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Hers for a Day


He lost the bet, her team won the game. He regretted the fact that he had been such a smartass because he "knew" he couldn't lose the bet and now she "owned" him for a day.

From 9AM till 9 PM she could do what she wanted with him and he could not protest or object. She "owned" him and could do anything she wanted with him or to him..

The look on her face said it all. For her part, she delighted in the thought of having him her captive toy to serve her all day long. She began to get wet just thinking about the fun she was going to have, teasing him, controlling him, making him service her without any thought for himself.

Growing up, she had to defer to her father's demands and even her ex husband was self-centered and controlling.

At no time in her life was she ever completely in charge of her world. When she rebelled and fought their control, at some point, she always had to give in and co-operate. Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this.

Now with John, it was different. For the first time in her life, here was a man who allowed, no encouraged her, to be herself.

He treated her as a partner, an equal, did not try to run her life, even when she would get triggered and angry, falling into her rebellious mood where she had fight the whole world or die.

He was her anchor and was always there for her. Ha! Now she was on top for the whole day. She was in complete control of him and he could do absolutely nothing about it -- fun!

He was her slave to use as she pleased. (Actually, he could use a safeword -- spaghetti -- to stop whatever she was doing to him, but it didn't really matter since she was the queen, in control of her subject).

The other condition was she owed him the same thing. He could have her in his control for a whole day, if and only if, his team won the next game. If not, she was off the hook.

Last night she told him that she was going to claim her "prize" in the morning.

She went to sleep stroking herself and thinking of the things she was going to do to him. He also took a while to drop off to sleep because he was so nervous and unsure about what he has let himself in for.

In the morning, after they finished breakfast, she told him to give himself an enema, shower, take a Viagra, put on the wrist and ankle cuffs, a pair of socks to keep his feet warm, his cock ring and blindfold and present himself for her inspection at exactly 9 AM.

Any failure on his part would result in an as yet unnamed, but definitely severe, punishment.

He grinned nervously and immediately headed for the bathroom. While he was showering, she reached up and moved the clock ahead by five minutes, already thinking about the delightful things she could do to "punish" him for being late.

(She checked the heater and made sure the house was nice and warm so he would be comfortable hanging there. After all, she wasn't going to have any fun if he just hung there and shivered).

She was sitting in the living room, sipping her coffee when he finished getting ready. He walked into the room, squeaky clean and absolutely naked with the blindfold on his forehead. She looked at him and smiled.

"You're late" she said. "Look at the clock, you have been fooling around in there for five minutes longer than you were told to".

As he looked at the clock, which read 9:05 AM, she smiled to herself -- gotcha. He was confused and started to object because he had just checked the clock in the bedroom and he was right on time.

She cut him off, saying "quiet, not another word out of you unless I give you permission to speak.

Do you understand"? "Yes", he said. "Yes what" came her response. Flustered, He paused, not expecting her to be acting quite this way.

"Well"? she said. "Um, yes ma'am" he replied. Angrily, she shot back "yes MISTRESS, do you understand"?

Quietly he said "yes Mistress". She thought to herself "I've always wanted to do that to a man, this is going to be fun".

She told him to go to the bedroom and get the wrist and ankle snaps out of the bag and lock his wrists into the exercise bar rings in the doorway.

He said "Yes Mistress" and started to turn around. Raising her voice, she said "did I give you permission to speak"?

Now really flustered, he said "no Mistress". Her response was "look at me.

When I give you an instruction. I want you to do what you are told immediately and without question, do you understand"?

"Yes Mistress" came his reply. "Now get on with it", she said.

She was really getting into this Mistress thing. Controlling him this way gave her more enjoyment than she thought it would.

This whole day was going to be fun, suffering for him, but fun for her.

He immediately returned, set the ankle links on the floor and began snapping the links to his wrists. In a moment he was stretched in the doorway, his arms up and out above his head.

She walked over to him and sweetly kissed him on the lips, bent down and snapped his ankles to the eyes in the baseboard. Then she pulled the blindfold over his eyes and said "nitey night", letting him just stand there, arms and legs stretched out, completely naked and totally vulnerable.

After sliding her finger up the underside of his cock just to make it jump, she walked back into the living room, picked up her paperwork and went back to her reading.

A little while later, when she had finished, she picked up the small footstool, carried it over and placed it in front of him. This gave her the option of standing or sitting on it, depending on what she wanted him to do, or more fun, do to him.

She gently stroked his chest and shoulders, enjoying the way the muscles were defined by his arms being stretched overhead. He jumped as she worked closer and closer to his nipples.

Almost, but not quite touching them. After a few minutes of this, his cock was hard and he was arching towards her in an effort to get his nipples touched.

"Hmmm . . it seems that you like that" she said to him. " Too bad I don't feel like playing with them anymore". He groaned as she said it.

She knew she got him with that one, what fun to see him hanging there, powerless to get what he wanted and powerless to stop her from getting what SHE wanted.

Which, right now was that hard, dripping cock. She decided to let him be for a bit, giving him a chance to calm down before her next attack on his body.

Slipping by him, she went into the bedroom and retrieved the snakebite kit that was on the shelf by the bed.

Coming back into the living room she also brought the bag of "toys" that was there. This she set down by the footstool.

Bending down, she lightly blew on his cock, enjoying the way it jumped from her cool breath. This had the effect of making him focus on his cock, waiting for the next sensation.

She separated the suction cups in the snakebite kit behind her back while she leaned over and sucked hard on his nipple. It was as if he had been hit by lightning. He arched his back and groaned under her assault.

She said "I thought I told you to be quiet, If you can't behave yourself, we are going to have to take more drastic measures with you", enjoying the way he fought to keep control of himself.

With that, she licked the end of the suction cup and quickly attached it to his nipple. He gasped, arching and moaning as the pressure on his nipple intensified.

She said, "I am warning you, be quiet or you will suffer", again delighting at the conflict she had created.

She now moved to his cock, sat on the stepstool and sucked it rapidly into her mouth, holding him there, deep in her throat.

Oh, how she loved the feel of it filling her. He, of course, jumped again and groaned even louder this time as the effect of her mouth on his cock hit him.

She stood up, licked the other suction cup and firmly attached it to his other nipple.

Again, he convulsed and groaned, just as she had planned.

There he was, hanging there with the 2 suction cups on his nipples and his now wet cock standing out like a wooden pole.

The cooling effect of the moisture evaporating on his cock made his erection even harder.

It was not without an effect on her as her sex began to tighten and get wet, enjoying his arousal at her hands. Oh, the fun of being in absolute control of her "toy".

She sternly spoke to him saying "I told you to keep quiet and you have repeatedly disobeyed me.

Now I will have to make sure that you do not say ANYTHING without my permission. You are here to give me what I want, and I want you quiet".

With that, she took a gag out of the bag and quickly forced it into his mouth, fastening the Velcro strap around his head.

Now she had him where she wanted him, captive, quiet and completely aroused. Her sex tightened at the thought.

She walked back over to the couch and picked up the magazine she was reading. Leaving him there caught like a fly in a spider web, she went back to the article and finished reading it.

After a couple of minutes, she walked over to him and removed the suction cups. He groaned in the gag as the blood rushed back from the cups. Now his nipples would be 'really' sensitive.

Saying "oooh, I think he likes that" as she did so. His slightly softening cock was instantly hard and a clear drop of pre-cum formed at the tip.

Now she could play with and suck that beautiful hard cock to her heart's content. He was totally powerless to prevent her from doing what she wanted, which was to suck him in and see how close to the edge she could bring him.

She loved the feeling as she made his body stiffen, arch and start to shake. She stopped just as his balls began to tighten.

He groaned again, twisting and moving in an effort to gain completion as his cock pulsed and strained, just short of coming.

She told him to be sure to let her know if he was getting close, because he did NOT have her permission to cum.

Oh, she was definitely enjoying this play, she slid her hand into her panties and worked on her clit while she blew cool air on his cock, loving the way it would jump and the agony he must be feeling because he couldn't get the contact he needed to cum.

She stood up and put 2 of her fingers under his nose, just above his gag. Again, he groaned as he inhaled her scent.

She bent down and licked his nipple. The suction cups had done their work. He gave a muffled gasp as he arched his back, thrusting his cock towards her as well.

She bent down and sucked him hard into her mouth, enjoying the impact it was having on him -- his body was moving with uncontrollable spasms as she brought her hand down from his face and worked on the second nipple.

This was fun. He was like a puppet on a string, jumping to her every touch.

She sat back down on the footstool and began to torment him in earnest. First his balls and cock then his nipples, then his ass and then his cock again.

She spent the next hour bringing him up again and again, delighting in the power she had over his body and the way his cock got bigger and harder the longer she teased him.

She alternated light and hard tugs and touches on his nipples with the same variation on his cock and balls -- sometimes hard, sometimes just licking or sucking the length of his cock.

She had him moaning and shaking a number of times just before she stopped. Always just short of his climax.

In fact, with the practice she was getting, she could bring him closer and closer to release before suddenly stopping and watching his hard cock pulse with desire, never quite making it.

She could imagine the pressure he was feeling, desperately needing to come -- a true case of "blue balls".

She knew he was desperate to cum and would be begging for release if he could talk, which just turned her one even more.

All the while she was taking care of herself, working on her swollen clit as she sucked his steel hard cock.

When he would move into her mouth just before coming up, it would trigger her climax. She would pull off him and concentrate on herself, climaxing as many as 4 times in a row, all started by his hard cock in her mouth and fueled by the vision of it dancing and pulsing in front of her and the knowledge that he could hear her climax but do nothing to share in it.

Then she took a break to calm down, had a sip of coffee, did some paperwork while he was hanging there, quivering with desire. Desperately needing to cum and totally unable to do so.

It was delightful watching him squirming with need, her toy cock. She really did enjoy teasing him and making him suffer -- more than she thought she would at first.

Even when she was younger, she liked the idea of having power over the boys, either by flirting or being slightly naughty, sticking out her chest and making them fall over each other trying to gain her favor.

This was why she had preferred to go out with the "naughty" boys rather than the ones her parents approved of.

However, this was much better as she was in complete control of John.

He couldn't do anything except suffer and get hotter and hotter without any release, which suited her just fine because every jump of his cock and agonized moan caused her sex to tighten and juice.

The more he suffered the hotter she got. Getting a little tired of tormenting his cock, she decided to up the ante.

Searching in the bag, she found the lubricant and poured some on her hand. Without touching his cock, just holding him in place with pressure on his lower abdomen, she worked first one finger then a second one into his ass.

She started thrusting in and out and twisting her fingers -- stretching him and opening him up. Soon she had three fingers in him, pushing and twisting.

She enjoyed feeling him react as his muscles tried to suck her fingers in deeper. She could see the effect it was having on him and delighted in controlling his intense need to come, teasing his ass and making him want more.

All her probing increased the flow of pre-cum from the tip of his hard, hard cock, which she lightly licked, just to watch him convulse as her tongue slid up the underside of head. God she was dripping wet again.

She then reached into the bag and got the large black soft dildo that was there. Lubricating it well with her slick hand and some extra lube, she slid it slowly up into him, enjoying his gasp that escaped from the gag.

His cock stood up farther and got still harder as she slid it into him. This was much easier for her. The handle on the dildo made it easy for her to control his position while she sucked on his cock.

Talk about torment. He was impaled on the dildo and could not move while she teased his cock again and again. What fun!

Mmmm. She was so wet now that she was practically dripping. Feeling him begin to tighten and arch, she would stop sucking his cock and move the dildo in and out of his ass.

He would moan again, desperately trying to thrust his ass downward onto the dildo yet thrust his cock forward at the same time.

She had him totally out of it and so wanting to get fucked that he was beside himself with desire. He didn't know which way to move he was so desperate.

Then she stopped the thrusting and stood up, telling him that he had to hold it in while she took care of some things. He almost screamed in the gag he was so frustrated.

His efforts to hold the dildo in his ass only made his cock harder and stand out further, throbbing with need and desperate for relief.

Leaving him there, she went into the bathroom, washed her hands, got some tissues and came back. She used the tissues to carefully wipe the handle of the dildo, working it around and in and out as she wiped it off.

He squirmed with every movement of the handle and the pre-cum began to drip from his cock in earnest.

He would have been gasping if that gag wasn't filling his mouth. She decided that there were a few more climaxes in her, so she sat down again in front of him, grabbed the handle of the dildo and, using it, pulled him into her mouth and held him there.

Her other hand was busy on her engorged clit, rolling it like a little marble in oil. The thought of him impaled on the dildo up his ass, quivering and pulsing in an effort to get it in deeper at the same time he was trying to move his hard cock into her mouth, and the knowledge that he would be pulling her head onto his cock if he could, quickly brought her up to another hard climax.

She almost bit his cock it was so intense. His struggles and groans were too delicious, so she decided to go for another climax and wound up rolling through another 4 or 5 intense orgasms. She lost track around the third one.

She knew he could feel her jerk as she came, frustrated, desperate and powerless to do anything, particularly to climax himself.

It was heaven. She just got hotter and hotter and came harder and harder while he just hung there, soo aroused and barely able to move with that huge black dick up his ass.

Finally coming down from her orgasms, she slowly pulled the dildo out of his hungry ass, hearing him protest and feeling him try to suck it back in as she withdrew.

Saying "Oooh that little butt likes being fed, doesn't it", bringing another muffled groan from him".

Getting up, she went into the bathroom, dropped the dildo into the sink and scrubbed her hands thoroughly and carefully, it looked like he did a good job cleaning himself out for there was nothing but lubricant on the dildo and her fingers.

When she came back in, she worked on his nipples for a bit, just to see him jump and get his cock hard before going back to her paperwork for a while.

It was quite delightful seeing him hanging there, hard, dripping and ready for her to tease and play with whenever she wanted. Which she did whenever she walked by to go to the kitchen.

She even held a cold Coke can behind his balls as she sucked his cock into her mouth, delighting at the reaction it brought.

Most of her morning's work was now done, so she just sat on the couch and relaxed for a few minutes, watching TV.

Looking at him, captive and suffering this way, just served to arouse her more, even though she had paced herself through the morning, she wanted that cock in her.

She just had to try it. Kneeling on the footstool, she slid her sex over his cock. He groaned and tried to thrust forward, effectively telling her just how far he could move.

She then began to rock forward and back, working his cock in and out of her sex, controlling the depth and the pace of his penetration.

She could feel his desperation to move enough to reach a climax, and would simply move with him or stop, pulling off to prevent any friction on his cock until he simply gave up trying.

She fingered her clit and brought herself to several more wrenching climaxes with his cock trapped inside her.

He could feel her clamping on him as she came, but because he couldn't thrust, he couldn't come.

What a delicious torment. She could use his cock for her pleasure while denying him the release he so desperately wanted. She said "I hope you are enjoying giving me what I want, you DO feel good in me."

"Keep that little cock of yours nice and hard for me and we'll get along just fine. By the way, do you like the feel of your cock in my wet pussy?"

If you do, just stay all hot and hard so I can enjoy you and maybe I will let you cum ".

After coming back to her senses, she got up and went back to the rest of her paperwork, again enjoying the sight of his cock, so hard and so desperate to cum.

Since it was already fifteen minutes after 2 o'clock, and she had finished her lunch earlier, she decided it was time to give him a break.

She unsnapped his ankles, pulled out the gag, unfastened the blindfold and told him that he was getting a lunch break.

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