tagTransgender & CrossdressersHi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 02

Hi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 02


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Complete and utter fantasy, based on an old RP character of mine. I reserve all rights, etc. Also, the way things work in this story may not be an accurate account of any real scientific facts regarding the intersexed. It's meant as erotica, not a medical treatise. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. Anyone interested in using my characters, ASK. Anyone with story ideas, please message me and say so. Politely. Thank you.

Hi, everybody! It's me again. Hollie. You remember, the 19-year-old herm-girl with a buxom older sister? It's been a while since I last wrote, but wow. Things are moving right along. And in some fun, unexpected directions! Emillie and I have been spending more quality time together, playing around and getting to know each other's bodies even better. The other night, we stepped up from playing with ourselves to touching each other, and wow. It was so hot. Here's how it all started.

I was sitting on the couch, watching a movie, when Emillie came thumping down the stairs like an elephant. She's never really tried to be light on her feet, always stomping and running around. She looked around, trying to see if Mom was anywhere around. Wearing just a cute powder-blue cami and matching panties, she had one of the teddy bears from her bed clutched to her crotch. She'd just gotten her hair cut, into a neat, thick, dark brown pixie cut earlier that day, and it looked seriously cute with the shape of her face.

"Is Mom here, Holl?" she asked me breathlessly.

"Nope, she's over at Mrs. Kim's place. They're starting a weekly card game night, or something. She mentioned wine, so she'll probably be gone till late." I answered. I was dressed to lounge myself, wearing a red tank top and matching pajama pants with sporty white striping along the seams. I also had my thick, fuzzy white socks on, because I hate having cold feet.

"Oh, that's good. I was hoping she'd be out. You remember the other night, when we...well. Helped each other out?" she said, seeming more timid about the subject than I expected.

"Mmm-hmm. That was pretty cool. What about it?" I asked. The smile on my face must have given my feelings away, because her face went from shy to smiling to leering in three seconds.

"Well, I was just on the computer, and I saw a super-hot video online. Two girls, equipped a lot like us, and they were sitting together on a big hotel bed. Here, turn to face me." she said, and licked her lips to wet them. I moved as she guided me, the both of us facing each other.

"And they moved closer, so they could hug and kiss..." she added, and scooted nearer to me, the movement jostling her teddy bear out of the way. He tumbled to the floor, and revealed the huge tent in Em's panties. Whatever she'd seen, it had turned her on fiercely! I didn't hesitate, wrapping my arms around her waist and leaning in against her big, soft boobs. They smooshed bralessly against mine, and I felt my nipples spring up stiffly. As my lips met hers and she parted them for me, I felt a surge of hot, forbidden lust wash along every nerve in me. God. I'd never imagined that we'd enjoy what we did last time, and I sure didn't expect to end up tongue-wrestling with my own big sister!

But there I was, indulging in one of society's biggest taboos and not feeling guilty or bad or dirty. Just hot. My own girlcock grew stiff quickly, as though it could hear the soft smacks of our kissing.

"What...what happened next, Em?" I asked breathlessly, after the kiss broke.

"Well, they reached out and took hold of each other's cocks, and started to stroke each other. No bottles of lube, so they just started drooling all over each other to keep things slick. Fuck, it got me so hot...I was squirming in my chair the whole time, and I really wanted to grab myself and tug one off when I saw the first of them start to cum all over the other's hand. But then I thought of you, and I...well..." Again, that cute shyness overcame her, and her words ground to a halt. She was blushing deeply, and had a cute, hopeful smile on her face. She batted her thick lashes at me, and something in me melted.

"Ohh. You wanna know if we could play together like they did. Sure. We don't even need to go upstairs if you don't wanna." I answered, and stood up quickly. I bent over to pull my PJ's and panties down and step out of them, and got a playful smack on the right cheek of my butt. She surprised me, and the next two sounds to echo in the living room were my yelp and her giggling.

"What can I say? You've got a great little can, Sis." Emillie said with a grin as I straightened and faced her again. I sat down where I was, and motioned to her.

"Well? Taking those off? Or are you just gonna let that huge wanger tear through them?" I asked, and she giggled. Scooting around a bit on the couch, she tugged the crotch of them loose and popped her big, thick thing out the side of them, pulling the gusset aside. I could even see the lips of her pussy, freshly shaven and totally bald. Suddenly, my mouth was just fucking watering. My own hard shaft sported a big, thick bead of precum at the tip.

"Well, that works too..." I murmured, and scooted closer to her, my hand gently taking hold of her girlmeat for the first time. It felt a lot like mine, hot and stiff, but the skin of it so smooth and soft. Almost like velvet over steel. Mmmm. She tipped her head back a little and gasped, and her stiff pole throbbed in my grip. It sent a shiver all through her, and she bit her lip against a moan.

"God, Holl...that feels great..." she muttered, letting her big, dark eyes settle on mine. "You know, it's hard to find a girlfriend at school who's accepting of people like us. I really wish things had worked out with Missy. She's fucking hot."

She was referring to Missy Wallinski, a sexy, bleached-blonde Polish girl who would have been right at home shaking her fine ass on the hood of the car in that old Whitesnake video. In an ex-boyfriend's leather jacket, a punky band t-shirt, painted-on blue jeans with a few rough spots and tears, and ankle-high leather biker-girl boots, she was a total punk-rock sex goddess back in high school. And since she fell in with a girl from a local hardcore band, she didn't feel much need to change her style since graduation.

"Mmm-hmm, she is. I've found myself daydreaming about her more than a couple of times, too. I bet she's a screamer in bed. She always is in my daydreams." I answered with a wink, and felt her clasp a warm, soft-palmed hand around my own throbbing, precum-leaking girldick.

I sighed happily and wrapped my other arm around her waist, and let my hand fondle her ass. I started to pump at her slowly, and tipped my chin down so I could open my mouth and let a long string of saliva land right on her tip and my knuckles. Twisting my hand around gently, I smeared my own spit around for lube, and gripped her a little tighter once she was properly slicked. She moaned loudly and quivered, then leaned in to supply me with a liberal coating of her own all-natural lubricant. Soon, soft, wet smacks were filling our ears as we jerked on each other, chests heaving and hips twitching with our growing lust.

"God...this feels good." I admitted, my cheeks hot and my body squirming in place despite my wish to sit still. "It's making my pussy all wet."

"Mmmm, mine too." Em replied, smiling at me with lust shining in her dark eyes. She winked at me and added, "If you wanna feel how wet, go ahead."

I nearly swallowed my tongue! Sure, we'd taken our closeness to another level, but I hadn't expected anything like that! With a mute nod, I slowly released her hot pole and reached down past her heavy balls. Since they were there, I gave them a couple of soft strokes with my wet, slippery fingers, then reached under them to find her hot, slick slit. She sighed and made soft, happy little moans in her throat, her eyes closing as she felt her way down to my own sopping hole. The first scrape of her fingernail over the hood of my clit made me gasp and jerk in place, the sensation sudden and powerful. My own fingertips mashed up against her own clit and folds as my arm and hand tensed, earning me a yelp of surprise and joy from her.

"Wow, you're fucking soaked." she murmured, running her fingers along my snug pussylips and smiling wickedly at me.

She wormed a finger between them slowly, gently easing in close to my entrance, and I did my best to mimic her actions. But I was just too horny, and I ended up giving in and pushing a finger deeply up into her tunnel. God. That first rush of feeling made us both moan together. I was amazed at how wet, hot, and tight she was around my slim finger, and I'm sure she just loved having that presence inside of her. She had been going without a girlfriend for a while, after all. The delighted sounds that escaped her said everything that needed to be said, and she slowly inched a finger into me as well, her eyes drinking in the sight of the rapture on my face as I moaned and cooed for her.

"This is so fucking naughty, Em...if Mom found us like this, she'd have a heart attack..." I said faintly, and my thoughts were interrupted by her thumbtip pressing on my clit.

"Well, that's why we'll have our playtime when she's out, or sleeping...at least, until we can be sure that she wouldn't wanna join in." she said, and my face grew another twenty degrees hotter. I'm sure I turned bright, cherry red, because she giggled merrily, a huge grin stuck on her face.

"But Em, Mom wouldn't! I mean...I can't imagine..." I stammered, fighting to find the right words. "Do you even have a clue if she likes other normal women that way?" A part of my mind realized that my finger had stopped moving inside of Em, and re-started a slow cycle of in-and-out motions that made her sigh and shift her hips toward me.

"Well, think about it. Since Dad left, she's only had a few dates here and there, and what...two short-term boyfriends?" Emillie said.

"Well, yessss..." I answered hesitantly.

"And she does spend a lot of time with her girlfriends, doesn't she?"


"And we don't really know that all she and Mrs. Kim and the other ladies are doing is playing cards. They could be having a lingerie party, or something. The card game could just be their cover story."

"I guess...maybe..."

At this point, I was feeling flushed from my ears right down past my breasts. I was sure I was going to faint any minute, but the exquisite feelings of Emillie working her finger in and out of me, then gently adding another, kept me rooted to all things physical. I gripped her tightly around the hip with my free hand, leaning my chest and shoulders against her for support as I moaned right into her ear.

"Mom always has been really pretty, too. I can see how both men and women would desire her." I admitted after a couple of deep breaths.

"Pretty? You mean hot. Let's be honest, Mom was a MILF before they even made up the word. If she went out to one of the bars, I'm sure she'd have the men tripping each other just for the chance to try to hit on her. Hell, I think she's fucking sexy. You do too, don't you?" Em asked, a lusty note in her voice as she quickened the fingers that glided in and out of my well-filled snatch.

"Ohhhh...yeah, I do. Dunno how she manages those huge boobs, though..." I admitted, and teased the tip of my index finger against Em's opening.

"Go ahead. Put it in. Mmmf! Yeah..!" she said, maybe sensing my hesitation. "I know I take after her that way, and I'll end up a lot like her at her age. Sexy, confident, tits out to next Tuesday..."

We both shared a giggle, and focused on frigging each other without words for a long moment. Our breathing deepened as we concentrated on the task at hand, and I felt her inner walls tightening and relaxing around my fingers in a steady rhythm. Her cock was still stiff as a tent-pole, the thick ten-incher snug up against her firm belly and just drooling precum down its' own length. Then, she took control, and guided my hand from her hip to her shaft.

"Here, stroke it...and don't stop with your fingers..." she ordered breathlessly, and I went to work quickly, pumping at her massive shaft with a will. "Yeah, fast and tight...oooh, I need it...need to cum, Sis..." she babbled, her eyes half-lidded with pleasure.

"Will you do me, ooooh!" I started, and was surprised when she claimed my own pole in her hand, as though she'd read my mind. "Oh, God, yessss..." I hissed out, an exhale carrying that sibilant to her ears.

"Yeah, fuck me, Sis...frig me and stroke me...let's make each other cum! This is gonna be so good...I'm gonna...hahhh...cum so hard..!" she managed in between gasps and pants for breath.

"Yes, I'm doing it...fucking both parts of you...so sexy, Em..." I answered, panting like a bitch in heat myself. Her fingers in me were half-curled and her fingertips rubbed against my G-spot, and that pulled my own ecstasy closer faster and faster. We both worked at each other's bodies frantically, as though we were in some kind of competition to see who could make the other cum first.

In the end, her skills won out, and my whole body went tight and quaked. I let out a long scream of purest bliss as a dual orgasm wracked me, my pussy squeezing down on her fingers while my girldick pulsed and started to shoot thick, hot gobs of my seed with powerful force. Em angled my cock toward her, and the thick splats ended up all over her cute little camisole and the bared strip of her belly. My pussy juiced up around her fingers, and loud, lewd slurps could be heard as she kept pushing them deeply into me, twisting them around back and forth in my spasming depths.

Me going off like that must have pulled the trigger on her cum-gun, because her huge tool throbbed heavily in my slippery grasp and started to spurt, too. I wasn't expecting the first shot, and it went up high and landed on my lower lip and chin. I did like she did, and pulled her erupting she-dick forward, to aim her wad at my body, and I felt patch after patch of wet, heavy heat landing on my tank top. It felt so sexy, and the sound of our hot, impassioned cries echoing through the whole downstairs just kept my arousal nice and high. Eventually, though, that long moment of taboo release ended, and we ended up slumped against each other, panting weakly. We held each other for a long moment, kissing each others' cheeks and sharing warm, loving smiles.

"Mmmm...you know, I could really get used to this...us exploring what our unique bodies can do. I think next time, I want you to really fuck me." Emillie whispered into my ear, probably just because she knew she'd get a gasp from me. When I reacted as she must have predicted, she giggled and squeezed me in her arms. "Unless you wanna take it slower, and move along to oral next...I'm good with that, too."

"Em, I...wow. I dunno." I said, returning her hug and nuzzling into her shoulder for a quiet moment of thought. So many things were swirling around in my mind, and it took a big effort of will to still them all. "Let's not over-plan anything, okay? I...I know a lot of people would say us doing this stuff is wrong, but no one's getting hurt. I wanna explore, too. But let's just go a step at a time, and see what ends up happening. Okay?"

"Okay, Holl. Thanks for being so understanding about your big sister's horny needs. I'll try not to plan too much, either...but once an idea gets its' teeth into me, it's not gonna let go!" she said with a laugh.

We laughed together and went up to the bathroom, to get out of our messy clothes. We had our first shower together in a long, long time, and even though we teased each other a little, we didn't try to get each other off then. There was no pressure. As long as we planned around Mom's comings and goings, we had all the time we wanted. Would it be redundant of me to say that I really love my sister?

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