tagLoving WivesHidden Cam: Using My New Bride

Hidden Cam: Using My New Bride


When we arrived at our bed-and-breakfast the morning after our wedding we threw our bags on the floor in the entry, climbed the narrow staircase and collapsed on the bed. It was thick and soft, and fairly soon we were both asleep.

I awoke a few hours later while my wife was still asleep. She is a deep sleeper, and I usually wake long before her. I was hungry, thinking it was about midday, but looking at my new wife made me hungry for something else. Her elasticized cotton shorts nicely outlined the globes of her arse, and the lower cheeks of her smooth arse were visible under the shorts, curving down into the darkness of her crotch. Her t-shirt had ridden up somewhat so that her lower back was exposed, raising and lowering gently with her deep sleepy breaths.

I crept downstairs, had a drink of water and a few bites from an apple, and began to unpack one of our bags. In the very top of the bag was the video camera we had used to tape our reception. I switched it on, rewound a bit, and watched my beautiful bride and I doing our bridal waltz. She was so happy, radiant in the romance of 'her big night' and all the friends and family looking on. Everything about her was elegant -- her hair, her makeup, her dress. This beautiful girl was all mine now, and her sweet smelling pussy was only a few meters away, waiting for me under those shorts. I decided I needed this film to be a complete document of this girl of mine. I needed it to demonstrate her beauty and her sensuality, her glowing elegance and her wet needy pussy.

I forwarded the film to the end and took the camera upstairs with me. I placed it under a pile of clothes we had discarded on a chair at the end of the bed, and left it recording with only the lens visible under an overhanging fold. Leaving it there I crossed to the bed and sat down by my wife.

She was still lying on her stomach with her legs spread at a gentle angle. I began to stroke her hair, checking the depth of her sleep. She mumbled something incoherently, but made no other response. I placed my other hand between her legs and gently massaged the outside of her shorts. The cloth moved with my fingers, rubbing against the soft cotton on her white panties. Under that I could feel the texture of her black pubic hair and the curves of her pussy lips. She murmured something again and shifted her arms, but remained asleep. I decided to risk pulling her shorts and panties right off. I knew it wasn't really a risk -- if she woke up I would just have my way with her anyway -- but I wanted her to stay asleep.

I hooked my fingers under the elastic on both sides of her hips and slid both panties and shorts over her arse in one firm but smooth motion. Amazingly, she didn't even stir. I managed to get them to the bottom of her ankles and slipped each foot out in turn. Now I was able to see the pussy that I could do with as I pleased. This pussy was mine for the rest of my life, ready to satisfy my every desire. It appeared ready as I looked at it, its lips slightly flushed and puffy. I also admired the trail of black hair that led across her perineum to surround her pink, clasped arse-hole. This arse hole, too, was all mine. I began to imagine all the ways I would use it over the years to come. I bent closer to inspect my property, inhaling a deep break from her pussy up to her arse. When my nostrils were full of her flavor I gently blew from her arse to her pussy, making her fine black hairs tremor in the breeze. My wife let out a short "mmm"and turned her head. Her eyes were still closed. I was pleased to see that her legs and arms were covered in goose pimples.

Standing up, I took the camera from its hidden place and brought it between her legs. I took a long close-up shot of her pussy lips, ensuring the focus was nice and sharp. Then I focused in on the aperture of her arse hole. I reached my hand around the camera and gently touched her puckered purple hole with my small finger. It flinched like a small animal, closing in on itself to make a nice display for the camera. I imagined how happy I would be when we were old and gray to have this recording of my sweet little whore in the prime of her youth. Focusing back on her pussy I parted her lips with two fingers, revealing a sticky web of lubrication whitening her deep pink softness. Her aroma drifted upwards, making me want to lick her pussy clean right then and there, tongue buried in her cunt and nose digging into her sweet anus.

I replaced the camera under the clothes and returned to the bed. I decided it was time for my new wife to put on a show for posterity. With deliberate strokes I ran the palms of my hands over her arse cheeks, down the cleft of her arse-crack, and between her legs. I moved in long slow circles, occasionally darting a hand between her legs so that the fingers brushed up to the top of my bride's pubic mound.

"Baby?" I whispered. "Mmmmm?" she moaned, "That feels nice sweetheart."

"Good. I couldn't resist inspecting my new pussy. You can stay asleep while I do that if you want to."

"Mmmm... no... I had better give you a guided tour".

"No, I think you had better lay right there and be a good bride. Just spread you legs for your husband and show him you hungry pussy."

"Mmmm... it is a hungry little pussy. Now that it belongs to you, you had better look after it. You'd better feed it pretty soon."

"I think I can manage that..." I said. I pulled her down the bed, pulling her knees to the floor so that her arse and pussy presented themselves to the camera for a full view. "Ohhh, you know what you want, don't you."

"Take off you shirt and bra, then put your hands between your legs to hold the pussy open for me." While she did that I ran downstairs and grabbed a banana from the bowl of complimentary fruit. It was time to feed my wife's pussy.

"Now, hold that pussy open while I feed it."

"Okay. Is the pussy wet?"

"It is ... It's got a real appetite."

Checking that my wife's arse was pointing straight at the camera lens, I inserted the banana into my wife's wet cunt and began fucking it in and out. Delicious slurping sounds emanated from her pussy, like it was trying to lick the banana back in each time I pulled it out.

"Do you like bananas, pussy?" I asked.

"Mmmm ... I do. But I'm hungry for something else."

"I think I know what might satisfy you" I removed the banana, coated in slick cunt lubrication. I inserted a finger in my wife's cunt to coat it as well, then used it to line the outside of her tight arse hole.

"Ohhh ... I think the pussy might feel neglected," my wife said, somewhat anxiously.

"But I don't want this arse that I have just acquired to feel left out. It is beautiful too, and I can see it wants some attention". I placed the banana at the rim of her anus, and gently pressed it down. We had had anal sex before, so her arse was used to being stretched.

"I think this arse needs to relax and take its medicine," I told my wife. Her arsehole pushed outwards, spiraling open to reveal its fleshy pink interior. The banana slid smoothly through this sphincter, burying its nose in the entry of my bride's anus. Pushing a little more sent the first half of the banana into her arse, leaving the rest curling out like a think yellow tail.

"Yum ... That looks delicious. What a nutritious snack!" I said, standing back to take in the view and to allow the camera a full view. "Lets see that arse do a little dance-for-joy". My wife wiggled her buttocks and rotated them in small circles. The banana wagged out of her arse-hole, and slowly began to edge its way out. I held a finger over it to hold it in.

"You've been a good little cunt, and I'm going to reward you." I told my wife, "Get up on the bed on all fours. I held the banana in her anus while my wife climbed back on the bed. Checking that the camera still had a good view, I looked between my wife's legs and saw her little titties swaying gently as they drooped towards the bed. I climbed onto the bed, turning the opposite way of my wife, edging my hips towards her face and my face close to her knees.

"Now pussy, open those pussy lips and suck my cock" I said (thats how she likes me to talk about her mouth). She placed her hand over my hips so that my crotch was beneath her, and began to hunt in my boxer shorts for my cock. I ducked my head between her legs into a '69' position. Her hand on my stiff cock felt fantastic, but I lurched involuntarily when she placed her lips over its head.

I reached my hand behind her arse to take hold of the banana, still wedged in her anus. I began to pump it in and out, and raised my head to smell her fully aroused pussy. It was wonderful ... a thick rich aroma and moisture was beading on the edges of her lips, ready to fall in thick drops. I ran my tongue between her pussy lips to lap up as much moisture as I could, then continued the stroke of my tongue to her engorged clitoris. When I began to lap her clitoris I knew she was excited. She began to hump her pussy into my face, grinding her clitoris against my tongue. I increased the pace of the banana until she ceased to suck my cock, gasped and arched her back in an orgasm. She always orgasms quickly with something fucking her arse. She collapsed onto my face, surrounding my senses with her pussy. I popped the banana from her arse and let it fall to the floor.

I rolled her off me and climbed onto her buttocks. She was limp and exhausted. I spread her legs, and placed my legs still further outside hers so that I was not in the way of the camera. I aimed my cock at her still-open anus, nudging just the head in at first. She groaned in a pleasant way. I bore down on her, putting the weight of my hands on her back. I buried my cock deep in her anus and began pumping in and out. The narrow tube of her arse clung to my cock like a well-fitting condom, wrapping it and holding it.

"Oh ... you sweet little cunt. You're my slut forever". Her saliva had lubricated it well, and after only a few seconds I filled her arse with cum.

I collapsed on her back for a few minutes. She lay entirely inert, eyes closed, still exhausted. Soon, she was breathing slowly and steadily, asleep again. Finally I pulled my cock from her arse and stood up. What a great way to break in my new bride -- a delicious arse-fuck.

I took the camera from its hiding place and took a close-up shot of her exhausted and well-used pussy. It's lips flayed open and her hair caked in lubricant. Then I took a long shot of her arse hole, now loose and defeated. It released a long slow trail of cum, dripping downwards to get caught in her pussy hair.

I stopped the recording and crept downstairs to tidy myself up. Placing the camera back in my bag I couldn't help smiling to myself. This was the first day of the rest of my life with my beautiful bride.

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