tagIncest/TabooHi Daddy!

Hi Daddy!


The bedroom was pretty dark, with only the moonlight that peeked through the blinds providing any illumination, but I knew the room like the back of my hand.

On the bed was the reason for my visit. Such a vision of loveliness she was as she lay on her bed with the bed-sheet down around her ankles, arms and legs akimbo, with only a tiny nightgown providing any cover for my prying eyes. The pale pink nightie had ridden up to her waist, exposing all of her young womanly charms below.

The pert little indented belly button, the shapely legs and especially her pussy, with the tiny wisp of golden hair that felt like a cloud when you touched it - all there for my enjoyment.

She wasn't asleep yet, that much I knew. There was no way that she could have fallen asleep that fast, because she had just gotten home fifteen minutes ago. The lowered bed-sheet and the raised sheet were signals, and so I crept quietly to the side of the bed she was closest to and knelt next to her.

Her right arm was up behind her head, and as I inhaled I could detect the erotic aromatic blend of her perspiration and the faint residue of deodorant - Teen Spirit Sweet Strawberry was my guess - that wafted up to my nasal passages.

I leaned forward. my face right next to her exposed armpit, and as I let my tongue slide over her moist underarm, I could see her trying not to giggle. Another lick of that tender recess, with only the faintest little strip of peach fuzz in the center of the hollow, and she opened her eyes.

"Hi Daddy!" Kari said softly, looking at me with that twinkle in her eyes.

"I knew you were faking," I said, leaning forward and kissing my baby girl.

"I tried my best, but when you lick my pits I lose it," Kari admitted. "No fair. You know how sensitive I am there."

"Delicious too," I added.

"I was dancing all night," Kari said. "I must reek."

"No, you smell nice," I said, actually happy that her exercise had removed much of the chemical after-burn I would have gotten otherwise. "I also smell something else. Drinking?"

"Just a couple, Daddy," Kari protested.

"Where did you go?"

"The Source."

"I thought you had to be 21 to get in there," I said disapprovingly, although my moral outrage was mostly for show.

"21 to drink but only 18 to get in. We don't get bracelets that let us buy drinks," Kari explained.

I knew how that worked, with guys sneaking the younger girls drinks, but Kari was a good girl who was smart beyond her years, and wasn't a wildcat like some of her friends.

"Anybody hit on you?" I asked.

"Would you believe it if I said no?"


"Just messed around in the parking lot a little, with Bryce Fortin," Kari said. "I didn't give him nothing except a little tit, but then again, that's all I have!"

"And they're adorable," I answered, leaning over and biting her puffy nipple through the nightie.

"Ooh!" Kari chirped and then pretended to yell, but in a stage whisper, "Mommy! Daddy bit my titty!"

"Wise ass."

"Why don't you go bite here?" Kari asked. "They're way bigger."

"I don't have the key to the chastity belt," I explained.

"Rolled away again on you, huh Dad?" my daughter chided, having figured out what did and didn't go on in our bedroom, which was how she took advantage of my moment of weakness that night long ago, or at least that's the way I remember it.

"Good guess," I said. "So, you got felt up and had a couple of drinks. Anything else happen? Smoke any dope?"

"No," Kari said as she got up on her elbow. "I was thinking I could smoke a fattie when I got home."

"Is that so?" I said while getting up onto my feet, as Kari went down to the carpet on her knees.

"My fattie" was my daughter's pet name for my cock, and I suppose that it fit. My cock sure as hell wasn't long, but it was fat. Absurdly fat when it came right down to it, having a circumference that was greater than the length of my not-quite 6" stub.

"Hard already!" Kari announced softly as she extracted my monolith from the fly of my pajamas and opened wide.

Kari had a big mouth for a little woman, but unlike her mother, she not only knew how to use it but loved to do it. I looked down in amazement as he forced her mouth down right to the stump, before slowly pulling pulling her lips back up the shaft.

Kari playfully slapped at the tiny head of my cock, which looked woefully out of place on the thick shaft it sat on, but Kari didn't care that I wasn't aesthetically perfect. She just loved to suck cock.

Her mother used to, but that was years ago. Even in her prime, my wife was no great shakes at fellatio, and as Kari's mouth went back in action I ran my hands through her blonde mop-top and enjoyed her in action.

I wouldn't last long, in part because I was so horny and also because Kari's talents wouldn't allow it.My cock was shiny with her saliva as her head moved as fast as possible, her hand milking my balls in perfect harmony.

Kari knew I was cumming, the result of much experience with me, so she was not surprised when I started spurting in her mouth, taking it in stride and not missing a beat as I cam like a teenager, hard and plentifully.

"Poor Daddy," Kari said as she pulled her mouth off of my cock. "Your fattie needs a lot more love than he gets."

"How about my baby?" I asked, helping Kari to her feet. "You want Daddy to make you happy too?"

"Yes" Kari said, raising her arms to allow me to lift the nightie over her head, exposing her conical titties which she thought were too small but I found perfect, especially the plump nipples that capped the ends. "You think you would be able to... you know?"

"Really?" I asked, and even though I was nearing 50, that invitation was impossible to pass up.

Kari reached into her night table and pulled out some lubricant, handing it to me while jumping back down on the bed.

"You don't mind if your old man warms you up first?" I asked.

"Mind? You better!" Kari chirped as I climbed down between her legs.

"Sweet virgin pussy," I said softly as I looked at her pouting pussy lips, visible through the light dusting of golden fur, before burying my face between her legs.

How sweet does an 18 year old pussy taste? One that's never been penetrated by a cock? It's indescribable, and I could lick Kari's pussy until my tongue fell off. Tonight, Kari wanted something else, so I licked away until she started arching her back side upward.

Kari's anus was so pick and perfect, the pert balloon know exposed as I spread her cheeks, that I held off on the lube so I could lick her thoroughly first. Kari squealed with delight as I licked around the puckered ring before probing her tenderly with my tongue.

While tonguing Kari, I rubbed lube all over my cock, which was almost hard again, before rolling Kari onto her stomach. My daughter raised her backside up defiantly while I stuck an oiled finger into her anus, followed by a second and a third, while Kari moaned and writhed with her face in the bedding.

It was time. I remember how guilty I felt that first time, having to continue reminding myself that it was Kari's idea. I think - know that I hurt Kari that first time, even though I was not her first. Introducing something as thick as my cock, something my wife would never even attempt, was tough back then.

Now? With Kari now able to relax and having become used to my girth, Kari's anus was a piece of cake. Both of us totally primed, I crouched above her buttocks, ass cheeks spread wide, and leaned downward, pushing my stubby log as far into her rectum as I could.

I could hear my daughter sigh as I got in as far as I could, taking care not to look over at the mirror on her dresser. I thought that might be fun to do, watching me mount Kari and take her anally, but the sight of me looking like a predatory humping my baby had the opposite effect.

So I bounced up and down on the bed, my cock sliding effortlessly in and out of my daughter's ass. Occasionally, because of my not being long, I would pop out. The first time that happened, I remember being shocked at seeing the gaping hole that was staring at me, but now it excites me, because I know that my the time I cum, her anus with be gaped open obscenely, only to gradually contract back into the little pink knot as good as new.

"Fuck!" Kari hissed, catching me loafing as I daydreamed."Fuck my ass hard."

I went back at it, plunging into her with all of my might, the bed creaking so loud that if my wife wasn't soundly asleep thanks to the wonders of chemicals, she could probably hear us.

I feel Kari's body spasm - she's coming, and maybe she's squirting too. Many times there's a puddle beneath her, but I'm too intent on bring her home hard and fast. Kari relaxes, let' out a groan as her orgasm ends, and then, and only then do I cum, spurting my seed deep into her bowels as I exhale with pleasure.

"Nobody does it like my Daddy," Kari said as we eased down onto the bed together.

I know she gives other guys her ass, but that's alright with me. At least she's a virgin, and plans to be, at least until she meets Mr. Right, or so she's told me on numerous occasions.

"I might get tired of waiting though," she's threatened sometimes. "One of these nights..."

Kari's said that she's wanted me to be her first, but I've steadfastly refused so far. What kind of a father would I be? I mean, even an admitted deviate who craves his daughter's ass has limitations. That first time should be for somebody special.

Still and all, I mused as I left Kari's bedroom and went back into the deep freeze, one of these nights we both might be of the same mindset. If that even happens...


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