tagBDSMHidden Valley Pt. 02

Hidden Valley Pt. 02


After I had fucked Madison and the last man in the line had fucked Romy, the mayor and the sheriff escorted us to seats in the shade under a large oak tree on the village green. The mayor, still stark naked, sat beside Romy and fondled her breasts and pussy as he spoke to us explaining the local sex customs. The deputies thoughtfully placed naked Madison beside me on a hard-backed chair so I could fondle her sexually too.

"Our celebration of Romy today," the mayor began to no one in particular, "is most fortunate. We have not had a new vagina in town on a Fuck Festival Day for a long time." Then he turned to me. "Thank you for bringing her here, and I hope you decide to stay. I found her cunt most delicious to fuck, and I want to do her again before the Festival is over."

He leered at Romy as he continued to flick her nipples and run his fingers up and down her pussy slit. "This next part of the Festival," he told me almost casually, "is The Judgment. It's a public court session. Judge Blackthorne will try women who have been accused of crimes, usually a failure to surrender their vaginas to men. He will then punish them. Those stocks in the square are one form of punishment. The ropes hanging from the oak branch are another. Here he comes now."

A tall lanky man in his fifties approached and sat in a large, upholstered chair behind a large pine table on the public green next to where we sat. Except for his top hat, he was completely naked and dangled a long, thick penis between his legs. I was beginning to think the ancestral Johnson had passed his penis gene down through several generations to many men in the valley.

"Court is now in session," he announced loudly, banging his open hand on the table. The two deputies brought forward the first accused, a middle-aged woman with wide hips and round tummy, a ripe figure. She was of course naked. She was really quite attractive with regular features, freckled cheeks, and blue eyes now downcast, and long brown wavy ringlets that hung sensuously to her breasts. Her tits were big and round, and her cunt bush was thick and brown, but trimmed along the sides and kept short.

The deputies placed her on her back on the table in front of the judge and lashed her arms and legs to the table legs with thick ropes. Judge Blackthorne leaned forward and sniffed her pussy. Then he stuck a finger into her cunt. Finally he gave each breast a hard slap.

"You are accused, Lavinia James, of refusing to fellate Henry Morse during a neighborhood sex session. How do you plead?"

"Guilty," she moaned. I learned later that accused women in Johnson knew that it was useless to plead 'not guilty'. That only earned them harsher punishments.

"Twenty lashes and public fucking, both ends," said the judge. Instead of banging a gavel to end the sentencing, he rose and stuck his long cock into Lavinia's cunt and fucked her hard until he came in her pussy with a grunt.

It was all done matter-of-factly, but Romy's eyes remained fixed on the public spectacle of a judge naked fucking the accused woman in public as punishment for not submitting immediately to more public sex. These people's devotion to group sex was almost innocent and certainly the main part of public morality in the village.

The deputies then took her and placed her in a set of stocks in the center of the village green. An official in a hooded monk's robe appeared with a whip in his hand. He slashed the whip across her bare bum and thighs and up between her legs for good measure. She screamed and cried to the delight of the crowd.

Yes, the crowd loved it. They enjoyed seeing the tableau and being aroused. I saw many erect cocks. My own got really hot and stiff as I watched the official abusing Lavinia. I fondled Madison's pussy harder and made her stroke my cock to erection.

Romy, on the other hand, was horrified at this public abuse of a woman and cringed with each lash of the cruel whip on her naked body. She was even more horrified when she saw how turned on I was at this display.

The mayor nodded his approval when he saw my erect penis. "You can join in the public fucking if you wish," he assured me. "I have been watching your woman. She can see how we treat women in the Land of the Giant Penis. Like most new vaginas in Johnson, she is a little upset at the violence because she isn't used to it, but notice that she is also a little excited, wondering what it would be like to be whipped like that." Indeed, as his fingers held Romy's cunt lips open, I could see how wet she was.

He paused to watch my reaction. "You will see," he went on, "when you fuck Lavinia that she is aroused and wet. Her vagina needs your big penis to satisfy her. Our women don't like to admit that, but it's true. Women love a giant penis in their cunts. Tonight after supper in the community center we will treat Romy like a true festival queen with several forms of bound sex so she can feel the intense arousal and orgasm that comes from pain."

Romy started at this. Being gang fucked by the village men in public had been intense for her. She was terrified and humiliated beyond words, but she also had experienced more and better orgasms than ever before. Now she was hearing that they were going to torture her tonight, no doubt as a prelude to more fucking. Before she could plead with me, I slipped away to the stocks and joined the line of men behind Lavinia.

I could see another line of men on the other side of the stocks where her wrists and head were imprisoned and stuck out. The first man in the line was thrusting his cock into her mouth and spraying semen down her throat. This treatment, I could see, was fit punishment for her crime of denying a man her mouth when he wanted to use it.

When it came my turn at her cunt, I found myself intensely aroused at the welts I saw on her bum left by the hooded official's whip. Her cunt dripped with semen as I slipped my penis into her vagina and felt the warmth of her whipped buttocks against my thighs. I leaned forward and grabbed her breasts as I jammed my aroused cock harder and faster into her cunt. I pinched her nipples until she cried out, muffled as it was by the penis thrusting in her mouth on the other side of the stock gate.

I looked over briefly toward where Madison and Romy were sitting watching me blankly as I fucked Lavinia with wolfish pleasure. Madison's stare was empty; no doubt she had seen such debauchery before and was resigned to it. It would be her role throughout her life, to be accused and abused and used by many men. Romy looked shocked and desperate.

When Lavinia had taken all the men in her mouth or cunt, the deputies released her from the stocks. Her husband took her roughly by the arm and marched her away toward their home, scolding her the whole way for humiliating him like that.

In the town square, the judge called for the next case. The deputies brought forward another manacled woman, this time a young, robust blonde woman in her late twenties with a compact figure and wavy thick honey hair that fell to her naked breasts. Her husband accompanied her, a tall dark man with a rough beard, who accused her of refusing a gangbang with some of his friends.

"You are accused, Alison Best, of refusing to spread your legs for Jerry Jackson's friends when he had invited them as is our custom to a Friday night session of wife enjoyment. How do you plead?"

"I have to say 'guilty', don't I?" she snarled. "If I say 'not guilty', you'll just make the sentence worse, maybe enough to mess me up all week. But I want to say here in front of these people that my husband invited his friend Jake Weston to the gangbang, and he brought his bullwhip. You know how bad that bullwhip hurts. It damages me permanently. I still have scars on my tits from the last time. See?"

She was about to go on with the list, but the judge held up his hand. "Stop," he ordered. "I've heard enough. Jerry, you know how I feel about bullwhips. Ride herd on that Jake Weston, or the sheriff will have to deal with him. Twenty lashes on Alison Best's tits and ass, twenty flogs on her cunt, and an air tight fucking followed by freestyle fucking on the lawn." He banged his hand on the table to indicate sentence had been passed.

Two deputies muscled Alison, still protesting, across the lawn to the oak tree where they attached her manacled wrists to a stout rope dangling from a branch and hauled her up until her toes barely touched the ground. They attached ropes to her ankles and pegged the ends into the ground so her body couldn't twist away from the punishing lashes.

The judge himself stepped up and began to lash her buttocks with the approved cat-o-nine-tails flogger. Alison's bum soon showed red streaks that turned purple as the lashing continued. She continued to hurl imprecations down on her husband, the judge, and the crowd at large in between screams as the lashes raised angry welts in her flesh.

After twenty lashes, the naked judge was sweating in the afternoon heat. He stepped slowly around her naked form. Gently, almost tenderly, he pushed back the golden ringlets from her face, now blotchy with tears of pain and anger. He held her face in his hands until she went quiet, just sobbing, her chest heaving. Then he stepped away and brought the first lash down across her breasts.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," she screamed as the tip of the lash caught the tender tip of her nipple and left a red streak on her left breast. Her scream brought silence to the crowd, the women with eyes downcast and lips nervously clenched, the men stopped in the act of stripping naked for the freestyle fuck of Alison to follow.

The judge set about delivering the lashes to her breasts with cruel precision. After five strokes on her left breast, he switched the whip to his left hand and delivered the next five to her right breast, alternating strokes to the top and bottom, but always the first of the sequence directly across her sensitive nipples. They turned purple under the abuse and began to ooze blood.

When he finished, he returned to his table and exchanged the whip for a broad leather strap attached to a handle. Meanwhile, the two deputies who assisted him each picked up the rope attached to one of Alison's ankles and threw it over the branch of the sturdy oak. Reefing on the end, they hauled her legs up to the level of her navel and spread them wide apart so the audience could see her cunt and asshole.

The judge paused to assess their work and nodded approval, satisfied she was secure. He moved between her legs to rub his fingers across the modest fur of honey brown pubic hair on her Mound of Venus and then into her pussy slit to see how wet she was. Licking his finger, he murmured a soft 'Hmmm' of delight at the taste. Then he stepped back a pace, brought the leather strap from over his shoulder, and landed it directly on her pussy mound with a loud slap.

Alison's eyes went wide with the sudden pain in her tender sex mound. She let her head fall back and let a soft 'Aaaahhhh' escape her lips. Her mouth began to drool as the judge continued to pound her pussy with the leather strap, alternating strokes above and below so that her anus and vulva slit turned angry red and puffy. For good measure, he applied several strokes cross-hand to her white, plump thighs.

When the last vicious blow from the leather strap on her pussy echoed across the green, the judge nodded to the deputies to let her down from the punishment tree. Meantime, the sheriff directed other municipal workers in their overalls to set up a large square of blue gym mats from the high school in the middle of the lawn. The crowd gathered around the mats as the deputies led Alison to the mats.

The judge lay down on his back and motioned them to place Alison astride his pelvis where he then guided his long penis into her vagina and pulled her naked form down onto his own. He began an initial series of vigorous thrusts into her cunt, searching her tear-stained face for a reaction but found none.

Alison's jaw was set in a determined line. The whipping had been painful, but she had endured it. The fucking would be prolonged and brutal, but she decided she would enjoy it. It was, after all, sex, and she knew sex to be ultimately the greatest pleasure.

As Romy and I watched from our seats, the mayor got up with a final tweak of Romy's nipples and went to the mats where the sheriff joined him. The sheriff had shed his clothing except for his hat and military-style black boots. He was quite a sight, officially clad top and bottom, but buck naked between and sporting a penis almost as long as the judge's. Together they advanced on the rutting couple on the mats.

The mayor positioned himself in front of Alison's face where he casually introduced his thick erection into her mouth and began thrusting. Meanwhile, the sheriff at her other end was contemplating the action in her pussy. The judge's stiff staff was covered with white foam as it plunged upward repeatedly between her thick cunt lips. A trickle of sweat in the afternoon sun had formed at the top of her butt crack and rolled down the crack toward her anus. The sheriff moved his cock head against that trickle and coated it with moisture. Then he pressed it against her bum hole and pushed it inside.

Alison never liked anal sex much and had chosen Jerry as a husband in part because he wasn't into it either. She knew that the judge chose this form of punishment because he knew she didn't like it. Indeed, he knew the sexual preferences of most men and women in this village. He sentenced women like Alison to 'air tight' punishment as it satisfied most men's sexual inclinations, since it involved three penises introduced for sexual satisfaction into one woman at the same time: one in her cunt, one in her mouth, and one in her ass. All three orifices got plugged tight, hence his term, 'air tight'.

The three men knew each other well and set up a brutal rhythm, coordinating the pounding of their cocks into Alison, not an easy feat, especially for the two men with pricks up her ass and pussy, the openings being so close together.

The men in the crowd began to separate into two groups, the ones who liked blow jobs at her front to watch the mayor's thick penis push back into her throat, and the ones who liked anal and pussy sex at her rear to see how the judge and the sheriff were managing to alternate thrusts in time with each other into Alison's sweet, sweating orifices.

Most men in the audience now sported bobbing erections between their legs, and some were inspired by Alison's punishment to practice their own favorite position on a neighboring woman as they watched. One of the blow job guys had a woman pushed to her knees on the grass and rocked her head back and forth as she fellated him. Two more watching Alison's ass and pussy getting reamed had women on their hands and knees on the grass, one with his cock up his woman's butt and the other with his cock up another woman's cunt, thrusting away enthusiastically, imitating the action in Alison's rear orifices.

A young man with a lean torso and short blond beard came over to us and pulled Romy up from her seat. We knew the rules by then, that the Fuck Festival was totally in the hands of the men; women had no voice and had only to submit to their demands. So he pushed Romy to her hands and knees and forced his big cock into her waiting pussy with a wholehearted series of thrusts that sent Romy's body rocking and the flesh on her buttocks rippling. The young blond man loved, as all men do, fresh cunt.

I took the cue and grabbed Madison with lustful intentions. She anticipated my needs perfectly and fell forward without a word into the doggy position. My cock was at full mast and found her entrance as I knelt behind her, ramming my length with great satisfaction up to the hilt. As I rutted happily in Madison's hot young cunt, I could see Romy next to me pushing back against the young stud's thrusts in obvious enjoyment of the sex act. I could also see the action on and around the blue gym mats, especially Alison's blonde curls and big buttocks being pummeled by stiff cocks.

The motions across the green of penises in women's mouths, cunts, and asses got harder and faster as the owners of the penises pushed toward the divine climax of male orgasm. Their deep grunts of pleasure mixed with the cries of joy and pain from their women, and the whole scene rushed in a crescendo to an explosion of semen in mouth, cunts, and asses.

Then the orgy gradually lost momentum as all the panting, sweating bodies slowed their sex motions and finally disengaged and sprawled exhausted on the lawn. Romy and I joined them, and as I held her, she whispered "That was amazing," and fixed me with a look of wonder.

"Did you like that?" I asked in no small amount of surprise.

She gave me that wicked grin again. "I ... I didn't think I would ... that whipping and all ... but then I got all hot and bothered and really enjoyed fucking that young man ... You didn't mind, did you? After all, you were fucking that other ... girl." She trailed off with a searching look.

I laughed. "No," I said, "come to think of it, it didn't bother me to see you getting fucked. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. Does that make us both voyeurs?"

She thought for a moment. "I suppose it does, but does it really matter? Everybody here does it, and it's a real turn on as long as you can do something about it. I mean ... well ... have a partner ... somebody to ... fuck you." She broke into a giggle and slapped her hand over her mouth. Sometimes I think she's fifteen instead of thirty-five.

When we looked back toward the blue gym mats laid out on the green, the freestyle fucking punishment of Alison Best had begun. Some had her doggy style in her cunt or ass while another man rammed his prick into her mouth, his cock head outlined in her bulging cheek as he stroked her. Some had her in a reverse cowgirl, hands on her thighs keeping her legs spread wide so the whole crowd had an unobstructed view of her pussy being pumped by his thrusting cock.

Many preferred flipping her on her back and driving their cocks into her cunt missionary style while other men forced cocks into her mouth, sometimes two at a time. Others simply masturbated on her tits until her twin peaks were covered with a viscous white film of human semen.

When her husband Jerry finally rescued her from punishment, she gratefully accepted the wool blanket he brought to cover her nakedness and leaned against him as he led her across the green and around the corner toward their home.

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