That summer brought a dizzy wave of discovery, trial, pain, and growth for 19 year old Kay. In three short months she learned to ride horse-back, picked up on lost trails into her mysterious youth and made many friends, some of which would fade away like temps, others would stick around and play an impacting role on her life from that point forward.

As an exchange student from Romania, the United States were revealing their colors to her in dazzling increments: Hosted by a family in Bella Cruz, she quickly warmed to the humid winds, the scalding sun on her timid skin. Her father had taught her to speak haltingly in English; She was however extremely shy. Kay had been raised alone, with no brothers or sisters, or friends to speak of. She had learned a great deal from reading books, and often mispronounced words which her mind had told her how to say but her ears were unfamiliar with. Naive to the outright way sexuality was expressed among girls her age, she had been exposed to so little. But at school, and at home alike she found a strange and bewitching discord between the way people talked, and the way that they acted. Thus it was that she was a girl becoming a woman in a world of explicit and yet shunned sexuality.

Early on in that eventful summer, two of her fast-made friends invited her to go to Calico Lake with them, 'for a swim.' Kay agreed, and since she did not have a driver's license, waited on the front porch of her exchange home, watching several neighborhood kids set up a makeshift skate-park in the driveway across the street. She wore a violet, one-piece swimsuit that had been given to her, and had a towel draped over her shoulders which she clung to, since a breeze rolling down the street made goose-bumps rise on her arms and cooled her slight frame which chilled easily, now that it had adapted to a hot climate.

Jessica and Melanie pulled up in a white SUV with the windows rolled down, waving and blowing her kisses as she walked down the flagstone pathway from the porch. Jessica got out of the front passenger seat and climbed in the back, "You sit up front, Kay," She encouraged, and buckled herself in.

"Thank you," Kay's voice drowned beneath a rush of blood--quickening music as Melanie turned up the radio, which blared a strange, electronic sounding song. The ride passed them smoothly along to the lake, as the music somehow seemed to accelerate the images passing outside of Kay's window.

When they arrived, trawling through pedestrians in a gravel parking lot to find a spot, they parked under some trees and Melanie popped the trunk. The three girls climbed out, Jessica retrieved a closed basket, with three blankets folded on top, from the back. They made their way over warm sand to the shore, where Jessica and Melanie started to spread their blankets to lay down and soak in the mid-afternoon light.

Kay wandered toward the lapping waves. She was a tad self-conscious, and had been since they piled out of the car; She was a scrawny and long-legged adolescent with tangly brown hair and brown eyes that made others pause, stopping as they did a weird double-take, as if reaffirming what they saw there. She had no idea what that meant about herself, but she had quickly become aware of herself in a way she wasn't fully comfortable with.

Partly, this was in reference to her two compatriots. They were, in contrast to Kay, who felt lanky and awkward like an overgrown child, fully and obviously women. As they set out their blankets and lay down to sunbathe Kay could not help casting glances their way that were full of a sort of reverence. Both girls took obvious pride in their bodies; Jessica wore a scanty two piece swimsuit that was a generic yellow color, Melanie looked ready to model in her flower patterned green bikini. Even the way they moved was graceful and somehow unconsciously seductive at the same time. Unconscious—that is until they began to do things to flaunt their sexuality more explicitly.

By and by, Kay spread out her own blanket and joined the other two. Jessica was standing, posing really, as she surveyed the crowd up and down their stretch of beach. She had wide hips and a trim, athletic body. As Kay rubbed sunscreen over her arms and pretended not to watch, she pulled her thin bikini bottom up so far that it pinched up between the folds of her skin. If the proverbial envelope of what was socially acceptable was continually expanding in this land, as she had been told, Kay felt as though she was bearing witness to it now.

Indeed—but her fascination was growing along-side new feelings of scrutiny towards her own body. In a rush she felt heat coming to her cheeks, her side hurt physically as a tall boy walked by, torso lean with muscles like a coiled harpoon. She had never been a comparative girl, but now it hurt to think—how her own chest was flat beneath the smooth fabric of her one piece swimsuit, almost a clean line to her belly. While Jessica moved to her hands and knees to lay on her stomach, her breasts hung between her arms, pushing her bikini top toward the sand with an insistent weight, reminding Kay of some kind of tropical fruit, which in its fullness, bends a slender branch. When Jessica rolled over, her breasts were proud hills casting voluptuous shadows on her skin.

What sort of creature was she, next to these girls—these women—wondered Kay. A small one. With nothing to flaunt. The beach felt stifled by its own population, too many were sprawled across these sands, and Kay felt like an animal in heat—lost in the flux of tanned, handsome humans catching the sun like shiny objects. And the surface of the water shone tranquil and blue beneath them all.

Melanie turned toward her, and from behind large dark sunglasses shaped like butterfly wings, smiled, "You won't get a tan if you keep putting that on."

Kay stopped distributing sunscreen on her neck and returned the smile, a little guiltily, as though she were doing something wrong by using it. From the feel of the sun, full and potent against her body, what Melanie said was not true. But she did not argue.

"In fact, you can't get a real tan with a swimsuit on," Melanie lifted the sunglasses from her eyes, which were dark and shining smoothly with humor.

Jessica rolled onto her side to face them, "That's true. Hmmm...Kay, have you ever gone nude? In public I mean?"

Kay shook her head adamantly, "No, no."

Melanie covered her mouth to stifle a small laugh, "Kay you need to experience what its like to be naked out of doors. You won't feel like a woman until you do."

Kay was still shaking her head, "It sounds embarrassing. How do you stand people looking at you?"

"We'll go somewhere private," Jessica suggested, "Obviously not here...with all these people."

"You really want to take off your swimsuits?" Kay did not relish the idea of exposing herself. Even with the full sunlight a creeping breeze tickled her legs, and she felt that it would be very cold, and very shameful to do such a thing.

"Of course," Melanie waved a hand through the air, "We didn't come here just to get a tan."

Jessica had already pushed herself up and was gathering her blanket, "Come on Kay, try the things we enjoy for today. You'll be glad you did."

Kay let out a nervous sigh. Her two cohorts were shaking the sand off their blankets and putting everything away. Kay helped them to clean up, and the three girls walked up a stretch of sand to where there were trees. A little path led them past some camp-sites. They could see other lakes in the distance, smaller ones, and the sound of moving water filled the air; a quaint, sunny rhythm which made Kay relax a little.

Jessica and Melanie seemed to know where they wanted to go, and led her into more trees, big cottonwoods stretching their gnarled branches high above. When they arrived at the side of a creek which wandered clumsily over some logs and rocks in the direction which they had come from, the two girls stopped and looked around.

"Here?" Kay posed the question in a frightened, little-bird voice.

"There's no one here," Jessica said, even though Kay could see people sitting at picnic tables off through the trees.

Melanie was already undoing her bikini top. Her hands busily untying behind her back. Her short black hair framed her face beautifully in the light and shadow of the clearing.

Kay felt that the situation was spinning out of control, but she did not know what to do or say to stop it.

As though she were in the privacy of her own chamber, Jessica relieved herself of her bikini bottom and stepped out of it.

Melanie had finished undoing her flower-patterned bikini and now she pulled it off of her front with a winning smile and held it bunched in her right hand, letting her arms fall to her sides. She had youthful, perky breasts which reacted to the air, brown colored like chocolate kisses in their centers, "Come on! You only live once," She encouraged.

Jessica smiled slyly as she made her way over to her friend, "Look at us, we're a pair."

For a moment, Kay's eyes were frozen in horror as Jessica reached out and covered Melanie's breasts in her hands to hide them—then Kay jerked suddenly, stubbornly away and stormed off into the trees. She heard the voices of her two friends calling out to her like birdsong but did not stop. The trees whispered tiredly around her in a sudden, cold breeze. The sunlight slanted through the green canopy and patterned the ground light and dark. Kay did not know where she was going—only that she had to be away from them.

Rounding the foot of a hill, she ducked through some low branches and came face-to-face with a gentle falls, from which dark, smooth stones carried the water in a gentle continuum onward. She looked up into a sky that had turned a hard, flat color. For a moment, just a moment, she was alone, and she ran one hand through her hair, feeling the tangles there and sighing deeply. Why, why, why was she here?

The sound of pebbles disturbed under the sole of a sandal turned her, and she, expecting to see Melanie or Jessica, had a look of indignation written on her brow. Instead—her eyes locked on two darkly flecked, and immensely masculine eyes. They belonged to a boy of average height, who was climbing the rocks over which the creek tumbled grandly. A small smile split his handsome face, and Kay found that expression reflecting off of her own lips. Like how the moon can't help reflecting the sunlight, she thought to herself. In a moment he was gone, disappeared over the ridge of stone and leaving her wondering if her own active imagination had not gotten the best of her.

She sat down, shakily, by the side of the water. What a carousel of emotions this day was turning out to be. And she, reacting so strangely, now she couldn't help the feeling that there pieces of herself that she did not know at all, and would react unpredictably with the world if given the chance. There was a heat in her cheeks that spread wildly as she sat there alone, listening to continuous spill of water over the rocks.

The disturbance of the underbrush turned her again, and this time her friends had found her again.

"Look at what Kay found—A water fall!" Jessica smiled and skipped past Kay over the rocks into the cold-looking water. She was completely naked now, her body flashing angles of light and shadow in strange patterns.

Kay stood, as if to make off again. But Melanie grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her toward the pool below the falls, "Don't be such a little girl!"

"Are you afraid of us?" Jessica giggled as she put her hand under the flow of cold water, letting it stream off in new patterns and splash over her.

A little, Kay thought. But she said nothing. She only shrugged shyly and let Melanie guide her over to the cascades.

"See," Jessica kicked water at them, "We're mermaids!"

Melanie shoved Kay under the freezing pour, and her body shivered instantly underneath, her eyes closed and the water's thunder filled her ears. She felt hands grab roughly at her breasts through the fabric of her one-piece swimsuit and she jerked away, tripping over a large rock and landing in two feet of icy shallows.

"You're such a cute, frightened thing!" Melanie exclaimed and Kay barely heard her over the gush of the creek into the white splash where it met the pool. On the backside of the curtain of water it was darker; the sun fell through in muted colors, like a broken rainbow. As Kay picked herself up from where she had fallen, she watched the shapes of the other two girls moving toward the divider, and her heart suddenly thudded in her chest as she was filled with an overwhelming, intoxicating fear that stole her breath away. She took a step backwards, and felt the rough stone wall at her back.

Melanie was the first to step through, her nudeness all the more startling in the darkened, intimate space—the air was heavy and wet and cold to breathe. Where her legs came together, there was no hair, but a shadow of obvious intent, squeezed into a mound between her thighs, divided by a line of two smooth lips meeting each other tightly. Her breasts were smaller than Jessica's, but obvious and womanly, with large, erect nipples.

She moved toward Kay like a seductive gypsy, her hips swinging, full and weighted. A wicked delight lit up her lovely eyes.

Conversely, a dull fear flooded Kay's wide eyes. She pushed up against the cave wall, her cheeks flushed and her chest rising and falling rapidly with terror. Who was this girl she had thought to be her friend?

As Melanie reached the spot where Kay flattened against the curving shelf of rock, Jessica was just stepping though into the dimness. As she parted the water a flash of brilliant sunlight shone through in a wave, and Kay was startled into action: She leapt suddenly to the right, and would have sprinted past had her foot not entangled with the stony bed of rocks and slimy growth which spilled her face first into the water. As she crashed into that cold surface, her body was bitten with shock. She made a startled, choking sound and scrabbled forward on her hands and knees before Jessica grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her roughly backwards. For a moment Kay reeled on her heels, and then when she caught her balance she tried again move past her oppressors and out of the trap.

Jessica snatched Kay's arm as she tried to move past, and wheeled her around. As she spun, she came face-to-face with naked, soaking Melanie and became entangled. Melanie wrapped her arms around her with catlike quickness and pressed her cold, smooth body against her.

Melanie's face was close, her cold nose and warm lips pushed lightly against Kay's trembling skin. Kay put her hands on Melanie's shoulders to push her away, tumbling into the dark wells of the other girl's eyes, where hunger was whispering for Kay to kiss her. A hand slithered up Kay's side, light fingertips stroking the side of her face, tickling her ear.

Kay felt dizzy and sick, felt the cold points of Melanie's breasts brushing against her through the fabric of her one-piece swimsuit. Jessica had moved silently behind Kay, and now her hands encircled her waist, massaging her mid-section in little, soft circles.

Kay inhaled deeply, swallowing a mouthful of Melanie's breath which was warm against her face, the only warm thing in this cold, hiding-place, it smelled richly of flowers and the darkness of fresh coffee. A complex taste, of which Kay wanted a deeper sampling: She leaned forward and their lips met, the warm, smooth member of Melanie's tongue instantly diving into Kay's mouth and moving like a lover over the surface of her teeth, meeting her own tongue.

When their saliva mixed together, it was a mix of tastes that Kay would never forget. To Melanie, Kay tasted of fresh longing, and perfect, lonely virginity.

Jessica's hands moved up Kay's front and found her small breasts, squeezing lightly at first, then probing with her fingertips into Kay's sensitive skin. Her fingertips located Kay's small nipples and played there, brushing lightly first and then exploring more roughly, squeezing and fondling.

Pleasure ran down Kay's body like the waterfall roaring behind them, then worked its way up from her freezing cold feet, across her legs in shivering waves.

Their kiss broke finally, and Melanie led her new, young love out through the curtain of water into the full sunlight, which instantly warmed her blood.

The three girls lay down in the grass. Where violence had raked her before, now Kay felt lazy and as if she were floating on a bed of clouds. She let Melanie move between her legs and push them apart. Almost immediately, Melanie's tongue was sliding up and down the surface of her vagina, through the nylon of her suit.

Kay felt fingers curl around the edge of that fabric and pull it aside. She felt sunlight, and the soft air of Melanie's breath against her vagina, which had never been touched by anyone but herself, and then only timidly. And then, she felt the lips of Melanie's mouth touch the lips of her private parts, only brushing at first but then pressing against her and kissing forcefully.

When Kay opened her eyes, Jessica was standing above her. A shadow in the way of the sun, with explicitness of her naked body outlined against the blue, with its slow, bobbing clouds. Finally, the warm, saliva-coated surface of Melanie's tongue moved over the crevice where Kay's outer vulva met, up and down, enticing a gushing, liquid feeling between Kay's legs like she was urinating but she wasn't.

Jessica crouched over Kay's sighing mouth, lowering herself. The last image Kay saw was the wet, open place of Jessica's vagina waiting for her own mouth. And the last thing she felt, before she fainted, was Melanie's tongue moving inside of her, her saliva tingling inside of her wonderfully.

Then she was gone, into a lovely zone of half-conscious pleasure as Melanie pleasured her expertly.

When she came to, Jessica was offering iced-coffee from the little basket they had brought along. Kay took some, it tasted smooth and black and refreshing in the warmth of the summer day. It made her whole body wake up gently.

"I want you to make love with us," Jessica said quietly to Kay.

"I'm not sure I know how," Kay admitted, looking at her feet and the sand between her toes.

"Don't worry," the sound of Melanie's voice brought Kay back down to earth, to the little falls and patch of grass beside it where they lay—lazy as their first summer-day as children, "We'll show you."

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