tagSci-Fi & FantasyHexed Ch. 02

Hexed Ch. 02


This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 or older. This story features my usual themes of Oedipal incest, exaggerated bodies, and copious fluids.


Dinner is forgotten. Mom scoops me up unceremoniously and strides purposefully through the house, up the stairs to her bedroom. She holds me purposefully at boob level, allowing me to watch as her prodigious curves roll and swell within the confines of her tank top.

"That was probably the worst thing you could have done, Robbie," Mom says above me. I hold on to her thumbs for dear life as she glides through the house. "Your mother is a bit of a cumfiend, you see. That's why I wrote that little variation in the hex that gives the subject such a large manhood, and correspondingly increased volume of issue.

"I'm afraid I just can't help myself after that little display. I think you feel the same, but honestly, if you asked me to stop at this point, I'm not sure I could." She smiles hungrily, sexily. "Not that you could stop me, either."

I look up, past Mom's breasts, into her face, and I know, because I know my Mom, that despite what she's saying, one word from me would indeed halt what I think is about to happen. I don't say anything, though. I'm not sure I'm capable of speech at this moment. I'm still a little shell-shocked from watching my Mom down a shot glass filled to the brim with my cum. Shell-shocked, and incredibly aroused.

So I nod.

Mom releases a long-held breath, which ruffles my hair. We are at the threshold to her bedroom. Mom licks her lips and bats her eyelashes, bites a little into her lower lip. We enter her bedroom.

Mom turns on lights and stands holding me before the large mirror over her bureau. She turns me around, so that we're both looking at the two of us, at the extreme difference in our sizes. My rampant erection, dripping precum, is clearly visible, as are the hard points of Mom's nipples through her tank top.

"Are you prepared for this, son? Are you ready to make love to a fifty foot tall woman? Do you really think you can handle this?"

I take a deep breath. Release it. "Yes," I say. "Very much yes."

Mom laughs, and we whirl around, which makes me dizzy. Mom sets me on the edge of her huge bed. It looks as large as a soccer field, and my feet sink into the comforter on top. I look up and up at Mom. She steps back from the bed a bit, regarding me through her heavy lidded eyes.

Mom unfastens the few remaining buttons in her shirt and lets it slip off her shoulders. The tank top looks two sizes too small, molding tightly to her skin, forcing her humongous tits into prominence. The straps cut into the skin of her shoulders, and the bottom of the shirt stops just below her belly button, leaving a delicious expanse of bare flesh that stretches down to the top of the hot pink panties she wears.

The panties are high cut on her broad hips. The front is soaking wet and molded to the shape of her pussy. I can smell her from where I stand on the bed, a sweet, salty scent of lust that makes my dick throb eagerly. For the first time, the logistics of the size of my body vs. the size of her vagina gives me pause, but before I can complete the thought, Mom distracts me.

She grabs the bottom of the tank top and peels it upward, removing it entirely in one smooth movement. Those magnificent breasts are revealed again, every inch perfect and beautiful and full and round. They bob and bounce with her movements, hard nipples moving hypnotically at their centers. I expect to see her sweep the panties off too, but instead Mom bends at the waist, catching herself with her hands on the edge of the bed.

Her huge tits hang like fruit from her chest, swinging playfully before me. Mom's long black hair hangs down over my head. Slowly she advances, one knee coming up onto the bed, forcing her body to rise up and over me. I stagger backwards on the uneven footing, somehow managing to keep my balance as her beautiful breasts sway overhead.

I scurry backwards, keeping Mom's breasts in view, as her whole body settles onto the bed. The mattress groans underneath me, shifting under my feet. Mom suddenly moves, quick and cat-like, lowering her body so that her massive right tit swings into me and bowls me over. I land on my ass on the downy comforter, slightly dazed from both the force of the impact and by the touch of her skin against mine.

With me still flat on my back, Mom lowers her breast right onto me. The hard nubbin of her nipple presses into my belly, while the rest of her soft, supple breastflesh rolls over me. My cock shudders as it connects with her skin, leaving trails of precum on her table-sized areola. I wrap my arms around her breast, grabbing handfuls of soft flesh to squeeze and knead as best I can. My hips thrust against her, pushing my cock harder into her breast.

Above me, all but invisible behind her boob, I hear Mom laughing lightly. She bounces a little, knocking me back into the comforter and mattress, her hard nipple poking me in the gut. My cock flexes and rubs against her skin. I feel those phantom touches caress its length, just lightly, but definitely there.

Mom rises up, giving me a chance to catch my breath. But it lasts only a moment, as she switches breasts. Her gigantic left breast, which may actually be slightly larger than the right one, settles over me. Her nipple just barely misses squashing my balls, instead pressing into the comforter between my legs. "Watch it!" I shout, my voice garbled by a mouth full of breastflesh. Mom repositions, and her nipple finds its target, jabbing me in the gut again. The edge of her strawberry pink areola is in my vision, and I start to lick along its arc. I'm not sure if she feels my little tongue.

I feel Mom's fingers slide under me, pressing into my back. She rises again, this time holding me against her tit. Instinctively I wrap arms and legs around her mammary. Her breast is so large and full that almost my entire body covers it.

Mom's fingers fall away, all but one, which slides down my back to press firmly and insistently against my ass. "Fuck my tit," she commands. Her finger urges me to comply, pushing me into her breast.

Jesus Christ. I hardly need her holding me there. My hips start thrusting all on their own, and I hammer my cock into Mom's silky soft breastflesh again and again. Her broad nipple flattens against my stomach as I drive forward over and over again. The head of my cock is trapped between my breastbone and Mom's breast, sawing between them as I jam myself against her. Precum coats my chest and her skin, smeared by my frantic movements. Mom keeps pushing, lightly to keep from hurting me, letting me do most of the work. Her huge breast slowly sways and bounces beneath me as Mom's body movies. It's like having sex with a waterbed. Not on, with. Albeit a waterbed that is warm and soft and smells like an aroused, gigantic woman.

Phantom touches along the length of my thrusting cock make me imagine Mom's other hand thrust deep between her legs, fingers almost as long as my legs teasing her pink, moist folds. I feel the charge build at the base of my cock, as the unstoppable urge to cum rises and rises and rises. I try to pull my body backward to aim my cock at Mom's breast, but she holds me pinned against her. My cock lurches, bucks, and I feel the load travel along its engorged length and erupt from the slit. I turn my head, but still get sprayed along the side of my chest, throat and cheek. Another epic load explodes out of me, thick and creamy, coating Mom's breast and my body as it pours out of me. Mom relaxes her hold slightly after the first few pulses.

Her right hand, slick with her own juices, comes up and her forefinger lies against the top of my cock, pinning it to her tit as it sprays and sprays and sprays its load, coating Mom's areola and nipple in a creamy glaze of spunk. When my flood at last subsides, Mom's forefinger sweeps along the length, as if to squeeze out the last few drops. The finger continues up her tit, spreading the pool of cum around on her breast. With a throaty giggle, Mom presses me into the mess. I have just enough time to turn my head and close my eye, but I'm coated in my own spunk.

Could be worse, I guess. At least it smells like blueberries.

Mom lifts me up in the palm of her hand, up over her head. I'm dripping, my chest, cock, thighs, and the left side of my face coated with my own semen. I fight the urge to gag.

"Poor baby," Mom says. "But you'll like this part, I promise."

I look down her long arm, into her eyes, and she opens her mouth wide, licking her lower lip with her huge, pink tongue. She brings me lower, wagging the tip of her tongue at me playfully, sensuously, and then brings me to her lips.

Her tongue extends, and swipes a trail across my entire body, cleaning the cum from me, and leaving bubbles of saliva in its place. I start to laugh, despite myself. I am slightly ticklish, and her tongue hits me in a sensitive spot. This starts Mom chuckling, which shakes my body. She starts to lick me all over, cleaning up every drop of spunk from my body. She pays special attention to my distended cock, sweeping her flexible, sensitive tongue up and down its length, teasing my sensitive balls.

She plants a kiss on the side of my face, sucking lightly, vacuuming up the cum on my cheek and hair. She sucks a foot into her mouth, and teases my toes with her tongue. This too is ticklish, and I tug it quickly out of her mouth. Mom is amused. She kisses my chest, pressing my cock against my belly with her lips. She kisses my hips, rotates me, and plants a wet one on my ass. When her tongue starts to nudge between my cheeks, I kick a little and shout, "Cut that out!"

Mom instantly retreats. "Sorry," she says. "Got excited."

"I can tell," I say, rolling over in her hand.

Mom holds me out a bit from her, arm flexed to keep me above her chest, about head level. I look down, admiring her massive chest, and the smears of jism I deposited on her left tit. Mom's right hand comes up, cups her breast, teases the nipple a little, and scoops up a trail of cum with her forefinger. She brings it to her mouth and sucks on it, cleaning it. She does this twice more, cleaning herself of the evidence of my explosion and incidentally putting more steel in my rod.

Mom licks her lips. "Ready for more?"

I give my hips a little thrust and smile eagerly. She brings me to her mouth again. Her lips press against my cockhead, giving it a little kiss. Mom's lips part, her hand pushes forward, and I slide into her mouth. Her plush lips close around the base of my cock, catching up my swollen balls between them. I feel her lips on my thighs and belly, and wrap my arms around her cheeks, looking directly into her left eye, as she has to rotate me a little to keep her nose from crushing my chest.

Her breath washes over me as she begins to gently suck. My cock shivers between her lips, and I feel her tongue teasing the head as it slides back in forth in her mouth. I push my hips, thrusting forward. Mom's palm cradles me gently as I begin to fuck her face. My cock and crotch and waist are drenched in her saliva in moments, and it drips down my legs, mixing with the copious amounts of precum that I am practically spraying into her mouth. Mom moans, the vibrations rattling my chest. The physical sensation of her mouth and tongue are joined by the phantom sensation that tells me she is teasing her pussy with her fingers.

I can't possibly last long doing this, and I don't. In a handful of heartbeats, I lunge forward as far as I can and feel my cock lurch between Mom's full lips and begin jettisoning its payload into her mouth. Her own orgasm crests as mine does, but she keeps me steady as her body shakes and shudders beneath me. My fingers sink into her cheeks as my whole body contracts, as if I'm emptying my whole insides into her mouth. My cock throbs hard as each creamy jet splatters across Mom's tongue.

This is beyond pleasure, into a realm undreamt of. I'm not sure I ever want to get bigger.

Finally I subside, the last few dregs of my orgasm squirting out onto Mom's tongue. She pulls me out, a thin strand of fluid connecting lips to cock for a moment before she smiles at me. She opens her mouth, lets me see the creamy load floating on her tongue, and then noisily gulps it down. The view of her gullet sends a frisson of fear down my back, but only briefly. Lust is all-consuming at this point.

"Mmmm," Mom says, "tasty."

"Happy to oblige, ma'am," I say, more than a little breathless. Mom smiles broadly. She drags her tongue across my body once more.

The world suddenly spins. My stomach lurches. For a moment I fear something horrible is happening, but then I realize that Mom has simply shifted on the bed.

She rolls over and lies down on her back, reclining against the pillows that nestle against the headboard. She sets me face down between her breasts, within the cavernous valley of her cleavage. I lay there for a moment, reveling in the feel and smell and taste of her, and then I rise up on hands and knees. Mom cranes her neck to look at me, almost cross-eyed. I feel her body move beneath me, and the walls of flesh at my side begin to close around me.

Quickly I roll over and stretch out. Her breasts push against me, soft and firm at once, and I can see Mom's huge hands manipulating her nipples as she directs her tits to buffet me. I bounce happily between them, spreading sweat and precum against her flesh, and then suddenly she pulls them away and sort of bumps her chest. I slide down from her cleavage onto her smooth, flat belly.

I watch as Mom raises both of her long, toned legs into the air. Her hands slide past me down her belly and find the waist band of her panties. Her fingers slip under it and begin to roll them down. Her pelvis rises, and I hear something like a sucking sound and she pulls her panties free from her crotch.

I catch my first glimpse of Mom's pussy, a neatly trimmed patch of black hair that glistens with moisture.

In one smooth, quick movement, Mom pulls her panties free, and I watch as they glide up her legs, over her dainty feet, and are cast off the side of the bed.

Mom's legs slowly lower and spread, her hands on her thighs, fingers rubbing her pale skin lightly. I rise to my feet, balancing awkwardly on Mom's belly, and turn to look back at her face, framed between the mammoth hills of her breasts. Once again I am struck by her size, her beauty, her sheer femininity. She really is a goddess, a goddess of love and lust.

She smiles at me and nods, her cheeks flush and her eyes glazed with hunger and need. "Go ahead, sweetie. You want to, and I want you to."

On suddenly weak, trembling legs I approach the prize, striding across the expanse of her flat belly, over her cute belly button, and down the slope of her pubis towards her crotch. She is wet. Soaking wet. Beads of moisture form on her neatly trimmed bush, glistening in the lamplight. Below, she is shaved, revealing the pink folds of her enormous pussy, open and inviting. I can see the pink button of her clitoris, peaking out from beneath its fleshy hood. It's about the size of a bowling ball, and begging to be touched. The scent is overwhelming, enticing, sweet as sugar and salty as the sea. It makes my cock throb between my legs and my balls swell with seed.

I climb down to the surface of the bed, using Mom's hand and thighs as a ladder. Her pussy is beautiful. I look down at my cock, and know that even at its enhanced size, it's not going to do the trick.

As if reading my mind, Mom says, "Don't worry about it sweetie." Her hand pushes gently but insistently against my back, urging me forward. "Whatever you do is going to feel fantastic."

With a light step I approach, and lay my hands against her lips. She hitches and gasps at my touch, and I grow bolder. My hands caress every inch of her steaming pussy, teasing and pressing, clutching and manipulating. I'm soaked to my wrists in moments. My cockhead brushes against her folds, and without preamble I slowly sink into them. Hot, wet, wonderful. I press my whole body against her, driving as deep as I can. I reach up and wrap my hands around her bulging clit, gripping lightly but forcefully, and begin to rub and tug it.

Mom goes wild. Her thighs rise up around me, and her hips lift up off the bed, taking me with them. I unconsciously tighten my grip on her clit, which makes her cry out.

Mom grabs me around the waist, pulling me out of her. I flail, my dick, coated with her juices, bouncing painfully around. Mom flips me over a little, and holding me rigid, presses my feet against the lips of her pussy. I sink into her up to the ankles. She pulls me out. Her other hand is free, fingers brushing against her clit.

My arms are pinned at my sides. Panic rises in my chest. Mom is a little bit out of control. I look up at her, past her steaming pussy, across the expanse of her taut belly, through the canyon between her heaving breasts, at her beautiful face, contorted with lust and hunger.

I gulp. I'm going in. Might as well enjoy it.

Mom pushes me into her. I sink up to my thighs. Her juices drip over my balls and coat my cock as I slip deeper into her. Her grip shifts, her long fingers wrapping around my shoulders, to urge me even deeper. I sink in up to my chest before my feet hit something solid enough to stop me. My arms are free, and I brace myself on her slick lips. Her interior muscles and folds envelop me, expand and contract around me, caress every inch of my body. My cock is squeezed against my chest again, which is not really where I want it. Still, almost my entire body is soaking wet, warm, encased within my mother's vagina. My life is insane and wrong and wonderful.

With a combination of relatively gentle tugging and the contraction of her pussy walls, Mom manages to expel me. Almost immediately I am thrust back inside her, but it gives me the chance to reposition my dick, so that it is angled away from me. At first it's uncomfortable, even with the phantom sensations running up and down my length, but as soon as I sink into her depths, it gets better. I'm sort of fucking her with my cock, even as she's using my whole body to fuck herself.

I should be screaming in terror, but instead I am having the time of my life.

Mom uses me roughly, jabbing me into her folds again and again. Her hips keep swinging up into the air, even as I'm being driven into her depths. I start doing a modified dolphin kick inside her; despite my increased strength, my mass remains small, and hers quite massive, so I can't push too hard against her. Still, my movements are doing something, as I hear (and feel) her cry out my name.

"Robbie! Fuck! Whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it!" her voice rises with each word and she trails off into a wordless sound.

My cock wants to rebound onto my chest every time I am sucked out of Mom's colossal pussy, so I have to keep it aimed with one hand. With my other hand I reach out to her exposed clitoris, gently rapping it with a fist as I drive back into her. This sets off another series of cries, and in short order Mom's pussy contracts even harder around me, trapping me inside her, one arm pinned down, my body wedged into her pussy up to one shoulder, the other hand outside, pressing hard as I can against her clit.

Her pussy contracts like a fist around me, squeezing hard, and her juices soak my body, leaking out of the seal around my chest to wash into my face and down my shoulders. The physical and phantom sensations are enough for me, and I ride the crest along with her, emptying my weapon with salvo after salvo into Mom's steaming depths. Despite the insanity of it all, I retain the presence of mind to keep rapping away at her clitoris, which extends both her pleasure and mine, until I think I might go insane, if I'm not already.

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