Hiding from Herself


Andy slid her hands up Melanie's thighs, following her hands with slow, wet kisses and licks. When she reached the apex of Melanie's legs, she pushed her hands down and apart to reveal Melanie's inner secrets to her lusting eyes. She ran a fingertip over the dripping slit before sliding her fingertip inside of the tight, aching hole. Melanie watched in fascination as Andy scooped out a large fingerful of her nectar and brought it to her lips. She sucked her finger slow inside her mouth, her tongue licking every inch of the sticky wetness off of it. Andy moaned as she savored the taste causing Melanie to groan with the aching urge growing inside of her, her desire almost desperate as she watched the erotic display. Andy smiled hypnotically at Melanie as she pulled her finger out of her mouth with a wet slurp.

"You taste so good, but... I think I need more now," Andy cooed as she lay down between Melanie's legs. She nuzzled her nose into Melanie's 'landing strip' that ended at the top of her heated, dripping slit.

"Yes, please, Andy," Melanie whispered, her voice husky and sexy, spurring Andy into action. Andy separated Melanie's outer lips with her tongue before running it slowly over her slit gathering a tongueful of girl honey. Melanie trembled beneath her, her body on the edge and threatening to go over at the softest touch. Andy was aware of her own strong reaction. She was actually going down on another woman...and enjoying it! The taste and scent of Melanie was causing a fresh gush of wetness to leak from her and coat her thighs in sticky sweetness. She squeezed her legs together as she used her fingers to spread Melanie apart.

Andy felt a blush creep across her face as she looked intently at Melanie's exposed clit. Andy lathed her tongue experimentally over it, getting the desired results from Melanie who arched violently at the contact with a loud gasp. Andy sucked the hardened stub into her mouth and Melanie cried out as she twined her fingers through Andy's blonde mane. Melanie's body began to shake uncontrollably, and Andy looked up in confusion, unsure of herself.

"Don't stop, lover, PLEASE, don't stop," Melanie moaned and Andy quickly went back to sucking and licking her new found toy. She covered every inch of Melanie's pussy with her tongue and lips, French kissing it with wild abandon. Melanie cried out her name as Andy pushed her tongue deep inside of Melanie's honey pot, wriggling it back and forth as she tongue fucked the now bucking woman beneath her. Andy could taste a new rush of fluid as her tongue became coated and her mouth filled with sweet girl cum.

"Andy, oh Andy," Melanie cried out over and over as her release shook her to her core and took her to a level she had never experienced before. She felt as though a volcano had erupted between her legs, flooding her lover and bed in a gush of hot liquid. As Andy slowly took her tongue out of Melanie's pussy, she let it trail lower to scoop up the remaining honey that was dripping down her crack. As her tongue lightly touched Melanie's forbidden anal flower, Melanie came again with violent force, surprising both of them with its intensity.

Andy watched in wonder as the beautiful woman surrendered to her. She couldn't believe how much she loved making love to Melanie, how natural and right it felt to her. It wasn't like the few awkward affairs she had had. Andy knew she was considered a terrible lay, until now. Her gray eyes were filled with stormy passion as she crawled up beside Melanie to kiss the still trembling woman, sharing her delicious taste as she captured Melanie's moans in her mouth. Melanie eventually began to quiet, her moans turning to soft sighs.

"You are... incredible," Melanie murmured against Andy's neck. "A natural at this lesbian stuff, I should say."

"Well, I have a great teacher," Andy said as she continued placing kisses all over Melanie's neck, shoulders, and chest.

"And I have so much more to teach you." Melanie said with a laugh. Her face became serious as she captured Andy's chin in her hands to gaze deeply into her eyes. "Stay the night with me, Andy. I don't want to wake up in the morning thinking that this was all just a wonderful dream." Andy could feel her heart pounding. Tomorrow was Sunday, and she had nowhere to go and no one to see.

"Yes," Andy whispered with a catch in her throat, wrapping Melanie into her arms and kissing her tenderly. They continued to share sleepy kisses until they fell asleep in one another's arms.

Andy awakened to the sound of the bedside phone ringing. She peered around groggily, completely disoriented before remembering where she was. Melanie's voice brought her to reality with a thud.

"Hello?" Melanie sounded sleepy and absolutely adorable. Andy smiled as she kissed her back, feeling a thrill of desire just at the sound of her lover's voice.

"Oh, hey, Deanne... Andy? ... ummm..." Melanie shot a look over her shoulder at Andy who looked stunned as she realized her sister was the one on the other end of the line. Reality thudded into her with cruel force and she practically leapt from the bed and ran to the bathroom. She could still her Melanie's end of the conversation.

"She got in late... We stopped for dinner and then there was a mishap with our bags... No, I think she mentioned having to do something today so that is probably where she is now. I wouldn't worry... Yes, if I see her I'll let her know to call you... Ok... bye."

Melanie walked slowly to the bathroom where she could hear Andy washing up. A feeling of dread was building in the pit of her stomach and she felt like she was going to be sick. Her worst fears were confirmed as Andy came out of the bathroom, her tear filled eyes unable to meet Melanie's.

"Andy?" Melanie whispered, afraid of the words she knew was coming, but hoping that somehow they wouldn't be what she knew they would be. "Where are you going?" She followed Andy into the hall and down the stairs, watching as Andy collected her clothing and quickly dressed.

"I have to go now."

"But I thought that you were going to stay the day with me."

"I can't. I need to go." Andy's voice was strained as she gathered her bags.

"Can I call you later, or will you call me?" Andy finally met Melanie's eyes and Melanie could see the truth nestled there. Andy was beginning to regret making love with her. Melanie wondered how she could be such a fool and fall for this woman.

"I don't think that that is a good idea. I think I've made a terrible mistake. What was I thinking?"

"Oh, God, please don't say that," Melanie whispered, feeling thick salty tears beginning to run down her cheeks. "What happened was too beautiful to be a mistake."

"I'm sorry, I..." Andy caught herself reaching out to Melanie and jerked to a stop. "I can't do this. I should have thought this through. My family would never approve. I've put everything at risk. I'm sorry." Andy rushed out of the house, leaving Melanie naked and alone, wondering what had happened to Andy to cause her to be so scared of herself.

Melanie showered and dressed in a daze regretting agreeing to go to Frank and Deanne's for dinner. She dressed casually in a pair of jeans that settled low on her hips, a pair of sling back sandals, and a white midriff tank. She pulled on a light sweater over her top and headed out.

Melanie's thoughts were of last night and the sudden change in Andy this morning. She felt like such a cliché, but she really had fallen for Andy at first sight. Andy was so much more than what she outwardly displayed. Melanie was fascinated with the thought of unwrapping each layer of Andy's personality. But now, it didn't look as though she would ever get that chance. Melanie angrily blinked back tears as she pulled into a parking space in front of her favorite wine store.

Inside, she selected a bottle of red wine. Frank and Deanne raved about the make, and the name of this particular wine got quite a few laughs to the uneducated wine connoisseur. Melanie walked to the till and groaned inwardly. She was about to turn around and walk out without her purchase when she heard her name called.

"Melanie! I haven't seen you in ages!" Melanie turned around and with a sigh remembered to plaster a smile onto her face.

"Sandy. Yes, it has been awhile. How have you been?" Sandy was barely twenty with bleached blonde hair, huge brown eyes, and a fabulously tight body. Melanie had gladly sampled her a couple of times, and Sandy was probably the last person that she wanted to see right now.

"Good. How are things with you? You look tired. Long night?" Sandy giggled flirtatiously, winking hugely at Melanie.

"Something like that." Melanie changed the subject as she paid for her wine. She engaged in a few moments of chitchat before she began to leave. Sandy reached across the counter and grabbed her arm.

"If you are looking for a little fun tonight, I'm your girl." Melanie could feel her heart rebelling at the thought, and it made her angry that she should feel guilty! She gave Sandy her sexiest smile as she took her hand and sucked one slim finger into her mouth.

"Keep your calendar open. I have to go to a friend's house for dinner, but afterwards perhaps you could provide dessert?" Sandy smiled as she licked her lips hungrily.

"I'll be waiting for your call." As soon as Melanie was out of the door and in her car, her anger gave way and she sighed sadly. She didn't want to spend the night with Sandy; she wanted to be with Andy. She closed her eyes and tried to reach a calm place before continuing the drive to Frank's.

Melanie parked in the driveway behind a red Harley. She admired the motorcycle, amazed at Frank's newly found mid-life crisis. She rang the buzzer and felt her first genuine smile of the day as Deanne answered the door with a flourish.

"Melanie!" Melanie held out the wine and Deanne dissolved into delighted giggles. "You remembered the wine!"

"Who could forget a name like that? Hey, when did Frank begin his mid-life crisis?" Melanie asked jokingly, jerking a thumb over her shoulder at the Harley.

"Oh, that isn't Frank's, it's..."

"Honey! Where do we keep the charcoal?" Frank's voice interrupted then and Deanne shooed Melanie inside and towards the patio doors that led out to their pool and back yard. Melanie stepped out into the bright California sunshine and stopped dead in her tracks as Deanne finished her sentence.

"As I was saying, the Harley is Andy's. Why don't you go say hello as I help Frank out. He's looking for charcoal and it's a gas powered grill," Deanne said as she rolled her eyes. She trotted off and Melanie was left to deal with her pounding heart. Andy was sitting on the edge of the pool staring off into space. She was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a loose knit sweater over a hot pink swim top. The sweater hung off one delicate shoulder and Andy had the long sleeves balled around her hands, which were under her chin. The sunlight shone lovingly on her long blonde hair that hung loosely down her back like fine spun golden silk. Melanie could feel her body heating at the memory of that silken hair on her skin.

At just that moment, Andy looked over and locked eyes with Melanie. Melanie could see the play of emotion that lit Andy's face with happiness following by confusion and sadness. Deanne surprised Melanie when she suddenly reappeared at her elbow carrying a glass of wine.

"I would have brought you a beer, but you are just like Andy with your wine." Melanie waved Andy over, and Andy reluctantly got to her feet and made her way over.

"Hello, Melanie," Andy said with a smile and Melanie mumbled something she thought sounded like hello. Deanne shot her a strange look and Melanie smiled at her weakly.

"Listen, Frank forgot to pick up a few things we need... like kerosene. Do you two mind keeping a watch out while we go out for a bit? You both have been here enough to know where everything is." Without waiting for an answer, Deanne turned to leave. Frank waved goodbye as Deanne took his arms and steered him towards the door. "The kids are over at friends' houses and are spending the night," Deanne called out. She turned at the door with a pleading look on her face. "Oh, and could you two please make the salad? I'm running a little behind. Everything you'll need is in the kitchen."

Silence descended across the yard as Deanne and Frank left through the house. Melanie stared awkwardly at the patio doors. Andy was the first to break the silence.

"Well, I suppose we have our orders. Shall we?"

Melanie quietly followed Andy into the kitchen, admiring the sway of her hips and ass as she moved. Andy began to pull out tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots, amongst other assorted salad vegetables. Melanie watched fascinated as Andy's slender hands began to pull the heads of lettuce apart as she kept up a steady stream of chatter.

"So are we going to pretend nothing happened?" Melanie blurted out interrupting Andy's lettuce monologue. Andy stopped and stared at the top of the chef's table.

"Melanie, I..." Andy paused before looking up to meet Melanie's eyes. "What I mean is, we are at my sister's house and I don't feel comfortable discussing it."

"Nor did you want to discuss it this morning at my house," Melanie said angrily. "You left me like I was a ten cent whore and meant nothing to you."

Andy winced at the words and walked around the island table to rest her hands on Melanie's shoulders, never breaking eye contact.

"I'm sorry, Melanie. When I saw you standing there today, I felt... I can't explain it. After I left this morning, I regretted it because I missed you and... and I wanted to hold you and kiss away the hurt I caused you."

"Don't say these things if you don't intend to pursue this with me. You already have a hold over me that I can't explain and..." Andy quieted Melanie by pressing her lips against the darker woman's. Melanie could feel her body melt as she surrendered to the kiss. Andy's lips and tongue were wreaking havoc with her emotions, not to mention the gush of warmth and wetness that flooded her panties. She moaned against Andy's mouth as she swayed in Andy's arms.

Their kiss became more heated, almost savage as their tongues battled for dominance. Melanie caught Andy's tongue and began to suck on it lightly as she felt Andy moaning passionately into her mouth. Andy broke the kiss to suck and lick Melanie's neck, leaving a wet trail from one ear to the other. "I shouldn't have left you this morning," Andy said huskily, her hands caressing Melanie's stomach. "I missed you the second I walked out of the door."

"Andy," Melanie murmured as she unbuttoned and unzipped Andy's shorts. "Andy, I need you now." Andy responded with a passionate growl as she lifted Melanie up onto the chef's table. Melanie could hear all the vegetables and knives falling to the floor as Andy unbuttoned Melanie's pants and pulled them roughly down. She nipped and licked every inch of exposed flesh. Melanie could feel her pants dangling from one ankle as Andy spread her shapely legs and buried her tongue deep inside of her. Melanie cried out at the contact as the blood rushed immediately to her engorged clit. Andy began to suck on Melanie's sweet nub, running her tongue under the hood and over the tip.

"Andy, yes... I need you to fuck me, baby." Andy groaned at the words and climbed up onto the table with Melanie. Melanie pulled Andy's sweats off and quickly unsnapped the swim top, letting it fall. She took one luscious nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard as Andy spread Melanie's legs further apart and began to rub her finger over Melanie's slit, coating it in the sticky girl cream.

Without warning, Andy thrust two fingers deep inside Melanie causing the raven-haired woman to arch up off of the table in delirious pleasure. She cried out as Andy added a third and continued to pull her fingers out completely before thrusting them inside hard and deep. Andy straddled Melanie's leg as she held one of Melanie's hands down on the table, grinding her blazing pussy against Melanie's skin. Melanie could feel the heat and wetness through the material of Andy's shorts. Melanie began to twist and pinch her nipples as Andy pounded her with fierce abandon.

"Oh, yeah... fuck me..." Melanie whimpered, her eyes closed with the intensity of the orgasm building within her. She pulled Andy close to her, raking her nails down Andy's back as she bit her shoulder to hold back the scream of release as her orgasm erupted with volcanic force. Melanie could feel Andy's grinding on her leg increase in an erratic pace and then she was cumming in jerky thrusts, crying out Melanie's name. Their lips found each other's as they rode the wave of desire together. And that's when they heard the swinging kitchen door open and close.

"We got all the way to the store and Deanna realized that she had forgotten..." Frank's voice trailed off at the sight that greeted him.

Melanie was lying almost nude on the table, her blue eyes glazed as she panted lustily. Andy was on top astride her thigh, her fingers buried deep inside Melanie's pussy, her firm breasts swelled with huge erect nipples that were begging to be sucked. Andy's blonde hair was plastered to her cheeks and neck with sweat and her other hand was holding Melanie's pinned to the table. Frank thought that he might not be able to continue to stand, and he could feel a bulge growing painfully in his pants. He managed to tear his eyes away from Melanie's pussy and cleared his throat.

"Don't mind me. I just need to grab..." Frank pointed to Deanne's purse and hurried over to the count to grab it. It finally dawned on him that Andy looked horrified... and scared.

"Frank, you are staring again," Melanie said huskily and Frank quickly averted his head with an apology.

"I can't wait to taste this salad. Oh and Andy," he added softly, "I won't say a word. To anyone. Relax and forget I ever dropped in."

With that, he was gone and Melanie looked worriedly up at Andy who had been stock still the entire time he was in the kitchen. She was afraid that Andy would run again. To her surprise, Andy was smiling as she wiggled her fingers inside Melanie's tight pussy.

Melanie jumped and moaned before laughingly swatting Andy's hand away. "You little nymph. I suppose we should finish our salad before they get back!"

"What we can salvage of it," Andy laughed, sliding her fingers slowly out of Melanie with a wet pop. She licked and sucked every drop of girl cum off of her fingers with a happy sigh. The sight made Melanie shiver and wish desperately that they were alone. She would love to return the favor and fuck Andy senseless.

"This is the best salad I've ever had," Frank said innocently as he forked another huge bite into his mouth. Andy kicked him under the patio table causing him to chuckle.

"Well, I don't understand how four heads of lettuce made such a small salad," Deanna said with a frown.

"Bad leafs," Andy and Melanie said in unison. Frank snorted back a laugh and began to choke much to Andy's delight.

"Oh, well, that explains it," Deanne said with a small nod. Frank finished his bout of choking and couldn't resist taking one last shot.

"Isn't it odd how they call it a HEAD of lettuce, and also when you lay something on it it's called a BED of lettuce?"

Andy felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. It was easy to forget that she had to keep her new life a secret. Melanie was absolutely radiant this afternoon, and Andy couldn't wait to get her alone and whisper it in her ear as she kissed and licked the delicate curve of her neck, followed by... She was jerked back to reality as Deanne poked her in the side.


"I just asked if you were seeing anyone. Maybe someone you could bring to the reunion next weekend to meet mom and dad?" Andy groaned loudly and rolled her eyes. "You know how mom is always bugging you about...

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