tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeroes of Herodor Ch. 08

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 08


Amy had lost any sense of time by now. Lying on the floor of the cell, deep in the bowels of the Palace, it was impossible to know how long she had been imprisoned here. A week? A month? She no longer knew, her sense of time was almost completely shattered.

The first few days were spent screaming at the walls, at the insectoid guards just beyond the glassteel doors were were among the few creatures on Herodor completely immune to her powers. After this, her voice almost gone, her power nullified by the shields in the walls, most of her days were spent curled on the floor, trying to ignore the hunger that was gnawing at her.

Not for food, of course, that was provided twice a day, enough to sustain her life. But that wasn't the only kind of meal an Elemental Witch needed to survive. The Hunger, the craving for sexual energy that she needed to survive, that was only getting worse. Lust burned in her, an all-consuming fire that was only greater with every day, the result of a highly supercharged libido demanding what it needed. For the first week she had masturbated until her fingers cramped, but that only made things worse. Now she just lay on the floor, thighs pushed tight together, glistening with an ever-present trickle of her juices.

And the Emperor, that bastard, didn't make matters any easier. Days would go by without anything happening...and then suddenly the walls would disappear and she would be lying in the middle of some chamber or hall. An illusion, of course, the walls of her cell doubled as holoscreens, which she;d found the first time she she'd walked into one.

The scenes that were displayed were always of a sexual nature. The first time it happened, Amy found herself surrounded by an orgy in the Hall of Pillars. Dozens of men were having their way with the women chained there, the moans and ecstatic screams deafening. Amy had sat on the floor, both hands buried in her crotch, as hundreds of men fucked and pleasured themselves in the sex-mad prisoners kept bound there. When it was over, five of them were carried out, a record number, their unconscious bodies bearing blissful smiles of relief.

The second time, an orgy of a different nature was taking place, this one involving the Emperors favored concubines. She later discovered that Saar had been away at the time, but the women didn't let that stop them, choosing to take their pleasure with each other. For several hours Amy was surrounded by scenes of lesbian lust, as impossibly beautiful women, perfect in every way, licked each others cunts, squeezed breasts, sat on faces and thrust dildos of every conceivable size and shape into one another.

The third time, Amy was treated to the sight of General Narla, Commander of the Palace Forces, being tied to a rack and whipped by a pair of brutish men, screaming in ecstasy as they violated her with sticks, poles, and finally their cocks. The sight of the General quivering in orgasm as a crackling electric prod was pressed against her breasts was perverse, to say the least/

But the fourth time was the worst of all.

The walls had disappeared, replaced by an image of a banqueting hall, filled with people of all shapes and sizes, all of them male. And all naked, or near enough so that it didn't make a difference. There was the Emperor, lounging on a throne, a save girl kneeling by is side. A bell rang and the servants entered, escorting a hooded figure between them. At a snap of the Emperors fingers the robe fell away, and Amy gasped at what she saw. For a long moment, she thought they had somehow cloned here, the woman was almost her twin...but not quite. A little shorter, the hair a touch lighter. The Emperor had found a woman would have been her sister, they were so close.

The woman lay down on a low couch and spread her legs wide. Amy could see the wetness of arousal, she was VERY excited, likely having been fed enough sex potion for a dozen. Amy watched as the Emperor descended from the throne, his manhood erect, grasp the womans legs and thrust himself in. Amy covered her ears, trying to block out the woman's frenzied cries. The Emperor took his time, ravishing the slave girls who looked so much like the Elemental Witch he had locked up in the cells. When he finally deigned to spill his seed into her, the woman was covered in sweat, her breasts heaving.

The Emperor withdrew from her and went back to his throne, where the other slave girl immediately dropped her mouth over his still-erect cock. That was bad enough. But then from the rest of the came another, a balding greasy fellow whose little penis was rising up. He took the place of Great Saar, thrusting once, twice, before he was spent. After him was a hulking Taurr whose penis looked like a knobbled battering ram. The woman screamed with pleasure as the beast fucked her. Than came a pair of Hungu. than another Herodi...one after another, fucking the slave girl who looked like Amy, at least a hundred. When the last one had finished, she lay still on the ground, a faint smile on her face, dead or unconscious, it was hard to tell.

Then the Emperor stood and looked at Amy, down in her cell, through the hologram. "Enjoy the show, slut," he said with a sneer. "it's the closest you'll every get." With that the picture winked out.

Amy wanted to cry, she wanted to scream. It was horrendous, what she just saw, it was four, brutal...and right now should have sold her soul for a fucking half as massive.

Amy curled into a ball, almost passing out. Weeks of pent-up lust...it was unbearable. It wouldn't be long now, before she couldn't go any further.

Before she finally died. *** A week into the journey south, and the climate was already growing quite warmer.

Tommy and Taya had taken a light boat down the Mother Water, the great rover that flowed out of the mountains to the equatorial plains, meandering it's way through fields and forests to the world-circling Armor circling Aramor Sea to the south. The boat, little more than a barge equipped with anti-grav engines that caused it to skim just above the surface of the water, allowing them to move at great speed with little effort. Tommy had put a good deal of effort into planning this rescue. Since they had no idea who or what they might encounter, it was thought best to to travel in disguise. Hence Tommy was now a Tenarian wood-resin trader, headed to the markets in the south, accompanied by his bonder. Since his Earth accent would be noticed, he would be a mute trader, the bonder having the additional duty of speaking for her master.

Once they left the mountains for the plains, the landscape changed, as did the people. Clothes became thinner, men and women both wearing brightly colored sarongs around their waists, the women covering their chests with thin strips, a few even going topless. The forests gave way to watery fields where peasants labored from dawn to dusk tending purple graff plants, here and there interspersed with spice plantation. This was Patalipur, the land of the river, oldest and wealthiest of the Herodi kingdoms...and one where hatred of the Emperor knew no bounds.

Taya explained it to him as they poled down the Great Mother. "There has been a Kingdom of Patalipur for as long as we have records. Some say civilization was born here. The rulers of the Patalipuri were living in Palaces when Great Saar's ancestors were little more than nomads wearing skins."

"I'll be he's not fond of that fact!"

"It's not something the official histories dwell on. When the Emperors began their rise to power, Patalipur opposed them. The war was bloody beyond all measure, but the Queen at the tome had an advantage; her husband was one of the most powerful Elemental Lords who ever lived, Yogur the Great. Nine times he defeated Imperial forces, three of them single-handed. But in the end he was betrayed."

"By who?"

"His own wife, the Queen. She had grown tired of war and sought to make her peace with the new regime. The price the Emperor demanded was high. Yogur was tricked, ambushed and killed by Saar himself. The Queen swore her allegiance and died a year later by her own hand. She couldn't live with the guilt. Since then the rulers of Patalipur have been puppets of the Emperor and his agents." She looked at his sharply. "We must be cautious. This land is riddled with informers."

"I'm just a resin trader, remember?"

Two weeks into their journey, Tommy and Naya stopped at a prosperous riverside town called Elamta. pulling their barge to the waterside market, they spread their wares out for the world to see, Taya crying out at the top of her lungs. "Fine resins! Who will buy these fine resins...." Of course no one did, the prices she offered far to high to be worth paying, thus keeping people from getting too close a look at Tommy.

Their purpose in stopping here was to gather information about Taya's cousin, to see what rumors might be flying. But it became clear that this was not an ordinary day. Patalipuri soldiers in red cloaks and golden helmets were out in force, their glowing shock-staffs at the ready. Anyone suspicious was taken into custody and questioned, and everyone else was keeping their distance. Something was up, and and despite the danger Tommy decided to stay and observe.

It didn't take long for the reason to present itself. A fleet of armed gunboats chugged up the river, escorting a gilded pleasure barge that looked like a floating palace.

Immediately the streets were filled with soldiers. The riverfront was cleared, a protective cordon of soldiers set up around one of the docks. Gongs sounded as the pleasure barge came to rest beside it, a gangway extending out on antigravs. Thousands of Patalipuri watched as a line of guards in gilded armor tramped down. They surveyed the area for a long moment, one final check for assassins. The their commander spoke into a comlink.

A line of what looked like officials stepped down. Following behind them was a flock of women, dressed like the one in town, but adorned with jewels and silks. And walking among them...

"I don't believe it!" Naya whispered.

"Who is she?" Tommy asked.

"The Queen." Naya looked down. The Queen of Patalipur, Laksha the Beautiful."

She deserved that title. The Queen looked to be in her early forties, age having only matured her voluptuous beauty. She would have come up to Tommy's shoulder had they been standing side by side. Long brown hair fell in waves down to the small of her back. Her skin was olive-toned, her lips full, her nose small and regal, her eyes large, her face oval-shaped and lovely. Her body...Tommy thought she looked like one of those erotic statues from India made flesh, full breasted and wide-hipped, with a narrow waist. She waved her hand as the people dutifully cheered. Handfuls of flower petals flew through the air. She may not have been loved, but Laksha the Beautiful was at the very least respected by her people.

Then suddenly the crowd went quiet, as another figure joined her side. "Is that a Hungu?" Tommy asked.

Naya nodded. "Yes," she whispered. "The Imperial agent to her court, and the real ruler of Palalipur."

A chime rang from one of the ships, and a gaily-dressed heralds stepped forward. "People of the Mother River!" he bellowed, his voice amplified by speakers. "This, the last day of the month, is the day of Judgment! Those who have violated the Emperors Peace shall receive their just rewards! The Queen, being a faithful servant of Great Saar, has sworn to uphold her duty! Let the condemned be brought forth!"

Whipcracks and cries of pain sounded. The crowd parted as a line of Hungu guards forced their way through, escorting escorting a line of men and women in chains and wearing little more than rags. They were all young, in the prime of their life, and Tommy noted how many of them seemed comely even under the grime and filth that covered their bodies. The Hungu agent gave a node, and with bellows and strikes of the shockwhips the prisoners were loaded onto the waiting gunboats.

The Queen stood there, her face stony, mirroring those of her subjects. When the last prisoner had been loaded, the heralds gave a short speech about the need for obedience to Great Saar before disappearing into the barge. The Royal Party followed, and without any further fanfare the convoy of ships left.

The dockside market returned to normalcy. Tommy turned to Naya. "All right, what was that about?"

Naya grimaced. "Politics and oppression."

"How so?"

"The emperor granted the Hungu the privilege of administering this province in hie name, some decades back after Laksha's father tried to revolt. He made the Hungu am deal they couldn't resist; enforce Imperial law in Patalipur, in return they could sell anyone convicted of a crime into bondage. They've held the Patalipuri hostage every since. In's amazing how many things can be construed as a crime by the Hungu, and those who can't buy their way out are lost forever. Those who are young and beautiful have no chance at all."

"And the Queen does nothing to stop this?"

"She can't. Laksha's as much their slave as anyone else."

"Hmm." Tommy thought for a moment. "That might work to our advantage."

"What do you mean?"

"She will hate the fuckers as much as we do." He stood. "Pack up the boat. We're following after them." * The Palace of Queen Laksha lay thirty miles downstream, rising golden like a shining jewel. Hiding the boat in a reed-filled bank, Tommy pressed on alone, flitting silently across the outer ground, faster than the eye could see. He hid in the shadows cast by the walls, waiting for the guards to continue on their rounds. A break appeared, and with a single jump he cleared the walls, the power of an Elemental Lord giving in strength. Pressing against the side of the main building, he pushed his fingers into ancient bricks, gouging handholds and swiftly pulling himself up to the roof.

Glass skylights were ahead of him, narrow steel paths between them. Tommy ran in between, glancing down at the rooms below. Kitchens, store rooms, dining hall, filled with people doing various things, none of them the one he sought. Then, at one very near the center of the roof, he found her. Unfortunately, she wasn't alone. He lay down, his sharp ears listening.

"...was unnecessarily cruel!" The Queen was pacing back and forth, waving her hands angrily at the Hungu lounging in a chair. "Bad enough they are condemned to a life of servitude, do you have to humiliate them in front of my people!"

"Imperial law must be upheld," the agent replied. scratching his belly. "The populace must see the penalty for their disobedience. "

"Please!" She spoke scornfully. "The only crime they're guilty of is not be able to pay your bribes!"

"Imperial administration is costly. The benefits it brings must paid for some how." The Hungu didn't even try to hide the sneer as he said this.

"You disgust me." She glared at him. "I warn you, if this continues, I'll...."

"You'll what?" The Hungu rose ponderously to his feet. "Protest to the Emperor? I'd love to see that conversation! Or maybe rebel, like your idiot father? Remind me, Your Majesty, how he died. What happened to you mother, your brothers. What would happen to you, I promise it wouldn't be pleasant." he licked his lips at the thought.

The Queen said nothing as he approached. "Your little cousin is doing well," he hissed. "Well taken care of. Me men had resisted the use to taste that delectable little treat, and for a Hungu that is no easy thing! But never forget, I hold her life in my hands! If you defy me, I'll send her to the filthiest brothel in Hungunar, where customers pay pennies for the vilest acts! What do you think they'll for with a hot little body like hers? How long will she last?"

His words echoed in the room for a long moment. The Queen bowed her head in defeat. "I...understand. I won't bother you again...."

"Not so fast." The cupped one of her breasts and squeeze cruelly, causing her to whimper. "Everyone has a price to pay, especially you!" A wide smile appeared on his face, revealing a mouth full of broken yellow teeth.

Laksha stepped back, her head bowed. Her hands moved swiftly, unclasping her top and letting it fall to the floor. Her skirt followed, and the Queen of Patalipur stood there naked.

The Hungu opened his robe, his small penis already erect. The Queen knelt before him, opening her mouth and sucking in his, her head bobbing back and forth.

The Hungu breathed noisily through his nostrils. His hands curled through her hair, pulling her face in close, burying her in his crotch.

The agent didn't last long. By Tommy's reckoning it only took a minute before the Hungu groaned, ejaculating his seed into her mouth. Laksha pulled away, coughing and grimacing, forcing herself to swallow.

"You're improving," the agent said. "You might make a good whore, someday." He laughed at that as he left.

From his vantage point on the roof, Tommy saw the Queen's face burn with shame. * Midnight.

Laksha the Beautiful, Queen of Patalipur, opened her eyes. She sat up in her opulent bed, the sheets falling away from her naked body. She looked around, seeking the source of the disturbance in the air. Something was off, she hadn't awakened for nothing....

"Over here." Tommy stepped out of the shadows, the moonlight glistening off his skin.

Laksha quickly reached for the pistol she kept under her pillow and pointed it at him. "Who are you?" she demanded.. "How did you get in here?"

Tommy didn't seem discomfited by the gun. "I come on behalf of Prince Toren."

"The traitor prince?" Her eyes narrowed. "Who are you? By your voice, you are no Herodi."

"I am Tommy MacAlpin, and you are correct, I am not from this world." He could tell she recognized the name. "Look, if...."

The Queen opened fire. A laser bolt streaked across the room. Tommy hand swooped up, blocking the shot and absorbing the energy. He closed his fist, a few wisps of smoke escaping his fingers.

"Ow! That stung."

She lowered the gun. "So the rumors are true."


"Not in the least." Laksha slid off the bed and stood. "An Elemental Lord, and of alien blood no less. And you come here."

"I need you help."

"Why would I help you? Haven't my people suffered enough?"

Tommy took a deep breath. "The Hungu have stolen the Mereid Queen. I've been following their down this river. Since your kingdom is under their control...."

"You believe they would have brought her her." It made sense.... "But again I ask, why should I help you?"

"You hate the Emperor," Tommy replied. "He placed your kingdom under the Hungu, so they could pillage and enslave its people. Don't you want to be rid of them?"

"Of course I do!" she shot back. "I dream of it every night, earthman! My father had the same dream, he tried to make it come true."

"And he died for it."

She nodded. "You know out history. Yes, he died, along with many of our people. And before the killed him, he was forced to watch as my brothers were killed before his eyes. I only survived because my mother whored herself to the Emperor himself. After he took his pleasure from her body, she was chained in the Hall of Pillars, where she lost her mind. He placed the Hungu boot on our throats, and I have no choice but to obey."

"Yes, you do!" He stepped forward. "You can fight! Better than than living on your knees!"

"They have my cousin," Laksha said. "She's their hostage. If I disobey, she will suffer."

"Then I will rescue her!" He took another step. "I'll do it discreetly. Ger her to the Resistance. No one need know you were involved."

She was silent for a moment. "You...would do that?"

"Yes, I would."

Another moment. "Fine." She nodded. "If you rescue my cousin, I will help you rescue the Mereid Queen. They're likely in the same place."

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