to attention. He had an instant erection when he saw Sylvia standing there in her bra and panties.

"What's this Sylvia?" he asked.

"I had an epiphany in the bathroom. It suddenly occurred to me that I wanted you to see me like this. The longer I'm around you, the more I care for you. I think I'm falling in love with you."

"I didn't want to say anything to you, but I have been harboring some really un-boss like feelings toward you, too. It started with the dance at the Christmas party. You felt so good in my arms. I want that feeling again," Mort confessed.

Sylvia stepped into his arms and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "Let me help you with your shower," she whispered.

Mort watched as she divested him of his clothing. When she pulled down his shorts, his cock popped to attention. She kissed it, grabbed his hand and led him to the shower. Once in the bathroom she removed her panties and bra. They stepped into the lukewarm water together. She giggled as she soaped and scrubbed him. She spent a long time on his business section. Finally she declared him clean. They dried each other off and headed into the bedroom.

As they settled in together Mort remarked, "This is an excellent solution to the bedding problem. I like it."

She nestled into his arms and he hugged her tightly to him. He felt her wriggled closer trying to get his cock into contact with her pretty little pussy.

"I want to eat you, but I want to fuck you first," Mort said.

"That's what I want too, replied Sylvia as she rolled over onto her back and spread her luscious thighs. "Come on, make love to me."

Mort slid his cock into her wet pussy and started the rhythm of love. He could feel her quivering around him. It had been a long time since Mort had sex.

"I'm not gonna last long," he told her.

"I'm not either, it's been a long time for me," she moaned. "Do me faster Mort."

He did his best to satisfy her demand and soon his ass was pumping as hard as it had when he was a teenager.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Sylvia panted, "Oh god, it's so good. Don't stop. Please Mort. Screw me to death."

Mort was emitting a low pitched moan. He clamped his lips on hers and sucked her tongue as he drove into her pussy.

"I'm going to cum!" he excitedly cried.

"Wait for me Mort. Fuck me hard!"

Suddenly Mort froze over her and drove as far into her love tunnel as he could. He felt her pussy throbbing on him and knew she was cumming too. He released a huge amount of pent up semen into her hungry tunnel.

Panting into her mouth he mumbled, "I think I love you."

Her pussy flexed around him, refusing to let him go.

"Keep it in me. Don't take it out. It feels too good to lose," she whispered. "You have to do me every day from now on. I love you Mort."

"Are you sure this isn't just gratitude?"

"If you had thrown me on the lawn in front of my burning house and nailed me then, that would have been gratitude. This, I do because I love you. Even if you don't love me, even if I'm just your fuck-toy, I'm yours for as long as you want me."

"I wonder how it's going to be, having a wife for a secretary?" he pondered.

"Did you just propose to me Mort?"

"Well, yeah, I guess I did."

He felt his cock starting to grow in her. She felt it too.

"Fuck me hard Mort. Don't ever stop! You'll always be my hero!"

Mort and Sylvia finished their business in Trinidad and flew to Miami where they were married. Together for five years, they couldn't be happier.

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