tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHide and Seek Pt. 05

Hide and Seek Pt. 05


It had certainly been a bit of a shock.

Saturday morning had found Matthew out in town with Sarah, the car had been parked in the multi storey and they were just turning on foot into the shopping mall, even holding hands, and there, right in front of them, were the girls. Not one, not simply Vickie; not just Vickie and Emma but the whole set of them; Vickie, Emma, Morgan, and Charlotte. All of them talking at once; asking how he was, how Sarah was; Charlotte being introduced to Sarah.

"Quite a fan club," said Sarah as the girls headed off on their own day.

Matthew laughed, "Yes. I've... I've seen them at the Royston's, you know coming and going. err, and spoken to them a few times and at that party..."

"Oh, yes. Nice for you to watch."

"Um, yes, but you can't see them sunbathing in the back garden - alas. I..."

What was he to say? How was he to explain the effusion of their greeting?

"You've tried looking? Matt! You really are a dirty old man!"

It seemed the best policy to give Sarah the idea he liked looking at the girls. It would hardly do for Sarah to realise it was just a teensy weensy bit more than that!

"Do you think you could fuck us all in a single day - properly we mean, you know all the way - by coming and everything, in each and every one of us. We were sort of wondering, the other day...wondering about men..."

What did these girls talk about when together! He'd certainly like to listen but, moreover, he would certainly like to try their suggestion.

"What, whilst you all sit around and watch one another?"

"No!" Said Charlotte. "We thought we'd have you separately."

"Undivided attention and all that."

Interesting; that was Morgan speaking. And he was amused by their perception - not that he was having them but they were 'having' him! "I suppose if we started a little after midnight, then another of you when I woke up, one at lunchtime, one in the evening, and perhaps another just before midnight."

"That's five, Mr Stamford. And isn't just after midnight cheating? It's really the day before!"

"No, it's not! It's the same day. That's fair. Let's make it just after midnight, then when I wake up, lunchtime and then... the last time's more difficult. You see my wife... evening doesn't really work, it'll have to be at bedtime after she's asleep. That'd be four. I think I can do that. Well I'll try anyway. I'm certainly willing to try!"

"No," said Charlotte, "we'll keep the fifth and that can be everyone together - that can be after lights out. You could do early evening couldn't you and then just before midnight again? We all get to see that one. One proper fuck each and then we all get to see you cum! If you can!"

Could he really do it? The fifth for all to see! Matthew couldn't imagine that would amount to much. Could he do it? He had never come five times in one day, perhaps three at the most ever!

"But the evening fu... time?"

"Is Mrs Stamford ever away?"

"Well, she is going on a course next month and is away for a couple of nights."

"Too far away."

"Fourth will have to be late afternoon then." Charlotte said it with finality.

Matthew frowned. He knew some women were into organising but Charlotte seemed to be taking it a little far!

Nonetheless the planning was left to the girls. Matthew was happy enough to have his sexual activity controlled by them - at least some of it anyway. Of course it meant a few days abstinence to ready himself but with Sarah working his week days tended to be 'free.' Free of sexual activity if he did not think too much about the girls in the early morning when Sarah had gone off to work, or lie there wanking to the thoughts of young Euan, Daniel, Victor, Mervyn and Sarah of course!

Vickie was at his front door early one morning. Suspiciously quickly after Sarah's departure for work. Clearly she had been watching for her car to leave. The plans had been made and she was quick to impart the details.

"It's for Thursday but it is a bit complicated. It'd be best if I was first as I'm next door like, but when we put our names in a hat it didn't come out like that."

"Vickie, come in before someone wonders what you are doing here talking to me in my dressing gown."

"Mum'll wonder if I stay any time at all and...oh."

It had happened. Matthew was standing on his doorstep in full view of the street and his natural reaction, his immediate hope of sex with the teenage girl, had risen up and his knob had managed to poke out of his dressing gown in the open air. A quick movement and it was all hidden but Vickie had seen.

"Is that just me doing that?"

"Um, yes."

"I'll have to be quick. Let me see it."

Matthew was pushed back into his house. The door closed and Vickie's hand was immediately feeling inside his dressing gown and pulling his erection out into the open. A wonderful thing to experience. A young girl wanting to hold him, her hand reaching inside his dressing gown and just taking hold of him.

"Mmmm. Nice and big. I wish we could... I wish I could just strip and...no. You know what I wish? No, I can't say."

"Go on."

"I'd... I'd like it if you tied me up with your pyjama cord and took me upstairs, tied me really up so I couldn't move and just did what you liked."

This did not lessen Matthew's exposed erection.

"And what might I like..."

"But I can't. Mum'll ask questions and... oh fuck... your cock looks so lovely."

Vickie was instantly down on her knees, her hand to his cock and her lips around it before Matthew knew what was happening. Her sucking just so enthusiastic.

A pause for breath. "Just cum, just fucking cum and then I'm going home and having a nice hot shower and make myself cum. Fuck, I wish Mum was out and we could fuck. Mmmm"

"So what are the plans?"

"Ummp Splu Blugg."

"You shouldn't speak with your mouth full!"

Vickie was enthusiastic and unrelenting. She was a girl bent on causing an ejaculation. She caused and it came, Matthew just standing there with the girl's head at the front of his dressing gown, his legs apart and her mouth working him - wet, warm and rather sloppy - enthusiastic rather than subtle. Lovely sucking noises. And then, very quickly, he was flooding her mouth - his cum no doubt thick, warm, rather glutinous and definitely salty. There was a swallowing.

Vickie was still on her knees, her hand holding his erection, the knob still inches from her mouth, still cream oozing from it: "You meet Emma in your garden at midnight Wednesday night, Thursday morning." Her voice a little thick as if she was speaking with her mouth full - as he had told her not to do! A swallow. "She's first. I liked that, by the way - tasty! Bye!"

A quick kiss to his penis, another lick at the bubble of cream forming at its tip - and a wink - and she was off, opening the door and stepping out.

Matthew closed the door behind her and stood there in his hallway, his penis starting to droop, still mesmerised by Vickie's naughty and rather semeny lick of her tongue across her smiling lips as she had slipped out of the front door.

They had not moved further than just beyond the front door mat. Not even Mrs Sands looking out from her front window opposite could have imagined anything inappropriate. Vickie had not been in the house long enough. Not even with a dressing gowned Mr Stamford. Mrs Sands could not, of course, have seen through the solid painted wood of the front door and espyed the kneeling teen so kindly sucking off Mr Stamford's penis.

Mrs Sands thought Vickie such a fine girl, such a pretty smile. She looked sweet walking down the garden path with a big grin and licking her lips. Had Mr Stamford given her something to eat or drink? No, Vickie had only been in his house a moment. Perhaps it was some chocolate or a nice sweet. The reality was something savoury!

So, Emma was first. Matthew was not unhappy with that. A midnight, out in the garden fuck. He hoped it would be warm enough. Perhaps he should set up a tent with blankets. It would be really nice snuggling up with Emma under canvas as if they were a pair of hikers out on the moors. A lovely thing to imagine. The two of them on a hiking trip and wild camping. Setting up their tent high on the moors away from everyone. Just the two of them. Being able to get up in the morning naked together and move around outside with no one to see. If it was warm enough and the midges were not about! Cook breakfast naked, wash together in a cold fast running stream and then fuck out in the open in the morning sunshine.

Perhaps even do some of the hiking naked. The moors could be quite deserted. So nice to be striding along with a naked Emma in walking boots or perhaps all the girls - now there was a thought! They would look so lovely just in thick woolly socks and walking boots.

But Sarah would be a little surprised if he did set up a tent. It was not really something he could risk even if he put it up whilst she was out at work. Certainly he had one but Matthew could think of no plausible reason why it might be there in the garden, why he might have erected it.

The other girls too were all arranged at set times and places. What an arrangement to have in prospect. After Vickie's morning suck he was careful to leave his penis well alone until the Thursday. HIs penis was going to be a busy lad: busy five times - if he could manage it!

1. In the garden after midnight

It was absolutely pouring. Matthew stood at the French Windows just before midnight on the Wednesday. Sarah was fast asleep upstairs; warm, cosy and dry. Outside in the dark it was anything but warm, cosy and dry: the rain was falling against the glass and running down it in torrents. Matthew stood in just his woollen dressing gown. Was he really going to have to drop that and step out naked into the cold pouring rain? Despite the more than obvious attractions of little Emma, would he really be able to keep it up and do the job when they were both cold with the rain? Would it be a strange copulation on the muddy ground? Perhaps he should invite Emma in but even he might have difficulty feeling comfortable having intercourse with the teen whilst his wife (hopefully) slept oblivious upstairs.

At least it was not windy; the rain was not beating against the glass. It could have been worse; it might have been a tempest with thunder and lightning; Emma and he suddenly revealed by white flashes of lighting in spectacular monochrome.

Warm, tropical rain might have been a different matter; like being in the shower with Emma again - only a very big shower!

On the mantelpiece the clock chimed the midnight hour. It was time. Matthew had an appointment to keep however inclement the weather and how in-conducive to amorous activity it was. He undid the cord around his waist and let the warm woollen dressing gown fall to the floor leaving him completely naked. Gently he pulled back the door and stepped out, closing it behind him. The wet flags of his patio were cold underfoot and, with the rain, he was instantly drenched.

Matthew had stepped through the doorway in a proper manner; suitably tumescent to meet the young girl; undoubtedly he had been excited at the prospect even if the rain had a little dampened his enthusiasm but not something his helping hand had not been able to recover; he had stepped out with his erection firmly to his front at a good forty five degrees from the vertical: but it had not lasted! It had been on the way down almost as soon as the rain had soaked into his hair - the coldness of the rain had had the predictable effect.

Coming towards him the small pale figure of Emma. Not too distinct on the dark night but clearly as naked as he. She had made the appointment. He clasped her to him, good to feel her wet skin against his own, feel her nipples hard with the cold against him and good to feel his penis touching her wet body even if it was not 'up' to doing anything.

"Hallo Mr Stamford. This isn't quite what we planned. I'm not sure I can do this for long," said Emma.

Matthew kissed her wet forehead, "I'm not sure, Emma, I can do it at all. Too cold, too wet, too... not conducive!"

"It's not nice is it"

"Another night then..."

"No, no the girls will be cross. Will say I've failed. All the planning. Can't we... I mean why don't you come back with me. My parents are away and the house is... my bed would be so much nicer!"

The prospect of little Emma's bed was more than a little enticing; an added frisson to the whole plan. "What did you come in? You didn't walk all the way like that?"

"No! Raincoat and boots. Just that."

"Well, put them on and I'll get my own."

It was simply awful weather. Emma turned to find her things as Matthew returned to the house.

Trying not to puddle on the carpet, rather using the kitchen towel to dry himself a little, Matthew grabbed his raincoat and wellingtons. A few minutes later anyone foolish enough to be outside on a night like that or, anyway, people dry and warm in cars would have seen the sight of two figures dressed in mackintoshes and wellington boots but oddly with bare knees hurrying, indeed splashing, along the pavement and through the puddles.

It was good to be inside again. There they were, the two of them, both of them in raincoats and wellingtons. Matthew could not help thinking it was strangely fetishistic garb. Perhaps they should leave them on!

So, unusual really, seeing Emma just pull off her boots and open her raincoat revealing her glorious, if rather wet nudity underneath; her hair hung in lank red clumps around her head. Down below even her pubic hair was slicked against the soft mounding of her mons. A little drowned looking but very desirable.

So peculiar really for the not exactly young Matthew Stamford to be in a young girl's house and about to be wandering around naked with her and preparing to fuck. The sort of naughty thought he might have had not that many days ago, before the girls looked over his fence, become reality.

Had Matthew engaged, or been able to engage in sex with Emma outside it would have to have been a very quick affair. Speed was no longer required. He, or rather they, could take it slowly. It was a pleasing prospect.

Matthew pulled off his boots and then he too undid the buttons of his coat. It was a little like being the classic 'flasher' as he opened the coat only, unlike the flasher, he was not erect, indeed rather the reverse - he had got rather cold!

"Oh dear, the poor little thing!" Emma's hands went to and cupped his genitalia in her hands. "It's, it's not what it was..."

Simply wonderful being held like that even if her hands were cold; both hands cupping and stroking.

"Come," she said, " let's go upstairs and get warm."

Two mackintoshes dropped to the floor and Matthew followed Emma up the stairs, letting her go a few steps ahead so right in front of his eyes were her moving bottom cheeks. Wonderful how they moved.

"This is my room."

A lovely girl's bedroom. No doubt a room that had changed since Emma was small; had probably gone through various phases but now was more the young woman's than the teenager; even so, there were still hints of the earlier girl. The few dolls sitting on a chair, the seashells on the chest of drawers and the skipping rope hanging on the wall. On the bed the same white pyjamas with the pink piping that Emma had worn to the sleep over and Matthew had so enjoyably removed downstairs at the Royston's.

Naturally strange seeing himself reflected in Emma's full length mirror, standing there with naked Emma. She was rather small in comparison to him and so delightfully young and female.

"I'll get a towel."

Matthew insisted on drying Emma first. Lovely to be towelling her pale, wet skin dry; lovely to envelop her head and a little roughly work at drying her hair; before working the towel over his own body and hair.

"It's still all cold." Emma's little hand again on his penis, again holding it and his balls. Still quite something to see him there naked with Emma in the mirror and her little hand holding his genitalia. It was enough to trigger a manly response.

"Ooh, it's growing! I just so love seeing that!"

And Matthew certainly liked her hand fondling him and, in the mirror, he watched her hand as it stroked and touched him as he erected. Lovely to see himself all big and masculine with the lovely little girl. It looked so wrong and arguably was indeed very wrong given his age - old enough to be her father; cheating on his wife but... she was old enough to invite him over and she had certainly done that! Lovely to see the contrast - the little red headed girl with her pale skin and him looking so very big and, well, he thought, 'manly.'

His hand reached for her breasts, her small cone shaped breasts topped with the little cold hardened nipples. So small in his hands, really just budding and not yet a woman's. Sexually so exciting; different from Sarah's and, indeed, different from Morgan's tomorrow - no, that day, just later that day! Morgan's chest for breakfast! Such a delight having different shaped breasts to play with.

Matthew bent his head and sucked Emma's left nipple. There was a squeak. He worked it, his tongue tickling it inside his mouth and he was rewarded with a hardening. He switched to the other breast whilst with a hand he reached and held a buttock, his head turning again to the mirror to watch himself.

Last time they had been together - that early morning at Vickie's when they had gone downstairs together - Matthew had kissed her curls, right after their intercourse, and, what was more, had planted a kiss right on her little button. Would she let him do more? Might she perhaps wish to try sucking him? Matthew was not aware Emma had done such a thing indeed he recalled Vickie saying that Emma did not actually believe people did that. Perhaps he could show her?

"Shall we, um, shall we get into bed, Mr Stamford?"

Matthew put his hands on her shoulders, his knob brushing her stomach.

"Yes, if you like. It'll be warmer!" Matthew switched off the bedroom light

Emma's bed was only a single bed but so intimate to be there with her under the duvet. The little girl cuddling up to him. He pulled her a little up the bed and his mouth sought hers. It was what men and women did in bed before intercourse. They kissed, his tongue slipping into hers - that pleasant little act somewhat reminiscent of the penis entering the vagina but the analogy not really working at all when Emma's tongue slipped into his. A lovely wriggling and wet intimacy. Mouths together and tongues moving freely from one mouth to the other. A nice little relaxing sigh from Emma but no breaking contact and the kissing just went on. Lovely to hold her tight to him and feel the softness of her body against his and, indeed, feel his 'other limb' squashed tight against her.

Emma broke away, panting a little. In the darkness he could not see her but he could feel her and his fingers began exploring. Once more they were on her little breasts, fondling her little cones. A touch with his fingers to her lips and he was rewarded by a sucking of his finger tips. Did he dare rise up the bed and bring his penis to hang an inch or so above her mouth in the darkness and wait for that tentative lick or even the softness of her lips as she accepted him into her mouth? Or would she perhaps be shocked by his action. Did the sucking of his fingers indicate a readiness, a desire to suck on something more substantial?

Matthew did not want to risk spoiling the moment by trying that; instead his fingers travelled lower, brushing the softness of those so pretty titian curls. There was movement - Emma's thighs parting and opening herself to him. A little girl, her breasts just budding but her bush womanly and full; a joy to stroke for a time before exploring further.

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