tagIncest/TabooHide N Seek Ch. 05

Hide N Seek Ch. 05


Note: None of the feedback was encouraging. I wrote the story for a pal with this fantasy. This is the last part and not included in his fantasy.

Big Mac had loved only once in his lifetime. He had been around twenty-six then; the woman had been eight years younger.

He still remembered the day when he had proposed to her. He was aware that he wasn’t very good looking. He was also aware that the girl was already in love with, and having a little affair with a guy named Sam. Sam Mason.

The girl’s name was Jennifer. She was now called Jennifer Mason and was a little over forty-two.

Jennifer had laughed at him when he had proposed to her. He was a big shot, but all his money made no difference to her because of that bastard called Sam.

Finally, she had married the jerk. They had a couple of kids in next to no time. And the eldest was the son, Rick.

Big Mac never fell in love again. A couple of years before he had proposed to Jenny, his parents had proposed to yet another girl. He wasn’t really interested in marrying her. But his parents wanted him to. They needed an heir to take care of the enormous wealth that they owned. The parents of that girl too had mocked at his parents, though the girl had never seen him.

And that girl’s name was Eve.

Big Mac had made his parents promise him that they would never reveal to anyone about the two proposals. He had enough money to get all the pussy he wanted. And he wasn’t really interested in heirs.

Getting Sam hooked on to booze had been simple. He had vowed that Jenny would hate the jerk before he would die. And once Sam was hooked, not only to booze, but also drugs, it had been simple. Hardly a day went by when Sam didn’t bash up Jenny. In his trance, he almost daily raped his wife. And Big Mac was pleased.

When Sam finally died (he had worked for Big Mac without knowing about it) Big Mac had anonymously sent flowers to Jenny.

Dan was a different proposition. He boozed, but within limits. He didn’t do drugs either. He was a damned good photographer and some of the videos he shot were fantastic.

And so Big Mac had hit upon the plan.

He had struck up a friendship with Dan, letting the man pretend he had saved him from the cops. He had also seen to it that Dan’s wife, Eve got a job at his store that paid well.

Big Mac had seen to it that Rick and Vicky became bosom pals.

The rest was simple. His pals from Africa had sent him a dark little liquid that apparently was better than any damned aphrodisiac in the world. And it was simple to spike Eve’s lunch box. And Jenny’s too.

It wasn’t difficult either to get the kids to know each other’s moms.

It had taken him more than a year to put his plan into action. But the execution had been ridiculously easy.


The female who assisted Big Mac was none other than the woman who worked in Dan’s office. Rena. Big Mac had arranged for that.

And right now, the two were watching the large monitor.

It was hilarious, Big Mac thought. There was the husband and wife, enjoying a threesome with the kid and here he was with the husband’s secretary, watching the scene unfold in the privacy of his own room.

Big Mac was well over six feet five. He had a massive chest, enormous shoulders and a square pock marked face. Above all, he had a massive cock.

At the moment, as Rena and he watched the torrid action in the living room, she was fondling his cock sticking out of his fly. She was standing in front of him and had her hands behind her. He wasn’t idle either. As she fondled her monster cock, he had his hands full of her young and firm tits that he had pulled out of her blouse. Her blouse, a flimsy affair, was hanging over her shoulders and she was not wearing any bra. He hated for her to wear undergarments when she was with him.

“Hold this skirt around your waist with one hand,” he instructed her. Fondling his cock with one hand, she obeyed him, holding the equally flimsy and short skirt around her waist, thus exposing her ass and cunt.

She felt the tip of his huge cock rub against the bare flesh of her ass.

“Jeeze, look at that trio,” he whispered. “You set up the equipment right, baby?”

She nodded, jerking his cock to and fro and sighing as he kneaded her tits. She bunched her shoulders together to offer him more of her firm tits and he spread his palms over them.

“What about those two at the guest house?”

“I have made arrangements to let them know about this drama. These three got into action too quick; or else, I would have ensured that the message went to them quicker.”

“Doesn’t matter, baby. These three aren’t gonna end the action after round one, I can bet you that.”

“Do you see that thing on their TV?” she asked him as he managed to thrust one finger behind him and into her wet cunt.

“Yeah. That bitch is a hot number, huh?”

“Dan started to do that to me lately. He seems to be obsessed with it.”

“Oh yeah?” he began to move his finger in and out of her cunt as she jerked him to and fro.

“Yes. These days all he wants is to fuck my tits. And because I am not as big in that department as his wife, he finds various ways to do it.”

“Like what?”

“He makes me straddle him so that my tits dangle out. Or he makes me lie on my side. At times, he sits on his chair and makes me kneel down facing him and flop my tits so that his cock is between my tits.”

“And you like that?”

“At times it feels good though I’d rather prefer having it in my mouth or cunt,” she giggled.

“Get down on your knees then and put my cock in your mouth.”

Dutifully, she obeyed him.


Vicky was seated on the overstuffed chair that had huge armrests. Jenny was sitting upright on his lap with both her legs wide apart and hooked on the arms of the chair.

“Oh my god, you hunk, put your cock inside me now!” she gasped.

“You bet!” he laughed, reaching down and grasping his erect cock. He lined it with her open cunt and jabbed. She pushed closer towards him, sighing, as he entered her swiftly.

“Ah, fuck!” she cried out.

His pulsating prick, now deep inside her, she leaned back on top of his thighs. He put his arms around her back to support her. As he began to move to and fro, she tucked her legs inside the chair.

He groaned feeling her cunt muscles grip his cock and milk him.

“God, you are so hot and tight,” he gasped, sliding his hands up her back, now that she was securely positioned. He slid his hands around her body and took hold of her swaying tits.

“You got gorgeous tits, Jenny,” he told her.

“You really think so?” she asked him, rocking in opposite directions to his movements.

“Yes! They are so big and so soft!”

“But I always think they sag a bit,” she replied hoarsely, pushing down on his thrusting cock.

“No way,” he told her, palming her tits and then pinching the engorged half-inch nipples.

“They aren’t as big as say, your mom’s,” she teased him.

He flushed, the image of his mom’s gigantic tits, encased in her housedress flashing through his mind. Yes, his mom’s tits had always fascinated him. But the thought of him thinking about it brought a pang of guilt within him. More than once he had spied on his pal, Rick, eying his, Vicky’s mom’s tits, half-exposed through the deep ‘V’ of those dresses she always wore at home.

The very thought that he was fucking his best friend’s mom disturbed him. Because he always thought that if he could fuck Rick’s mom, what was there to stop Rick from doing the same to his?

He pushed the thoughts away from his mind and concentrated instead on fucking Jenny. She had spread her knees all the way and when he glanced down, he could see his turgid cock going in and out of her cunt.

“Ah, oh god, Vicky, shove it harder inside me, yes, yes, faster now!”

The sight of his cock plunging in and out of her inflamed him. Too, the exotic feeling he was having, palming her tits was getting through him.

He was about to increase the pace, as he had learnt to do with her when the tinny voice coming from a hidden speaker jolted them out of their reverie.

“This is a tape-recorded statement.”

They froze in their position. She gasped and he felt his mouth in his heart.

“I am going to say this only once, so listen carefully.”

It sounded like a female trying to disguise her voice. Vicky felt his cock go soft in Jenny’s cunt. Without either of them realizing it, it popped outside her.

His hands still lay on her tits; hers hung limply across her thighs.

“From the time the two of you started fucking, we have recorded you. Each and every time. At each and every place. If you don’t believe us, just push the ‘Play’ button on the VCR. There’s a duplicate of the two of you doing it in the car followed by an most vivid scene of the two of you fucking just outside Jenny’s house; rather, in the backyard.”

There was a pause again. Vicky wanted to shout out and ask the speaker who the hell it was and what they wanted from them. But he knew it was futile. And yes, he also believed that there was a tape in the VCR. So did Jenny, because neither of them made a move to check it out.

“All we want the two of you to do is get dressed up and drive to Vicky’s place. Let the cab off a couple of blocks away and make no noise once you reach the house. Creep through the back door; its kept open. There’s a surprise waiting for the two of you. And yes, if we have interrupted your sojourn, finish it up!”

The silence that followed was electrifying. They heard the clicking of the clock and the hum of the air conditioner.

“Who the hell was that?” he croaked.

“And what the hell did that mean? Your place? And through the back door?”

Suddenly, he was alarmed. “You don’t suppose that my folks are in some kind of danger?”

“We were told to get off the cab a couple of blocks off and enter through the back door. That probably means someone does not want your folks or whoever are there to know that we are there.”

“Maybe we should check the VCR and confirm,” he said, his throat dry.

They looked at the TV and the VCR that were located in the wall cabinet. He rose, his cock now flaccid and walked over to the TV. He switched it on.

They were astonished that they could have been filmed when they did it in the car. The film was so clear, it was almost as if the cameras were inside the car and mounted at every angle.

They were kissing each other hungrily on the back seat of his mother’s car. His hands were filled with the soft flesh of her tits, her top pushed over them, while she was tugging at his cock, which she had fished out of his fly.

He dropped one hand down to raise her skirt and expose her panties. She spread her legs apart to give his hand access and he thrust it inside the waistband of her panties. She moaned when she felt him cupping her wet cunt and her buttocks came off the cushions.

As they continued kissing, she unbuttoned his jeans and when he lifted his ass, pushed them along with his shorts down over his legs.

She grabbed his erect cock in her hands and he groaned, pulling his mouth away and burying his head in her tits. She pulled his head deeper and jerked his shaft off.

“Oh god, Jenny, you keep wanking me like that and I’m gonna come!”

She giggled and pushed him back.

“Let me get undressed,” she told him.

He hurried out of his clothes, watching her sliding her skirt and panties down her shapely legs. She started to pull off her tops.

“No, let them be where they are. I love the way your tits bunch up under those tops.”

She laughed. “Ok, let me suck your cock, baby. I want to feel you come in my mouth.”

“Only if you let me suck on your pussy,” his voice was hoarse.

They struggled to get into a sixty-nine position. Though they were cramped for room, they finally managed it, lying sideways, she with her back to the seat. As she slid his cock into her mouth, he put his mouth on her cunt.

They looked at each other.

“Let’s go!” he yelled, jumping off the chair.


Jenny and Vicky were even more stunned when they crept through the back door noiselessly because the scene in the living room wasn’t what they were expecting.

“Jeeze! My son!” she whispered.

“With mom?!” he queried in a quiet voice, but a voice that was nevertheless astonished and shocked.

“And your dad watching? Participating?”

They crouched by the curtains and watched.


Dan was fondling Eve’s tits as she sat on his lap, bouncing up and down on his cock. They were on the floor and Rick stood facing them, his long cock in her hands. Eve was licking and slurping on it, every now and then, leaning down to flick her tongue over his balls.

“Oh yeah, slut,” the boy said. “Lick my balls and pump on my cock. Make it hard again, just like you made his.”

Dan craned his neck and watched his wife working on the kid’s cock. Even flaccid, it was pretty long, and Dan knew it wouldn’t be long before it would get hard again. The boy was absolutely freaked out with the threesome.

Rick leaned back at his waist so that he could watch Dan’s thick cock fucking her cunt.

“Oh boy, what a sight!” he exclaimed. “Just look at that cock fucking that horny cunt! Take me in your mouth, bitch, ah yes, like that. Hold your head still, I’m going to fuck your face now.”

“Let me hold it,” Dan croaked, slipping his hands from her tits over to her head. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her head in place.

Rick began to plunge his cock in and out of her mouth. “Ah, shit, this is great! It feels like I am fucking her cunt!”

“Wait, I’ve a better idea,” Dan interrupted, pulling Eve back a little so that she was leaning over him. “Why don’t you fuck her tits instead? Like you just did on that tape?”

“We would need some milk, sir,” laughed Rick, his cock popping out of her mouth.

“Use some wine instead,” squealed the woman. “There’s plenty of it in that closet over there. Go get it!”

Rick walked over to the closet behind the TV and pulled out a bottle of white wine, his eyes fixed on the couple continuing to writhe on the floor. They had become insatiable, or so they claimed and it was apparently ever since they had met him.

The man was lying back on the floor, thrusting his cock up into her cunt and the woman was equally active, pushing her ass into him when he thrust up into her.

She wasn’t exactly a small girl, Rick thought as he made his way slowly back to where the couple were engaged in fucking each other. Around five-eight, if he could guess right and those amazing tits with the large and hard, erect nipples that jutted out almost an inch when she was excited. The large diameter areoles around the nipples complimented those buds. Her long silky hair hung down to her waist, cascading down over her husband’s face now, as she ground her cunt back into his thrusting cock. She had shaved her pussy and he could see those full cunt lips stretching wide across Dan’s thick dick. She had really long legs, with muscular thighs and calves, apparently from her daily workouts as she had confessed to him.

He walked over to her, leaned down and kissed her mouth, allowing her to shove her tongue deep into his mouth. He set the bottle aside and pulling his mouth away, even as she bounced up and down on Dave, worked his way around to her ears, partially covered now by her hair, and then down her throat.

“Squeeze her tits together and kiss both her nipples,” Dan ordered.

Rick bunched her big nipple tits and squeezed them together, opening his mouth to try and take both her nipples in his mouth. Finding that to be difficult, he let his tongue trail over the sensitive buds, making her squirm and moan and urging her to ride on Dan’s shaft faster.

Dan’s hands wandered down her body and between her wide-open legs, flicking at her engorged clit. As Rick kissed and licked at her nipples, her husband offered his wet fingers to her and she sucked on them, tasting herself on them.

“Okay now, boy, stop fooling around and get down to it. I want to see your cock sliding between her tits,” Dan said.

Rick laughed delightedly, and picked up the bottle. He uncorked it and Dan stopped thrusting, as did she. They waited as he slowly tipped the bottle. The liquid splashing against her tits made her squeal and she felt Dan’s hands spreading the wine over her heaving chest, making sure that he had coated every inch of the flesh. A lot of it dribbled down to her belly and a bit went down to her cunt where his cock lay, thrust inside her.

Rick tossed the bottle on the couch and planted his feet on either side of the woman. He hunched down and Dan spread her tits apart for the boy to lay his cock in the valley between them.

“Ah, this is heaven,” Rick murmured as he felt his cock slipping between her slick tits.

Dan pushed them together. “Now, fuck them, boy,” he yelled.

Rick did not have to be told twice. He held her shoulders and began to move to and fro, that heavenly feeling rising inside him as he felt the sides of her ample tits graze the sides of his cock. Pretty soon, Dan had bunched them together all over again and she was moaning as Rick continued his thrusting motions.

Satisfied that he could watch her tits being thus fucked, Dan too began to lift his hips up and down, letting his cock plunge in her wet cunt. He grabbed his wife’s hair and pulled her head back allowing her to cup her own tits as Rick grunted and moved with alarming alacrity.

They were vocal too.

“Fuck those horny big tits,” Dan shouted.

“Yes, please fuck them, stud. And Dan, fuck my cunt harder now, yes, yes, fuck your slut faster baby, oh god, yes, that is so good!”

“Jeeze, this whore is something! You feel that boner of mine fucking your jugs, you horny bitch? You like being fucked between your hot tits, huh? Take it then, you bitch whore, take it!”


If the sight of her son doing those things to Eve had inflamed Jenny, Vicky wasn’t too far behind.

Standing behind her, Vicky felt the pressure in his balls rise as he watched his depraved parents with his best friend. His friend, sliding his long dick between Eve’s tits while she rode his dad. It was degrading all right, but to Vicky, prevented from completing his act with Jenny, the sight was arousing him.

He never knew when his hands strayed over to her skirt.

Jenny too was breathing heavily, her chest heaving. The sight of her own son, buck naked and doing those things she thought only porn stars do, had her feeling confused. When she saw Rick pulling his cock out of the woman’s cleavage to rub the tip over her face before sliding it back again, she felt a stab of lust go through her. She was shocked with the line of her thinking, of course, but her own state at that point of time made her juices flow between her legs.

By god, she thought. She had never imagined her son to possess such a glorious prick! She found herself comparing it with Vicky’s and she couldn’t come to a conclusion because the two looked alike.

The language that the trio was using further inflamed them. Such dialogues! These happened only in porn books and movies, she thought.

She felt Vicky’s hands lifting the hem of her skirt and she moved forward a little to create some space between their bodies for him to bunch the garment around her midriff. She pulled her blouse down, allowing her tits to tumble free and managed to hook the blouse and the skirt together so that they stayed in place even when she pulled her hands away from the. She then groped behind her body and gasped when her hand encountered his naked and straining cock. She hadn’t realized that he had pulled his cock out of his pants.

She felt his lips brushing over the back of her neck and trailing down over her shoulders and she twisted her head around. He put his mouth over hers and thrust his tongue inside. She began pulling on his cock.

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