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Hidden Desires


I opened the envelope to find a key for a room at the Holiday Inn and a short letter. It read: Be in room 255 at 7pm for a hot night of pleasure, and wear something skimpy. Well, I assumed it was another one of my husband’s erotic games. We often do little things like this to spice up our sex life.

My name is Angela. I’m 42, and very beautiful with my 38C breasts, firm ass, and long legs. My husband, Scott, is 38, tall, and has a nice cock. Nothing special, but very nice. We’ve been married 15 years and need a few erotic things like this to keep the flame lit.

Well, it was already 5:30 and I knew I’d better get ready for my night. I thought I’d better jump in the shower and clean up and shave my pussy lips for him, I know he loves my silky smooth cunt and hell, I like to feel it too.

When I got done I put on an almost see through white blouse and a mini skirt with a pair of black lace thong panties, and no bra. I shot out the door and raced over to the hotel. My cunt was getting very moist thinking about all the things him and I might do. I got to the hotel at 6:55. I didn’t think he would mind me being early. I went to the room let myself in and found it to be empty, besides a typed note on the bed: Put on the blindfold that’s under the pillow and I’ll be there in just a few minutes. I did as he wished. I put on the blindfold and made myself very comfortable on the bed.

It was a short time until I heard keys at the door and it opened. My heart raced, my nipples got rock hard, and my already moist pussy began to drip. Finally, I felt his warm touch on my inner thigh. My body was reacting very well to his touch. I shivered as the familiar electricity surged from my pussy throughout my body.

His hand traced up my thigh to my soaked panties. He tucked one finger under them and slid it past my clit, making my entire body tighten up. God, it felt so good. It had been a while since we’d done anything like this. Then, to my complete surprise, he handcuffed me to the bed! He had never done that before, but I really liked it.

He began to kiss my neck and rub my hard nipples. He slowly sucked on my nipples, and nibbled them ever so slightly. Then he grabbed my panties and almost ripped them off of me. He dove down on my pussy, licking my tender clit. He was sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. He began by sucking on my wet cunt lips and gently biting and nibbling on them. Mmmm, it felt so good. He licked my clit in long slow circles, making my whole body feel so good. But, he had never been very good at licking me so I wondered where he learned this new trick.

I was soon to find out he could get better. My pussy was so close to exploding into the best orgasm of my life. He licked steadily with an awesome pace. I was right at the edge but he slowed down and wouldn’t let me cum. He went like this for 10-15 minutes more, bringing me up then letting me down. My god was I hot! I needed just one more slight lick and I was going to cum so hard I would have passed out. But, right at that moment he stopped and brought his face to mine. He kissed my cheek and that’s when I felt his rock hard cock against my thigh.

Dear God, it felt bigger that it ever had before. The head was all wet and I knew he was hot as hell and I was about to get that stiff prick buried deep in my waiting cunt. He placed the head to my slit and pushed in, bit by bit. Slowly, he filled my pussy with his cock. But something was odd. My husband’s cock is not this big. I could feel he was only half in me and this is as big as I was used to. That’s when it all came to me. That’s how he was doing things he’s never done before. This was not my husband. Who was it? Oh my God, I was being fucked by a man I could not see! Where was my husband? But, most importantly, why didn’t I want him to stop?

As he began to pump my pussy, I asked him who he was. I got no response, but as soon as I felt the full length and size of him I didn’t care who he was. My pussy was experiencing a feeling it never had before. He was stretching me to my very limit and I loved it. He slowly pumped my pussy, gaining speed ever so slightly as he went along. It took about 10 good deep pumps of his wonderful cock to make me cumm for the first time. I screamed in delight. My cunt was gripping his thick dick, and every time the tender walls of my pussy squeezed it, I came again. I must have cumm for 10 minutes straight before he pulled out of me and let me have a break. But, it wasn’t a long one.

He was back down on my clit with his tongue, getting me close to cumming almost instantly. This man was definitely the best I had ever had. I did not want him to ever stop.

He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. He slid close to me and slid his enormous tool in my hot cunt like it was its home. And yes, he drove it home. Holding my legs apart, he pummeled my pussy for an eternity. Fucking me like the slut I had now become. I wanted this man to fuck me like a slut. I would do any thing to keep this man inside me. He slammed his dick in me with ungodly force. I was in pain but it felt so fucking good. I must have cumm 30 times, but he never slowed. He just took what he wanted from me, and I gave it willingly.

I felt his strokes begin to get long and hard. I thought he was about to cum and I would have loved for him to shoot a hot load deep in my little love hole. But he didn’t. He just changed pace and continued to pound me, getting even deeper than I thought was possible. My cunt was soaking wet. I was actually begging this stranger to continue to fuck my soaked cunt like this. I know I sounded like the biggest whore in the world, but I needed him. It must have been a half hour straight his giant cock just pumped my extremely sensitive pussy like a piston. His sweat was dripping onto my body and I loved the feeling of his huge balls smacking my ass. I was amazed by this man’s stamina. I was beginning to think maybe he wasn’t human at all.

Then he stopped suddenly just after I exploded with another body rocking orgasm. He undid the handcuffs and let me free. At first, I went to pull off the blindfold. He grabbed my hands immediately. At that point, I decided I did not want to know who he was. I just wanted to get laid by this magnificent man. He grabbed my long red hair and guided my mouth towards his thick cock. I was eager to have this massive prick in my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth. I was amazed at how good my juices tasted on his rigid tool. I have tasted my own pussy cream before, but I never really liked it. But, this time I almost wanted to taste more of it. I tried to deep throat him but I couldn’t, he was just too big. I settled in and worked him over with everything I had. At one point I could swear it grew another inch in my mouth. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever had the pleasure of sucking. Finally, he grabbed my hair and I thought I knew what was coming. I very much wanted it to happen. He held my head still and began to pump his prick into my mouth with the same pace he pounded my pussy. It was great to have him taking my mouth in this way. I felt like a total slut and I loved it.

He pulled out of my mouth with a loud pop, and I thought for sure he was going to unload on my face. But, instead he turned me on my knees and plunged his cock deep in my cunt. My God, this man was just awesome. He began slowly and steadily pumping me. Again, I came really quickly, but this was not as powerful as the last ones. Sensing this, he grabbed my hips and just ravaged me. He buried his dick to the balls in my cunt. I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. I wanted every inch of him. I needed him. For the next 20 minutes I got fucked so hard and deep; I knew my pussy was going to be sloppy loose for a week.

It took a while for me to climax again. It was like my body just stored it all up for one last big explosion. Once my cunt began to clench down on him in the first waves of orgasm, he quickly pulled out and turned me over. My body was really starting to shake with force. He went and licked my clit. While my cunt was almost literally turning inside out he only needed to flick my clit a few times with his tongue before I had the most intense total body orgasm I could ever hope for. But, he wasn’t done with me. He buried two fingers in my tightly clenched cunt, and almost immediately found my g-spot. He worked that for a few seconds before it took me to the next and final level of this life altering orgasm. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I bet the whole hotel could hear me moaning.

He let me rest for a few seconds, then he gently began to rub my tits again and my nipples responded very nicely. I thought my body was nuts. It wanted more of his thick cock. Then the words escaped my lips… “Please fuck me more I’m your little slut. Fuck my pussy!” In my mind I said, please I can’t take it any more. But, my body knew best.

I could feel my wetness dripping down my ass crack. That’s when it occurred to me. I was still was half dressed. I knew my skirt had to have been soaked with my cream. But, that thought was soon replaced by his body on top of mine, and the head of his dick pushing its way into my sloppy cunt. He fucked me slow and gentle. It felt so wonderful. He was very thick, and even though I was extremely worked out it still stretched me like I had never been before. I could feel every ripple and vein in his rigid member. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through me. I’m not sure if I was actually having orgasms, but the feeling my cunt was having was better than any orgasm that my husband had ever given me.

After about 15 minutes, his strokes began to quicken. He whispered in my ear with the sexiest voice I had ever heard, “Where does my sexy little slut want my cum?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “Down my throat,” I told him. He then pulled out and I turned so I could take his excellent dick in my mouth. It wasn’t long and he began to shoot very large gobs of his sweet cum into my wanting mouth. He filled my mouth with the best tasting jism I had ever had. But soon it was more than I could handle. I was swallowing as fast as I could but I couldn’t keep up. It began to dribble out of my mouth and down my chin. He pulled out and shot a huge load on my face and 3 more covering my tits. I was literally covered in this mans cum and I loved it.

I heard him begin to dress and I waited to hear him leave before I took off my blindfold.

Once I regained my mobility, I soon realized that I was in a heap of trouble when I got home. How was I going to explain my appearance to my husband? As well as where I had been all this time. I cleaned up as best I could, but I was right my wetness had soaked my skirt leaving a very noticeable discoloration in the fabric. My panties were gone; my lover must have taken them as a trophy. All he left me was another typed note that said: Call 364-5521 and leave a message when your pussy needs me again. I know it will. I left the room and headed home. My only hope was that my husband had set this up and he would be ok with my looks, but he was a jealous man so I thought not.

When I got home his car was in the driveway. I was terrified. I went in, but he was asleep on the couch. Thank heaven. I quickly ran up stairs, showered, and changed. When I finally saw him I told him I had worked late. He never questioned me. We had sex a few times that week. It was definitely not worth telling about though.

It took me about three weeks before I decided I needed some more of my awesome lover. So, I told my husband that a friend of mine got dumped again and needed me for support this weekend. He let me go. I booked a room at the motel, and then I called the number and left a message asking if he could please come satisfy me again. I would be blindfolded in room 255, just come get my hungry cunt at 6pm. That night, as I lay in the bed blindfolded with only a pair of pussy soaked white cotton thong panties, I knew I was about to get the cock my body had been dieing to have. I heard the knock on the door and I told him to enter. Soon, I knew he was standing with his dick near my head. I heard him unzip. As soon as I felt the head of that wonderful cock touch my lips my pussy just exploded, and I knew I was about to have another awesome night.

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