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He's In Charge


She walks in wearing the surprise he'd left in a gift wrapped box. Laced stockings snake up her smooth legs, fastened around her thighs like he wishes his hands were.

There's a small window of smooth skin before the belt around her hips, secured to the silky red panties. She's giving him a playful smile, standing in front of him.

He's wearing most of a suit, minus the jacket that's draped over the chair. His eyes run down her body, taking it all in. He motions for her to twirl and she does, flaunting that curved ass that fits her petite figure so well. The suspender belt frames it perfectly, emphasising what's already a perfect specimen.

On top, she wears a simple lacy bra, red too, that ties in a silk knot in her cleavage. It pushes her firm breasts together, like she does with her hands when she's sliding his cock in between them -

He shakes the image out of his mind for now; he's getting distracted and there's a lot to do first. He motions for her to come closer and she does, tiptoeing towards him. Her eyes bulge as the light catches the outline of his erection through his silver trousers.

Saying nothing, he wraps her in his large arms and pulls her in close; she's intoxicated by his aftershave, the smell of his hair product, the feel of his body around hers... They hold each other momentarily, savouring the calm before the storm, and he breathes in her scent; perfume, conditioner, skin lotion, everything combining to form a cloud of passion around them both.

Her hands run over his chest, through his shirt and waistcoat, and he delicately takes her hands and puts them down at her side, and lifts her chin to kiss her. He tastes her lip balm, and the warm sweet sensation of her tongue running over his. His stubbled jaw brushes her delicate skin and she shivers at the feeling.

Whilst they explore one another's mouths, his hands come up to his own neck and undo his tie with deft precision. He slips the tie over her head and down her back, where he stretches it out across the curve of her supple ass cheeks, using it like a bar to pull her in closer.

Her hands try to move for his cock but he knows how she thinks; his hands find her small wrists and he pins them behind her back, kissing her deeply as he does.

As he fastens the tie around her wrists, keeping them pinned at her lower back, her body starts to heat up with arousal. That aching moist warmth grows between her thighs, and her nipples harden beneath the exquisite lingerie. She can feel the burning desire to have him inside her -- and she knows he won't disappoint.

But first...

With her hands tied behind her back, she's his. Their bedroom is a comfortable mixture of masculine and feminine values: there's home-made wooden furniture decorated with stuff she's made by hand. It's lit by low, warm fairy lights and one very familiar lamp.

It's a place she feels infinitely comfortable, and she's with the one man she's always felt comfortable with. That's why, when he gives her a commanding kiss and pushes her down to her knees, she responds eagerly: they know each other better than most people know themselves, and they know how to please one another.

She's on her knees, looking up at him with those gorgeous big eyes, her autumn-coloured curls spilling over one shoulder. There's that burning eagerness in her eyes that he loves, and she sees the same in his.

"Tonight," he tells her, his voice low but powerful. There's a hint of playfulness in it, but a seriousness that turns her on. "I'm in charge. We're going to stick to a couple of rules..."

He tilts her head up, and undoes his black leather belt, sliding it out of his trouser loops with a hiss. He sits it on the bed for later.

"Rule number one," he smiles down at her. "Failure to do as I say gets you spanked. Hard."

She nods, biting her lip as he undoes the top button on his trousers and the zip. She can see the first hints of his erection bulging out of the top of his trousers through the material of his boxers.

"Rule number two," he strokes the back of her head softly, and she closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling as he toys with the sensitive skin behind her neck, and her ear. "If you behave yourself... if I decide you're a good girl, then you get five minutes at the end to do whatever you want to me."

She grins at this, and he slowly pulls his trousers down, gripping his erection through the material of his boxers. It stands out, silhouetted in the low light, inches from her face, from her open, waiting lips...

"Simple rules," he finally takes his cock out, letting it free, and the tip glistens with precum. "But break them, and..." he looks over at the belt. "Now," he runs his hand behind her head again, and says, "be a good girl."

With that, she eagerly lunges forward and wraps her lips around the hard shaft of his cock, keeping her eyes trained on his as he pumps her lips up and down on him. He groans in aching pleasure and massages the back of her head, letting her work her tongue down over the shaft, running it up the underside before plunging his cock back down into the warmth of her throat.

She opens her mouth and lets her tongue flick one last time over his helmet before she leans her head away, looking up at him, a single strand of saliva connecting them.

"Good girl," he says. "Stand up."

He puts his hands under his shoulders and helps her up gracefully, practically lifting her in one: she's half his height, after all. Pulling her in, he kisses her again and pulls away. Leaving her gasping and staring lustfully into his eyes, he calmly walks around the back of her, and runs his hands over her backside.

He makes a noise of approval, squeezing it, working in in his hands. She feels him press close against her, and run his hands around her body, holding her back against him. His hand runs down between her thighs and she finally feels his fingers on her body, stroking her aching, soaking pussy like only he knows how.

She shivers and her legs practically buckle. Throwing her head back on his chest, she lets out a low moan. His other hand, which had been massaging her ass cheeks, comes up to her face now and he gags her mouth with it, clamping it shut. She moans into it, bound and shivering against him, completely his.

Her bound hands find his throbbing cock, pressed against her back, and in her lust she grabs it and works it between her trapped fingers. He gasps in surprise and moans in pleasure, unexpectedly tensing up against her. He steps away and turns her around, grinning. Stopping halfway, when she was starting to buck her hips against his skilled hand, leaves her gasping and panting, red in the face.

"Ah-ah," he shakes a finger. "Breaking the rules there, darling. You know what that means."

He grabs her and throws her down onto the bed, on her stomach. Before she can move or protest, he puts an arm under his hips and lifts her onto her knees, before pushing her shoulders back down onto the bed. He grabs the belt, massages her ass, and then lightly slaps the leather across the soft skin.

She mews and tenses up, a red mark appearing instantly.

"Maybe only 3, since that's your first warning," he grins, and slaps the leather across her ass cheeks again. She gasps, but doesn't try to stop him.

"And one more," he says, and this one is harder. He puts the belt down and, as he rips off his shirt and waistcoat, runs one hand down under her thighs, and finds her quivering pussy again. He works his fingers over her clit, letting the silk panties soften his motions. It feels like he's eating her out with a tongue made of silk, and she shakes and breathes harder with every pump of his hand.

He finally gets out of his clothes, and stands behind her naked, his erection brushing her ass cheeks.

"Can't have you being a bad girl," he says. "I reckon you need to be punished for that..."

Rather than fucking her senseless like he wants to, he pushes her hips to the side and rolls her on her back, her hands still bound and helpless, and sees the love and the lust in her eyes.

He lowers himself between her beautiful thighs, kissing and biting the exposed skin above the stockings. She twists and writhes in pleasure as his biting, sucking lips gets closer and closer to that sweet spot that drives her wild.

Eventually, his skilled tongue, through the silk of her red panties, presses against her swollen clit and she arches her back. Knowing what she wants, he pulls her panties aside, and eagerly runs his tongue between her throbbing pussy lips, savouring the taste of her juices.

Hungrily devouring her clit, he sucks it between his lips and flicks his tongue over it, hard at first, then soft, then hard again... She bucks and thrashes, her hands still bound, cursing and swearing under her breath as her body trembles.

"Oh fuck-" she gasps, "-ohgod-" her back arches, "right there, fuck, right there..."

She falls silent as his tongue thrashes her clitoris, and then he feels her tense up, and under his lips he can feel her pussy throbbing with the rush of her orgasm.

She lets out a long, loud moan and he slows down as the aftershocks run through her body. Every time he so much as touches her pussy she shivers and jerks away from him.

He lifts himself up, admiring his beautiful, helpless woman in the afterglow of her climax, her exposed pussy still dripping wet, begging for him to enter it.

First, though...

He lowers himself onto the bed, kneeling between her stocking clad legs, and playfully runs his hard cock up and down between her pussy lips, never quite entering her despite her trembling begging,

"Please fuck me..." she whimpers, "please... fuck me hard...."

"Not yet..." he smiles confidently. His cock is soaked in her juices now, and he pushes her legs down and climbs up to her beautiful lips, parted and waiting. "First, I want you to taste yourself..."

She eagerly leans up, sucking her own juices off his throbbing cock, and he throws his head back in ecstasy. As she works her expert little lips over his erection, he reaches one hand back and runs it over her clit, causing her to jerk her hips again.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" he asks her.

She nods, unable to talk with his cock in her mouth.

"Maybe if you say please..."

She releases his cock and he begins to work his way down her body, kissing her neck and her ears, running his tongue over her chest. He undoes the ribbon and rips off her lingerie, revealing her petite breasts, and sucks and bites on her nipples.

"Please..." she gasps, lost in the pleasure.

"Please what?" he returns to her face, hovering over her whilst one hand toys with her pussy.

"Please fuck me..."

"Please what?" he asks more forcefully.

"Please fuck me hard, I've been a good girl..."

He gives her a long, deep passionate kiss. His tongue fights with his for dominance, they can practically hear each other's hearts beating. He's balanced between her legs, her hands bound behind her back, her pussy aching for him to just push forward into her.

"Please, please, please fuck me..." she begs.

"Well," he smiles, kisses her, and then leans forward and kisses her neck, whispering into her ear, "since you asked so nicely."

He slams his cock deep into her, and she cries out and wraps her legs around him.

"Fuck!" she cries out, her pussy burning with pleasure as he pushes her apart. She feels him deep inside her, like a deep, satisfying pleasure. It feels so right.

He pumps his cock hard and fast into her pussy, relentlessly pounding her. His hands lace around her head and he pins her down. She's helpless, unable to do anything but lie there and get her brains fucked out.

Slamming his erection up into her again and again, he hears her mumbling, cursing in whispers by his ear.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me, harder -"

He can only oblige -- he's lost in the moment too, hugely turned on, his cock more swollen than he can remember it ever being. Her legs pull him deeper into her, the angle letting him enter her fully, and her hips and legs begin to shake and tremble as he pounds her harder still, faster still.

Suddenly they're a blur, and she breaks her hands free of his bindings and throws her arms around him, digging her nails into his back, hanging on, clinging on as he fucks her into submission.

She feels her second orgasm, somehow more powerful than the first, shaking her entire body. Her head burns with the force of it, and she cries out,

"Oh fuck, you're gonna make me -- I'm going to -"

Then she screams and her pussy grips his cock as she climaxes, and he tenses inside of her and slows down, letting her ride the wave with every thrust and every shiver.

She goes limp, gasping for air, and he grins and nuzzles into her neck.

"You broke the rules..." he toys with her.

"Oh fuck your rules," she grins, and grabs him and pushes him onto his back. "My five minutes."

"Oh I don't think you'll need five minutes," he winks. "Not in those stockings..."

"Don't move," she whispers, and leans forward to kiss him whilst her other hand guides his soaked cock into her pussy once more.

She trembles again as he enters her, but she takes it slow this time. She knows just how to drive him wild. She rocks her hips so that the very lips of her pussy works the sensitive tip of his cock, letting him push just inside of her and no more, teasing him.

"Oh fuck..." he whispers, and tries to put his hands on her ass to pull her down and fuck her properly - and she playfully takes his hands and pins them above his head.

"Nuh-uh," she says. "You're going to lie back and let me fuck you just like this," she grins, "until you're almost ready to cum, when I lie forward and let you cum all over my ass and these panties..." she whispers this into his ear as she rides him, and feels him shaking and tensing at the thought.

She keeps his hands above his head, staring deep into his eyes as she works her pussy onto his cock and then off again, enjoying the look of utter agony in his face.

"You're going to...I'm going to cum..." he gasps as she wriggles her hips down onto her again.

"Are you?" she teases him. "Are you going to cum all over my perfect little ass?"

She finally sits up and lets her pussy fall onto his cock, driving it all the way up inside of her. He lets out a long, agonised groan and she jerks her hips back and forward three, four, five times, letting him savour the satisfaction of being completely inside of her -

Then she sees that unmistakable look on his face, and she quickly lifts herself off of him and leans over, letting his cock slap back against her ass as he explodes all over her back and her ass.

She reaches over her own back and massages his cock between her silk-clad ass cheeks and her soft hand, kissing his neck as he fires shot after shot of cum all over her.

Eventually, they both fall silent save for their heavy breathing. They smile, laughing as they kiss each other.

"Why," she says, "are we just the best?"

"We just are," he says, and kisses her back, pulling her in close.

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