tagInterracial LoveHe's the One Ch. 02

He's the One Ch. 02


Taylor didn't have much time to think about Jung-Su leaving, all she could think about was when and where they would have sex next. One hit of him and she was addicted, he was her oxygen, her food, her sleep and her water. She was convinced that as long as he was in her, touching her in some capacity she could survive without all the other necessities of life.

Jung-Su could go for hours which made Taylor a firm believer in all the food in Korea aimed at men claiming to increase stamina. Before it had been utter bullshit but now she didn't doubt any of it! She couldn't pick her favourite position. She had always liked doggie style but for some reason it was her least favourite with him. Not because it didn't feel good because it certainly did but perhaps because she couldn't see him. She liked to see herself reflected back in his eyes, as if she was in him just as much as he was in her. She had never been a huge fan of missionary because the weight of her partner always made her feel like she was suffocating but with Jung-Su she dragged him down harder onto her.

After two days they had christened every surface of Taylor's apartment. The couch, the bathroom floor and shower, the kitchen counter and floor, her bedroom floor, bed, wall and armchair, they had even managed to get away with a quickie in the communal laundry room.

On their second night of their desperate marathon Jung-Su breathlessly asked Taylor to come back with him before driving home one last thrust sending them over the edge. He rolled off her and they both remained silent, Taylor deep in thought about the question and Jung-Su silently praying that she'd say yes. After 20 minutes Taylor rolled over to face him.

"Is that what you really want? Or is that something he wants," she said as she slid her hand down his abdomen

Jung-Su laughed as he grabbed her hand and held it between his, "I think it's safe to say the feeling is mutual," he said releasing her hand and wrapping his arms around her body pulling her close. "I already knew that I loved being with you without sex as I do believe yesterday was our first time..." He stopped and looked up thoughtfully. "Unless you got me drunk once and took advantage of me, but that doesn't seem like your style!"

Taylor laughed at this and tucked her head into his chest. "I never did but god did I want you to take advantage of me!"

"Would you consider it? Coming with me I mean. I know I'm asking a lot and you love your teaching job here and your family is here and all your frie..."

Taylor didn't let him finish. She found his lips with hers and drank in his questions, answering him the most intimate way she knew how. She could feel him smile and found him hardening again with her hand. Jung-Su rolled her onto her back, smiling into her lips. Taylor wrapped her legs around him and guided him into her greedy sex.

There was no rushed session, no desperation to their love making this time. Jung-Su was slow and steady as he kissed Taylors neck dragging his lips up to her chin and across her jaw line and up to her eyelids and eventually back down to her lips. They rode a slow wave together building to the peak and then crashing through the surface and holding each other in a way that only those who never want to let go do. When Jung-Su began to roll off Taylor she clung tighter with all her limbs urging him to stay put inside her. He looked at her and again brought his lips to hers tenderly kissing her. When they finally parted they fell asleep for hours.

Taylor woke up late the next morning to an empty apartment. She rose slowly smiling at the feeling still present between her legs. Jung-Su had left her a message on the bathroom mirror informing her he was meeting with a couple business partners to finalize things and he'd be home later that evening. Taylor decided she may as well get some things of her own done, answer emails, return phone calls of people who unknowingly called during the past passion filled 48 hours. She also decided that eating something classified as "real food" would be a wise decision. Sex apparently filled her appetite but lacked certain things! She responded to emails, called her mother and best friend only disclosing certain details and thanked whoever was in charge for allowing her to pick a profession that got 3 months of summer holidays making it easy to stay in bed for as long as she wanted with whomever she wanted.

Later that afternoon while at the grocery store buying food for dinner, she began really thinking about Jung-Su's question. She knew that she wanted to go but there were things nagging her. She didn't really want to return to teach little kids English, the pollution was a huge turn off since she had yearned for Canadian air during her entire time in Korea and of course her friends and family would not be overly impressed if she told them that she was moving there and not for a year but for longer. Then again Jung-Su made very good money, he travelled a lot which she would love to take part in and she still had many English friends in Korea. She thought about it until she had convinced herself she should remain at home twice and that she should go three times.

Dinner was nearly ready when a very tired, yet smiling Jung-Su walked through the door. Taylor wrapped her arms around him and kissed him gently before returning her attention to dinner.

"So I may have found you a job if you're actually interested in coming back with me." He said it in a way that showed he was unsure of her final answer.

"Oh yeah...does it have to do with teaching English?" Taylor said turning to him with one eyebrow raised knowingly.

"It does yes but not to 5 year old children! My firm wants all the management guys to learn English and I told them I knew someone perfect for the job. The pay is very good and you'll get paid vacations and free flights and there is that minor detail of me being very close by!"

Taylor already knew her answer even without a job offer she had already mentally begun packing up her life. "I'd go with you even if I had to teach 5 year old children again!"

Jung-Su smiled bigger than she had ever seen him smile as he walked up to her and took her into his arm . "Thank-you," he whispered into her ear before heading to the bedroom to change out of his suit. When he returned Taylor was just finishing plating their dinner. They sat down and Jung-Su raised his glass "To us!" he said clinking her glass.

They didn't make it through dinner instead opting to retire in a matter of speaking to the bedroom. Taylor slowly pulled up Jung-Su's shirt, kissing his beautiful body as she pulled it higher and higher reaching his lips as it slipped off his head. He returned the gesture by unbuttoning her shirt and gently pushing her flat on the bed sucking on her erect nipples as soon as her bra left her supple curves. He held her hands above her head with one of his while his other one worked down the front of her pants finding her moist center. When he touched her anywhere she felt sparks but when he touched her there the feeling was almost unbearable.

He slipped a finger into her followed by another one working his way to the most elusive pleasure trigger in the human body. It didn't take him long to find it and Taylor moaned and tensed as waves of pleasure crashed through her body. Jung-Su smiled and removed his hand slipping his cum covered fingers into his mouth before removing both of their pants. He was in her quickly and found a pace that left both of them clinging to each other. "Lift me up," Taylor moaned. In one steady movement she was in his lap facing him, eyes glued to each other, bodies glued to each other. Jung-Su held Taylor in one arm, lifting her up and down slowly while supporting both of them with his other arm. Taylor bent her head down and kissed him deeply as they neared the climax of their love making. As she could feel her orgasm building Jung-Su returned her back to her back and quickened his pace as he moaned and filled her.

The following morning they discussed their future plans. It was decided that Jung-Su would go back on his original return day and start looking for a bigger apartment and Taylor would follow in a month or two depending on how obtaining a Visa went.

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