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Heroic Hunters


Sandi's beautiful long legs straddled the trunk of a fallen oak tree. "Man, I wish I had brought my vibrator out here with me," she told her best friend Mandy who sat across from her out in the wilderness of the forest.

"Tell me about it," Mandy said. "I thought this was going to be a romantic, sexy camping trip with our husbands. Instead, the two of them get us out here in the middle of nowhere, then trek out to the lake together with their fishing poles and leave us here in camp alone. Just our luck, they'll probably be gone all day."

Sandi nodded. "Who cares when they come back? Ronny hasn't fucked me in five weeks," she said. "I'm going out of my mind."

This had become a frequent subject of conversation between two of them. Both of them were angry about the sexual neglect of their husbands.

Sandi was trying to enjoy the late afternoon sun but she was an emotional wreck. She had been yearning for sex for a long time but something about being out here in this natural, wooded area made her feel particularly erotic. And judging by the way her man was ignoring her, there didn't seem to be anyway to satisfy her longing.

"I've never been unfaithful to Ronny," she said. "Have you ever played around on Lonnie?"

"No," Mandy said, her dark hair framing her lovely Asian face. "But believe me, I fantasize a lot about having a big strong man show some interest in me."

"Yeah," Sandi said. "I don't want to be bad, but it would serve those two losers of ours right if we were to get royally fucked by some guys who appreciated us. It would be their fault. How can they blame us? We have needs. The two of them are so selfish."

"I'd love to punish Lonnie for his indifference," Mandy said. "If only I was strong enough, I'd take his pants down, lean him bare-assed over the trunk of this tree and spank him like a little boy."

The two of them laughed and Sandi said: "I don't know why, but that idea really turns me on. Isn't that awful?"

Mandy laughed even harder. "Yeah. That's weird. I don't know where that idea came from but it gets me hot too."

"Wouldn't it be fun to spank their naughty asses together?" Sandi asked. "That would teach them a lesson wouldn't it?"

Mandy clapped her hands impulsively and giggled. "We could make them lie over the tree trunk with their pants and underpants down around their knees," she said. "Then we could go pick a couple switches off one of these trees. We could switch their behinds bright red. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Sandi laughed. "Maybe we could combine our fantasies of getting sexually satisfied AND punishing our hubbies by finding two strong men to man-handle them for us and rewarding our heroes by generously offering them our hot pussies and letting them have their way with us."

They continued to fantasize together, laughing and getting hotter and hotter.

"It's a good thing there are no men for miles," Sandi said. "I honestly don't know what would happen."

Just at that moment, two big powerful looking men emerged from the woods. They carried rifles and looked like lumberjacks. One man was bearded, wearing a red flannel shirt. The other man was clean-shaven, wearing a blue sweatshirt that highlighted his sparkling blue eyes. They were both muscular and stood well over six- foot-six.

"Oh, sorry," said the blue-eyed man when he saw the women. "We didn't know anyone was camping here."

Sandi couldn't help but notice the sizable bulge in the front of his pants.

She noticed Mandy giving the bearded guy an appreciative look, eying the front of his pants, no doubt noticing that he too looked like the rifle wasn't the only heavy weapon he was packing.

"Come have some coffee with us," Sandi said, not knowing what came over her.

Soon, the four of them were talking, getting acquainted. The blue-eyed man's name was Wes. He was a former Dallas Cowboy running back and still looked to be in top shape.

The bearded one, who immediately began a flirtatious exchange with Mandy, was called Les. He was a former boxer.

The two of them had been hunting and just happened onto the site.

To this day, Sandi still doesn't exactly know how it happened. But one thing led to another.

Soon the four of them were sitting on the ground making out, their backs against the fallen tree. Sandi was kissing Wes. He had her top off, feeling her exposed tits, rough but not too rough. He was a great kisser.

Beside them Les and Mandy were kissing too. She had his pants and jockey shorts down around his ankles and was playing with the biggest cock Sandi had ever seen.

Mandy looked over and winked proudly. "Is this a fantastic prick or what?"

Sandi picked up the cue. Soon she had Wes's pants down and his huge dick was at least as large as Les's.

Time stood still as the two of them kept kissing the hunters and working away on their rock-hard massive cocks.

Sandi was in heaven. But in the corner of her mind, she kept telling Wes: "Our husbands could come back at any moment. I don't want to stop, but this is very dangerous."

Wes just leaned his head over and kissed her nipples.

"Don't you worry about it," he said. "Les and I will take care of your husbands."

And it wasn't long after that that the girls' shorts and panties were off and they were lying naked, legs spread, straddling the oak, their heads less than a foot apart.

The hunters, now completely nude, stroked them expertly, stimulating their well-lubed vaginas, sliding their fingers in and out as the women moaned in ecstasy.

Suddenly Sandi began to come as Wes fingered her juicy pussy. And as she did, she heard Mandy loudly screaming with uncontrolled joy. Both of them enjoyed a long shuddering orgasm -- at the exact same time.

Sandi hadn't gotten off like that for months -- maybe EVER! It was all so naughty and sinful. But because it had been so long since a man had stroked or cared for her, the finger-fucking (sweet as it was) felt like just the beginning of what they needed.

Sandy looked toward the path where Ronny and Lonnie would be returning. She was glowing inside, feeling very wicked since Ronny could come into camp and catch her at any moment.

"Wow," said Wes to his friend. "My woman's pussy is still soaking wet."

Les laughed, kissing Mandy's right breast and tonguing her hard nipple. "Mine too," he said. "These two must really have been starved for attention."

Sandi shivered with the nastiness of hearing these powerful men talking about her and Mandy in the third person, as if they weren't even there. The guys were controlling them so totally.

"My God!" she said to Wes. "You have us so hot. I feel like fucking you till the cows come home. But what if our husbands catch us?"

Wes laughed again and said: "I told you we've got that covered." Then he kissed the side of her neck, right below her jaw line.

Les began licking Mandy's underarms. Sandi could hear her sigh.

And soon the hunters were kissing the women all over, slowly working their way down until their rough, craggy faces were buried between the gals' legs.

Sandi couldn't believe how worked up it was getting her.

As if reading her mind, Mandy said: "Oh this feels wonderful, doesn't it? Are you tingling like I am?"

"Oh yes!" Sandi sighed, "He's giving me the best head I've ever had." She meant it too. It was amazing. His rough, leathery face scratched and tickled the insides of her thighs. But his tongue was warm and soft. And he was using just the right amount of pressure. The contrast was driving her out of her mind.

"It's the same with Les," Mandy said. "He's rough and tender at the same time. I could keep him between my legs for a week. But what are we going to do if Ronny and Lonnie come back and catch us?"

And just at that moment, the husbands stepped into the clearing and stared in shock at the sight of their wives being serviced by these two heavy hung studs.

Mandy's husband Lonnie was the first to speak. "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded.

Ronny stepped forward, his fists clenched. "Get your hands off my wife," he told Wes.

"Okay," Wes said, smiling at Ronny. "Glad to oblige." And he gave Sandi a little kiss on her flat gorgeous belly and stood up (his big cock as hard as ever).

Les got up too and the two hunters stood there, nude and "proud" taking in the sight of Ronny and Lonnie angrily clenching their fists. Finally Les spoke to Mandy. "So this is your husband?" he asked.

Wes laughed. "Yeah," he chimed in to Sandi, scrutinizing Ronny. "This is the guy you were so worried about?"

Sandi felt her heart beating like a jack hammer. She didn't know exactly what, but she knew something really fun and exciting was about to happen.

Wes turned to her. "You know what these guys look like to me?" he asked her. "They look like little horses -- ponies I used to ride on when I was a kid. In fact, I think I'd like a ride right now, wouldn't you, Les?"

Les laughed. "Yeah," he said. "But I think we need to ride these little horsies bareback."

And suddenly, like lightning, Wes and Les grabbed the outraged husbands and began wrestling them down onto the ground.

Sandi and Mandy sat up on the tree trunk, still nude, and watched in amazement as the hunters handled their spouses effortlessly. Both women were amazed and Sandi was too intrigued to be embarrassed about how wet it was getting her to see the spectacle that was taking place in front of her.

Wes had Ronny on his back, straddling his chest. Expertly, he reached back and, without even looking, peeled the belt right off his shorts.

Meanwhile, Les was sitting naked on the ground with Lonnie face up over his lap. His left hand held Lonnie's throat, squeezing -- not hard enough to choke him, just hard enough to render him helpless. With his right hand, he unbuckled the poor guy's belt, unbuttoned his shorts and with one neat motion slid his shorts and jockeys completely off.

Wes did the same thing with Ronny.

In less than two minutes, the hunters had the husbands on their hands and knees -- naked!

Sandi couldn't believe how hot it was getting her. Mandy too was getting very stoked. It was so fascinating. The girls had never seen their husbands controlled and dominated -- much less controlled and dominated so easily.

And before the ladies knew it, Wes and Les had mounted their nude "ponies." They sat astride them, proudly.

"You guys belong to us now," Les told the husbands. "You're going to be our horsies and we're going to ride you bareback while your wives watch.

"But, but..." Lonnie started to protest. But Les took him by the hair, pulled his head back and inserted Lonnie's own belt in his mouth. "Here, this should shut you up." Then he landed a loud, hard resounding smack on Lonnie's bare ass.

"Now start moving," he said, laughing.

Wes made Ronny put his belt in his mouth too. And the two ponies began carrying their "cowboys" around the remains of last night's campfire on their hands and knees, using the belts as bit and reins.

The women sat on the tree trunk watching in amazement.

Sandi had to admit that, for whatever bizarre reason, this was an incredible turn on. She knew she should say something or try to save her poor Ronny from this humiliation, but she found herself inexplicably laughing. He deserved this comeuppance. This was as aroused as she'd ever been in her life and there she was with the giggles.

As if reading her mind, Mandy grabbed her arm with both hands: "Oh Sandi, this is so hot," she said. "Why am I so turned on?"

The two of them sat spellbound and watched as the strong, masculine hunters rode their hubbies around and around the unlit camp fire. The site of four naked men -- two of them in complete control; the other two at their complete mercy -- was somehow liberating. Sandi felt free.

Mandy repeated her question. "Why is watching my husband being turned into a pony getting me so aroused?"

"I feel it too," Sandi said. "I think we both know instinctively that we're going to enjoy a night of wild sex with these two studs and there's not a thing our boys can do to stop it."

So they kept watching the "ride," getting more and more turned on.

"Look at their cocks," Mandy said. "I can't believe how big and hard they are."

Sandi gasped at the sight. Sure enough the hunters' powerful dicks were standing up like huge steel bars, pre-cum glistening on the heads. The girls were getting their revenge on their lazy, inattentive husbands -- and they were getting it in the best possible way.

"What do you think, ladies?" Wes called out to them as they continued to ride the guys around the dead fire. "Do they make good horses or what?"

Sandi didn't know what came over her but all of a sudden she called out: "Make them trot!"

Mandy laughed delightedly at her boldness. "I can't believe you said that!" she said, patting Sandi's thigh.

And sure enough the hunters began to slap the husbands' asses with the palms of their big strong hands.

"You heard 'em boys," Wes said. "Giddyup."

And soon the sounds of hard slaps were reverberating through the woods. The "bareback riders" stepped up their pace obediently as the girls cheered.

After few laps, the hunters slowed them down again and Les called to the women: "Wow," he said. "Where are our manners? There's plenty of room. Why don't you two join us and ride double with us?"

Both women shot up off the tree trunk and hurried over -- each to her respective husband. After some discussion it was decided the girls should ride in front with the hunters behind them.

Sandi liked that arrangement because she got to feel Wes's powerful hard-on against the top of her bare ass AND since Wes could slap harder, having him in back would give the husbands more "inspiration."

She felt a sweet revenge knowing that Ronny could feel her wet pussy on his back. This was the start of a fun night.

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