tagInterracial LoveHe's Got to Have It

He's Got to Have It


A college campus provides the setting where wants and desires are sometimes satisfied, and the people involved in this story are real, although the names have been changed to protect the absurd.

Submitted in the interracial category, but also would fit in the humor/satire or anal categories as well.


Knock knock!

The loud rap at the door startled Felicia, who had been thoroughly engrossed in her studies for so long that her butt was almost stuck in the chair. She got up and went to the door and looked out the peephole, where her roommate Heather's boyfriend Raymond stood, looking around anxiously.

Raymond. Felicia's heart did a little skip as she fumbled with the chain on the door before opening it up.

Raymond. Heather's boyfriend for the last few weeks. Lucky Heather. Having the star of the Union College football team for a boyfriend was so awesome. Of course, Heather was so pretty that she would naturally end up with a hunk like Raymond.

There were no football stars lining up for her, Felicia thought glumly. They went for the girls with the smoking hot bodies, not for the chubby chicks like her. Maybe there was a hot body under the extra 25 pounds or so that Felicia was carrying around, but she would have to lay of the pizza for a while to find out, and that hadn't be easy to do.

"Hi Raymond!" Felicia chirped as the door swung open.

"Yo baby. What up?"

"Nothing much. Just studying. Uh - like Heather is at the library," Felicia informed Raymond. "She said she'd be there until it closed. Like around 9 or so, I guess. She's way behind on her term paper."

"Oh," Raymond said, checking his watch and looking around the room. "Actually, I didn't come here to see Heather. Mind if I come in?"

Raymond had asked to come in, but was already passed Felicia as he slid into the room, his eyes darting around the tiny room as he entered.

"Oh - sure," Felicia said, stepping aside as he walked in, and closed the door behind him.

The room was small as it was, but when somebody the size of Raymond came in, he really filled it. About 6'2" and at least two hundred pounds, he had a commanding presence about him, along with the aura of being a big man on campus.

Fact was, Raymond wasn't actually a star on the team. He had decent enough numbers, and Heather always raved about him, but the team wasn't very good, and he hadn't had that great of a year either, but he still carried himself with the smugness and arrogance that suggested he was a lot better than he actually was.

This was mostly lost on Felicia, who was always enthralled whenever he would come to pick up Heather. He was so big and so muscular, and so black.

To have a black boyfriend - now that was something that was so wicked cool, Felicia thought, as she looked at Raymond. The very idea of such a thing was so exciting to her, and so ultra hip that it sent a chill down her spine, even though she knew that would never happen to someone as ordinary as Felicia felt she was.

It didn't stop her from looking Raymond over in a nonchalant way. He was wearing a black satin sweatsuit like he often did, and Felicia remembered back to that day when he came by and he was wearing a tank top and biking shorts. Oh man!

"So how you been baby?" Raymond asked.

"Me? Uh - I'm okay, I guess," Felicia stammered, surprised that Raymond was talking with her, since he usually just grunted and nodded at her when they met. "Heather, like she's at the library."

"I know baby, you told me that. Like I said, I wasn't here to see her. I came here to see you."

"Me?" Felicia squeaked in a voice that reflected how she felt. "Why me?"

"I was thinking that you and me should get to know each other. Know what I'm sayin'?"

Raymond moved next to Felicia, and she could smell his manly aroma as he sidled up close.

"What? I mean, like what are you doing? You're Heather's boyfriend!"

"No baby," Raymond said in a low growl. "Heather and me - we been having some problems. Know what I'm sayin'? Things is bad. Here, why don't we relax a little bit?"

Raymond pulled a joint out of his pocket and fired it up, taking a deep drag off of it before handing it toward Felicia.

"I really shouldn't," Felicia said, shaking her head at the weed. "I've got a lot of studying to do."

"What's the matter baby? Don't you like me?"

"Uh - sure I do," Felicia said nervously.

"It's because I'm black, isn't it?" Raymond asked. "You afraid my black will rub off on you or something? Don't want to put your mouth on something a black man had in his, right?"

"No, that's not it at all," Felicia answered, and then reluctantly reached out and took the joint from Raymond and took a hit off of it.

Felicia never cared much for smoking weed, and only did it when she felt socially pressured into it, much like this instance.

"That's good baby," Raymond said, his hand on her plump shoulder. "Thought you might be a racist or something."

"No! I swear," Felicia said, choking a little at the harsh smoke in her lungs. "I love African-Americans like you. I mean, like Snoop Doggy is the bomb, and so is 50 Cent - and Will Smith is so awesome too."

"That's more like it baby," Raymond said. "I was hoping you were hip to the scene, because I'm really hurtin' right now, and I need a friend. I just came over to get the $20 Heather owes me, because she breakin' up with me."

"Oh! I'm sorry to hear that," Felicia said. "Hey, why don't I give you the money that Heather owes you, and she can pay me back later."

"That would be real cool," Raymond said. "That way she won't get the chance to break my heart again and disrespect me, because I don't think I could take that."

"I'm sorry that you two are through," Felicia said, and was genuinely sorry that he wouldn't be stopping by anymore, because he was awesome eye candy. "What did you say Heather owed you? 20?"

"Uh - $30," Raymond said as he looked over Felicia's shoulder as she dug into her wallet for another 10 dollars. "That's great baby. Now, you said Heather wasn't coming back until after 9?"

"That's what she said."

"That's good, because that will give us a chance to get better acquainted. Know what I'm sayin', baby?" Raymond cooed in Felicia's ear just before breaking into song.

"I've been dreamin' about you all days, about doin' you in all ways. My mind is all messed up in a terrible funk, thinkin' about you and the junk in your trunk."

"What you think about that, baby?" he whispered.

Raymond was behind Felicia, her hand brushing the auburn curls off of her shoulder before gently kissing her neck, and her whole body shivered when she felt his wet lips on her skin.

"What do you mean?" Felicia said as her voice quivered. "You mean like to go out on a date?"

"We could do that sometime baby," Raymond agreed, letting his hand slide down the sleeves of her t-shirt and over her pale arms, his big black fingers gliding across her pale skin. "I was thinkin' more about you and me and now."

"I can't - I mean, this is all so fast," Felicia protested, taking a small hit of the joint Raymond brought to her lips. "Why are you interested in me all of a sudden?"

"Always been interested in you baby," Raymond confessed. "Every time I'd come over here I would say to myself, 'damn, that uh - Heather's roommate is so hot!'"

"Heather's roommate?" Felicia said, moving away from Raymond a step and almost losing her balance as the room spun a little. "You don't even know my name, do you?"

"Oh baby, now you disrespecting me too?" Raymond said, his eyes searching around the room desperately. "Can't believe you would think that little of me that you would say that I didn't know your name. I mean, that is some cold shit, you know what I'm sayin'? Why you diss me that way, uh...uh - Felicia!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Raymond," Felicia said apologetically, not noticing that Raymond's eyes had just noticed the magnetic sticker on the bottom of her desk mirror that announced her name in phosphorescent orange. "It's just that you never seemed to think I even existed before."

"Raymond notices everything, especially about fine lookin' females like you baby," he announced smugly. "Every time Raymond be coming over here, he been checkin' you out. I see you checking my shit out too, and don't deny it. Dig it? I mean, Heather was all right, but she's a skinny thang, you know? All bones and shit, and hardly no back at all."

"Heather's beautiful," Felicia said defensively of her friend and roommate, but had to admit that she had pleasured herself many times just thinking about Raymond in that tank top, with all those muscles and the tattoos - even that long jagged knife wound on his shoulder was cool.

"Yeah, but she's not as - you know - mature as you."

"But she's a junior, and I'm just a freshman," Felicia explained.

"That's not what I mean, baby," Raymond said. "Let me break it down for you. You really built, know what I'm saying? You really got the body of a woman."

Felicia felt Raymond's hand slide down from her neck, and with a motion so quick that she hardly felt it until it was over, Raymond had found the clasp of her bra right through the t-shirt and had popped it open.

Within seconds after she felt it lurch forward, Raymond had his arms around Felicia and had his hands up under her shirt, replacing her bra cups with his palms.

"Oh baby, you got some big cans on you," Raymond said, his breath hot on Felicia's neck as he roughly kneaded her pendulous breasts, and as he leaned against her, Felicia's knees felt like they were ready to give out on her.

"You liking this, ain't you baby?" Raymond hissed. "I know I'm liking it myself. Man, your jugs are so much bigger than Heather's, and I can feel your nipples getting so big and stiff too. These lungs are some serious shit! You got some whoppers on you, don't you baby?"

"Please don't," Felicia whimpered as her body shook.

"Tell me you don't like what I'm doing to your sweet sweater meat," Raymond challenged her.

"It's not that, it's just that this is all happening so fast," Felicia protested.

"Let me tell you how I feel about you," Raymond said softly, just before he began singing softly into her ear. "Let me tell you in a song. Let me paint you a picture with my words. Check this out baby," Raymond said as he introduced his ode to Felicia.

"Ever since our eyes met a few minutes ago, my love for you has just continued to grow. And all the feelings I'm feeling inside, are getting harder - much harder to hide."

"I can't," Felicia said as Raymond began scatting. "This is too fast. I'm not even dressed and I don't have any make up on."

"You look fine to me, and there's no time for that shit anyway. Don't you like me baby?" Raymond asked, nibbling her ear and he held onto her breasts from behind, inching the shirt and the undone brassiere up so they could both look in the mirror at his primal mauling of her tits.

"Yes, you're really a nice guy, but..."

Raymond lifted her shirt over her head and swung the bra off as well, and bent down to look in the desk mirror at the sight of her big white breasts in his starkly black hands. Felicia was embarrassed at the visible stubble under her arms from not shaving in the last couple of days, but Raymond seemed not to notice or care.

"You ain't a virgin, are you?" Raymond asked.

"No," Felicia whispered, thinking back to the two boys she had made it with during the last summer. Technically not a virgin, but not anything near experienced.

"Didn't think so," Raymond said, unsnapping Felicia's jeans and tugging them down her pale chubby thighs. "No way that a woman with a body like yours could keep all them guy's hands off of a prime piece of plump pussy like you for long."

Felicia felt helpless to resist Raymond as he got her jeans down, and his hand ran over the front of her panties, pulling on the stray hairs that peeked out from the elastic on the sides.

"Got a hairy one on you too, huh baby?" he commented. "That's alright. Raymond likes a pussy that's hairy. You wet for me too, aren't you?" he noted as he rubbed her hand over the cotton.

"I'm scared."

"No reason to be, baby. Oh, I know why. You never been with a black man before, right?" he asked, and chuckled when she shook her head no. "Well then baby, you got a treat in store for you. Can you dig it? Here, let me break it down for you."

Raymond reached down and grabbed the elastic at he top of his sweatpants and stretched them way out while pulling them down. Felicia gasped as she saw Raymond's cock spring out of hiding, swaying upwards like it was being jacked up mechanically. Up - up and out it swung, until it just swayed in front of him, bobbing slowly like a diving board.

"Omigod. This can't be," Felicia cried audibly, as Raymond grabbed her wrist and tried to bring her hand over to his manhood.

"Oh, it be, alright. What's the matter baby?" Raymond said. "Never seen one that big before? Let me tell you about my street name. On the street with my peeps, the handle is Tripod, and you can call me that from now on. Never mind that government name I got. Raymond? Fuck that shit! Now take hold of my stuff, girl. That's it. Let me give you what a woman like you deserves."

Felicia's hand was shaking uncontrollably as she grabbed him halfway up the shaft. It felt slick and almost muscular in her hand as he moved forward and backward while he rapped a soliloquy.

"I think uh - Heather's roommate is really Fonda, Raymond's big black angry anaconda, Sure thing that soon she'll leave her drool, all over my blue-steel fucking tool."

While watching Felicia at last begin pumping her fist on him, he suggested, "Here baby, why don't you get down there and show me how much you love my big black dick."

Raymond's hands moved Felicia down to her knees, and then grabbed her by the back of her head and moved her close to him. Her hands went up and grabbed the stiff spear, and opened her mouth as he pushed his log to her face.

"Oh that's it baby," Raymond moaned. "You white girls sure like to give head!"

Felicia gagged as Raymond tried to push all of him into her throat, and she defensively wrapped her fists around the base of his cock, which enabled her to control how much of him she sucked.

Raymond had her by the hair, pushing her head up and down his cock as he skull-fucked her, and grunted in a feral manner each time he slid into her mouth, with Felicia trying to catch her breath as she sucked on him.

"Oh that's good baby - take more of it," Raymond insisted. "That's it. Slobber all over than big boy. No need to be neat. Raymond loves bitches that drool on his tool. Here now, you've had enough of the meat - now chow on them potatoes for a bit."

Raymond pulled his cock out of Felicia's mouth and dropped it on top of her head while pushing her face into his scrotum. Felicia tried, but couldn't take either of the egg-sized balls into her mouth, so she dutifully lapped at the sweaty, salty sac as best she could, and when he had enough of that, he pulled her to her feet.

"Got to have it baby," Raymond declared. "Got to. Take them panties off."

"But I can't," Felicia protested, but tugged her own panties off nonetheless, just as directed.

"Sure you can baby."

"No, I mean I don't take birth control," Felicia explained.

"Ain't gonna need none," Raymond explained, and moved her over to her bed.

"Do you have - you know - condoms?" Felicia asked as Raymond put her on all fours, glancing at his watch nervously as he kicked off his sweats.

"Condoms?" Raymond sneered derisively as he waved his cock at Felicia. "Where the fuck am I gonna get a condom to fit on this pussy piledriver? Need a damn Hefty bag for this motherfucking thing. Now play with your pussy - reach down and play with it."

Raymond reached down and stuck a couple fingers in Felicia's dripping pussy himself and wiped the wetness on the tip of his spear. He reached forward and grabbed the plump cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her tan puckered ring.

"Damn, you got some crazy mudflaps here, baby. Stupid junk in the trunk! Love this big ass of yours, and gonna love it a lot more right now. How you like this?"

Felicia cried out as Raymond stuck his index finger deep into her anus, and she cried out louder when a second finger joined it.

"Damn, you got a nice tight asshole," Raymond remarked. "Now just relax and play with your pussy while I sink some of my stuff into you."

Raymond brought the tip of his cock up to the moist entrance of her ass, and slowly but forcefully slid the crown of his tool into her.

"No! Please. It hurts!"

"Play with that pussy baby, and relax. You know you want it as bad as me. OH YEAH!" Raymond howled at the head of his member suddenly popped into Felicia, and he was able to slide a little deeper inside her tender cavity.

"Hurts," Felicia said. "Please. You're too big."

"What's too big for you, baby?"

"You - your cock."

"Say it. Say it all together," Raymond demanded. as he slowly began thrusting in and out of her ass.

"Ow," Felicia said. "Say what?"

"Say my cock is too big for you. Say my big black cock is tearing your lily-white ass up," Raymond snarled as he grabbed a hand-full of her hair and pulled back on it. "Say it loud so that your neighbors will know what you're getting in here. Make them jealous as a fuck! Say it!"

"Your cock - is - too big," Felicia gasped as Raymond probed her with short fast thrusts.

"Only got half of it in you so far, baby," Raymond snapped. "Tell me how it feels. Loud!"

"You're tearing my ass up - with - big black cock - my lily - white ass - anaconda - arrrgh!" Felicia choked out, and she kept repeating the words he wanted to hear until it became an even more incoherent and guttural mantra.

Soon the only sounds in the room were Felicia's babbling and Raymond's feral grunting each time he slammed deep into her bowels. He kept pounding into her without mercy until he suddenly let out a loud and animal-like growl as jets of his seed spurted forcefully into her abused orifice.

"UH - UH - UH!" Raymond grunted as he kept blasting spunk into her ass until he was drained.

"Damn, that was fine," Raymond said as he climbed off of Felicia's body after her knees had finally given out, and she fell face first on the bedding, arms and legs akimbo as she limply sprawled across the bed. "Maybe I'll call you sometime, and we can go kick it and chill, you know what I'm saying? See ya."

The door clicked shut behind him, and as he went singing his way down the hallway, Felicia lay on the bed as her body throbbed in discomfort.

It was an hour later when Heather opened the door, and when she entered the room, she started complaining about the door being left unlocked, until she saw Felicia's body face down on the bed, legs and arms still akimbo.

Running to her roommate's bedside, she feared the worst and was relieved to see that her friend was alive, even if slightly less than well.

"Girl, what happened to you?" the usually chipper blond asked of Felicia, her face reflecting the concern about her friend. "Did somebody break in? Were you..."

"No, nothing like that," Felicia whimpered softly.

"What happened then?"

"He - he - he stopped by, and I thought he was here to see you," Felicia began slowly, before beginning a breathless retelling of the evening's events. "He said that he was really here to see me - he said that you two were through and he only wanted his 30 dollars back and so I gave it to him, and then he said that he was really interested in me all this time."

"Slow down Felicia. You aren't making any sense," Heather interjected, as she began carefully cleaning up the damage that was clearly evident on her friend's naked backside, but Felicia was still breathlessly excited.

"He said he thought I was real hot all along and that I had big boobs and awesome mudflaps and he had always wanted me and I told him that I was your friend but he said he had to have it and you guys were through and I said I didn't take the pill but he said I wouldn't need it so he put it - you know."

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