He's Watching

bySean Renaud©

It had been raining for three straight days, which for Southern California was like the world ended. Kirsten was lucky enough not to live beneath any hills so she wasn't at risk of being buried alive in a mudslide. She was close enough to her office that the ignorance of California drivers in anything other than ideal driving conditions wasn't really a problem either. Being trapped in doors though was a bitch. Almost all of her activities for the week had been canceled either directly by the rain or simply by too many people deciding it wasn't worth going out.

So for three straight days she'd been restrained to the four walls of her home. She'd already caught up with all of her shows and finished off Final Fantasy XII by the middle of the second day. The unending boredom and isolation starting to become just maddening as the seemingly endless rain continued to drum out its steady beat on roof tops. Kirsten was starting to wonder if she should start collecting two of every animal when she wandered up to her room.

There was one thing that she'd discovered the last time she'd been rained in. A little activity that could only be done once a day a certain hour and it was almost time for it. Once she got to her room she leapt into the shower making certain to leave the blinds partially open and dimming the lights in her bedroom so her bathroom door would glow. She took a long hot shower that dragged all of the tension from her body. Then she walked out into her bed room with a just a towel wrapped around her body and sat on the edge of her bed for a moment she just sat there then she saw what she was looking for.

Across the small alley that separated her home from the neighbors the blinds were just so slightly adjusted. Slowly in the hopes that she wouldn't notice, and it had probably happened countless times that she hadn't noticed. It was just dumb luck she'd noticed it when she had before. The man staring at her through the blinds was an old man who'd served in Vietnam, always a nice gentlemen he'd given Katrina a hand when her plumbing had started acting up once.

It was time for the show to start so Katrina rolled over onto all fours and pretended she was searching for something in the pillow of her bed. In reality she was just lifting her ass up so the towel would ride up giving the old man a good look at her freshly shaved pussy still pink from the hot water. Digging deeper behind the bed finally produced a meaningless trinket that she actually had dropped behind the bed.

Next she wandered over to the full length mirror on her closet door. She had to be careful with this part. It was so close to the old man's window that if so much as glanced towards him he might notice. Hell might scare him away just that she went that close but she did it anyway. Once she was there she dropped the towel so pooled around her ankles and started checking herself out.

Katrina started by lifting her breasts feigning at sizing them, first squeezing them together, then by lifting one then the other. Without thinking about her fingers wandered to her nipples twisting slightly and pulling a light moan from between her lips. Then she twisted so she could give the pervert a better view of her plump buttocks.

Something about knowing that he watching her was exhilarating. She'd hadn't expected to get the warm flurries that were starting to form in her belly. Katrina hadn't expected she'd start getting slicker while she mercilessly teased the man. The fact that she hadn't seen it coming let it hit so much harder threatening to turn her legs to putty beneath her. Her head was suddenly swimming while her entire body started to flush with lust.

It didn't matter if he knew anymore. Katrina dashed to her bed and frantically grasped for Long Dong Silver, a nine inch silver dildo and pushed it against her slit. The massive dildo eased slowly into her cunt as she dragged the moment out with an agonizingly slow pace. As soon as it was completely inside her she pulled it nearly out of before pushing it back.

After less than a minute of trying to keep the pace slow Katrina's pace doubled, then redoubled. She could feel the energy swelling just beneath her belly lifting her hips up off the bed. It took just two minutes for her orgasm to rip through her like a hurricane thrashing so hard she pulled the sheets from her bed and sent one of the pillows to the floor.

Katrina waited almost two minutes before she trusted her legs to carry her and when she did she grabbed a long coat from her closet and a pair of heels and walked next door and knocked. When the door opened to reveal her flustered peeping top she grabbed him and kissed him hard. "Thanks for the best orgasm I've had in months. I hope you liked the show." Then just so he could get an up close view she opened her coat.

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