tagIncest/TabooHide and Seek

Hide and Seek


All characters are over the age of eighteen. Inspired by Asylumseeker's A quickie from Sister


Through a knot hole in the boat house Derek peeked out at the shadowy forms of the other young adults rushing to find hiding spots along the edges of the small lake. Lamps lit patches of paths and a small campfire shed some light, but not nearly enough to clearly make out the couples that darted to and fro trying to find comfortable places to be discovered. With a wrinkle of his nose he wished that Tiffany hadn't left early, the thought of her warm bikini clad body pressed up against his own made him ache.

Within minutes the dock and surrounding area were still once again. Crickets and other critters once again filled the night air with their songs. At one point Derek thought he heard a loud gasp, definitely a girl's voice, and then silence once more. It was still in the boat shack, only the humid air and the lapping of the water on the shore's edge to keep him company while he waited. Waited for what? he wondered. Hide and seek was not a game people his age played for the joy of hiding. The other's were undoubtedly exploring the physical charms of their respective partners and the game gave them an excuse to be out of sight from the over protective parents and the puritanical charades they put on for one another. Without Tiffany he had no real reason to play.

Except that Allie wanted to play. Allie, his not so little sister who was starting her senior year of high school in the fall, wanted to stay at the camp fire and if Derek had gone back to the cabin early she would have been forced to come in as well. Their parents were overly protective even though she'd had her eighteenth birthday just before coming to the cabin. Her slight frame and petite body made her seem much younger than her years, though she definitely had the curves that young men are certain to take notice of. Even Derek had to admit she was about the cutest thing around.

A bobbing beam of light sliced through the darkness and swept across the docks. The circle of light landed upon the canvas coverings of a small boat tied to a pylon, searching for some sign of movement. A seconds hesitation and the light moved on to the next boat. Derek thought of giving himself up, but discarded the idea as his sister's disappointed frown filled his imagination. He slunk back against the cool, smooth wood and settled in for the duration, his gaze trained on the portion of the path he could make out through the knot hole. Quickly the seekers moved away, searching the more heavily wooded areas on the other side of the campfire.

Minutes ticked by, Derek couldn't be sure how many, when a shadowy form passed from the edge of a small thicket across the dock and right up to the boat house. In the faint moonlight he caught a glimpse of the young woman's silhouette and her charms. Her pert breasts filled out the bikini top deliciously and her tight bottom begged to be handled. Derek felt the stirring of arousal in his trunks when he realized that the only girl who was without a partner was his younger sister.

In a daze he watched from the darkened corner of the boat house as the door opened and Allie slipped in noiselessly. Derek held his breath, unsure if he should alert her to his presence. His thoughts and subsequent arousal made his cheeks flush with heat as he felt ashamed for noticing his own sister in such a way and he couldn't bring himself to speak to her. For a long minute he dared not breathe, hoping that she would open the door and creep out into the night once again.

The door did not open again and then as Derek exhaled as quietly as he heard footsteps. Allie was coming towards him. He couldn't see her but the sound of her bare feet on the dusty floor of the boat house was unmistakable. The thought that she might hurt herself in the pitch darkness never occurred to either of them. Ten summers of vacationing on the lake and countless hours of working on the small fishing boat inside the boat house meant both of them new the layout intimately. His mouth was dry and he tried to work moisture back into it when he knew that Allie must be within arms reach. Her breathing was louder now, though it seemed a bit ragged as if she were struggling to breathe.

Derek shifted on the stool as a pain began to develop on his backside from sitting in one position for so long. The sound of his body moving was unmistakable, but Allie couldn't know it was him, he reasoned. His pulse quickened and his own breathing was coming in shallow gasps as he sensed her inching closer towards him. In the inky blackness there was no seeing, but he could feel her just outside of his burning skin. Through clenched eyes Derek adjusted his position once again, this time trying to turn aside the erection that was tenting his trunks. In the light he would have been mortified to be in such a condition in front of his sister, but here in the darkness so close to her and with her not knowing it was him he couldn't help but feel the effects of illicit lust.

Fingertips pressed against his legs, just above the knees. The touch was cool against his super heated flesh. Allie's thumbs pressing firmly into the inside of his thighs a reassuring gesture that held him in place and then he felt her stepping closer and turning about in place between his outstretched legs. Placing her palms on the tops of his knees she sat down upon Derek's lap, her soft, bikini covered bottom pressing directly into his erection.

A choking gasp escaped his lips. The pressure of her flesh against his own was to his mind beyond anything that he could have imagined. He knew that what was happening was wrong, 'She's my sister!' the sensible, moral part of his brain was screaming. 'She's your hot sister!' cheered the dirty, lascivious part of his mind. Before he could think more her hands reached out into the darkness and found his, her slender fingers grasping his wrists and pulling his arms about her body. Her fingers pressed his fingers about the soft shape of her breasts, massaging her body with with his hands.

"Ohh," she moaned deeply, grinding her bottom more forcefully against his throbbing member. Derek had watched his share of porn and no actress had ever made that noise in quite the way his sister did. The fulfillment of such a base, instinctual need was being met and it made him grow with pride that he had been the cause of it.

Allie leaned back, her ponytail sliding across his cheek, the silky touch of her hair on his face sending goosebumps racing down his arms. With her back arched she pressed her cheek against Derek's and he could feel her mouthing silent groans as she continued to rub herself against his stiffened flesh. Allie lifted her hands from his, confident that his fingers would continue to manipulate her breasts deliciously, and ran her fingers through Derek's hair, pulling his face tight against her own.

For long moments they felt each other's hot breath as their hands continued to explore the other's body. The noise of their grinding mixed with the lapping of the water so near could have been easily mistaken for a couple in the throws of love making. Soon the scent of arousal permeated the small boat house and Derek grew drunk on the aroma. His hands fell from his sister's breasts to her thighs where he began to massage her smooth flesh deeply and with undeniable need.

Derek hesitated, unwilling to take advantage of his sister. His fingers were not in innocent territory, but he hadn't breached her bikini bottom yet either. They could stop, nothing would have to be said. He could look at himself in the mirror and not feel eternal shame for having gone so far. Heat radiated from the vee where her legs met, her sex was calling out for fulfillment. He grunted loudly as the decision tortured him. Allie's soft touch covered his hand and she pulled against him until his fingers were slipping beneath the nylon. Her downy pubic hair was matted with the wetness that seaped from her cleft and his fingers speared easily through to her core.

Groaning in unison the pair luxuriated in the feel of Derek's fingers sliding deep into his sister's cunny. Pulling her hard against his body he thrust his steely cock into the fleshy globes of her ass as a steady flow of her juices covered his hand. Allie began to thrash as his fingers slid in and out noisily from her greedy sex and Derek was forced to hold her tightly against himself so that she wouldn't fall to the ground.

"Ah- ah- ah-" she squealed through gasping breaths. Derek strummed her clit with his thumb in a steady rhythm and tried to hold her upright as Allie once again began writhing in his grasp. "Oh god, oh god-" she cried out in a hoarse whisper before biting her lip tightly. Her back arched and her body went stiff and Derek felt her cunny snap tight around his fingers as her orgasm tore through her.

"Oh-" Allie cried out loudly. Afraid she would attract attention to their hiding spot Derek covered her open mouth with his own. Her tongue darted into his and they kissed fiercely for a long while until her body slumped against his. Her tiny frame rested on top of his, the feel of his aching cock pressing into her ass a tactile reminder of his unspent desire.

Allie leaned forward, steadying herself by grabbing Derek's legs for support. Without thinking Derek slid his hand down her back and caressed the fine curve of her ass. A small sigh escaped her lips as he fondled her gently. For a minute she let him explore the tender flesh of her bottom and smiled unseen as he played with the edge of her bikini as he debated pulling them off her hips. Making the decision her own, Allie reached back and pulled on the bottoms until they slipped over her hips and then fell to the ground around her ankles. Derek's hand froze in place as he realized what she had done.

Derek's mind froze. He knew where this was leading, but could he stop it? Did he want to? His heart ached with guilt and desire. Through a fog he felt his shorts being tugged down, and in a daze he lifted his hips so that they could be pulled over his hips. The cool feel of the wooden stool against his ass caused his eyes to fly open and he could see the outline of his little sister's face. She looked down at him with a soft smile upon her lips as she brushed a stray lock of hair back over her ear.

Allie grabbed Derek's shoulders lightly as she scooted up until her legs were astride his. She could feel his cock flesh pressing hotly against her tender thigh. The wetness flowed from her anew as the anticipation built to a frenzy within her. Gripping the humid flesh of his cock she gave it a tentative squeeze. The responding pulse in her hand assured her she was treating him nicely and gave her the confidence to move ahead. Allie dragged the tip of his cock across the lips of her sex, the sticky sweetness leaving a thick trail across the crown of his sex. At last she nestled the tip of his member into her cleft.

"A- Allie," Derek croaked, "we can't-"

"Shh, it's okay Derek. It's what I want," she assured him.

Derek's mind swam. His sister knew it was him all along. She did it on purpose. She had wanted him. But why? Did she plan this? The questions bombarded him and the world spun as he closed his eyes trying to grasp at answers. He was finally brought back to the present by a grunt and the feel of his sister's sex completely engulfing his own.

"Oh god bubba," Allie gurgled. It was the name she called him as a child when she couldn't say 'brother'. She slowly lifted herself off of his stalk and then slowly plunged down upon it again. She could feel her sheath being pulled out with each stroke. The delicious feel of him stretching her to accomodate his girth was delectable and caused her juices to flow freely.

Derek wrapped his arms around his little sister's waist and buried his face into her bosom. His mouth found its way to her stiffened nipple and his lips clamped down upon it. Allie gasped and pulled him tight against her chest, feeding him her tit as if he were a suckling baby.

Their thrusting picked up speed and Allie could feel her brother grow harder within her. She knew he was close and she was excited to take his seed within her. The thought he might impregnate her flashed through her mind and set off her orgasm. The ripples of her climax caused her to spasm about his cock and triggered Derek's own explosion. Warm wetness flooded anew within her and Allie was sent over the edge again. Spurt after spurt splashed deep inside her and with each jet of liquid heat she was certain that she would bear her brother's baby.

When at last it was over Allie climbed off her brother and took his hand, leading him to a pile of tarps and canvas coverings. In the hot summer night they lay side by side, Allie snuggled in the crook of her lover's arm. Allie slept for a time while Derek's mind was a buzz with a myriad of suddenly unanswered questions.

Who knew life could get so complicated from a simple game of hide and seek?

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