tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHide N Seek Ch. 03

Hide N Seek Ch. 03


It had not at all been difficult for Dan to arrange for a kind of ringside view at Rick's place. The kid lived in a sordid one-storied dilapidated building that had seen better days.

The building had a scrapped fire exit at the rear. It was obvious that it was no longer in use. Being surrounded by the overgrown mango trees, it was completely hidden from the other buildings in the alley. Also at the rear, were large windows, and Dan knew that the time of the lovers' arrival and the state that they would be in, it would be impossible to make out any body peering inside through the windows. Though all the windows were curtained, it would be easy for Dan to slip in before their arrival and arrange them in such a way so as to reveal the inside of the building without being too obvious.

"Honey, I'll be late today," Eve had told him in the morning. "I've to finalize the month's statement and it's real shit. I reckon I'll be back by nine."

Dan had been shaving when Eve gave him this information and he was expecting it. But what he had not expected was the sudden rush of blood in his cock when the image of her crouching against the sink with the kid behind her flashed across his mind.

He suddenly wanted her and though she was dressed up and ready to go to the office, he had called her upstairs.

"What is it, honey?" she had asked him, entering the bathroom. She was wearing a knee-length skirt and a prim, proper blouse, which, though tight, was buttoned all the way up.

"Vicky's still sleeping, huh?" he asked, splashing water over his face to clear it off the shaving cream that was still clinging there.

"Yes. Why?"

He had just wrapped a towel around his waist and turning to her, he pulled it off revealing his erect cock.

"What about a quickie?" he had grinned.

Her eyes grew wide. It had been a long time since they had done this. In fact, she had forgotten when it was the last time that they had a quick, impulsive fuck.

Perhaps it was the anticipation of the evening that she was going to spend with Rick that made her smile at him. Just a month ago, she would have given him a quick kiss and walked off, saying it would be too risky now and that they perhaps would wait till the night.

This time around, however, she simply shut and locked the bathroom door and walked toward him.

"Oh god, Dan, you are hung like a horse!"

"Yeah, I know. So, what about it?"

She leaned against the sink. 'Oh god, just like she did for that boy yesterday,' he thought, watching her fingers unbuttoning her blouse.

"Let me get out of these. I don't want the dress to get wet."

He stood there, just a couple of feet away, his cock dangling between his legs as she slipped out of her blouse and skirt, hanging them neatly on the clothesline.

She bent down to step out of her panties and his cock stiffened when he saw her heavy tits threatening to burst out of her flimsy bra.

"Jeeze, Eve, your tits are great; did I ever tell you that?"

She laughed softly. "Lots of times," she answered, tossing the panties over her dress. She reached behind her to unhook her bra, looking at him with lust in her eyes, the smile still in place.

For just a moment, he felt a pang of jealousy run through him. She looked so sexy like this, he thought. Damn it, she WAS sexy. And he wondered if he could lose her to Rick.

But, watching her tits tumble out of the bra, he pushed the thought away from his mind. He knew that she was having a hot little affair with a young hunk. An affair that, he knew wasn't going to last too long. Besides, he knew that the sex between them would change for the better. It was getting too monotonous. Hardly had a day passed since she had fucked a guy other than her husband for the first time after marriage and here she was already; behaving like a wanton slut. Rather, she was behaving just the way she used to a long time ago.

And, he thought, as she cupped her tits and faced him, wasn't he fucking other women on the sly?

He was getting confused. He had wanted this to be simple and straightforward. He decided to stop thinking too much about it and start having a little bit of fun.

After all, he was doing this for Eve and his sake. Save their marriage. He had seen all too often how couples got too familiar with each other resulting in boredom and messy divorces.

Damn it! Stop thinking!

She was milking her tits and walking towards him. When she was close enough, she stood on the balls of her feet and kissed his mouth.

It was a hot kiss. Her mouth was open and as her tongue shoved inside his mouth, he groaned when he felt her fist wrap around his cock.

He didn't give her too much time. He had pushed her back against the sink, turning her around. She had steadied herself by clutching the sink and had moaned when he had swiftly thrust inside her from behind.

She was reaching her climax, surprising them both, before he had completed less than five strokes. And then, clutching her dangling tits, he had speeded up his thrusts, hurrying to catch up with her.

They had been so horny he had let the first few blasts of his come spurt inside her cunt, before pulling away. She had spun around, going down on her knees to gobble his spurting cock in her mouth.

He had arranged with Big Mac to have Rick drop in the main office till half past five. That would give Eve hardly half an hour with Rick. And that also meant that Dan wouldn't have to sit in the Control Room during the time that the two were not together.

He used this time to stake out Rick's place and make all the arrangements to make him comfortable. He had borrowed a few button-sized cameras connected via remote controls to a master recorder, which he kept in the boot of his car.

Rick had arranged for his mother and his sister to leave in the afternoon for a well deserved lunch at the Holiday Inn and from there to the theatre. It was showing an old 3-hour classic, so Rick had naturally coerced his mom to have their dinner at the Inn.

That would give Rick and Eve at least a clear two hours.

Dan was seated on the windowsill in the darkness when he heard his wife's car come to a halt under the front porch. He peered through the curtains, his eyes on the door.

He heard the latch click open and saw Rick walk in, Eve following close behind. Rick snapped on a switch and a few low wattage bulbs lit up the single living room on the ground floor.

The family used this room as a kitchen as well. There was a small shower cubicle to one side, extending to the rear where Dan was hiding. The room was sparsely furnished. There was a sofa-cum-bed (Dan had learnt that Rick used the bed at night to allow his mom and sis to use the two bedrooms on the first floor), three chairs, a large mattress and the all too familiar TV and sound system.

Eve stepped inside, brushing past the boy who closed and locked the door.

"This is nice," she said. Her voice was strained.

"Yeah. It's small, as I said." He croaked.

"For what we are going to do, it's pretty big," she replied, turning to him.

He stared at her, the bulge between his legs obvious.

She walked backwards, a sultry smile on her face, till her knees came up against the sofa and she flopped down on it.

"Are you going to just stand there?" she asked him. "Get naked, stud, and let me see your horse cock."

He was galvanized into action. Without bothering to take off his shirt, he ripped the buttons of his jeans, pulled down the zip and then pushed the garment down over his hips. Impatiently, he kicked them off and in the same movement, shoved his underwear down.

His long, hard cock sprang out and he began to walk slowly to the sofa.

"The shirt, too, stud. I want to see you buck naked," she told him.

He stood in front of her, unbuttoning his shirt, his throbbing cock, inches from her face. When he was pulling his shirt off, she grasped his hard on, making him groan.

"Ah, yes, stud. This is it. I wanted to see it like this. Nice and hard and dangling from your naked body, not peeking out from your fly. My! You have such large balls and such cute hair here."

His body shivered when she pulled his cock up and then pushed it down again. "Oh my god, Mrs. Wilson, ah, ugghhh, oh Jeeze, your hands feel so good there," he stammered.

She continued to masturbate him gently. "Not Mrs. Wilson when we are alone, stud. Anything, but Mrs. Wilson. That makes me feel so old. When we are alone, I'm Eve. I'm your bitch, your slut, your whore. I'm just a hot cunt and you are just a hot cock and we are just fuckers, ok? Mmmm, your balls are so heavy!"

He looked down as she cradled his balls. The tip of his cock was rubbing her forehead.

"Won't you get naked too, Mrs.…er, my little old slut?" He was almost embarrassed saying it for the first time.

"I want you to undress me, stud, while I suck your cock," she answered.

"Oh really?" he asked, his eyes widening.

"Really what?"

"Are you really going to suck my cock, s-slut?"

"Of course. That's what cocks are there for. Sucking and fucking. Will you let me suck your horse cock, stud?"

"Oh god, yes," he replied, thrusting his hips out towards her.

"Then you better begin undressing me. And don't spoil my dress, ok? Or I will end up looking like I was raped!"

He gasped when she popped the head of his cock in her mouth, holding its base in one hand and cradling his balls with the other. He thrust his hands down and felt for the buttons of her blouse.

She did not take him completely in her mouth. In stead, she sucked only on his cock head, running the tip of her tongue over the shaft.

When he finished unbuttoning her blouse, she leaned back and put her arms behind her to allow him to slip off the garment. His eyes widened more when he saw her enormous tits, half exposed through the sheer bra. He reached for the hooks behind her.

"No," she gasped. "The skirt first."

"You will have to stand up," he said.

"Order me to, you big bastard," she pouted.

"Stand up, bitch!" His voice was suddenly strong.

She stood up. He was at least a head taller than her. He had to bend to unzip the skirt and she wiggled her thighs to let it slip down onto the floor.

"Now, I want to kiss your mouth, you whore," he said, seizing her lithe body by her slender waist and dragging her to him.

She pushed her body against him as her arms entwined his neck and raised her face.

"Open your mouth, bitch. I want you to suck my tongue before you suck my cock," he commanded.

She opened her mouth and he could see her pearly white teeth.

His tongue snaked out and plunged in her mouth. She clamped her lips around it and started to suck on it as his hands thrust through her panties to cup her ass.

As they kissed, he finally, shoved her panties down over her legs. Roughly, he cupped her crotch, making her moan into his mouth.

She tore her mouth away from his. "Take out my bra and play with my tits," she panted.

He reached behind her and tried to unhook her bra clumsily. His hips were tightly pressed against her belly, hiding her cunt from his view.

"Not like that. Here, let me do it," she said and reached behind her with both her hands. This made her tits swell even more against the bra till he thought the cloth would tear apart.

She bunched her shoulders together and slid out of the bra. Her heavy large tits burst out.

His gaze was fixed on them. She really did have enormous tits. They were still firm and capped with large nipples, which were now hardened. The areola was a dark brown and about an inch in diameter.

Tentatively, he reached out to cup them. His eyes bored into hers as he squeezed them gently. He groaned again when she took his cock back into her hand.

"Suck my titties, you randy boy," she told him, leaning back from her waist and encircling one arm around his shoulders while continuing to milk his cock with the other.

He lowered his head to her left tit and stuck out his tongue. He circled the hard and taut nipple, and then popped the rigid nub between his lips. She gasped as he began to suck and chew on her nipple.

"The other one, Rick, the other one!" she moaned.

He immediately opened his mouth and put it over her right tit. This time he didn't just lick and chew the nipple; he began to vociferously suck on it.

"Oh god, that feels so fucking good," Eve's body wiggled as she tried to push more of her tit flesh into his mouth. When his tongue too got into the action, flicking lightly over the tender bud, she stroked his neck and the back of his head, her masturbating his cock slightly faster.

"Yes," she panted, "Like that, oh god, yes. Get it all, stud. Lick my nipple there, ah yes, suck them now until I cum."

She jerked around and gasped out, and he was sure that she had a mini-orgasm. Her back stiffened and she shook violently, her hand on his cock suddenly freezing on the down-stroke.

He continued to nibble on her grape sized nipple, licking the smooth skin of her tits in the process. She moaned aloud, quivering under the assault of his mouth, gripping his hair by her hand. He was holding the tit he was sucking with one hand, while he milked the left tit with his other hand.

"Let's get down on the floor and I'll suck your cock while you eat my pussy," she finally said hoarsely, pulling away from him, not stopping the ministrations of her hand on his cock.

"My god, I can't last that long," he replied. He was breathing heavily, his eyes still fixed on her heaving tits, now wet with his saliva.

"You will," she cooed, pulling him by his hand toward the mattress.

"Lie down there," she pointed to the mattress.

His cock dangling, the head now purple and swollen, he slid to his knees and then flopped back till he was on his back. His cock looked long, very long indeed, as it pointed to the ceiling.

She walked over his side and stood above him, her feet planted on either side of his head.

"Can you see my cunt?" she asked him coquettishly, reaching beneath her and parting her cunt lips with one hand. His jaw fell open when he saw the opening of her cunt and he managed to nod.

"Would you like to suck on it and drink from it? Look, there's some juice already flowing down my legs. You did it when you chewed on my right nipple; that one is more sensitive than the left one," she explained.

"Oh god, please," he croaked, fondling his cock. "Sit on my face and let me drink you up. And while I am at it, suck my cock, will you?"

Gently, still holding her pussy lips apart, she lowered her body till she was sitting on his face. She purred when he opened his mouth over her wet and hot cunt. As his tongue wiggled along her pussy lips, raising moans of delight from the horny woman, she cried out,

"Oh god, yes, yes, put your fucking tongue inside my cunt, you brute!"

He slipped his tongue as far into her wet opening as he could, and then dragged the tip up over her slit to play with her stiff clit. That really set her off and she leaned forward, slapped his hands away from his cock and wrapped her hands around the fleshy shaft.

"Ohhhhh, Rick! Lick my pussy, oh yes, you do it so good, yes, lick that clit now, ah yes, like that, you stud, yes, yes," she panted, wriggling on top of him.

She bent down now and he felt her warm breath on his cock. She ran her fingers through his thick, crinkly pubic hair and tickled his quivering testicles.

"This is reason enough for me to be here with you," she murmured. He couldn't hear her; busy as he was, licking the nectar off her pussy, sucking hard on her engorged clit, her hips clamped over his ears.

She now nibbled up the sides of his cock, running her slippery tongue along the throbbing vein that ran from the root to the tip. She pressed her teeth softly against the crown of his cock. His hips jerked up.

Finally, she opened her mouth and drew his cock slowly into her warm, wet mouth. Her cunt grinding down over his face as his cock disappeared, inch-by-inch till the tip was brushing her tonsils muffled his cries.

He could tell that he had never been with any other cocksucker, including Claire, who was like Eve.

Every time he felt his cock quake and felt the rumblings of an eruption, she did something with his balls that kept him from cumming. Now he was beginning to understand what she had meant when she had said that he would last long.

In addition to her juices flooding over his face, he could feel his sweat beading across his forehead and his heart pounding. He clutched her rounded ass cheeks, pulling her closer, now lost in a cloud of ecstasy.

She pulled her mouth away, observing his glistening cock, which throbbed and gleamed wetly with her saliva and his pre-cum. She began to give it long, sensual strokes with her slippery hand.

He finally thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy, at the same time, managing to rub her clit between two fingers of one hand that he pushed between his face and her hips.

She quivered again and humped her pussy up and down over his face.

"Ah, Jeeze, Rick, you are making me cum again," she panted. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue, ah yes, like that, oh my god, I can't believe this! Can you stick a finger up my cunt?"

He had to push her waist off his body slightly to do that. Now, he had not just one, but two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as he fastened his mouth on her clit. She was humping up and down on him now, her breath coming raggedly. His hand was just a blur as it rocked back and for the in her cunt and he could feel her muscles there, snapping away at his fingers.

Her body finally arched and she exhaled forcefully, flooding his face with her juices.

She was still milking his cock and now she brought her other hand under his tightened balls to tickle them.

"You horny bastard," she panted. "You made me cum again. Now, it's your time. Continue licking my cunt while I make you squirt your milk."

Her fingers danced up and down over his straining cock.

"How does that feel, stud?"

"Jeeze, it's great! I want to cum now, you whore, stop fooling around with my balls. Let me spurt in your fucking mouth!"

"Is it where you want to come?" she taunted him, blowing warm air on his cock.

"Shit, yes, you hot little big bitch! I want to cum in your hot little mouth and then pull away and drench your slut face!"

"I love it when you talk like that," she said. "Now, start fucking my mouth, you horny bastard!" She brought her head up, took his cock back into her mouth and began to apply suction.

He spread his hips wider across her shoulders and started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Placing his hands on her hips, he brought his body off hers and looked down as she sucked and gobbled him.

Her hands encircled his ass and she was pulling him closer. He could feel the tip of his cock enter her throat and then realized that she was taking him in her throat.

He was amazed. Christ, what a fucking horny woman! She was actually taking him into her throat. He felt her throat muscles suck on his cock head and he began to shiver.

Finally, when he felt that his balls would explode into pieces, he felt her tongue swipe the underside of his cock while her throat muscles continued to lick the head.

He erupted with a howl. He thrust his hands down and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her up against his spewing cock. She struggled to swallow the initial bursts, but realized she couldn't.

He pulled out, his semen flying everywhere. He let go of her head and swiftly came up to kneel over her face. He aimed his bursts now all over her pretty face, coating her cheeks, her nose, her forehead and finally jerking off his cock furiously into her silky hair.

"Aahhhh," he groaned, "Take that, you hot slut, and take this man juice on you, you whore! Lick your fucking lips and drink that juice splattered over them."

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