tagAnalHeroic One Night Stand

Heroic One Night Stand


It had been a long day of trying to save the city and all I wanted was to switch out of my superhero uniform and find a stiff drink. Maybe there would be a stud there looking for a one night stand that I could take home and ride for a few hours before kicking him out. I rarely let anyone I fucked spend the night as it was rarely an experience worth repeating in the morning and they always seemed to want to fuck again when they woke up.

I flew over the clouds to avoid being seen and possibly seeing whatever crime must be happening. It was peaceful in the skies. It would be wonderful if this was the way I could always travel but Hero Corps frowned on us using our powers when we weren't in uniform and on duty. One of the many rules imposed by them on all superheroes who worked for them.

It was so frustrating not to be rogue but there were many perks to working for Hero Corps like access to computer systems to get us pretty much any information we wanted, a web of spies willing to help, an always on-duty medical staff, and a invention lab that provided us with all the gadgets and doodads we needed for our missions. Mostly, though, the main reason to work for them was the regular paycheck and benefits. Rogues were on their own to make all that happen, and most were struggling to make ends meet.

The Hero Corps rooftop appeared before me as the clouds parted. There were always clouds over the roof to keep it from being seen but as a hero approached, they would part over the landing. As soon as you were inside, the clouds coverage moved back in place.

The building was exceedingly quiet and it would have been disturbing if it wasn't nearly midnight on Dec. 23. Most would be home with their families or friends, celebrating the upcoming holiday. The ranks of superheros working on or around Christmas were typically low.

I didn't mind working, my family lived far away and didn't want to see me anyway. I'd been disowned by my parents when my powers were revealed and I became a freak. No one wanted to have a superhero as a kid, even if they protected people against the legions of villains out there.

The locker room was empty and I sighed with relief. It wasn't that I didn't like other superheroes but there were times when they could be insufferable with their bragging about the amazing thing they did on their shift or some new power they discovered they had.

My powers were pretty basic—I could read minds and use her mind to move things. I didn't usually catch the villains so much as pick up on what they were about to do and take steps to make it so they didn't accomplish their goal until the police arrived to arrest them. I was definitely looked down upon by many of the others who had super strength or could control water, fire, or electricity.

I took a quick shower, blew dry my hair, then got dressed. I applied enough makeup to make me not look so ghostly white and almost healthy then headed down to the tunnels. In the tunnels you could get to just about anywhere in the city and you could use your superpowers to get to where you were going as they were available only for superhero use. I headed towards home on the east side of the city. As I flew through the empty tunnel, I let my mind wander.

It had been too long since I last allowed myself the pleasure of fucking. It wasn't something I did very often because it was difficult to control the mind reading. There was nothing quite like being near orgasm and 'seeing' the guy picturing some movie star or their current girlfriend to kill her mood and ruin her orgasm. She tried using mental blockers but they required concentration and kept her from being able to get in the mood at all.

"Merry Christmas, Joe," I said as I passed the guard by the tunnel exit then made my way up to the lobby and out of the building. I was about four blocks from my house. There was a nice quiet bar two blocks in the other direction that would still be open. The owner was atheist and never closed down for any holiday. I appreciated that, especially on the really hard days like today.

The bar was virtually empty. "Hey George," I said as I closed the door behind me.

"Hey pretty," he replied. "I wasn't sure if I'd see you tonight. Another hard day?"

"Yeah, something like that. Why are villains so stupid?"

"To keep you employed and spending money in my lovely establishment?" I laughed. "Do you want a beer or something harder?"

"JD straight up," I replied. "Make it a double."

I sat at the end of the bar on the stool the farthest from the door. George set the drink down in front of me. I took a big gulp and grimaced as the whiskey burned my throat. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, savoring the burn and the taste of the whiskey.

The door opened and I turned my head to see who else was looking to drown their day in alcohol. I watched him sit down at the bar near the register.

He wasn't my usual type but there was something about him that caught my attention. As I watched him, I wondered how he would be in bed. I made my way over and sat next to him, glancing at him sideways as I sipped my drink suggestively.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi," I replied.

"You know, the way you're sucking on that straw is making me want to make all kinds of lewd suggestions and feeling all kinds of inappropriate things."

"Nice of you to notice," I replied. I read his mind and he was undressing me. I was impressed with how accurate he was.

"Now to pick the right lewd suggestion," he said.

"We could go back to my place and discuss it a bit more ... intimately," I suggested as I leaned closer to him and pressed my breasts against his arm. I already knew everything I needed to know to fuck him.

"That, my dear, is the best suggestion I've heard all day," he replied as he threw some money on the bar to cover our drinks. "My name is Doug, by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Alex. I live about six blocks from here."

We silently made the short walk to my place in record time, partially because of the cold but also because we were about to, as my friend loved to say, 'bump uglies.' He followed me up the two flights of stairs to my small apartment.

I unlocked the door and let him enter in front of me. I dropped my keys on the table. "Can I get you something to drink? Or eat?"

"Nothing, thanks," he said as he stood by the window. He was looking at the night sky. I tried hard not to read his mind but it was difficult not to. He was still thinking about the breasts and ass he envisioned earlier and he was thinking about the stars, looking for a constellation.

I smiled as I stepped close to him, my body pressed against his. "To the left," I whispered then reached out to unfasten his pants.

Doug chuckled as he turned to give me easier access. "A mind reader, huh?"

"An affliction I can't turn off," I replied. "Before I continue ... Are you married? Dating? Single?"

"Fair questions. I am single, never married." He was telling the truth.

"Good," I replied then unzipped his pants as I looked into his eyes. Doug's hips rolled under my hands as he met my gaze. I licked my suddenly dry lips as I slipped his pants down over his hips, resting them mid-thigh.

I glanced down at his boxers and the mound hidden behind it. I traced my fingertips over the straining curve of his hardness under the taut fabric. He groaned a little as my fingertips explored his hard cock through the thin fabric. I shivered in anticipation then pressed my right hand against the length.

Doug moaned a little more, his hips pressing up to meet the caress of my grasp, his hardness throbbing slow and heavy in your touch. "Mmm, nice," he said. I squeezed the hardness softly over and over, massaging it. Doug chuckled, his hands resting lightly on my arms as he enjoyed the tickle of my fingers.

He shuddered, the full curve of his manhood straining hot and needy, as I pushed his boxers down out of the way and it sprang into sight. I swirled my fingertip around the tip. I lightly pressed against the hole like a pump to release more precum. He grunted with a ripple of pleasure as his hips shifted again. His hands moved up to squeeze my shoulders.

I looked into his eyes as I let my fingers trail back down to the base then over the balls, lightly squeezing them. His balls tensed against my touch as his cock bobbed slowly. Doug curled his fingers into my hair, gathering gentle handfuls as his fingertips stroked my scalp as he guided me to my knees.

I blew air softly across the tip and smiled up at him as he shuddered then trailed my fingernail lightly down his cock then back up to the tip. His cock drew taut and throbbing as I leaned down and kissed the tip, leaving my lips pressed against it and slipped the tip of my tongue into the little hole. Doug groaned loudly.

I parted my lips as I slowly let the tip of his cock slide past them until the head was encased in my mouth. Doug's fingers grabbed handfuls of my hair. I gently wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started to move them up and down as my tongue continued to play with the tip. Doug grunted, his straining cockhead hot and heavy. I rested my other hand against his thigh to keep my balance as I enjoyed becoming acquainted with his cock.

My fingers moved faster as I licked the sensitive underside, noting when his body reacted more. Doug leaned back against the wall, allowing me to set the pace as each sweet suckle of my mouth teased another heavy throb at the root of his cock.

I paused with just my index finger and thumb wrapped around the base then plunged his thick seven-inch cock as far down my throat as I could then went back to licking and sucking on the tip. Doug's fingers dug sharply against my scalp. I started to bob my head on his cock, letting a little more of fill my mouth with each bob.

Doug met each bob of my head with a slow, controlled thrust, his cockhead probing my mouth with hungry little strokes, his thighs tensing under my hand. I glanced up at his face and enjoyed the look of lust displayed there.

He returned my gaze, his cock suddenly straining sharply against my tongue as his climax approached. "I'm going to cum," he muttered.

I let his cock slip from my mouth then quickly pulled off my shirt and bra as his fingers wrapped around the shaft. Doug pointed the tip at my luscious full breasts. He groaned as he came, a shudder of pleasure running through his body and ending in a thick, sticky eruption. I watched the come spew from his cock and coated my breasts. I leaned forward and licked the last few drops. He fell back against the wall.

I stood up and grabbed some tissues from the box near where we were standing and wiped his come off my breasts. "I wonder how long it will take you to remove my skirt," I teased. "Then how long it will take you to make me orgasm."

Doug chuckled, tracing the curves of my thighs a moment before unzipping the skirt and slowly rolling it down over my hips. I blushed as my body was exposed and he saw that I hadn't been wearing underwear. He leaned back to savor the sight as his arousal began to renew.

"Suddenly shy?" he asked. I blushed as a nodded my head. He grinned, then placed my hands on the hard, heated curve of his cock. "I like it." I blushed more as I caressed his cock. "Mmm, that's nice," Doug said. "But I think it is time for you to spread your legs and allow me to have access to that lucious pussy you know I've been imagining licking since the bar."

I walked over to the bed, exaggerating the sway of my hips. He followed closely behind, reaching out to caress the round ass cheeks. I shoved the cat out of the way then sat on the edge of the bed. He kissed me softly as his hands found my breasts, gently playing with them. Doug tugged on the hardened nipples and I cried out softly against his mouth.

He became bolder, pinching and pulling on the nipples. "Do you like that? May I continue?" he asked. I nodded my head.

His teeth dug into the tender flesh and he sucked hard on the nipple as his fingers worked on the other nipple. I cried out with each new twinge of pain. My pussy was drenched and I guided his other hand to the soft downy covered mound. He slid a finger into my pussy to get it covered with my juices then slid it up to my clit. He traced around the hard nub then gently rubbed his finger on it.

"Oh god! Yes!" I gasped. His thoughts were focused on what he was doing to me and I was able to relax and enjoy what was being done to me.

"Are you going to come for me?" he asked as he switched his mouth to my other breast.

"I am so close," I whimpered. He sucked hard on the other nipple and scrapped his teeth against the soft skin around it. "Oh god ... please ... more ... harder!"

He willingly obliged as he dug his teeth harder into the skin and roughly sucking the nipple into his mouth creating a suction feeling. His finger moved faster on my clit as he tried to get me to come for him.

"Oh, Doug! I'm ... oh god ... I'm coming," I cried out as my body shook. He didn't let up until I came twice more, forcing me to ride the wave. He stood up, releasing my breasts, and I feel back against the bed.

"That felt intense," Doug said as he wrapped his fingers around his cock, which was harder than it had been before and oozing more precum. "Are you ready to feel my cock inside you?"

"Please fuck me," I begged.

Doug reached under my ass and flipped me so I was on my stomach. He pulled me to the edge so I was bent over it with my ass in the air. Doug moved behind me, spreading the legs as his knees brushing the inside of my thighs. His hands rested warmly on my hips.

Doug pressed his cock against the opening of my pussy and slowly pushed it into the wetness. It was still tingling from my orgasm and the muscles squeezed the length of him as he filled me. He pushed me down against the bed, holding me in place as he fucked me. My eyes were closed as I focused on what he was doing to me rather than what he was thinking and my body responded more strongly.

Doug's fingers explored the soft cleft of my bottom as he parted the cheeks to admire the tight little button of my back door. He ran his thumb over the hole then spit on it. His thumb dipped into the spit, coating it, then slowly pushed it into my ass.

"Oh!" I cried out in surprise.

"May I continue?" he asked as he pulled his thumb out and rested it against the entrance.

"Yes, my ass is available for fucking."

He chuckled at the bluntness of my answer then went back to pushing his thumb into the tight hole as he continued to fuck me with slower thrusts as he focused on the new task. I reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks to relieve him of the task.

Doug pulled his cock and thumb out of me suddenly then pressed the cockhead between my soft cheeks and into my ass. He placed his hands on my shoulders, slowly sinking his weight against my bottom, letting the slow pressure of his weight begin to work his girth into my tight hole.

I closed my eyes as I pressed back against him. He let me impale myself around his hardness, using a low thrust as he began to claim me. I moaned as he stretched my ass wide. Doug finally completed the first slow thrust, bottoming out in my ass, his cock throbbing sharp and needy in my tight grip. I tightened my ass around his cock and he groaned, giving me time to ease and relax around his thick, straining shaft.

He pulled out then thrusted his cock back in to the hilt. Doug grabbed my wrists and moved my hands above my ass as he held them in place, forcing my chest to lift up as his hips pressed my pussy into the mattress. He groaned with pleasure against my neck.

"Fuck me hard," I begged. He smiled as he released my hands and held onto my hips as he increased the pace, slamming in and out of me. "Oh fuck! Yes!"

Doug savored each sweet scrape of pleasure down the length of his cock as his deep, churning thrusts grew harder, driving into my ass. My pussy clenched needily as he fucked me.

"Faster," I begged. He placed his free hand on the curve of my rump, squeezing my soft cheek in his fingers, savoring the jiggle on each deep, hip-jarring thrust as his strokes got faster, hungrier. He barely let the inner walls of my ass close in before getting forced open again.

My eyes closed again as I focused on all the yummy feelings. Doug arched his back, putting more of his weight into each thrust, thumping me against the mattress with each plunge. He grunted with delight on each thrust.

"Oh fuck, yes!" I cried out as my body started to shake as I let the pleasure take over. My ass muscles tightened around his cock but he didn't ease up or stop. He fucked my ass raw as he got closer to his own orgasm.

"Yes!" Doug grunted as he came hard too, a thick spurt of his seed pumped deeply in my well-plowed hole followed by another and other as he ground against my bare ass.

I fell against the bed as my orgasm started to subsided and enjoyed the feeling of him filling my ass with come. Doug grasped my shoulders as his hips give a few final thrusts, the last thick bursts of his come exploding deep inside me, a warm weight growing with each new spurt.

"Mmm, very nice," he said as he rested against my back, trying to catch his breath.


"Feeling good babe? Not too rough, nothing broken?" Doug asked.

I smiled contently. "I'm feeling very nice and it was just right."

He patted my bottom then slowly slipped out of me. Doug pulled some tissues out of the box next to the bed and wiped off his cock. He moved onto the bed and motioned for me to join him. Our legs tangled together, his hand resting on my hip as he kissed the tip of my nose.

"Do I get to wake you with my cock buried in you or should I discreetly leave after you fall to sleep?" Doug asked.

"Stay the night," I answered and we fell asleep in each other's arms. For the first time ever, I was looking forward to sex in the morning.

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