tagBDSMHers For Life Ch. 08

Hers For Life Ch. 08



Beth has pushed her husband to the point of desperation, locking him in a chastity device, teasing, abusing and even fucking his ass. He hadn't been out in a long time and now she made him a deal, if he could orgasm by the time he got home, walking across the campus, otherwise he would have to wait another whole two weeks in his chastity device.


We pushed through the gym doors onto campus, we were on opposite sides of campus from our apartment, a 15 minute walk. I had on loose shorts, so that was good. I could get my hand in there, they weren't tight at the waist, so I quickly and not so subtly took off the device and moved it to my pocket in only a minute or so.

But now we were on the sidewalk along the main street, it was well lit and steady car traffic, but not much people walking this late at night on a weekday. This was the street we'd be on for most of the way.

I did nothing at first, just making a plan. Every time a car drove by the headlights washed over me, as the car passed three feet to my right, making me feel so exposed, but they'd be looking anyways, because of my wife bouncing around in her underwear practically. The street lights light us up too, but not too brightly.

So, at first I tried to make it seem like I had my right hand in my pocket, but I had it down my pants and quickly coached my dick into a full erection against my shorts, making Beth laugh at me.

I was able to slowly stroke it without it feeling obvious that I was masturbating in the dim light. For a few minutes I kept it up as Beth teased and laughed at me, flirting, kissing my cheek, pressing her breasts against my body, grabbing my ass as we walked.

We were just about half way and I had to start picking up the pace or I'd never come. I started trying to go fast when no car was coming, but it was a very brief and irregular occurrence, I'd pound hard for 5 seconds, then have to slow down for 10, 20 30 seconds before a break in traffic. It wasn't really getting me anywhere.

Every time I got a chance to beat off hard, I'd grunt or make a lot of noise, causing Beth to look down and laugh, very amused by her little idea.

But it wasn't working, a few more blocks then we crossed the street and were home.

"Almost out of time, baby." Beth told me needlessly. "You going to make it?"

I said I would and started to get pretty reckless, working it hard inside my shorts, not caring that anyone looking would surely notice.

We were approaching the final intersection and I was clearly close, I was going to get there. The light was green, so we had to wait for it to change to cross into our apartment, that meant maybe 30 more seconds.

I faced away from the intersection as best I could and started to beat it under my shorts as hard as I could, I could feel Beth's ass against mine, facing away, I could hear her giggling and then encouraging me, saying "cum baby" in a throaty whisper.

"Oh my god, you're so obvious, people are staring from their cars," she informed me. I didn't care anymore.

"It's yellow, once we get the walk you have to stop, hurry baby."

I imagined ripping that flimsy top right off her breasts and sticking my dick in between them, gliding on her sweat dotted skin and could feel it coming, finally, I'd get to cum.

Then, I felt her hands on my pants, deftly she yanked them down to my ankles, leaving me on the edge naked from the waist down, and it took only a few more pumps before I came into the night air at a busy intersection.

I heard hear footsteps quickly dash across the street, and I knew I was almost naked in public, hearing my cum splash on the sidewalk, but I was in mid orgasm, I didn't care nor was able to react right away. Plus it felt so fucking good.

5, maybe 10 seconds later, I yanked up my pants and kept my head down and hidden as best as I could as I ran across the street and past my apartment, circling around to the back so no one would see me go in. When I got in Beth was on the couch, tears streaming down her face, in fits of laughter

"You're the best baby," she said, "I love being married to you."

She laughed until I was about to head into the bedroom and then she said "wait." I turned to face her. "You still horny? I am."

"What are you thinking?"

"I want you to lick and suck and kiss and rub my sweaty body all over. Would you like that?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Good, baby. Leave your clothes on, and not my face." She stood up in front of me. "Take these sweaty little shorts off, look at that camel toe!" she ran a finger over the fabric covering her pussy.

I got on my knees and peeled them off, and took them off her feet. "Stay down there, that's nice, start on my feet."

She spread her legs a bit wider than her shoulders and I was down low on my knees at her feet, I was really aroused and excited. It seemed gross and demeaning, for sure, but at this point, I was almost used to that, that it barely registered.

Mostly, I was just unsure, of how to kind of give a sensual message on the ground to a standing woman. It felt awkward, it was awkward.

I just kissed the top her foot, then the other, on all fours, my hands just used to hold my upper body up.

I looked up at her, but she just stared down at me expectantly. So, I kept kissing and moved to her calves. I pushed in closer and went from all fours to my knees as I started to rub them as I kissed and licked her shins.

I just rubbed and sucked and kissed, moving to her spread thighs, her pussy just above my head. She turned around and leaned against the wall.

"My quads and hamstrings are tired, rub them nicely for me baby. But keep up the kissing, it feels nice."

So, now I kissed her hamstrings and the back of her knees as I kneaded her thighs. She wasn't reacting too much, she was barely moving, now not even looking at me as she was facing the wall.

My hands were running all along her thighs, inside them, I could feel the heat from her pussy, I could just move up a few inches and slide my hand over her pussy, or a finger along her slit, but I knew that would be a terrible idea, she'd just get pissed, so I resisted.

She then said "good, now, lick my sweaty crack, get in my little asshole."

I put my hands on her cheeks as she pushed her butt out a little, wiggling it playfully for me as I pulled her cheeks apart gently, looking right at her puckered asshole and moist surrounding skin.

"Get in there, baby," she urged.

For the first time, I was very eager to do this and stuck my tongue out as I pushed my face into her ass crack. I felt her anus pulse, reacting as my tongue started to touch it.

I took a long lick along her crack, taking in my beautiful wife's natural taste, then I started to dance my tongue over her entrance, licking in circles, poking at the entrance, playing.

"You're really doing a good job, baby. I'm impressed, it feels so good."

She started to push into my face and I took that as I sign and started to push my tongue into her asshole, using lots of pressure and speed.

Soon, her own hand was on her clit and very quickly we got her off. I pulled away and she turned around, leaning against the wall and peeled off her top, looking at me, her face flush, her chest area red. Her knees were together, her legs a bit unsteady.

She looked dishevelled, but pleased as I just looked up at her from my knees.

"Stand up, take all those clothes off for me," she said in a sultry voice.

I stood up and she reached out to grab my waistband to pull me in close as I did it. I had to pry my underwear from my cock head with some attention because cum had stuck them together. But after that I was naked, inches from her body.

She stood up, no longer leaning on the wall, her nipples just barely pressed against my own chest.

"You did so good today baby, for everything." She pressed her whole body against me, it made my knees instantly weak, just feeling her body. Her hand found my dick and flipped it up, pinning it between our bodies, it was still soft because I had came not more than an hour before.

"I want you to kiss me, but, well you were just..." she trailed off then said, "but I can still kiss you."

She started to lick and suck on my neck, nipple on my ears, it felt so good, her hands over my body. Then one found my cock and she started to stroke it.

"Think I can make you cum again?"

"Only you can." I answered. She purred happily and kept stroking it.

"I love that you love my body even went it's sweaty and smelly, it makes me so hot to know you still like it."

"I always want you, every part." I moaned as she breathed softly in my ear.

She started to jerk harder now and she lifted her other arm over her head and said, "lick my armpit, if you want."

I wordlessly leaned in and licked her, as she moaned and jerked me harder, I was getting close and licked it again.

I looked into her eyes and hadn't seen them that satisfied by me in so long. She put her arm down and pulled me close again, she pushed my head so it rested on her breasts as she kept jerking me off.

The orgasm was building and I said, "I'm coming," and she held my head close with her other hand as she finished me. She pulled back and I saw that she had caught most of it, it was a small amount and she had me lick it off her palm and then she got us some water and we curled up on the couch and she sat on my lap and leaned against me, it had started to rain and we just listened to the rain for a while, barely moving, her beautiful body, her sweaty, beautiful body was wrapped around mine, her hair right under my nose. It was an hour later before Beth pulled away and suggested we finally shower.

For months after that, things were going really, really well. We were moving in the milder direction of her control for the first time in forever. I was out of my cage once or twice every week. I still basically did what she told me, careful to keep her happy, but in doing so I was greatly rewarded. When she let me out, she was back into giving me great orgasms, her naked body against mine as she'd rub my dick and take a long time building up an orgasm in me and they always felt so good. I enjoyed orgasms so much more now that they were so rare and inaccessible.

It felt like an equilibrium had been reached, and honestly, it was a spot I could tolerate at this point. I was more relaxed, she wasn't cheating on me, embarrassing me, I hadn't been hit.

One day Beth told me she got invited to her friend's sorority fraternity camping weekend, not Alie's, another girl, since that day I hadn't heard much about Alie, and said we should go.

Beth was a pretty good camper, going with her family when she was a kid, while I had never gone, I didn't know what I was doing with tents and stuff, but I agreed to go, as it was only a night and sounded more like a beach party with drinking and passing out anyways.

The morning before we left, I had a great time as Beth let me out of my cage in the morning, then let me beat off in the shower to her wet, writhing body. Later in the morning, she came out into the living room and put her yoga mat down and stripped naked and in the sunlight in front of the widow did a long yoga session with a lot of sexy poses and she let me watch her and jerk off, I came two more times. The second time her back, her whole body was arched in this high curve like a bridge and she let me stand behind her and come on her tits and stomach, I had to lick it off, but it was awesome.

Then, she left the chastity off and said she expected me not to touch myself at all this weekend. She packed my chastity device though, just in case, and soon we left.

We got there around lunch as they were bbq-ing hot dogs and burgers and stuff. We ate and then set up our tent.

Beth basically just told me what to do, after that she ducked in and changed into a bikini, and had me lotion her up, she was the only girl in just a bikini, though a few others had just bikini tops on and tiny shorts, so she wasn't that out of place, except for the fact that her's was bright pink, tiny and she was 5'10" with long shiny hair, and just drew looks walking around.

In the afternoon I got into a game of football with the guys and the girls mostly just hung out drinking and chatting.

Dinner was again bbq and beers, when the sun was just starting to go down, they suggested we go to the lake for a swim.

We got to the beach and before anyone was in the water, a bunch of the girls, without warning, swarmed two girls and it became a pile of bikini girls but they emerged with the two girls bikinis in their hands, cheering, while the two girls lay on the beach naked, trying to cover themselves.

"New girls go naked." they chanted as the two freshman girls that joined that semester were getting up and trying to cover themselves around the 20 or so people that were staring and hooting at them. One had huge breasts, it was hard not to stare.

"Well, go get in the water," the sorority head said, then the guys ordered the 3 new guys to do the same, not willing to tackle and strip, I guess.

The rest of the group put out beach towels and stuff along the shore, just as me and Beth had ours set up, a good looking frat guy came over, followed by two girls.

The guy said "Beth, you coming in?"

"I don't know, am I a new girl?" she said with a mischievous grin.

He laughed, "No! You're a guest, a friend, don't worry, no one will take your suit. Though you can always volunteer..."

"You'd let me do that?" Beth said, very flirtatious. She stood up and said, "because I got the volunteer award in elementary school," and to my shock, she whipped her bikini top off, showing her boobs, she then said to me casually, "baby, get my bottoms," so hiding my shock and knowing not to refuse, or else it would be worse, I tried to act like this was a normal thing as I knelt up and just pulled the two ties on her hips and took off her bottoms for her, leaving her naked for everyone to see with the other girls shrieking in shock and the guy looking over her now bare body.

"Like what you see?" Beth said, making strong eye contact.

"Yeah, obviously."

"I showed you mine."

He laughed. "No way, I'm not that easy."

"Chicken, what about you two?" Beth said to the girls, "Come on, do it with me."

They turned to leave and the guy said, "you coming too?"

Beth said right away, "no, he's staying here. Grab my top for me, please, baby, thank you."

And then they dashed down to the beach, as the other two girls were stripping as they went and Beth's toned legs and ass were admired by me and that guy as she jogged down to the beach and he walked slowly behind. They were loud and drawing looks from everyone as they finally got into the lake.

I wasn't that far from the water, less than 100 ft. So I could see what was happening pretty well, and there were about 30 people spread out in the waist deep water along the shore. The two naked by force girls were off deeper, up to their chest, obviously to hide out somewhat, while everyone else, including Beth and her two naked friends were at waist level.

There was lots of yelling and laughing from everyone, it looked fun, I wish Beth hadn't kept me back here.

I watched as Beth was very frolic-y and playful, she was very active, splashing around, playing, pushing, and it would be one thing normally with her good friends, but now she was naked and she barely knew anyone, most people were almost strangers to her.

It was very hard to watch my naked wife instigate wrestling matches with these guys, bear hugging them, swimming behind them and tugging on their trunks, sometimes even trying to pinch a guys nipple during a play fight, then the guy would wrap his arms around her body, around her breasts even and throw her into the water. I watched her jump on a guys back and wrap her legs around him, I could just imagine her pubic hair up against his body, it felt so wrong to me.

There was a little floating dock with a diving board on it out a bit further that she liked to go on, get up naked in all her glory and jump back in.

She was just a ball of energy, constantly touching and grabbing. The amount of times she was tangled up with a guy and he copped a feel of her tit or ass, or I feared what else, under the water, it was way too many times. And she did it all knowing I was watching. She loved to jump on a guys back, wrap her legs around her waist and hold around his neck and drag him under with her.

I was completely stunned when she sat on a guy's shoulders, completely naked for a game of water chicken against one of the other girls she had convinced to go naked. I couldn't take it, I almost went back to the tent, but I couldn't look away.

Finally, it was getting dark and cool, so she came out of the water, most people were. Beth walked over to the cooler in front of everyone to grab a fresh beer then came over to me, kissed my forehead and dried off with the towel.

She said "Come on, let's go have a beer with everyone."

"What about your suit?"

"They've already seen it all now, it's fun."

She brought her towel, but used it to just dry out her hair. None of the other girls were out of their swimsuit now, even the new recruits were dressed again. Only Beth wasn't. There was a tiny tree stump, kinda rough, but I sat on it while Beth grabbed us some beers and sat on my lap, knees together leaning forward to get in the conversation.

She got a lot of attention and enjoyed it, it was a fun group. But slowly, people started to break off from the fire area, it was getting late, and Beth said, I'm going to go use the porta-potty, I'll meet you in the tent?"

I said "Sure," and she handed me her towel and headed off buck naked, while I went back and got her bikini and some other stuff from our spot on the beach and headed into the tent.

It must have been 30 minutes since and Beth hadn't returned, so I got out and went back to the fire where only 4 people were left and asked if they had seen Beth, they said they had and said where she went, but it was just a general direction, over on the other side of the beach, there were lots of tents in the area.

I walked along the tents slowly, trying to hear her voice. I didn't want to go knocking on random tents looking for her, so I went back to my tent, waiting for another 20 minutes or so and did it again, I did it 3 more times, the people at the fire must have thought I was such a loser as I kept walking past them, I stopped when it was the middle of the night and just stayed in my tent, fearing what she was doing, resigned myself that I couldn't do anything anyways and just lay there feeling sick in my stomach.

She finally got back in and I greeted her and said, "where were you, I thought you were coming?"

"I just hung out with some friends, no more questions, I had fun today, don't ruin it." She climbed into the sleeping bag with me.

We went to bed, and of course I barely slept, smelling her, trying to tell myself I was imagining she smelt more sweaty or musky or something.

When we woke up, we both put our swimsuits on, Beth had the same pink one she wore so briefly yesterday.

There was lots of snack and stuff for breakfast, and after that we were going to have a beach volleyball tournament, coed 2 player teams, and the winners got to be bosses for the night, while the very last place losers had to surrender their clothes. I thought we were in good shape, I wasn't terrible and Beth was amazing, she didn't play on the school team, but she was around that talent level, I thought we had a chance, and we just had good teamwork.

Of course, almost instantly I realized how stupid my thought process was, of course, she had no interest in being my teammate, but teamed up with a guy she had been hanging off of naked in the water and everyone groaned as they saw the tall athletic pair and assumed the worst about their own chances.

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