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He's a Mystery


As Julie lay sleeping, lost in dreams of playing on a white sandy beach somewhere sunny, a sound woke her. She opened her eyes to look up sleepily into the shadowy face of a man. His hand came down to cover her mouth and stifle the sound of her terrified screams. She grabbed his wrists and pulled at them. No matter how much she tugged, he would not let go. Julie began to kick as the oxygen seemed to dwindle, and she began to feel lightheaded.

The sound of his soft laughter curled around her ear as she felt him crawl up onto the bed beside her. Struggling harder, Julie almost twisted out of his grasp. His laugh became a snarl and she heard the click before the cold metallic feel of handcuffs registered around her wrist as he jerked her arms up to the post of her canopy bed. She begged him to release her just as the second click was heard.

The man moved back off the bed and began to pull off his clothing. Julie begged him not to hurt her, but he never responded. She began to tremble in terror as she heard the sound of a zipper opening. The loud thud of his shoes being tossed onto the floor at the foot of the bed seemed to echo through the room, and then she felt the mattress shift again. Julie opened her mouth to scream, and a knotted silk scarf was quickly shoved into her mouth and tied behind her head.

She began to kick again, so he straddled her thighs to hold her down. She tried to buck up against his body hoping to throw him off, but he only laughed. Then he grasped the neckline of her gown and ripped downward, as the front separated easily. His hands slid inside and began to knead her bare breasts. His fingers finding and slowly rolling her tender nipples between them.

Julie went completely still, afraid that any further movement on her part would make him handle her rougher. At that point he spoke for the first time.

"Good, very good!" he whispered, "I can either hurt you, or not. It all depends on how well you behave."

Leaning down he licked across her lips around the gag. She looked up, eyes wide. The shadows were so thick she could barely make out the shape of his face. His body lifted up and for just a moment, she breathed a sigh. But, her relief was short-lived as he finished tearing the gown open and spread the ragged sides back to give him an unhindered view. Then he stretched out on top of her completely exposed body.

He bent his head and left a trail of nibbling bites across her shoulder. Placing the heel of his hand under her chin, he pressed her head back, baring her throat. His lips moved across her skin until he reached the other shoulder. His hands moved back to her breasts, thumbs once again stroking back and forth across the sensitive skin around her nipples.

One knee pushed down and separated her thighs. The other knee followed and with one swift movement, forced her legs apart as his hips lowered. Julie moaned to feel the head of his swollen cock pressing against her opening. He moved gently, rubbing along the slit that seemed to be growing damp.

He softly said, "I will have you. Nothing you can do or say will stop me. You should just lay back, relax and enjoy me. Because I intend to enjoy you."

She watched as his mouth lowered to her breast. His tongue slid out and she jumped to feel it curl around her nipple, just before it disappeared between his lips. The gentle drawing she felt at her breast caused a curious tingling sensation. Before she realized it, her hips shifted and Julie felt, rather than heard, the soft rumble of his pleased laughter. She tried to stop but, couldn't help the moan that filtered out around the gag.

The feel of his hand moving down between her legs caused her to stiffen again. But when his fingers began to toy with her clit, she jerked against them. They moved slowly up and down the length of her slit, lightly teasing. Her eyes drifted closed and she whimpered around the gag. The feeling of pleasure coursing through her only intensified as his mouth moved to the other nipple. The feel of his lips and teeth nibbling on the puckered nub made her body flush hotly.

He reached up and slipped the gag from Julie's mouth. As it pulled free, he covered her mouth with a deep kiss. Her arousal was so complete that she no longer thought about being restrained. He reached up and released her hands. They fell immediately to his shoulders, pulling at him. His hand guided the head of his cock between the slick lips of her aching opening, and slid deep into the damp heat. The sigh that came from her flowed into his mouth, winding around his tongue.

He began to move slowly but steadily against her. Bringing the head almost to the edge of her quivering hole before thrusting back into her. Julie's mystery man began to pump in and out of her in a slow, but ever-increasing, rhythm, her body moving to match it. His mouth moved slowly from her lips ... down across her cheek ... licking her neck ... onto her shoulder. His teeth bit her shoulder gently, not to hurt but to mark her as his. Large, strong hands cupped her breasts, his thumb and forefinger teasing the hard nipples.

In the back of her mind, Julie knew she should struggle against what this man was doing to her. But it felt so good, she couldn't. Julie could feel the approaching orgasm getting closer and closer. Her breathing grew harsher and the escaping moans a little more shrill. Somewhere in the back of her mind, his pleased groans registered.

He began to whisper against her ear, "cum for me, beautiful ... cum all over my cock".

She opened her eyes and looked up to plead with him for more. His lips kissed and suckled her earlobe. Warm air drifted across her neck as he gasped and moaned his arousal. Suddenly it hit, a hard, full-blown orgasm. Julie couldn't breath as her body stiffened under him and began to jerk violently against his body.

Helplessly she screamed over and over again. He raised up and watched her moving under him. Her fingers curled against his chest, nails biting into his skin. With a shudder he began to fill her body as he pressed deeper and deeper between her quivering thighs. Julie lay limply under the mysterious man, panting as she looked up, searching the shadows for his face.

He whispered close to her lips, "I will come back for you, lover. You belong to me now."

Julie didn't try to stop him as he covered her trembling body with the sheet. She didn't speak as he bent to gather his clothes. She didn't scream, or dial the phone as the French doors closed behind him. She merely touched the kiss bruised lips, and then stroked her fingertip over the tender nipple still tingling from his touch. Julie turned over onto her side, and drifted off to sleep wearing a satiated smile.

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