tagGay MaleHe's All Mine

He's All Mine


Not another night of going to bed knowing I could never get to sleep with my hard throbbing cock keeping me awake. I just couldn't take it; not again. Next to me she lay there, I could feel myself boiling over in frustration, as she was completely oblivious to my desires.

Years of dissatisfaction and sexual incompatibility, she was driving me crazy with unfulfilled desire. What had ever possessed me to decide to be with her? I knew she was a 'good girl' when we had started along life's path together. And finally my aggravation towards her was now extremely unhealthy for me, and certainly for her too.

I needed release from my sexual hindrances. No more feminine blockages. No more being pussy drip fed. I needed to do something that would take away the lustfulness of my burning sexual desires in a permanent solution. My sexual irritation, that had kept me awake half the nights of my adult life, must surely be solved if I could find a man who matched my unrestrained state of lust.

I had asked myself so many times recently, "what was the point of being married or pretending to be only interested in women if you never have enough sex to feel fulfilled?" How could I have ended up with a wife who simply wanted to be with me, to worship me, and who seemed content to share my bed like friends? How was that possible?

Even as a young child I wasn't asexual -- which is fairly normal anyway. What had possessed me to actually turn my wife into a nuisance to me being satisfied? I had ended up with someone whose very existence stopped me from achieving my true sexual potential as an animal and person. It was wrong of me to be disappointed in her when I contributed to foster the dissatisfaction of our lack of lust, and what was wrong with her to actively participate in an act which was complacently destructive of us?

Like so many before me, I was a middle aged man lost in his discontented desires and seeing myself as a lost soul in life's guide book of restless lustful indulgence. I was too normal or could others see something wrong within me? Defeated by my sex's ineptitude and the random trickiness of females -- I just never could enjoy the 'kiss me but don't touch me there'. My maleness delighted in the maze of my truth. To gratify my true sexual self I knew I needed to get my organic sexual organ buried deep inside some hot flesh and pleasure why senses.

Yes, oh yes, the years of frustration weld up inside me. The anger burnt like a wildfire inside me blinding me to the side of my sexuality that I had so often tried to embellish. Women what was the point of chasing them anymore as they only delivered me frustrating dissatisfaction? It was distorted but it felt like they only wanted to play with your mind and leave my lustful physical needs groping in darkness -- my cock hot and bothered as it withered in discontented distractions of nothingness. What I had so lately come to realize was I really needed something that I had long hidden from myself, and it was an answer that I had long tried to resist. My own desires would no longer be the victim of an unauthorized incarceration instead I would indulgent myself in a gorgeous succulent man who equally shared my passionate joy and sexual yearning!

How could I deny myself? For some time I had been pretending it wasn't me but now I knew it was exactly what I needed and wanted.

I thought about the phone number I had written down and that was now in my pants pocket. I slowly eased myself out of our bed and crept downstairs to find that phone number. I knew she would never miss me! I had taken to sleeping in the bed in our spare room so often these days that she would just assume I was off to my hide-away bed again.

I quickly found the piece of paper with the phone number on it. Then I grabbed my phone and I prepared a text message from the number I had written down yesterday when I was in the Footscray public toilet [at night]. It was a gamble but I was a desperate man. It was so whimsical to send a text message to the man that I had never met before; I was half expecting that I would be left to drink hot chocolate and watching repeats of the world cup soccer matches on SBS that night [rather than getting a response].

Disappointment was not my dance partner this night. Unbelievably, yes, almost immediately I had a response to my message. And he was telling me to meet him in half an hour just outside the Spotswood Railway Station. That wasn't too far away! My yearning for him grew stronger as I knew I'd be seeing him very soon. I was consumed with desire. Try as I might I was only a playful toy who couldn't resist the temptation of rubbing my throbbing cock through my pants, just thinking about what I wanted to do to him.

I went to the cupboard in the spare bedroom. These days most of my clothes were in this room -- well I did use it almost every night these days. Sleep was no longer a friend and I couldn't find sleep unless I played with myself. Thankfully tonight wouldn't be one of those nights where I wouldn't need to give myself 'self satisfaction' because I would be gifted with the live version of my fantasies.

With nothing to foil my plan, I dressed myself in jeans and T shirt. As luck would have it, my bathroom had a door to the outside - it was close to the pool. As I headed out the door I grabbed my keys for the car that were on the kitchen bench. Quietly I let myself out the side gate, and walked out to the front of the house where my car was parked across the road. I opened the car and started the engine. It felt like the blockages to my real life were falling away as I drove away from my prison of unfulfilled desires.

It didn't take me a long time to get to our meeting point. From my intimate knowledge of the area I knew exactly where he would be. I parked next to the station and looked around. And, there he was just looking as I'd expected.

He looked so youthful, probably not much more than 25, but so beautifully slender and full succulent lips. Even just thinking about him was making my cock engorge further and throb.

I pulled up next to him, lowered the window on my driver side, and asked him "are you Trev?"

He smiled at me; that smile had me swooning, and said "yes, but only if you have a big fat cock to fuck my butt with."

I laughed and told him, "don't be silly, of course I have, so get in. And if you don't believe me why don't you come over here and have a close look for yourself."

I knew he could check to see whether my big fat throbbing cock would pass his inspection once he was inside my car. He walked around to the front passenger side of my car and opened the door. Watching him gracefully slide into my car was a lovely sight. Once he had himself on the front passenger seat he looked up at me and into my eyes.

"You're gorgeous," I blurted out in an undignified manner.

He look at me and said, "what do you want to do? Help yourself to anything you see that you'd like to have fun with."

I couldn't restrain myself for my passion for him was burning like a raging inferno. I leant across into his arms and kissed him hard on his silky soft lips. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to me, and as I did I felt my lust for his body engulf me completely.

He was so gorgeous, with his flowing wavy hair personifying his youthful handsome features. Looking at him and his soft delicate flesh inspired me to caress his face and press my lips against his.

My wife constant sarcastic rebuttals to my night time pleas for intimacy was unnoticeably receding into the back of my mind, and I knew that Kev's body would ensure it would not be long now before it would be completely forgotten as I sailed along in the beauty of his delightful body.

Again I felt my flood of passionate desire overtake my mind and body, and it was driving me to ignore my own inexperience with other men and to fulfill my lustful needs with Kev. I had to have him naked and consume his flesh soon!

I drove around to the Spotswood Football Ground car park. It would be dark and empty at this time of night; or should I say early morning. As I pulled my car up as close as possible to the entrance to the golf course I knew I was about to fulfill one of my darkest long cherished desires.

Maybe if I could start by quickly satisfy my raging lust for his body, then later on we could take ourselves to my retreat to partake of some more sensual intimate time. But right now all I wanted was to suck his hard throbbing cock. I leant over and kissed his delicious lips again and then I reached out with my right hand to feel how hard he was for me.

Yes, his hard cock was throbbing as I rubbed it through the front of his pants. I could smell his lust for me as I heard him moan in anticipation, knowing that my mouth would soon be engulfing his hard succulent cock. Success at last, as my sensational dreams were about to come true with this strikingly good-looking man!

I got hold of his pants and opened all the fastening pieces including the zipper of his pant, and then I asked him to lift his bum off the seat so I could removed his pants and underwear. Once that was done, I was tense with the expectation of what I was about to do to him.

My nostrils filled with the aroma of his lustful expectations of my desire for him. As I moved my head toward his enticing throbbing cock I could smell his youthful manly panting lust for our forthcoming ecstasy.

In anticipation of my success, I had also undone and removed my own pants and underwear so I could play with myself as I sucked his beautiful throbbing cock. I wrapped my hand around my own hard throbbing cock as his cock entered my mouth. His cock was so silky and smooth as I guided it into my mouth. He had a long thin cock that was delightfully juicy to suck on and lick like it was a huge all day sucker.

"It's a gorgeous cock and it's so delightfully tasty," I teased him.

As I closed my mouth around his cock, I used my tongue to run it along the tasty outside flesh of his hard throbbing cock. As I guided my tongue along his cock he made moaning noises.

"Ohhh, yes, you wonderful cock sucker, it's fantastic. Mmmmm, please, yes please I need more," he gasped and smiled at me.

Abundant as my lust was for him, I made an effort to find the most sensitive spots on his cock so that I could concentrate my efforts on giving him as much pleasure as he could endure. Finally I licked all over his cock and thereby reached the top of his silky inviting cock. I guided my tongue around the top of his hard pulsating cock and generously licked in a circular motion across the top of his cock.

Finally I used my teeth to gently tease the underside of the crown of his lovely fresh and succulent cock. It was such a delight to be enjoying time with someone who wanted me as much as I wanted them.

As I was sucking him, I was slowly playing with my own throbbing hard cock. And while my cock was so much larger than his, just at present he had no idea how much pleasure lay ahead for us. While I was enjoying our play time together, I hoped we could lie in each others' arms in a more comfortable place soon.

Just now I wanted to slowly ease my huge fucking cock into his soft and enticing arse. To make him scream with ecstasy as I made him cum by roughly fucking his wonderful and succulent butt. And as I thought about this I could feel myself growing larger as I played with myself. Unfortunately our current circumstances did allow that pleasure.

His cock was throbbing uncontrollably now as my lips locked his cock into my taunt mouth. He reached out and pushed my head hard against his cock so that he could ensure I wouldn't take my moth away when he shot his full load of cum into my mouth. He needn't have worried, I wasn't going to do that, I wanted my first time with him to be unrestrained and wild. Yes that would be so totally and completely in contrast to what I might expect inside the home of marital irritation.

I redoubled my efforts as I was working my mouth up and down his juicy lovely cock that was all mine. My tongue was working as hard as possible to roughly flick across the top of his wonderful cock. I ran my teeth gently up the full length of his cock. And then I wrapped my lips around the top of his cock and used my tongue to whip the top of his cock with my tongue. I could taste his gorgeous succulent pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock and swimming inviting into my welcoming mouth.

Delightfully I felt his who body tense, and I knew I was about to get proof that he was right into my technique of cock sucking. Yes here it was, my proof!

"Yes, yes, yes, yessss, Mmmmmmm, do it more. More and more. Please, lick me. Suck me dry," he begged me.

He was shooting load after load of his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all, and as I did I used my hand to roughly play with the top of my own cock at the same time. The erotic tension of having his cock to play with in my mouth and him shooting cum, while I tortured my own cock without any thought of gentleness meant I was rewarded with enough stimulation to send me towards my own orgasm.

I could feel my seed bursting out of my cock, flying across the seat of my car. The release, oh how I welcome the shattering release of my fabulous climax.

Gratefully I cleaned him up with my tongue. That was just superb! But I needed so much more from my beautiful young man.

After he had recovered from his orgasm I asked him, "that's was fabulous what about I take you to a hideaway of mine that is almost close by. I need to have some more fun with you!"

"Sure! Sounds great to me," he smiled.

We headed off to my favourite place in Carlton; where I could hide away from the world who wished to keep me as its 'middle class married dad'. In the back of my mind I felt a substantial shift in my view of how my world was situated. I knew I'm never wanted to go home to my boring frigid wife after this night of delightfully satisfying lust.

This was the one experience that I had dreamt of for so long. It was painful that it had come into my reality, but my world had changed forever, and I knew I was no longer an ugly duck but rather a beautiful swan.

I now had someone I could truly love and who would share my lustful desires for fulfilling my unrestrained sexual fantasies. I leant over and kissed him. I couldn't really stop myself I was just kissing him uncontrollably as I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

Why had I taken so long to find what I needed so much? There wasn't really any hurry was there? So I just sat there with him, in the car, kissing him and caressing his enticing body. I knew deep inside myself that soon we would be lying in each others' arms in a warm and cozy bed to keep us safely together away from the cruel world that often seemed to hate us for simply who were are.

I looked forward to our first full night together; as most of that night lay ahead for us. As we would be joined together as we continued our lustful embraces and physical manifestation of our inward desires for each other. He really was just the most beautiful and desirable man for me; a dream come true for me!

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