tagGroup SexHero's Life Ch. 06

Hero's Life Ch. 06


Author's note: This is a longer installment. A word of warning to the slightly squeamish - there's some gentle "water sports" towards the very end. If you're just coming into this story now, I can reduce your confusion somewhat by explaining that Heather and Peaches are the same person. Peaches is a nickname.

When I made it up to the bathroom to join the girls, Samantha and Heather were getting ready in front of a pair of matching mirrors and sinks. Heather was wearing a white satin robe that I'd given her as a random gift when I saw her pause to admire it in a department store. Sam was wearing my heavier terry cloth robe. It looked ridiculous on her, but it's blatant hugeness made her look smaller and that much more adorable.

"So where are we going for dinner tonight anyway?" Heather asked me when she saw me at the door. I named the top-end steakhouse in town.

"She's a vegetarian you ass," Peaches jerked her chin at Sam.

I slapped myself in the forehead, "I actually knew that, I swear."

Sam stepped towards me and up onto her tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek. "No, its cool. Really. I love their creamed spinach and their grilled asparagus."

"Asparagus?" I brightened. "I remember asparagus. I miss asparagus." I looked at Peaches.

"What am I missing?" Sam asked looking back and forth between us.

"She won't let me eat asparagus," I chided.

"Why not?" Sam followed up.

"I never said he couldn't have it. I just said he had to choose," Heather smirked.

"Phooey. Asparagus or blowjobs. Some choice." I stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

"What? It makes his come taste yucky!" I heard Heather try to explain over Sam's laughter.

By the time I finished getting ready the girls were waiting downstairs and chatting.

".... his Dad traveled a lot. Pretty much raised by his mom. No brothers. All his friends growing up were girls..."

You're saying he's a little too in touch with his feminine side?" I heard Peaches ask as I came down the stairs.

"I'm saying he's a lesbian with a big dick," Sam whispered as I rounded the corner.

"Ahem. Ladies, am I interrupting anything?"

"Girl talk." They said in unison.

Sam was wearing a satiny dark chocolate brown wrap dress that was wrapped very loosely. As a result, its front was a deep 'V' that revealed a hint of the inside curves of her breasts and showed miles of perfect olive skin. At its bottom, the dress stopped at mid-thigh to show her long lean legs. Her matching chocolate three inch stilettos exaggerated their length. I wanted to touch my tongue to her black cherry nail-polished toes and lick upwards until she made me stop. Her hair was down - it was a wavy midnight black with dark brown highlights.

"You look amazing," I leaned in to kiss her cheek politely but she turned to meet me for a heated kiss, "Can I ask what, if anything, you have on under there?"

"You could ask," She arched an eyebrow.

Peaches was wearing a white linen sundress. It was tailored to fit her ridiculous proportions by tapering in severely between her large chest and her tiny waist. The line of her dress successfully showed she was both well-endowed and petite. I didn't bother asking her what was under her dress because, while the light linen covered everything, it was also a bit transparent. Her lacy white push up bra and thong panties were visible. Her round young D-cup boobs formed nearly perfect spheres in her bra. She spun gracefully around and I watched her juicy adolescent butt, split by the thong, whirl by. Her hair was up and held in place with chopsticks in a sweet remembrance of our first night together.

"You are gorgeous." I beamed. When I kissed her, she darted her tongue out and licked quickly along my upper lip. It was an invitation that made my pants twitch.

I paused to sniff her breath. "Have you been in the single malt again?"

"Just a little..."

"Have you even tried the wine coolers I bought for you? You know a lot of eighteen year-old girls like them."

"Ick! Why? You drink 'em."

"I give up. Let's go."

We drove to the restaurant and made our way inside.

"Can we sit back there?" Heather asked the elderly maitre' d, swinging her prodigious boobs. She indicated a semi-circular leather booth tucked into a dark corner. I had been getting ready to slip the maitre' d a twenty and make the same request but Peaches was quicker with her sex than I was with my money.

He led us to our table then wished us a good night and turned to leave. Peaches surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. It would have been impossible to do it without pressing her boobs against his arm so he got the benefit of that too. "Thank you!" she said sweetly and sat down.

I kept my twenty bucks. The maitre' d got a new spring in his old step. Peaches got a flirting fix.

And Sam got more comedy. "You're insufferable," laughed Sam, sliding into the booth behind Peaches. I scooched in on the other side so Peaches was in the middle.

The waitress came by and I ordered a vodka and tonic. Peaches asked for Sprite. Sam went cosmo.

The drinks came and Peaches gulped down her Sprite then snagged my vodka and tonic and switched it with her empty but otherwise identical tumbler. "Looks like you need another vodka and tonic," she mused, plucking the lime from her stolen drink and tossing it into my empty glass.

"So it seems." I squinted at her.

"Come on, work with me here." She rolled her eyes. "It sucks being underage."

"Yes, let's join hands and mourn your tragic youth together."

Our waiter appeared and like most young men, his attention was immediately on Peaches. Peaches was ready: "Lamb chops for me, please. Medium rare."

"That's my little carnivore," I patted her hand.

"Bambi eater." Sam teased.

Peaches stuck her tongue out at Sam in little-girl fashion. "Take that."

"Oh, I'll take it all right." Sam leered.

The waiter just stared from one girl to the next. Sam ordered asparagus and spinach and let her bright green eyes linger on the waiter hungrily enough that he smiled nervously.

As the only male member at the table, I had to wave my hand in the air a bit to get his attention. "Porterhouse. Medium rare. And another vodka and tonic for me please. Extra lime." (I would repeat the drink order several more times during the evening; shuffling drinks to keep Peaches happy.)

The food came. We ate it. It was good.

As we lingered over dinner, Peaches nudged me to exit the booth. "I need a trip to the girl's room. Wanna come?" She invited Sam.

"I'm fine. I've been nursing the same drink all night."

Peaches pouted then smiled. I slid out of the booth to let her exit and sat back down. As we watched Peaches bounce away, I turned to Samantha. "What do you see when you look at her? I mean, aside from the obvious."

"I like her. She brash. She's also open and nearly fearless. She's smart too. She sees connections. Connections that are there or ones that could be. Sprite looks like a vodka and tonic. Victims need rescuing. Rescuers need victims." She looked down at herself then back at me.

I let that last comment pass. Who was who in her head? Instead I commented, "I think Peaches would make an excellent criminal."

Sam considered it. "Maybe, but she has a decent moral compass. Not jammed pointing permanently north like yours. Not spinning wildly like mine."

I nodded. "Some people would say she's pure 'chaotic good,' I say we don't piss her off."

We clinked our glasses in agreement as Peaches bounced back from the restroom, "What did I miss? "

"Grown up talk." We responded in unison.

Peaches eyed us with suspicion and slid back into the booth when I moved out of her way. "OK, confession time... what's your craziest sexual fantasy?" Peaches looked at Sam, "You first."

Sam blushed a little, "We just did my craziest fantasy yesterday. I'd actually never done at threesome before. Sorry Hero, I guess I hijacked that from the story you told Heather."

Peaches turned to me, "It's how you got to me too, you know. It turned me on that first night. I always liked you but that was the last straw. It's why I jumped you. Your 'nice guy curtain' opened and I was blinded by sexy." Peaches giggled tipsily.

There was a long pause before I realized the girls were waiting for me to continue the exchange of fantasies. I took a deep breath and let it fly. "OK, I've never told anyone this, but I have a kinda kooky incest fetish." I admitted. It was the first time I'd ever said it out loud. I took a long sip of my drink.

"Ho. Lee. Shit. That's pretty twisted." Sam snickered.

"Ewww... your mom?" Peaches asked.

"Uh, gross! No, sister," I responded defensively.

"Wait, you don't have a sister. You're an only child. You told me that, like, years ago." Sam remembered.

"Uh-huh. That's the kooky bit. I've thought about it and I think that's part of the point. I don't have an actual sister for me to think of. No concrete memories or real sibling relationship to gross me out. I'm free to fantasize about a theoretical sister. For instance," I looked at Sam, "I could easily imagine that you are my sister. We both have dark brown hair. We both have green eyes. It's not that far of a stretch."

"OK, wow. Now I'm worried about my little brother's mental health." Peaches cringed.

"Not a problem for me," Sam mused. "My brother's gay. Came out three years ago." Sam paused then fixed me with a peculiar and intense look. "Wait, you've totally pictured me like that before haven't you?

I cringed but was honest. "A few times. Sorry. Does it freak you out?"

"A little, but its kinda turning me on too."

"Can I be, like, the stepsister?" Peaches leered. Sam and I chuckled.

"Your turn Peaches," I prompted, taking another sip from my glass.

Peaches looked kind of sheepish. "I was just going to say I wanted somebody to pee on me."

We all laughed a bit too loud for the restaurant. "Simple enough. " I said.

"Yeah." Peaches got a bit wistful. "Sometimes, guys, simple is best. It doesn't always have to be in your head. Just being in the present with people you care about can be nice." Peaches' bit of truth hung in the air as the waiter came back and I settled the tab. We made our way out of the restaurant and towards the car.

Outside, Samantha was walking in front. Things went into slow motion when her stiletto heel got caught between the curb and the sidewalk as she started to step down. It would be a bad fall. I lunged far forward and snatched a grip onto her dress between her shoulders. She was small and I was big but the physics were ugly. Her body was a 5' lever pivoting down over a 6" curb and I had lunged out over my front foot. She had enough leverage to take me with her. One brief choice left and I made it. Pulling her back a little with one arm and using that to start my rotation, I spun and twisted my way beneath her in midair. Now we were both falling but together, belly-to-belly, and I could cushion the crash. No time. No time. No time to throw an arm down and try to break the fall. I hunched my back in the last split-second, already cringing at the impact I knew was coming. We pounded into the asphalt of the parking lot. My back struck first in a thump. Next came the back of my head, snapping into contact with the asphalt. She landed into my chest in a second thump that pushed the air from my lungs.

Sam's green eyes came into focus a few millimeters from mine. I heard her say, "I guess now you're my Hero too."

"Guess so," I said lamely.

We scrambled to our feet.

I gave Sam my car keys and slid into the passenger's seat. Peaches took the back.

"That was sweet but you didn't have to do that you know. I'd have been OK."

"It looked like a ugly fall."

"You're one of his now." Peaches chimed tipsily from the back seat.

"Is that right? You own me Hero?" Sam looked at me, eyes suddenly blazing.

"I don't own anybody."

"I didn't mean like property, I meant like, protected. Hero looks out for the people he cares about. You should see him fight. People go flying! I'm not kidding. This one time... there were like these three guys and he..."

I let Peaches keep talking from the backseat and looked at Sam as she steered my car from the parking lot and onto the road. "It's not what you think. I brought her to a class with me one night to try and get her to learn some self-defense for when she heads off to college. She saw us practicing."

Peaches running commentary came up from the backseat, "... and it got me so turned on I made him fuck me in the parking lot afterwards..."

"Judo, right?" Sam asked.

"Judo," I nodded. I winced at the pain brought on by moving me head too quickly. Sam reached over and took my hand in sympathy.

Peaches leaned forward to complete her thought "... looks out for people. Like clients and their money so they don't get into trouble with the SEC or the IRS."

"She's making connections again," Samantha observed, squeezing my hand.

"I hate connections," I sighed.

When we were back home, Heather opened a good bottle of wine. She had been on a Bordeaux kick and had been making a dent in the couple dozen bottles I kept in the basement. It wouldn't have been so bad if she'd started with the cheap stuff and worked her way up. Alas, this was not Heather's style.

We killed the bottle in the den. We talked for a long time about some things that mattered and things that didn't until Sam's eyes took on a dreamy quality. "Follow me upstairs guys," she said more huskily than I'd thought her little body would be capable of, "I'm making good on a promise to Hero from this afternoon." She slunk down the hall, hips rocking to and fro beneath the silky brown dress. God I loved that walk. It was a model's strut - feet landing in a single perfect line. It made her ass cock from side to side as she moved. She continued up the stairs and slipped into the master bedroom. Peaches and I followed.

When we made it to the bedroom door, Sam was waiting a few feet in front of the bed with her back to us. "You wanted to know what's under here..." Sam whispered as she unbelted her silky chocolate wrap dress. She shrugged her shoulders and the smooth brown fabric slid down her back and stopped at her waist. She was nude from the waist up.

The smooth, glowing olive skin of her small delicate back was laid bare. No bra. Nothing. She turned her head and looked at us over her shoulder.

"Oh, that's hot." Peaches blurted out behind me.

Sam grinned then bit her lower lip. Three heartbeats later, she dropped the dress to the floor. She was completely naked. Well, she still had her 3" stiletto heels on. She swayed her exquisitely toned, slender little backside first one way then the other.

"She's been naked under there the whole... " My hand shot back to cover Heather's mouth.

Sam sank down to her hands and knees and crawled. Crawled. Like some kind of goddamn jungle cat. She made her way up onto the bed and settled herself down onto her side, facing us. She drew the bent knee of her upper leg slowly up to her chest and gently rolled her body partly onto it - her legs were now scissored and her remarkable posterior was arched high in the air invitingly. She looked back over her shoulder with eyes that had gone smoky. "C'mere Hero, come take what I promised you for the night," she somehow whispered across the bedroom.

I was hypnotized and didn't even remember taking off my clothes. Maybe Peaches had done it? All I remember was suddenly being naked and standing at the foot of the bed. I heard the soft thud of Peaches' dress joining Sam's on the floor behind me. From the corner of my eye I saw her pad softly over, clad only in her white push-up bra and matching thong, to sit in a chair in the corner of the bedroom. Peaches seemed content to sit this scene out.

I focused back on Sam; her predatory gaze had never left my face. She was waiting patiently but hungrily.

I followed my instincts and did what I wanted to do when I first saw her that night: I planted my tongue on one of her perfect, black-cherry painted toes and traced a long languid lingual path up her heel, up her toned calf and to the tender skin at the back of her knee. I paused there to swirl and re-wet by tongue before continuing upwards again over her taut hamstring and into the glorious curve where her leg met a slender butt cheek. I lapped a slow stroke straight up her muscular cheek to where it met her waist in one of two cutely matched little dimples on either side of her spine. Sam exhaled a long slow breath as I did this. I took it as a sign to continue.

I dipped back down to the leg-butt juncture and repeated another long lick just half an inch to the side. She sighed again. I repeated again and began to worship the flawless skin of each of Sam's buns with my tongue. A few appreciative coos slipped out of her. She twitched a little as I finally drew nearer to her crack and curled just the tip of my tongue into her crease. She reached a hand back to slowly spread her own asscheek, revealing her tiny, lightly olive star.

I exhaled a warm breath over it, then lathed it repeatedly with my tongue before Sam stopped me. "Not too much," she said, "I want the first time I come to be on your cock." With a few more licks I rose and straddled Sam's lower leg, pressing myself to her saliva-moistened ring. I looked up her body. Her head was laying with one cheek flat against the bed. Her mouth was parted a little and her breathing was erratic with expectation.

I held my own breath as I slowly sank inside her, her tight ass relaxing somewhat but still struggling against its own tiny dimensions. I continued slowly until I was completely sheathed back inside this same fantastic little dancer's butt I'd been in barely more than 24 hours before. We paused together like that, savoring the ridiculously tight, intimate heat.

In that long pause, Sam looked at me with her one uncovered eye. "Take me like this, however you want, it's yours tonight like I said. Just please come inside me." She flexed her rectum and it milked my shaft hungrily, "You didn't do it last night and I was a little disappointed," she pouted a little, "I'd almost forgotten how much I used to love feeling a man come - hot and wet and jetting up inside my ass."

I took Sam at her word and began slowly fucking her petite rump, watching her little hole stretch severely to accommodate me. She held demurely still as I had my way with her, although the tiny muscles at her small back played delicately. When I had graduated to steady, full-length strokes, she moaned and began clamping down on my shaft with her ass when I was in and fully pressed against her cheeks. She kept clenched like that as I withdrew from her, suctioning down onto me to make the most of my retreat for both of us. When I reversed and began another inward slide, she relaxed and let me plunge into her slackened butthole. She grunted each time I hit bottom.

I essentially used her near-perfect ass like this for several long minutes until she gave up on holding still and began to rock back to meet me at each thrust. Our fucking grew more frenzied until Sam hissed loudly and her rectum fluttered and rolled along my shaft. She was coming just from me in her butt - an entirely anal orgasm that I'd never seen before. It made me pause momentarily until she pushed back harder with her ass, "Keep going, I'll keep coming..." she hissed. I did. And she did. It lasted well over a minute - her asshole would calm momentarily then ripple back to life to grip at my sliding erection as she crested another orgasm.

When the clutching weakened finally, her rump dropped to the bed and I plunged into her roughly a few times before keeping my promise too. I came way up in her ass, my balls squeezing and releasing crazily to bathe her bowels in my hot semen. I melted down on top of her with an exhausted sigh; my erection still wedged inside her. Sam wiggled happily beneath me and my softening shaft slid around wetly inside her cum-soaked butt.

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