tagRomanceHidden Love Ch. 07

Hidden Love Ch. 07


((I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long! But I finally had the time to type what I needed for a chapter and here it is! So I hope you all enjoy! Comments or criticism is appreciated!))


Most of the neighborhood was there, even a couple of kids from school that I knew. Some of them even had the nerve to gossip about me. Like Larry's girlfriend, the oh so perky, perfect cheerleading bitch, Natasha. And of course you can't forget her friends that hover around her, leading her on, about how she's so perfect and what not, and want to be exactly like her in looks. Please!, I thought.

"Did you see Casey here?" Natasha giggled evilly to the trio of her friends. "I wonder if Sylar will come and mess with her head again?" With that, they all laughed and made a swooning noise. I was in the living room, in front of the punch bowl when I heard it. It made my blood boil in my veins. "Bitch . . ." I seethed and stormed away into some part of the magnificent huge house.

True adults kept to themselves and talked amongst themselves, which was a relief to all the teens. I knew they did that, so they would think, we would think we could get away with stuff than we should. I knew that they just wanted to catch us in the act. But also wanting to get to know each other a little bit more if they were social enough.

The older teens kept to themselves as well. Staying in their basics cliques and parked themselves where ever they could. Even if it was somewhere they shouldn't, but mostly around the stereo to listen to the music or the TV to play video games.

I, myself, wanted to go home and lie down. A headache was coming on from such the loud music and talking, that I just wanted to scream. When I came with my parents and brother, I was fine, but within the hour I felt so alone and confused. And with Natasha and her perfect glorious friends didn't help much either.

"Damn it . . ." I whispered to myself. My hand trembled as I sipped my forgotten drink. I felt way to hot, and all I could think about was if Sylar was going to show up or not. That itself put me on edge. "Oh, go bite it!" I muttered and left my punch on a table.

Passing through a door I saw all the cliques of teens I wasn't in and kept going. Even out back was the same, so I climbed the stairs, seeking some peace. To my left was all noise of video game playing, boos and cheers of teens. To the right it all seemed somewhat quiet. I walked on, hoping I wasn't going to find a couple going at it. One door led to a small closet, and another to the main bedroom, thank god no couple! But I didn't want to stay in there so I climbed out the big reflecting window. Tentatively I stepped out, easing my weight on the dew slippy shingles. Once on the roof, I walked on a slant to a solitary quiet spot by the next window. I sat down next to it so no one would see me.

I looked inside, only to see the band of teens watching other teens play Grand Theft Auto 4, and the game itself. And I wondered how stupid could teens get, playing these violent bloody video games. All it teaches them is worse manners yet. I sighed and listened to them a bit inside carrying on as I started to stare off into space and let my mind completely go.

I could feel my muscles slowly start to relax, as the noise beside and below me pulsed with life as my mind wandered from my body and lost itself in mindless thoughts.

Sometime later, I didn't even register the body encasing mine until it was too late. Once I did realize it, I gave a start which brought forth a deep bad boy chuckle. Recognizing the body and the voice, I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed into is strong unyielding body. "I didn't think you would come." I whispered back, loving the feel of his strong arms wrapped around m and his rough calloused hands holding my own softer ones.

"I came just to see you." He whispered back into the cup of my ear, and it made me shiver in pleasure as heat sliced down to my core. I melted into him even more and willed him to hold me tighter. I closed my eyes in bliss and just wished I could be near him anytime I wanted. But no, I had to wait till he wanted to reveal himself to me. My heart nearly crushed at the thought, I just thought why does he have to make it so difficult? He knows I want to be with him. I, being humiliated at myself, from school, teased, taunted, nearly raped, what was going to happen next?!? Oh dear god, it had to be stopped. This bitter sweet torture he was putting me though. Even though I loved him, it had to be stopped. The thoughts brought tears to my eyes. Hell, I might be falling in love with Sly! How couldn't Sylar see, how this was affecting me? An unconscious tear fell down my cheek as whispered to him, "We need to talk . . ."

"About what?" He murmured silkily, as if he thought nothing was wrong. Seemingly content, just to sit here on the cold hard roof.

"About us . . ." My voice trembled. I couldn't see him, but I could feel his body tense. "I can't go on like this. What going to happen next to me? You can't stop it. You're never there!" Now I was outright crying and my whole body trembling. I didn't want this; I didn't want to say this. But it had to be done.

He started. "Casey . . ."

"No!" I cried. I wanted to turn into his arms and the hurt on his face to see if it was affecting him at all. "Don't you tell me about how you want me to see the real you! I do already! I love you with all my heart! I want to see you more often, see your face and love you whenever I want. But all I can see of you is you're selfish. You just want to see me, whenever YOU want to see me. You never consider if I want to see you. I can't even call you or text you!" If I tried to turn, he would have stopped me by just tightening his arms.

I sobbed out, "Please Sylar! Show me who you are, so we could be together!" For a moment, I thought he would, that I thought I was be with him for the rest of my life if fate would allow it. But fate was cruel to me just then. For he just got to his feet and disappeared into the main bedroom window, leaving me there alone with a broken heart. Crying harder than ever now, I wanted to stay there and pity myself, curled up into a ball, hoping a black hole would appear below me and swallow me up just then. But I knew in my heart that I had to go to him and explain.

"Wait! Sylar!" I cried out to him. "Please wait!" Lurching upwards and to the side I tried to run and catch him. Three feet from the window I slipped and hit the slippy roof hard. My knee and arm flared up in pain, but I ignored it and pushed myself back up and went after him.

"Sylar! Wait!" A strangled cry that sounded pathetic to my own ears. I yanked myself into the bedroom, meaning to race after him. Escaping the cold roof and the main bedroom, I ran hoping to god, I'd catch him.

Some teens lined the hallway, leading towards the stairs in loose packs. At one moment I was running towards the stairs, the next I was on the floor with pain lightening up my arms and knees.

Laughter rose up around me and I looked up surprised and hurt, wondering who the hell tripped me. I shakily got to my feet eyeing everybody's grinning faces. "Assholes!" I seethed and began my trip back down the stairs. I was lucky I didn't continue my run otherwise I would have fallen down the stairs, which probably wouldn't have been so lucky.

Giggling sounded on my right as I reached the ground floor. "Hey Casey . . ." A preppy bratty voice sounded and I knew it belonged to Natasha. "How's your night going?" Her friend's giggled.

"Just swell! Now leave me alone!' I fired at her and I saw anger appear in her baby doll eyes. "Fuck off!" I said simply to her when I saw she wasn't backing off and was about to say something. Now her jaw dropped, for she wasn't expecting this.

I grinned, even though forgotten tears still slid down my face. "Bye Piss face!" I called out to her as I walked briskly through the front door. I could hear her gasp and sputter, but I ignored her pained drama, not caring in the least. "Sylar . . ." I whispered once I was out onto the street, wondering where he was.

"Casey?" A familiar voice asked.

I turned and saw Christian staring at me. "What's wrong?" His gaze then wandered over me. "You're bleeding!" He sounded stunned. He touched my arm tentatively and another jagged flare of pain went through me. He saw me wink in pain and started to lead me back to the house.

"No!" I stated and stopped dead in my tracks.

"What?" He asked, concern written across his face.

"I'm not going back in there."

He seemed taken aback at that. "Okay, then we'll go to your place." He offered and I nodded. We walked in silence the whole way and I didn't mind one bit. Hell, I even cherished it. After the noise of the party and my mind, it was finally peaceful and quiet. In the distance I could even hear crickets singing their songs with the frogs.

Once we reached my place, he got to business to see my cuts. "Oww!" He prodded it to see if there was anything in there to be removed.

"Sorry . . ." He said softly. His blue green eyes gleamed up at me and then back at my cut. "So what caused this?" He breathed fanned over my arm.

"I slipped on the roof." I said simply and said no more. I so didn't want to get into getting tripped and Natasha. His brow rose in question but he didn't voice one. After a while, it seemed like I had to explain myself while he cleaned and bandaged my cuts. "I was seeking peace and quiet. When on the roof, I realized I didn't, so I got up to leave and I slipped."

But he didn't say anything more. He just merely finished up. After that, he stood and studied me quickly.

"What?" A slice of unease slipped inside me.

He sighed. "Do you want to go back to the party or stay here?" By the way it looked on his face, he already knew my answer.

"No more trouble please! I'll stay . . ."I giggled and regarded him solemnly.

He smiled. "Alright . . . you sure you're okay?" Christian asked, concerned once more.

Rolling my eyes, I answered, "Yes, I'll be fine." I got up from the toilet seat, now standing in front of him. He looked down, then back up to my face.

I smiled and then he leaned in and put his soft lips on mine. I gasped at his boldness and he made the kiss just a little more deeper. He teases my lips and tongue with his own and soon I began to kiss him back.

He tasted so sweet and felt so good underneath my hands. His arm wrapped around my waist tight and his other arm snaked up my chest to cup my left breast and squeezed gently, testing its firmness.

Moaning, I wrapped my own arms around his neck and pulled his body tighter to mine. I was lost in the moment, and was about to moan Sylar's name when there was a knock on the front door. My mind snapped back into control and I pulled away from him quickly as if I was scolded. Suddenly, I wondered what Christian would do if I muttered Sylar's name and not his. I barked laughter and went to answer the door, ignoring Christian's wondering look.

Turning the knob, I opened the door, wondering who it could be, only to see Sylvester. I smiled brightly, "Hey Sly! What are you doing here?"

He grinned back, his blue green eyes shining with relief. "I'm alright. I was Christian's party when your parent's stopped me and wondered where you were. They asked me to see if you were at . . ." He trailed off, his eyes looking past me.

I realized why, when I found Christian behind me. I rolled my eyes as I felt and knew testosterone was flowing more freely right now. So I figured, I should relieve the tension. "I'd gotten hurt at the party and Christian walked me back and took care of me." I paused, looking at both men. "But you should be getting back to your party Christian." I simply said to him.

He knew he was being rejected and knew he probably deserved it, by pressing me into kissing him. "Alright Casey . . . See you tomorrow at school." And he slipped past Sly and down the street to go back to his place.

After I knew he was good and gone, I said, "Sorry . . . Nothing happened . . ." Damn Lie! My conscience thought. "So what's up?" I held the door wide so he could come in.

"Oh nothing. Just wanted to talk. So . . . How's Sylar doing?" He came in and closed the door for me.

The mere name of his put me on edge. "Uhh . . . I don't know. How would I know? He doesn't tell me anything . . ." I shrugged and I realized that I was immediately crushed and upset. "Why?" I choked out. I was disgusted with myself when I wanted to start crying again.

"I'm sorry Casey. If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to." He answered, sounding worried.

"No . . . It's just . . . Uhh . . ." I then broke out into sobs again. He immediately came forth and took me into his strong arms. My hot tears coursed down my burning cheeks and I clutched at him with panicky tightness. "It's just . . . just . . ." I hiccupped, "that he . . . doesn't understand . . . how this is . . . affecting me!" I said in between sobs. "Oh god . . ." Another wail of tears, it seemed like I couldn't stop.

"The teasing . . . the taunting . . . the humiliation . . . hell even the . . . the the rape! What the hell is . . . going to happen . . . to me next?" Damn it, I wanted to stop crying but it just simply wouldn't. My trembling body was pulled against his tight lean one and I wondered how he wasn't shaking with my sobs too.

"I can't take it!" Another sob, "And well . . . me and you . . . I love Sylar with all my heart . . ." My sobs were slackening, which I was grateful. "But . . ." I looked into his handsome face and said, "I think I'm falling for you too . . ." It hurt to say that, and I even wondered why I did it.

He clearly wasn't expecting that. "Umm . . . Casey . . . are you sure?" His cheeks went red from embarrassment and I knew he was flustered and not sure what to say.

"Yes . . . I'm almost positive." My sobs now have completely tampered off. "I love Sylar, but I'm falling for you too. I don't know how, but its happening." A lone tear slid down my already damp cheek.

He reached up and brushed it away. My dark brown eyes gazed into his blue green ones and I didn't even care if he was Sylar or not at that moment. "Kiss me . . ." I said, barely a whisper.

He hesitated for just a second, but then leaned down and kissed me. It was like a butterfly, like the first kiss we shared and it stole my breath away, it was that tender and sweet. Heat slashed and arced through me and I craved more. I wanted more of his tender kisses and touch. I moaned softly against his gentle lips and let him have access to my mouth.

Oh god, he felt so good against me, just like Sylar. No . . . even better. It felt right. "Sly . . . I sighed as his lips traced down my jaw, making me want him more. He nibbled gently at my ear and neck making me gasp and squirm.

"Sly!" I breathed out. He growled softly and pushed me against the wall. He took my mouth savagely, as if my sigh made him lose control, but it only made damp heat pulse at my core. He then pulled away just as quickly, holding me arm's length away.

"Are you sure?" He asked me, controlling his raging emotions and hormones. "I don't want to hurt you."

I didn't want to think of Sylar anymore. I wanted Sly. I smiled up at him, wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered "Please Sly, I want you . . ."

Growling low in his throat, which I thought was sexy as hell; he took my mouth again, dueling his tongue with my own. His arms wrapped around me, crushing my body to his warm one. His caress left a burning trail against my skin and my blood boiled with desire in my veins.

My shirt slipped off and then my bra. His hands cupped both my breasts and pinched my aching erect nipples. "Mmm . . ." My skin burned for his touch. But then a random thought passed through the lust crazed thing called my mind that made me pause for it cleared it somewhat. "Hmm . . . wait!" I said breathlessly.

Sly's head came up from sucking my hard pink nipples and I saw disappointment flash through his eyes. "It's okay . . . It's just . . . my parents . . . Let's go to my room."

Understanding dawned in his eyes and he grinned with relief. He picked up my dropped clothes and handed them to me and growled out, "Wrap your legs around me." I did so with a grin, but then I squealed with surprise as he clutched me closer to him and started up the stairs to my room.

Grinning, I couldn't help it from the surprise. I dropped the clothes after he pinned me against the wall again. It was I who placed the first kiss on him and he returned it with such passion that it consumed me.

His hands hooked into the waistband of my jeans and started to pull them down. But didn't get far from the way I was wrapped around him like I was. He growled once more and I had to smile. Groaning with impatience, then grabbed me and flipped me onto the bed and I laughed at his impatience as I bounced lightly on the bed. He leaned down into me, his eyes looking like a predator's, but it only made me feel sexy and wanton. Hell, even naughty. His lips came back to mine, sealing off my laughter. My hands ran greedily up his back, feeling his toned muscles underneath, while sliding his shirt up and over his head.

"Ohhh!" I moaned as his teeth caught my hard erect nipple. His hands were fumbling at my pants and finally they slipped free. Raising my hips off the bed, I helped him slip them down my long slender legs. But he did it slowly, kissing down the skin that was being revealed to him. His blue green eyes were hot, so intense, that they made me squirm in themselves. "Mmm . . .' I sighed, as my legs were freed of the confining denim, and his rough hands rose gently up my legs. Once his fingers touché the edge of my lacy red panties, I shivered in anticipation.

His thumb caressed the top to the bottom of the scanty lace and I wanted him all the more. His thumb then pressed down my hidden nub and made me shiver in delight and gasp in surprise. Along with my hips spasming at the touch.

"Sly . . ." I moaned and squirmed beneath his touch. Something damp and hot touched the apex of my legs and began to move. Realizing it was his tongue made me even wetter and made me wonder if he would taste me. His warm fingers began to rub up and down between my damp lips, making me shudder.

"Sly! Umm . . . god!" His hand rose up to cup a heaving breast while his other hand threatened to undo me. I gasped as a finger slipped aside my panties and into my core. And then another joined, moving restlessly inside, massaging my channel. My own hands clutched at his shoulders, leaving slight scratch marks up and down his back. Squirming and moaning, my orgasm built and then rose to a few more notches when he moved the damp lace aside and kissed my nether lips deeply.

After that, it didn't take long at all. My breathing had quickened considerably, my heart beat like a drum, my blood pulsing and thickening with pleasure. I couldn't think, could only feel. And feel I did. It felt like I was in heaven, dying in bliss when it exploded throughout my whole body.

Shuddering, I slowly and reluctantly returned to reality, with Sly crawling up my body with a large grin. I smiled and pulled his head to mine so I could kiss him deeply, tasting my sweetness on his lips.

"Casey!" My mother's voice suddenly shouted throughout the house. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs. Both of us had jerked with surprise and shock, and looked into each other's frightened eyes.

I yelped quietly, "Quick! In the shower!" He quickly got off me, but pulled me along and into the bathroom. I shoved the curtain aside, turned the water on warm and slipped inside.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, while I grabbed Sly's hand and pulled him inside. I shoved the curtain back in its place when I heard he bedroom door open. "Casey?" My mother called out once more.

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