Hero's Life Ch. 02


I started pausing more frequently and pressing my tongue to her asshole more insistently until more of it slid into her barely expanding hole. Heather's knees shook a bit more with each thrust of my tongue. This continued for several minutes before I swirled my thumb more rapidly around her clitoris and pressed my tongue completely into her rectum and held it there a moment. Still playing her clit, I began to saw my tongue slowly and deeply in and out of her ass. I was tongue-fucking her butt now and her knees buckled partly in response. I panted through my nose and continued sodomizing her and circling her clitoris.

She pawed at the table top and began a low whining "Haaah haah..." deep in her belly. Her knees partly gave way and I pulled them both backwards into my chest with my free arm, locking them in place. I began curling my tongue every which way inside her now and laving the delicate inner flesh of her rectum with each inward stroke, circling her clitoris all the while. Half a dozen of these deep searching licks later and Heather's knees completely gave out. She shook all over and grunted a deeper, loader "Eeah... Eeah.... ," her asshole snapping shut on my tongue. She came violently and each time her butthole clutched and released my tongue, her cunt dribbled clear girl-cum. I felt it run down my hand and onto the floor.

I barely held it together until she started to wind down from what looked to be the orgasm of her life. I jumped upright and pressed the small of her back down into the table. Behind her I fisted my leaking dick rapidly until I came a moment later; the first shot dribbling onto her ass cheek, the next three arcing onto her yellow silk top in the middle of her back, several more pouring down her ass crack.

I released my pressure on her lower back and we both slid to the floor weakly. She wiggled her way to lie beside me and dropped her head to my chest.

"Oh dear god that was good." I rasped.

"Errr.... shouldn't I be the one saying that?" She asked

"Well, obviously it was good for me too." I gestured down at my shrinking, cum-coated dick.

"Probably not as good as it was for me." she panted. "Holy crap, I've never come so hard. And I've definitely never err... leaked like that before. Did that gross you out?"

"You kidding? That's what pushed me over the edge to come again with you." I beamed.

"You're a dirty old man." she blushed, leaning up for a kiss.

I leaned away for a moment and warned her "Ah, I've just been in your..."

"I know. I was there silly." She leaned further in and kissed me sweetly.

"You're a dirty little girl." I teased when our kiss ended.


In a few minutes we reluctantly got to our feet, got dressed and cleaned the place up as best we could.

And that's how Heather the 18 year-old, college-bound, enormous-breasted clerk and I got started.

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