tagIncest/TabooHidden Valley Ch. 01

Hidden Valley Ch. 01

byKY ridgerunner©

There is a valley hidden far away. It was found by accident about 50 years ago. Six families set out in search of a place they could practice their social nudism. They had been gone a long time and lost for several months. Winter was coming fast, in fact the first hard snow was falling that night and they huddled as much as they could for warmth. There was a doctor, Dr. Thompson and his wife Joan, two farmers, Ross & Becky Wilson with their son Tyler and daughter Kathy and her husband Dick, Phillip & Carolin Duncan with daughter CiCi and a rancher, David & Rose Donalson and their sons Dave Jr. and John, with 20 head of cattle including two bulls. The last two were a shop keeper, Jim and Betsy James with their son Al and a minister, Rev. Sam Rosswalld with his wife Cindy and daughter Jane. Rev. Rosswalld no longer had a church because of his beliefs.

They made it through the night and with the morning sun they saw a ridge not more than half a day trip. It was still early in the season so the sun melted most of the snow but left the path muddy and hard to travel. They made it to the ridge by early afternoon. When they topped the ridge they couldn't believe what they were looking at. Not more than half a mile down the slope the grass was green and there was no snow what so ever. The air warmed up quickly and a very vast green fertile valley lay before them. At the time they had no idea just how beautiful and magical the valley was, but they would soon find out.

As they made their way into the valley it was almost like the valley was planed out. There were groves of citrus trees of every kind. There were open fields just ready for planting. A small river ran through the center of the valley and they came upon a clearing that almost said to set up the town here.

The air was still warm and they didn't feel the need to set up any type of shelter from the elements. They spent the evening and most of the night celebrating their good fortune. Since this was the first time in weeks they were warm they soon shed all their clothes since that was the reason for their trip in the first place.

The next day the work started. With everyone still naked the minister gave a service giving thanks for their new home. The farmers set out where they would plant their crops. The doctor, the minister and the shop keeper started mapping off what would soon be their new town. There didn't seem to be any hurry but they started cutting trees and building houses. All totaled it took about 30 days to set up the town. Though they knew that winter was well set in on the other side of the ridge the weather in the valley remained very calm. The temperature during the day was around 70-75 and never dropped below 50 at night.

They were beginning to notice some changes. The most evident was a high increase in libido. All the men and young boys above the age of 18 always had an erection which was fine with the women since they seemed to always be horny. Every married woman was pregnant with in the first 60 days, but after the first six months no one was able to get pregnant. They thought that something in the valley had effected the women but the doctor examined each one. He found them to be more than fertile, it was the men that could no longer produce

Another thing that the doctor noticed was that no one was getting sick. Even those that had ailments when they arrived were now completely cured. None of this seemed to effect the animals as they were breeding very fast. It seemed they were always in heat as were the people. Their sex drive continued to grow. Many factors led to what was inevitable, incest between willing partners and most all over the age of consent were willing. They could not get pregnant, there was no disease and every one wanted it all the time. All the families were doing it but tried to keep it from any one else but it got to the place where it was unmistakable. Even the minister was involved with both his wife and daughter with their knowledge and blessing.

They held a town meeting and brought it all out in the open. They all accepted an open policy where any willing people could have sex with out hiding it. Since they were all nude already it didn't take much to turn the town meeting into their first group orgy. To start things off the minister, Rev. Rosswalld took his own daughter, Jane right in front of the whole town. He took her by the hand and led her to a table in the center of the room. He had her lay back on the table and got between her legs. To further show the new openness his wife, Cindy came over and held his cock and guided it into their daughter's hot wet young pussy. When he shoved his hard cock balls deep in his own daughter and she screamed in pleasure the whole room exploded. Soon every one was fucking someone. Since there were more men than women some of the women were working with more than one man. Before the night was over every man had fucked as many new pussys as he could. Every woman was convinced they had every cock in town in either their pussy or their mouth at some point during the night. Needless to say there was not much work done the next day.

So this is how life went for the next 16 years. Work was done, meals were fixed and all the normal things that had to be done were done, but there was a lot of fucking every where at most any time and no one objected. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, everyone was fucking everyone.

They did learn a lot about their valley during those years. They made contact with the real world but only for supplies and only once a year since the trip took 30 days round trip. The valley was perpetual spring year round. The planting season was all year and the crops didn't have to be rotated since the ground rejuvenated it's self. The beef and fruit had healing qualities. Since the trip out was so long they could not ship anything fresh so they would dry the beef and fruit and it soon became the biggest thing on the open market. They never reveled the source of the beef and fruit but every country tested it and found it safe and healthy. The valley soon became very wealthy and they had everything they could ever want, everything but one thing......

All the kids that were born that first year are now turning 18 and it is time they were welcomed into the family. From the six women there were three girls, two boys and a set of twins a boy and a girl. Rev Rosswalld and Cindy had another girl named June. The Donslsons had their son, James. Jim and Betsy James had a daughter, Alison The Wilsons had another daughter named Hope. Phillip and Carolin had a son Terry. Sandy and Cindy were the twins and were Dr. and Cindy's first children.

They planned an all day festival for the deflowering of the youngest of the town members. It was decided that the family should introduce them to the ways of the town. That means that fathers would deflower their daughters and mothers would be their son's first. The day finally arrived and everyone had been excited for months and there was a lot of fucking just from the planning of the event. Growing up with all the fucking between friends and relatives the seven teenagers were very excited to finally be able to join the group. There was a big picnic and lots of naked games and fun. All day everyone in the town had a chance to fondle each of the seven as they played the games and just enjoyed the day. Around 4:00 it was time for the main event. All seven were dressed in light white robes so their parents could disrobe each one before the crowd.

The town made a large circle and the mothers brought their sons out first. There were three padded benches set in a triangle. Each mother led her son out to one of the benches. Cindy brought Sandy, Rose had James with her and Carolin was with Terry. The mothers would pull the ties holding their son's robes and let it fall. The mothers would push the robe down over their son's hips and as the robe went down so did they. They were soon staring at the same hard cock they had seen every day but now they saw it in a different light. Like everything else in the valley the young men were strong solid strapping men with good solid 8" cocks.

The mothers stroked the boys cocks for the first time in a sexual way. Soon all three cocks were deep in the three mouths receiving their first blowjob and from their own mothers. The mothers knew they wouldn't last long and rotated so each boy was sucked by each mother. Once a mother had her son's cock back in her mouth it was time to get them off which didn't take much time with any of them. All three shot 18 years worth of cum into their mothers mouth and the mothers gulped down every tasty drop. The boys knees got weak and the mothers sat them back on the benches. Even though the whole town was there watching and cheering them on the only people that existed was one boy and his mom.

Sandy's mom was the first to stand and offer her tits to her son as she had done when he was a baby. Sandy brought his hand up to touch, massage, fondle and play with his mother's tits. She put her hand on his and showed him how to massage her tits and how to play with the nipples. Sandy was a quick study and was going back and forth sucking one tit and playing with the other. The other mothers were doing the same with their boys.

Joan slowly slid one of Sandy's hands down her body until it was on her pubic hair. She let his hand go to see what he would do. At first he pulled and tugged her hair and ran his fingers through it. Then he found her pussy lips and was soon massaging her pussy. With very little instruction from his mother Sandy was soon doing wonderful things to his mother's pussy and her knees were starting to get weak.

They changed places and Joan was now laying on the bench. Sandy was still sucking her tits and playing with her pussy. She took Sandy's head in both hands. He looked up at her questioningly when she pushed him down her body. Now his face was even with his mother's pussy. He just stared at it having never seen one this close. His mom gently pushed his face into her pussy and felt his tongue reach out to her. She was already close to orgasm and her son's inexperienced mouth pushed her over the edge. She was moaning her pleasure as were the other mothers. All being eaten out by their very willing sons.

Now it was time for the final act. Joan again took Sandy's head in her hands and pulled him up till they were kissing as lovers for the first time. Her pussy juice still wet on his lips. She reached down and guided his cock to her entrance. She looked around at the other mothers and when the time was right she put her legs around her son's waist. A loud cheer went out as she pulled her son's cock deep into her pussy. All three boys entered their mother at the same time and the crowd was chanting, "go, go, go." Sandy's mother whispered in his ear, "Start sliding in and out slowly at first and when you are ready just let it go I'm ready for you to fill me any time you want." Sandy took a few slow strokes in and out of his mother's pussy then each stroke got faster and faster. He suddenly went stiff as a board and his eyes flew wide open looking right into his mother's eyes he filled her pussy with his love cream. She pulled him down and kissed him while he continued to fill her pussy.

Once he was totally drained his dad brought Cindy over to them. He had already told her what to do and she had no problem at all in doing it. Cindy got on her knees and took her brother's cock in her mouth. The first cock she ever sucked was her brother's and was covered with the combined juice of him and her mother. After totally cleaning her brother's cock she turned to see her mother's pussy starting to ooze her brother's cum. Cindy looked up at her father and he smiled. She turned back to looking at her mother's pussy and dove in like she had been eating pussy all her life. She loved the taste and smell and feel of her mother's well fucked pussy. She loved it all and couldn't wait until it was her pussy filled with her father's cum. Terry's older sister CiCi was doing much the same. James however didn't have a sister so the Wilson's oldest married daughter Kathy stepped in and took over.

Cindy had just finished licking clean her first cum filled pussy she stood and whispered in Sandy's ear. "When Daddy is finished with me I want your cock to be the second one in my pussy." The twins kissed as lovers and fondled each other's bodies. Now it was time for the fathers to have their daughters for the first time.

The mothers and sons moved back to make way for the fathers and daughters. As they sat on blankets in the front of the circle they now sat as lovers. They would pet and stroke each other and kiss like they had been intimate for years. The girls still had their white robe on and before removing them the fathers took their daughters in their arms for a deep lovers kiss. The girls were being kissed for the first time as a sexual woman.

Cindy's dad took a step back and for a long moment just looked at her. He had watched her grow and developed into a beautiful young woman. Now he was able to look at her as a sexual partner. He smiled and winked at her and mouthed the words, "I love you." Cindy almost came right on the spot. Her dad stepped back to her and untied the robe. He slid it slowly down her front and when he came to her tits he let the robe fall and massaged her tits with great care and a loving touch. He leaned down and lightly kiss each tit and flicked his tongue over her nipples.

He pushed the robe over her hips and went to his knees in front of his daughter. Cindy had a dark thick bush for a young woman and her mother had neatly trimmed it for this occasion. Her father leaned in and took a deep breathe of her sex and then lightly kissed her bush and then her pussy lips. He stood to kiss her again holding her naked body to his. His hard cock resting between them. He said, "Even though my cock was not the first in your mouth I'm glad it was your brother's. I hope you receive the gift I'm about to give you with as much love as it is given." He put his big hands on her shoulders and gently pushed down. She knew what he wanted and was more than happy to oblige. She got on her knees and took her fathers cock in her hand for the first time.

Cindy held her father's cock and looked at it from every angle. She stroked it in her tiny hands then bent forward and kissed the tip. She ran her tongue around the head of her father's cock before taking it in her mouth. She couldn't get it all in as she had wanted to. Her father stroked her cheek and said, "It's fine baby. You'll learn. Just enjoy what Daddy has to offer you." She looked up at her father with his cock in her mouth and smiled and winked. She then went to work on her father's cock with a mission. She wanted to taste him in her mouth in the worse way. Her eagerness and natural talent over came her lack of experience and she was soon rewarded with her prize. Her father started filling her mouth and she drank as fast as she could not wanting even one drop to be lost. Once he was totally drained she licked her lips and looked up at her daddy and asked, "Did I do good for you Daddy?"

He pulled her to her feet and kissed her again saying, "It was one of the best I have ever had, mostly because it was you doing it. Now it is time I taste what treats you have to offer." He had her lay on the bench and put her legs over his shoulders. Like she did, at first he just marveled at how beautiful her pussy was. Cindy was looking down at her father waiting for him to start. Her father looked up and they made eye contact and held it as he slowly brought his mouth to her young tender pussy. It was the most delicious, sweetest pussy he had ever eaten.

It was the first time Cindy had ever been eaten and her breathing got fast and her hips started humping up against her fathers face. She had played with her own pussy and had experienced what she thought was a powerful orgasm but what was building in her now was not like anything she had ever felt. It was already more than she ever had and was still building. Her whole body was coming up off the bench. Her moans turned into screams and her legs lock around her fathers head like a vise. Her head was on the bench and she had pulled her father up with her legs until he was almost standing still licking her pussy. Her body went stiff and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh, MY God, Daddy, no more. Please, no more. I think I'll die if you don't stop!" He didn't stop and she didn't die but she went soaring over the top and fell lifeless on the bench her pussy pouring sweet nectar into her father's mouth..

Screams could be heard going around the square of benches as Fathers brought their daughters to multiple orgasms with their hungry mouths. Then one by one they fell limp as Cindy had done. Cindy's father as well as the other fathers were tenderly caressing their daughters and giving them little kisses all over their bodies. As her father was massaging her tits and kissing her ear, Cindy's father whispered to her, "If you thought that was good wait till you feel me inside of you." Cindy could only lay there with her eyes closed and moan as her father continued, "Before the day is over you'll have many cocks in your pussy and your mouth and even in your ass. With any luck more than one at a time." Cindy's moans became louder and her father said, "Maybe your brother can take your virgin ass while I fuck your pussy."

Cindy suddenly came alive and threw her arms around her dad saying, "I promised Sandy he could be the second cock in my pussy so I guess you'll have to take my virgin ass." She kissed her father hard and they were making out like hot teenaged first time lovers, when everything is so new and hot and exciting; which it all was for Cindy.

When they calmed down some they looked around and one by one the young girls were coming back to life. They all knew it would soon be time for what every one had come to see, the simultaneous deflowering of the only four virgins in the town. When your son loses his cherry it is one thing even to his mother but when your daughter loses hers it is a very big deal. She will truly never be the same again once her maidenhead has been broken and to be taken by their fathers was the high point of the whole celebration.

The crowd was growing excited as they knew the time was near. Even their own families were cheering for them. Cindy's dad whispered to her, "Its time baby girl, are you sure you're ready for this?"

Cindy looked into her father's eyes and said, "I've been ready for this for five years. Ever since I saw you fucking the minister's daughter, Jane, I have wanted you. This day could not come soon enough for me. I want this more than I have wanted anything in my life."

With that her father stood up and got between her legs. Cheers went up all around the circle. He lifted her legs up on his shoulders and looked around and the other three fathers were doing the same. Then, just as it was that first night when Rev. Rosswalld fucked his daughter Jane for the first time in public, the wives came up to join them. The wife took her husbands cock in one hand and opened her daughters pussy with the other. Then she brought the two together joining father and daughter. The men entered their daughters only far enough to hit the hymen. All four men shoved into their daughters at the same time and the roar of the crowd drowned out the screams of pain from the girls. The men just stayed deep in their daughters until the pain had passed and the crowd settled down. Slowly they started to work in and out of their newly deflowered daughters. Cindy brought her legs down and wrapped them around her father's waist pushing him harder and faster with her heals. Her hips were humping hard against her father and soon they were fucking fast and furiously. Cindy screamed and locked her legs around her father holding him deep in her pussy as she came with a shattering orgasm. Feeling his daughter cum so wildly on his cock sent her dad over the edge and he was filling her pussy for the very first time with cum. He kept cumming and cumming as did she until there was nothing left in either of them.

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