tagNonHumanHey There Little Fella

Hey There Little Fella


When I got out of bed it was a perfectly ordinary day. Maybe it was a little overcast when I had a look out of the window, but I was determined to have a great day despite the weather.

I took a nice long shower and when I got out I didn't turn the television on for the morning news; it was always bad anyway. I decided to wear my favorite little blue dress out.

There were quite a few text messages waiting for me on my phone, many littered with exclamation points, but I decided not to look.

When the taxi arrived in the shopping district there were very few people around, which was unusual but not unexplainable. Quite a lot of them were just sitting around on benches reading newspapers and chattering excitedly and I was careful to avoid looking at the headlines.

There was no-one in line at the coffee shop when I got there, so I hurried over and made my order.

"Not afraid to be out today?" The woman serving me asked as she handed over the steaming drink.

"Definitely not," I answered cheerfully, "How about you?"

"No choice, I can't afford to take a day off."

"Well, I hope business picks up later."

"I wouldn't bet on it, but thanks anyway," She said as she turned back to the television.

As I made my way away from the coffee store it was just beginning to gently rain; not enough to need an umbrella, but still noticeable. A particularly large drop fell off a nearby roof and landed right on the top of my head. I brushed at the spot absentmindedly and was surprised to find myself perfectly dry.

"A little bit of luck for a great day," I said to myself as I headed to an location with a roof.

I continued to walk, and began to feel like someone was watching me. I tried to ignore it but every now and then I stole a careful look behind. No-one was paying me any attention and the small crowds were constantly moving away.

By the time I arrived at the market I thought I had my paranoia under control, but a burst of wind made the feeling return with a vengeance. It was like there was someone very close to me, perhaps even touching me, but there was clearly no-one behind or in front of me.

I stopped at a stall to examine the fresh fruit; the owner silently tried to avoid making eye contact. Out of nowhere I felt movement near my left ear and I dropped the orange I had been holding. I turned to see who had interrupted me but I was still alone.

The old woman running the stall looked at me quizzically and I gave her a disinterested look.

As I reached for an apple something fell out of my hair and slid down my neck. I shuddered involuntarily.

"Do you need some help there?" The owner inquired.

"No thanks. Just enjoying a great day," I stuttered.

"If you say so," She said, turning away from me and pretending to read a magazine she had left open on a chair next to her.

I felt around the back of my dress but there was nothing unusual, however the instant my hand moved away from there I felt movement. This time it was under my dress and it made its way down until it was sitting against to top of my panties.

As I frantically brushed my back the old woman glanced at me. I motioned her away with my free hand and wandered off in embarrassment.

My hands could still find nothing there, but I could feel it brushing against me with each step. It was like something was trying to force its way inside my panties, and they were apparently just tight enough to keep it out.

I ran through the rain in a random direction; a few people gave me concerned looks as I passed and I could feel myself blushing heavily as I avoided any contact.

Whatever was under my dress suddenly changed tactics and slid down even further, a second later I felt it force its way inside the fabric from below. It then sat still against my left cheek.

I hurried over to a nearby bench and sat down as hard and fast as I could manage, hoping that maybe I would squash the little bastard underneath me.

As I tried to act casual there was no more movement and I instantly began to calm down for real. A recently deceased animal in your underwear is pretty unsettling, but much better than a living one. I pulled my little makeup mirror out of my handbag and examined my face in the reflection, gently brushing a few loose hairs out of the way.

After a little wait I lifted my ass of the seat just a little and stealthily reached down. Exactly as I made contact it moved out of reach.

Reacting quickly I tried to smother it with my palm, but it deftly avoided me and made it's way further south, in a blink of the eye it was brushing against the bottom of my pussy.

Instinctively I moved my hand around and up under the front of my skirt, but reluctantly pulled it back out when I remembered where I was.

Ever so slowly the creature was making its way up along my pussy lips. People continued to pass by me as I sat there terrified out of my mind.

It was hard to be sure but I couldn't feel any tiny legs or other things I might identify, nor any heat from its body; it appeared to be some kind of cool shapeless blob.

I waited until there was no-one looking in my direction then carefully moved my legs apart and used the mirror to have a look between them.

The front of my panties bulged slightly as the blob pressed against them. It made its way up to the top of my pussy then settled there, right over my clitoris. I moved the mirror slightly closer for a clearer look; the blob reacted by pulsating against my skin.

It was like a bolt of electricity ran through from my insides and I very nearly slipped off the front of the bench. Just as I regained my composure it repeated the action, and it felt even better the second time.

The blob stopped suddenly, as though it were awaiting my response; I gingerly spread my legs a tiny bit further apart.

This action apparently set it off and it started vibrating at a steady pace against my sensitive skin. It felt really amazing and I was instantly aroused by the intense feeling; I dropped the mirror and instead grabbed on to my left knee. This slight movement triggered it to stretch itself out and create a thin layer across the outside of my pussy.

I used both hands to try and keep my legs still, but even the smallest movement made the vibrations come faster and stronger. My nipples poked against the front of my dress and I could feel the sweat running down my face and pooling between my breasts.

As I tried to stay still my body betrayed me. I stopped thinking clearly and started massaging the inside of my thighs softly. The pleasure stopped momentarily and I sighed in frustration; apparently emboldened by this, the creature started to gently penetrate me while it vibrated and a thin tendril snaked deep inside and massaged my most private places.

My eyes were closed and I prayed that no-one was looking at me as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I whimpered as quietly as I could manage, then as the time came I bit my bottom lip tightly and curled my toes.

It seemed like hours before I noticed the person sitting next to me, another attractive young woman looking at me with concern.

"Excuse me, but are you all right?" She asked.

"Oh yeah," I managed to reply, "Just having a great day."

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