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Hi Neighbor


Yesterday I was reading the paper when I saw our neighbor Jill drive off to work, and knew that her husband Dave was home alone. Well, since I have been missing Bob and his big dick so much I was anxious to try and get together with Dave.

You may remember that Jill swung with Bob, Jerry and me on an earlier occasion, but her husband apparently didn't know about it as Jill indicated that he wouldn't be interested. She did say, however, that he was large, although not as large as Bob.

I was only wearing my robe, but since they live just next door I decided to go over and ring the bell with just my robe and slippers on although I did take the time to comb my hair and put on makeup so that I looked pretty good even at 8 am in the morning. Wouldn't you know it, Dave was in the shower when I rang the bell and I almost went back home thinking that he wasn't home when suddenly the door opened and he stood there dripping wet with just a towel around his waist.

I asked him if I could borrow a cup of sugar as I was making a pie and didn't have time to go to the store, and handed him an empty cup. He was very gracious, but somewhat taken aback that I was in my robe and he in just a towel. Nevertheless, he agreed and headed to the kitchen to get the sugar and as he did I opened my robe and loosened the tie as I followed him. When he turned to hand me the sugar I leaned forward and my robe came completely open exposing my breasts and my furry pussy. Dave was so shocked that he blushed from head to toe and in reaching to secure his towel I noticed a tenting effect on the front of the towel.

I felt that if I was going to make a move it had to be then so I took his hand away from the towel while setting the cup on the counter with the other, and the towel slipped to the floor. He wasn't in Bob's class but then who is? However, Dave was about 8" or 9" in length and in an obvious state of arousal. I told him that I had been wanting him for months and that Jerry was aware and in agreement, further that Jill had given me her approval,(which she hadn't).

After all, Dave was a man in need and there was his prize waiting for him to make a move when suddenly he scooped me up in his arms and carried me down the hall to his bed which was still unmade at that time in the morning. Since we were now both completely nude, as I had dropped my robe completely in the kitchen he laid me on the bed and began to lick my tits and down my tummy to my pussy while all the time maintaining eye contact, which I find exciting. When Dave reached my vagina and spread my lips to better lick and suck on my clitoris I just about went wild. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face so tight against my pussy that he had to struggle to breathe. I quickly had a first orgasm and then proceeded to roll over and get in a 69 position with him so that I could return the favor. As the slurping sounds filled the room I could feel that he was rapidly approaching his orgasm as his breathing became more rapid and he was thrusting in my mouth vigorously.

"Wait a second, Dave." I said. I want your first load of cum in my pussy and I want to feel that boner buried deep in my love box. As we rolled apart Dave put me on my back with my legs resting on his shoulders and my feet around his neck, he raised me up off the bed with his hands and slipped a pillow under my ass so that he could have better access to my pussy and get in as deeply as possible. He then put the head of his dick at my entrance and very slowly and gently slipped me all he had. At that moment I forgot about Bob, Jerry and everyone else as I was once more filled. For what seemed like an eternity he teased me with slow and steady in and out motions while he raised me to a fever pitch of arousal and I was dying for him to slam his tool in as deep and as hard as possible.

He seemed to sense my need as he started to thrust rapidly and the bed rocked with his enthusiasm. We were thrusting and bumping like we hadn't had sex for a month when he erupted and filled me with cum. I of course, had another orgasm with him but in his fury I was a little subdued and didn't scream out.

We lay together for almost an hour as he kept his penis in my pussy and occasionally moved it back and forth as in play. Finally, when he was again hard we had our second session doggy style and once again he didn't disappoint me!! When we finished this second screw and I was hoping for more we heard the garage door open and Jill was coming home. I ran to the kitchen grabbed my robe and rushed out the side door, forgetting my slippers in the process.

Later on that morning Jill called and asked Jerry if the four of us could have dinner tonight as she had some things to talk to us about.

We'll see them tonight at 7 and I guess I'll get my slippers back and maybe a bonus. More later.

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