tagIncest/TabooHe's Just Curious

He's Just Curious


The characters in this story are both over 18.


I have a sister who's several years older than me. When I was about twelve, like a lot of boys that age, I got into the habit of peeping on her. And, like it often does, it started when I accidentally saw her naked. It was very brief, but it stuck in my mind. After that, I took any opportunity I could to look at her.

She would sometimes catch me, and eventually went to our parents to do something about it. When she did, she said in my defense that I was probably just being curious. I didn't really know why I was compelled to look, so I told myself she was probably right.

Now, I'm in my twenties, and she's in her thirties. Our parents have moved to Colorado, and they gave us the house to do with what we please. We decided to spend the night, and maybe figure out what to do.

We arrived at the house in the afternoon, after having lunch en route from the train station. It was a hot summer day, and, as we came in, my sister announced she was gonna take a shower and change into something more comfortable. I decided to have a look around the place. As I was passing her room on the way to mine, I happened to notice her door was slightly ajar. I stared at that cracked open door, and some inner impulse pushed me to look inside.

I looked just in time to see her drop her jeans; her shirt was already off. As I watched her, my heart started pounding. She was just as I remembered, with her voluptuous figure and soft belly. I started to ask myself why I was doing this, when my sister took her bra off, revealing those luscious titties of hers, with those big, brown nipples and areola, and then took off her panties, showing off her shapely ass, and that beautiful natural bush of hers, and it hit me. I'm sexually attracted to my sister! That's what it always was! At this revelation, my cock started to quickly harden. Despite being unable to look away, I still fought back the bad thoughts, but they forced their way into my mind; thoughts of squeezing and sucking her tits, kissing my way down her stomach, and sliding my tongue inside her moist pussy. Eventually, she went into her bathroom, and I went to my room, sat on my bed, and waited for my heart to slow down.

That night, as we watched TV, my mind was deeply troubled. My sister noticed something was bothering me.

"You okay?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, what's wrong?"

"Uh, could you maybe turn off the TV, there's something I gotta get off my chest."

She turned off the TV. "What is it?"

"You remember when I used to peep on you?"


"And you told mom and dad I was just curious?"


"Well...when you were getting changed today...I was watching you."


"I just, uh, something just drove me to...Well, I realized something today. I...have a strong sexual attraction to you."

My sister was silent for a moment, deep in thought. "I...Part of me always kinda knew. I didn't say anything to mom and dad, because I didn't know how they'd react, and I hoped moving you to the opposite end of the house, so you couldn't peep on me anymore, might resolve it, like maybe it was a phase. It bothered me then, but now...I'm...kind of okay with it."


"Yeah. Also...and I know this is weird, but, if you want to have sex, we can do that."

"Wait, seriously?"

"Yeah. I mean, you're certainly not hard to look at, and, honestly, I'm kind of, well, curious."

"You...want to have sex with me?"

"If you want to. So...do you?"

"I..." I thought about it for what felt like an eternity. "...Yeah."

Slowly, and nervously, I leaned forward, and my sister leaned in, too. My lips were twitching as they touched hers, then they locked together, and before I knew it, her hand was caressing the back of my head, my hand was rubbing her shoulder, and both our tongues were inserted in each other's mouths. My hand moved down, and started groping my sister's breast, and her other hand clutched it. Through her shirt, I could feel how hard her nipple was. By now, my cock was so hard, I thought my fly might bust open. I moved down and started kissing my sister's neck, and she started to moan.

"Uhm, right there, darling."

Hearing her call me "darling" made me even hotter than I already was. My hand started to move down and up under her shirt.

"Hm, wait a second." She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, and took it off. I immediately grabbed her tits in both hands, and squeezed them, causing her to tilt her head back and moan, a little louder this time. I then leaned down and took one of them into my mouth, and started licking and sucking on her erect nipple, before moving to the other tit. "Oh, God, just like that, baby."

My sister started rubbing my thigh, where she encountered my throbbing cock.

"Hmm," she said, smiling, "Hang on, baby." She got on one knee in front of me, and unzipped my fly, as I took my shirt off. With my pants open, she pulled down my boxers, and my cock bounced out. "Hmm, nice!" She then leaned down, and sucked on my head a bit, before moving down, and wrapping her lips around my rock hard shaft. My sister proceeded to make sweet love to my cock with her mouth and tongue. Several times, I felt the orgasm approaching, but she backed off before it happened. My sister was good at this, and she looked incredibly sexy, giving me the most amazing blowjob ever. I could tell she was serious about making her younger brother feel really good.

Suddenly, I put my hand on her shoulder. "Baby, wait." My sister stopped, and looked up at me. "Let's switch." My sister got up, took off her pants and panties, and sat back down. I continued kissing her beautiful tits and sucking on her nipples, then kissed my way down her belly, rubbing my face on it, and licking around the rim of her navel. Before she even spread her legs, I could smell how wet she was. My sister was so wet, she was literally dripping. I moved down, and started licking the juices off her pussy.

"Ooohh, fuck, that feels good!" I could see her squeezing her tits, and biting her lip, as I licked and sucked up her pussy juices. I then stuck my finger in her hole, and began slowly licking around her now hard clit, and she started jerking her hips. "Oh! Oh God! Right there, baby!" I intermittently pulled my finger out, and sucked her juices off it, then reinserted it, and continued licking her throbbing clit. When her hips started bucking rather than jerking, she called out, "Put your cock in me, baby! God, fuck me!"

I got up on one knee, and pressed my cock against her pussy. My sister moaned and even groaned a little as I pushed it in, and then started to slowly thrust in and out. I couldn't believe this was happening; I'd gone from trying to sneak a peek at my sister's tits, to watching them bounce up and down while I fucked her. "Ooohh, fuck!" Her face was screwed up, as I went faster. "Oh, God, I'm coming!" I slowed down, to let her catch her breath. Breathing hard, she said, "Sit down. I wanna ride you."

My sister straddled me, and I guided her onto my cock. As she rode me, her tits were right in my face, so I started sucking on them again. "Mmm, you just love my fucking tits, don't you?" She rode a little faster. "God, I wish you knew how good this feels. Hmm, kiss me, honey." We again locked lips. We thrust into each other until my sister once again came. She leaned her forehead against mine, again catching her breath. We were both sweating profusely by this point. "That's twice." She paused for breath. "You haven't even cum once."

"I'm just having so much fun making you cum."

"Well, now, it's your turn. How do you want it?"

"On the floor." My sister lay down on the floor, and I got on top of her. I once again inserted my cock in her, grabbed hold of her pillowy ass-cheeks, and started thrusting into her, slow, then fast. As I sped up, my sister was practically screaming, and was digging her nails into my back, so hard I thought she might break the skin. Eventually, I felt it approaching; my cock started to contract, and then, finally, I came probably the most I ever have inside her pussy. Once everything quieted down, we kissed again, even more passionately than before.

After we caught our breath, my sister said, "God, can you imagine what mom and dad would say if they walked in right now?"

"They probably wouldn't be happy about it." We both laughed, and then kissed again.

While we were there, me and my sister fucked several more times, including in the shower. I thought her tits were beautiful before, but then I saw them all wet and soaped up. Since then, we've become regular sexual partners, and my sister swears I'm the best she's ever had. And I don't even need to tell her she's the best I've ever had.

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by horny2doit04/08/18

Yes, I have heard from friends years back in school how hot siblings can become and even after marriage many continue to get together and have had sex as often as possible. In any case, I hope you writemore...

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by Anonymous09/14/17


It was very brief. Try something a little more involved now.

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