tagErotic CouplingsHero's Life Ch. 04

Hero's Life Ch. 04


Author's note: Thanks for your kind feedback, folks. Stick with me. It gets err... stickier?


It was Friday night a few weeks after Peaches had orchestrated her thoughtful little silent sex gag. I was driving through a wicked summer thunderstorm back to the office. Wind whipped, lightning flashed, and rain sheeted down. I parked closest to the door - fuck the handicapped, they shouldn't be out in this weather anyway. I ran the 10 yards into the building. I was almost completely soaked when I got inside.

I was listening to my iPod as I moved through the building and up to my floor. Heather had turned me on to French rap music. It was a sweet effort to keep me from becoming an "uncool old guy." Music was by far my weakest subject pop culture-wise. Of course, I had absolutely no idea what the Frenchies were singing about but the sounds and rhythms of French against a rap beat were darn catchy.

I made it to my floor and down the hall to my office door. It was closed. I never closed my door but that mild oddity didn't register because the janitors sometimes closed office doors when they vacuumed the carpets in the hallway.

I told you almost all of this so that you understand that it was dark, that I couldn't hear a thing, that I was a bit distracted by my own soaked clothing, and that I could not see into my office. For all of these reasons, I had no idea what was going on inside of it and was entirely preoccupied.

That is why I was so completely, totally, and utterly stunned when I opened my door.

Heather was bent over my desk with her round little bubble butt pointed mostly towards me at the door. She had on a white tank top. The huge round boobs it contained were pressed against the top of my desk. Her jeans and underwear were pooled around her ankles. She was moaning too.

Not shocking enough? Well, Samantha "The Ice Queen of Marketing" was fucking my girlfriend from behind with a 4" strap on dildo.

I had not seen this coming...

"Heather! Sam?!" I choked out.

The girls stopped and turned their heads to me in unison.

Sam snickered, "Good boy, you got our names right. Now get in here and shut the door." I did, still dumbstruck.

Peaches, her hair bouncing as Sam resumed fucking her, pointed to one of my guest chairs, "Uh huh, sit down, Hero, and behave yourself. If you're good, we'll let you watch."

As much as I was shocked, confused, and maybe a little hurt, there was no denying that this was hot. I had a real life ring-side seat for something I'd seen only on the internet. Jesus, I wish I had TiVo for my brain; I wanted to record this for posterity. I was watching another woman fuck my teenage girlfriend. Pretty well too. Sam had one hand on Heather's hip and the other was circling her back soothingly as the dildo did its work. Heather was going slack against the desk, relaxing into Sam's steady rhythm.

I looked at Sam starting from the ground up. It was habitual from having looked at her over the years. She was wearing 3" maroon alligator skin heels. Intentionally or not, in the time we'd worked together Sam was actually responsible for making me care about women's shoes. As far as I'd been concerned they were just something to wrap your feet in. Sam wore shoes; there was a difference. These days I glanced at her feet when I saw her for the first time each morning. She caught on and, if she was wearing a new pair and she was in a fun mood, she'd model them for me with a playful, "Like 'em?"

The trouble with Sam was that she was rarely in a fun mood. More like moody. She could flip to cranky bitch in a moment. On the upside, she was smart and almost unnaturally good at her job - she had a unerring sense of what to say to keep new clients rolling in the door. It helped that she was a petite beauty too.

Sam was 5'2", maybe 95 pounds, and 24 years old. Her body was graceful and slender in a feline way. She was what my friends in high school would have called a "cheetah" - pretty and sleek. There'd be no chance of catching her (literally or figuratively) out in the open. You'd need to trip her somehow. We'd dreamed, the way adolescent boys do, of having our way with the girls' cross-country team. It never happened.

I continued looking up Sam's legs. Oh, these were legs. They were bare, smooth expanses of perfect olive skin. Her calves were tightly toned. Even her knees were pretty. Her thighs were lean and taut, I watched individual muscles play in them as she pushed in and out of Heather. I got lost in Sam's ass. She was wearing lacy, boy-short style underwear in maroon that matched her shoes. I'd never seen this much of Sam's butt before and I wanted to see more. Her little buns were small, slender and muscular. If I tried hard enough I might be able to fit her whole ass in my one hand. The voyeuristic fun was spoiled somewhat at her waist, a white button-down blouse covered her upper body. Her long dark, nearly black hair fell passed her shoulders. It swayed with the girls' combined movements.

Sam was treating Heather to a leisurely fuck, sawing the small dildo in and out of my teenage girlfriend. Apart from being sexy as hell, it showed how comfortable Sam was in this role. It made me wonder if she'd done this a lot.

Heather seemed comfortable too - her body was slack along the top of my desk. She was facing me, her cheek resting on the backside of her hand laying flat on the smooth wood surface. For the most part, her eyes were closed. Every now and then she opened them languidly to look at me. She would smile a little bit each time - her smile was a blend of pleasure and smug appreciation that this was probably one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

From the look on Sam's face, she was enjoying this just as much as Heather. I watched her hips push forward and retreat repeatedly. The front of the dildo that was sliding in and out of Heather's upturned body met Sam just above her mound. It's thickened base extended lower though, and I realized that it fell low enough that it probably rubbed Sam's clitoris too, albeit through her the lacy maroon panties she was wearing. It was a clever design that meant she was pleasing herself at the same time. It meant that the flush that was rising in Sam's face wasn't due entirely to her exertions - Sam was getting off on this too. She caught me looking at her crotch and winked sexily then quickly licked at the corner of her mouth.

Sam's flirtation distracted me enough that I missed Heather begin to come. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she gripped the edge of my desk as her body twisted gently with her pleasure. She let out one long continuous sigh, "Huuuuuuuuuhhhh," whose end went hoarse as her lungs were emptied of air. Sam kept the dildo deep inside Heather throughout her orgasm and rubbed her small hands over Heather's round ass cheeks. When Heather finished, Sam eased the dildo out slowly and leaned back against a bookcase behind her.

I barely resisted the urge to clap, instead blurting out an enthusiastic but brief "Well, that was pretty fucking hot!"

The girls smiled in unison.

"How you doing, Sam?" I asked.

"Really turned on. This is the first time she's let me do this to her," she nodded at Heather.

"And you, honey?" I asked Heather.

"Gooood... so good. She's not going to replace you, but the sheer kinkiness of it drove me crazy," she grinned weakly.

"Up for more fun?" I asked them both. A nastily erotic next step had just formed in my head.

"Always," Heather smiled weakly again.

I nodded and looked at Sam, "How 'bout you, sexy? You look like you need to finish something. Do you trust me?"

Sam shrugged. "I'll play along if that's what you mean."

I didn't mind her cagey response. She was half-naked and had just fucked my girlfriend - she didn't necessarily trust me but she was clearly open-minded. "I can work with that." I rose from my chair and knelt down behind Heather who hadn't moved from her position bent over my desk. She let out a happy sigh when I palmed one of her little teenage butt cheeks and pulled it to the side to expose her tiny butthole. I licked at her small ring gingerly a few times and heard Sam catch her breath behind me. Heather was still a little relaxed from having just come. After only a few patient laps, I wedged my tongue into her ass and probed it deeply, pushing as much saliva into her rectum as I could gather in my mouth.

I popped my tongue free from Heather's ass and turned abruptly to Sam standing behind me. I let my mouth drop over the dildo hanging from her legs. It was still warm and tasted like Heather's musk - a heady mix of sweet bubble gum and slightly funky new leather. I glanced up at Sam and it looked like her downward perspective of me fellating her fake cock was as erotic as I'd hoped. She smiled and ran a few fingers through my hair. I softly stroked one of her toned thighs and crinkled my eyes in a smile, meeting her green eyes as I bobbed at her fake dick. After several wet sucks, I let it fall from my mouth and gripped it with my hand. I pulled the dildo, and Sam still attached to it, forward and pressed it against Heather's slickened anus.

Both girls gasped. I had seriously upped the ante - Sam was about to sodomize our young coworker.

There was a strangely quiet moment as I waited for someone to object. Nobody did. I pressed the smooth end of the dildo harder against Heather's ring and watched as her rosebud buckled slowly and the dildo's head eased just inside. Heather exhaled forcefully as her sphincter gave way. I glanced up at Sam. Her eyes were locked, unblinking, on Heather stretching to accommodate the fake cock.

I stood up and moved behind Sam. Taking hold of her waist gently, I whispered "Don't move." I reached around from behind her and unbuttoned her white blouse until it was open and slid it off her shoulders and tossed it to a chair. It revealed her equally exquisite tiny back. Small delicate muscles knitted and played under her flawless olive skin. She was wearing a small maroon bra that matched her panties and shoes. Sam was definitely stylish.

There were tiny clips to each of the rear straps of Sam's strap-on and I gently undid them. The dildo momentarily hung only from a skinny strap at her waist. I slipped a few fingers into each side of Sam's miniature maroon boyshorts and began to slowly slide them down her sculpted ass - again waiting for an objection. And, again, none. I slid them down her legs and she raised each little stiletto-clad foot to let me remove them completely. I reconnected both of the strap-on's clips.

I took Sam again by the hips and gently urged her towards Heather. We watched together breathlessly as the 4" dildo slid slowly into her upturned bottom. Heather's breathing turned into a hiss as it went in - she was gritting her teeth against the intrusion. Sam was just plain old panting. I bent Sam forward over Heather by degrees until she understood and laid down onto the back of the dildo-impaled blonde beneath her. "Stay," I instructed softly and took a step back to admire my depraved handiwork and Sam's nearly nude body.

I took a little too long. Heather got a little impatient. "What's going on back there?" she asked.

"I think he's checking at my butt," Sam giggled a little more girlishly than I expected and arched her amazing derriere higher for my inspection.

"I told you he'd like it," Heather beamed.

"Samantha, what you have here is a work of art," I said in awe. It wasn't an exaggeration.

For starters, she'd clearly won the genetic lottery for 'ass.' Her waist and hips were in perfect proportion, curving delicately into her lean hamstrings. Beyond that, her flawless backside also showed signs of dedicated exercise. I just couldn't recognize what sort of exercise. There was no blemish or scar on her smooth olive skin so it either wasn't a contact sport or she'd been incredibly lucky in avoiding the usual cuts and scrapes. I ran my hand down her beautifully muscled back, over the curve of her firm upturned rump and down one of her sleek, toned legs. There was power here from top to bottom. Slow, graceful, controlled power. But what?

"Yoga?" I guessed aloud.




"Figure skating?"

"Nope. Give up?"

"OK, I give up."


"Wow. So this is a ballerina butt?"

"Yup, it's a ballerina butt."

I hastily ripped my still rain-damp clothes off and stepped up to Sam from behind. The flat underside of my thick erection sandwiched between her taut dancer's buns. She squeezed them playfully, massaging me with her talented ass. I humped against her gently, causing the dildo to root inside Heather's butt and rub against Sam's clit at the same time. Both girls moaned. Precum dripped down my shaft and lubricated Sam's crease. As I humped, my cock began slipping up and down her cleft. I pulled back a bit and pushed my cock head down and nuzzled it against the hot opening of Sam's vagina. She jerked a hand backwards to stop me.

"Uh uh, that's Danny's," she explained, "you can have anything else you want." She circled her own rosebud with a finger and tapped its center with her forefinger.

"Anything?" I asked, my voice raising towards the end with interest.

"Anything," she assured me. For emphasis, Sam sank the finger into her ass to the first knuckle.

I knelt and tongued her ass briefly then rose and rested my dick against it.

"Sure about this?"

"It's okay, I've done it before. Not in awhile though."

"Danny doesn't do this?"

She snickered, "I wouldn't let him even if he asked."

I pressed against her asshole slowly and Sam demonstrated that she did indeed know how to take a dick in her little butt. She pushed out and her tiny bung expanded to reluctantly accept the blunt tip of my thick cock. It closed again just below my glans. She looked back over her shoulder to grin evilly as she clenched her sphincter tightly around the head of my dick. It felt like my cock was being milked. Oh my, Sammie was a genuine treasure.

Heather piped up from the bottom of the pile. "How's it going?"

Sam kissed the back of her neck and sighed. "He's in my butt too and it feels fantastic."

"Awww, how come she gets you in her rump before me?" Heather whined.

"'Cause I've done this before," Sam answered for me. By fractions of an inch, I slid into Sam's tight rectum. She alternated between clenching and unclenching her ass, pausing me for moments then urging me forward until I was sheathed completely inside her. I ground into her gently and the chain reaction of the dildo in Heather's ass and its base on Sam's clitoris did its work - making both women moan happily.

My hands still on Sam's slender hips, I pulled us back together until her dildo was almost free of Heather's ass. Then I backed myself several inches from Sam's ass. I paused, then pressed forward again into her and further, driving her into Heather. Peaches groaned as the dildo slide home into her ass and Sam groaned as it rubbed against her clit. Sam and I did this together several times until we developed a regular rhythmic double assfucking.

Sam was in the middle and quite happy about it. She began to move more urgently. On one of our joint retreats, she growled over her shoulder, "Stay there," and fucked forward into Heather without me, grinding the dildo into Heather's ass mercilessly enough that I was thankful it was a small one. She rocketed backwards to sodomize herself onto me just as mercilessly, circling her hips to twirl my cock in her rectum that she closed tightly over me, then fucked forward into Heather again.

Sam continued like that, ping-ponging sinuously between being the fucker and the fuckee for several minutes before falling forward onto Heather and urging me on through gritted teeth, "Do it. Fuck me."

I resumed the same rapid pace Sam had left off then upshifted to fuck her ass fiercely. Sam was grunting each time I bottomed out - from my cock's invasion and the dildo at her clit. I felt my balls begin to boil and nipped my own tongue for the bit of pain I needed to stave off my orgasm long enough to see Sam through. It worked.

Sam's knees swung weakly and her grunting became a continuous groan until she came in a twitching heap atop Heather. I ground into her heavily, pleasuring her front and back until she stopped twitching. I slowly eased free from her ass and she pulled out of Heather then stumbled a few steps to plunk heavily down into a guest chair in a satisfied heap.

Heather, finally unpinned, rolled over to lie on her back with a wince. "Ahh, help..," she whined. There were dents at her hips where the front of my desk had been digging into her. I rubbed them soothingly, thinking that's what she'd meant.

"No... I need to cum again... was almost there... if I could have touched myself when we were doing it... but I was too squished under you two." Her eyes were huge and soft with need. She grabbed my dick and pulled me towards her.

"Wait," Sam interrupted from her chair, "come here first." I stepped towards her and she palmed my swinging erection. "If I do this, if I take you in my mouth fresh from my own ass, are you going to think less of me on Monday when we're back at work?"

"Quite the contrary." I grinned.

Her eyes twinkled but she rolled them, "Good answer," and sucked me down, twirling her tongue artfully. "Oh god, that's so wrong and nasty," Heather commented, masturbating as she watched Sam work on me. Sam pushed me back towards Heather after a final lick.

Heather spread her legs and pulled her knees up nearly to her chest. Her white tank top was bunched around her flat stomach and a little moist with sweat where it stretched over her large breasts. I rubbed my dick up and down her smooth slit before she dropped her masturbating hand to stop me. She pushed my cockhead down to her slackened asshole and wiggled it up and down against it. "No, finish me here. I want to come this way, with you inside me there. Sam kinda paved the way. It's OK. Just be gentle, Hero. Gentle with that thick thing of yours if you ever want me to do this again."

I hesitated, dick pressed firmly at her butthole, and Heather made the decision for me. She rocked forward and I slid into her ass an inch. She exhaled tightly at the sensation - I was much thicker than Sam's dildo 0 and I felt her clench down on me. "Push out, honey," Sam counseled quietly from her seat, "like you're going to poop."

Heather giggled nervously at Sam's directness and looked up at me. She nibbled on her lower lip and I felt her rectum slacken around me. I slowly slid a few inches inside her, her eyes growing wider with every bit that crept into her virgin ass, her hand strumming her clit in steady circles.

"Hero?" she asked.

"Hmmm?" I responded looking up from her cock-stretched sphincter.

"I win, you know. You're in my butt," she grinned weakly but happily.

"You always win Peaches, or hadn't you noticed?" I rolled my eyes.

Her baby blues flashed brightly at another victory, "Come with me would you?"

"Don't think I could hold out if I tried, Peaches."

"Good, go slow. I'm really close."

I nodded and slowly withdrew then pushed back inside slowly again until the majority but less than my entire length was inside her. I had barely managed to keep from coming inside Sam. I wouldn't last too long but that was good right now - no need to savage Heather's inexperienced little hole.

She was breathing heavily through her nose while her hand worked quickly at her clit. I reached up and gently pressed a thumb to the opening of her vagina. "Yeah," she moaned as I slipped it just inside. "My tight little teenage butt feel good on you?" she teased.. I could only nod. Heather let her head loll to one side. Her cheeks were flushed a bright pink and she panted roughly. I watched the outline of her enormous breasts roll beneath her tank top in time with our slow combined motion.

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