Hiding from Herself


"...finding a nice young man and settling down," Andy finished with her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Frank trying to suppress a mirthful smile.

"Well, that doesn't answer my question. Are you seeing anyone?" Andy could feel three sets of eyes watching her intently. Her relaxed mood vanished as she panicked searched for an answer. She wasn't ready to answer questions about Melanie, nor was she comfortable coming out to her sister at just that moment. She didn't know if she would ever be able to do it.

"No," Andy said softly, "no, I'm not seeing anyone." Frank made a noise of disappointment and Andy could feel the hurt radiating from Melanie.

"Mom will hound you, you know. I don't understand it myself, actually. You are young, beautiful, intelligent, and alone. And it seems to be your choice."

"Deanne," Andy said with a sigh, "could we please drop it?" She swirled the ice cubes in her cup feeling trapped and strangely feeling like she would suffocate if she didn't get out of this conversation.

"I'm just warning you about mom. Which reminds me; Melanie, you are still coming next weekend, right?" It was Melanie's turn to stare around in a panic.

"Um, I don't know if that's such a good idea. I..."

"Nonsense. Don't let this talk about mom scare you. She just worries about Andy."

Andy stood abruptly and everyone looked up at her in surprise. "I need to go. I mean, I was planning to go to the club tonight and watch Amanda's band play. Deanne, are you still coming with me?"

"No, Frank and I want to take advantage of having the house to ourselves." Deanne gave her husband a sexy smile that had him choking again. "Why don't you take Melanie? You guys will have a blast!"

"I don't have anything to wear out to a club!" Melanie protested. "And besides, tomorrow is a busy work day for me." Andy felt a twinge of hurt in her heart, but she knew Melanie probably didn't want to be anywhere near her right now.

You can borrow something of mine, and you don't have to stay out all night," Deanne said, rising and dragging Melanie to her feet. Melanie had no choice but to follow protesting and with a look of fear in her eyes.

"Andy," Frank began when the two had disappeared into the house, but Andy held up a hand to silence him. He sighed as she walked away. He couldn't help but think of the past that had her tied in knots.

Andy walked into the spare bedroom where she kept her change of clothes and collapsed on the bed. She didn't want to think right now, she decided. She didn't want to reason and sort out excuses. She sat up, grabbed her clothes, and began to quietly get dressed. Standing in front of a full-length mirror she admired her outfit. Low slung, black leather pants caressed every curve of dip of her long legs. Her breasts swelled against a tight desert cami midriff tank top. She could see the four-point piercing of her belly button shining in the light and the red string that crept out of her pants and arched tantalizingly over her hips. Her hair was hanging loose and free over her shoulders and down her back. Bending, she quickly pulled on her Doc Martins and tied them securely. She quickly threw on her Italian leather short trench coat before exiting into the hallway.

Melanie and Deanne were coming out of the master bedroom and Andy and Melanie stopped dead in their tracks as they saw one another. Andy felt a purely sexual thrill race through her body at the sight of her lover clad in a tight red body dress. It began mid-thigh and stopped just above her breasts threatening to spill the glorious globes. The material clung lovingly to every curve and swell of Melanie's body accentuating her olive skin and electric blue eyes. Her black hair was pulled up, and her feet encased in red high heels. Blood red lipstick glistened on her lips that wordlessly begged to be kissed and used mercilessly. Andy felt weak in the knees as she watched Melanie walk towards her, fascinated by the way she moved.

"You look... incredible," Andy said, her voice husky. She felt so lightheaded and drunk, she thought she might have even slurred her words. Realizing that she was staring with her mouth open, Andy tried to recover. "Deanna you've been holding out on me. Where did you get that dress?"

"There are many things about me you don't know," Deanne said mysteriously and Andy smiled at the irony of the statement.

They managed to make it outside. Andy felt like she was going to the prom with all the fuss Deanne was making over Melanie's dress. She slung her leg over the Harley and gunned the engine to life. She helped Melanie onto the bike behind her and bit her lip at the contact of the other woman's legs. She could feel the heat radiating from Melanie in waves, and Andy clasped her helmet quickly over her head and pulled the visor down before her face gave away her lust. Melanie's arms encircled her waist causing Andy to nearly swoon as lust flared brightly in her. With a last wave to Deanne and Frank, she left with a roar loving the feel of Melanie clinging to her.

The ride was a lesson in sexual tension. At every red light and stop sign, Andy would look at Melanie's bare calf and thighs wrapped around her as the big engine vibrated beneath them. She could feel Melanie's fantastic breasts pressed into her back and when Melanie leaned forward to see over her shoulder, Andy could barely suppress the urge to fuck her there on the street.

They pulled into the parking lot and Andy seriously considered pulling back out and heading straight for the nearest hotel. Without speaking, they entered the club and the music pulsed around them like a lover's hand. Melanie took her hand and led her to the dance floor where they began to sensuously move their bodies together. They hadn't spoken a word since dinner, and Andy was consumed with her need for Melanie.

However, she eventually began to crash back to earth and the anxiety she always carried around locked into her. Andy looked around her worriedly and saw other women dancing together, but she still backed carefully away from Melanie. Melanie's eyes flared with anger, and she turned her back on Andy. Immediately a guy was in front of Melanie more than happy to dance with her. Andy was about to grab her when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned angrily around ready to knock out whoever had grabbed her.

"Andy!" her friend Amanda said with a smile and a quick hug.

"Amanda, this isn't a good time," Andy yelled over the music.

"Do you still play?"

"What?" Amanda leaned forward and repeated her question in Andy's ear.

"Justin broke his finger and we are desperate." It suddenly dawned on Andy what Amanda was asking of her. Amanda was in a band called The Big Bang, and Josh their lead guitarist had broken his finger. Amanda wanted Andy to take his place.

"Oh no, no, no," Andy yelled over the music. The club had a live band every Sunday night and tonight The Big Bang was it.

"This is our first real gig. If we blow this we are screwed," Amanda pleaded. Andy looked for Melanie in the crowd but she couldn't see her anywhere. Then the crowd parted and she could see her dancing in the center of a bunch of guys. Andy could feel something inside herself snap at the sight. She realized that at this moment she didn't give a fuck what anyone thought of her.

"I'll do it," Andy growled, grabbing her friend's arm and propelling her through the crowd towards the stage. Amanda led her into the back where the music was somewhat quieter.

"Wow, you look hot, Andy. I'm so glad that you're here tonight. I don't know what I would have done without you." Andy barely heard her over the blood pounding in her ears. She could feel a simmering rage just below the surface of her emotions that kept threatening to spill over.

"I wouldn't have missed your band playing," Andy said to Amanda eliciting a smile from the smaller woman.

"You know all of our songs, right?" Andy nodded. She and Josh had dated off and on for quite some time. He was the one who had informed her that she was the epitome of the virginal ice queen. Amanda had been her best friend since high school. Andy could hear something once and be able to play it better than the other person. It was her one true gift and talent. "Cool, we are on in a couple of minutes."

Josh suddenly appeared in front of Andy with a rueful smile. Andy tried to pull together some manners out of the black hole that she was in.

"What happened to your fingers, Josh?"

"Finger." He wiggled the offending appendage and its bright white cast accusingly. "Fucking amp fell on my fingers and crushed one. I'm so glad you were here tonight. I wouldn't trust just anyone else to do this." Andy actually felt a ghost of smile on her lips at the compliment.

"I just hope that I can be as good as you. And, I wouldn't have missed this for the world." Josh smiled and handed over his prized possession, a baby blue Fender with pearl inlay. The tuning pegs were polished to a bright shine. Andy carefully slung it over her shoulder.

"Take care of her," Josh intoned and Andy nodded solemnly. She could hear the band being announced to the screaming crowd. Andy could feel a case of stage fright beginning to creep over her, but the image of Melanie dancing amidst all those gawking men flooded her with newfound anger dissipating the butterflies in her stomach.

Andy followed the band onto the stage and as she began to play, she poured all of her anger, hurt, and confusion into her music. She was oblivious to the crowd that surged towards her dancing for her. Andy couldn't know how she looked as she played, her blond hair falling around her like a blond halo, her greens eyes burning wildly from some inner fire. She looked like lust made incarnate as her talented hands blazed through the music, caressing the guitar strings with carefully controlled energy.

Andy was in a fog when the set ended. She was drenched with sweat, her body glistening in the stage lights. The people reaching for the stage, for her, shocked her and she stepped back as though awakening from a dream. They were screaming for more. Amanda appeared, her eyes bright with triumph.

"Andy, one more. Let's do your song."

"No. No way, Amanda."

"C'mon, Andy, for old time's sake." Andy thought of the words to her song and could feel something insider her wanting to voice them. She had written that song when she was a teenager, when she was first battling these feelings she was lost in.

"OK, let's do it." Amanda hugged her and ran to pick up her bass. She was also lead vocals, but Andy always sang her own song. "Give it up for the lead guitarist, Andy!" Andy was amazed at the deafening roar from the crowd. "She's going to give you a real treat tonight and sing her song 'Pieces'."

Andy launched into the music, losing herself once more. The words welled up and out of her soul and she sang them with a passion that vibrated from her and swept the crowd.

They don't understand the riddle How life falls like a puzzle In between the glue I stumble Searching for the pieces In twilights eye I crumble My mind shattered and humbled If I confessed my darkest secret You are the pieces, the pieces of me

Andy couldn't stop herself, she had to express what she was feeling. As the chorus came around, Andy closed her eyes and sang.

There is no turning back from this road I've entered the time of me Where in the twilight's eye I crumble My mind shattered and humbled If I confessed my darkest secrets Melanie, you are the missing pieces of me

Andy finished the chord and walked off the stage to a chorus of screams and people chanting her name. Her heart was beating loudly in her ears and she was amazed at what she had just done. Josh waited quietly in the wings. Silently he accepted his guitar. Amanda and the rest of the band ran off stage, their laughter cutting the tense silence. They hugged and kissed one another triumphantly.

"Andy!" Amanda squealed, trapping her in a huge hug. "You were awesome! I've always said that you were a natural rock star! Too bad you listened to your mother and went to law school." Andy grabbed a bottle of water that was piled on a cart for the band and guzzled it down.

"Amanda, that was awesome. Thanks for letting me do it with you guys. I've got to run now."

"Are you kidding me? There was no one else we trusted. Isn't that right, Josh?" Josh looked at Andy, his eyes unreadable.

"Trust? Right. Even though it doesn't seem as if that trust is reciprocated." He leaned forward and whispered for her ears alone. "I thought I knew you."

Andy answered him with all the pent up anguish she felt coating her words. "I don't even know myself, so how could you?" Josh walked away, leaving Amanda standing there open mouthed. Andy felt the urge to follow him and talk to him, but she could see a girl in a red dress waiting for her.

"Amanda, I need to run. I'll call you later." Andy hopped off the stage and went slowly towards Melanie who watched her wordlessly. Andy reached forward and took Melanie's hand oblivious to the people around them. Melanie pulled her close and Andy didn't resist. Her mouth was dry as she followed Melanie to the doors and out into the night air. Andy noticed Melanie shiver in the night air and quickly gave her the trench coat to wear. She straddled her bike and brought it roaring into life before helping Melanie on behind her. This time she did groan at the contact as Melanie's legs wrapped around her hips before falling gently away. She could feel the heat of Melanie's sex as she pressed close into Andy, and her arms encircled Andy's waist, her fingertips caressing the bare skin exposed by Andy's short top. Andy could feel her temperature rise and she quickly clapped on her helmet and kicked the bike into first before roaring off into the night.

She didn't remember the drive at all, just the feel of Melanie's hands and breath on her bare skin. Andy drove like a bat out of hell, anxious to reach her house and feel those wonderful hands all over her. She could feel Melanie's hot breath panting in her ear and she knew the other woman was feeling and thinking the same way. She roared into her driveway and quickly parked her bike. She took her helmet off, letting her blonde hair fall around her shoulders as she helped Melanie off. She pulled Melanie close as she put her key in the lock and turned. The door opened and they nearly tumbled into the darkened foyer.

The door hadn't finished closing before Andy drew Melanie into her arms and began to kiss her slowly and tenderly, barely containing the passion that raged in her blood. Her mind screamed to ravish the beautiful dark haired woman, but Andy needed to express the way her heart felt when she was around Melanie. She kissed along the lines of Melanie's jaw, nibbling and licking as she went. Her hands slid under the trench coat and dragged it slowly down Melanie's arms before letting the expensive leather crumple to the floor.

Melanie sighed and pressed closer, her pouty lips finding Andy's in the darkness. She thrust her tongue inside Andy's mouth and began to slowly tongue fuck her lips. Andy moaned deep in her throat as she pushed the dress down and off of Melanie's luscious breasts. She was literally panting with lust as her eyes feasted on the bare skin. She quickly lowered her mouth to taste the soft skin. She licked the under swelling of each breast before she sucked hard on each perfect nipple, letting her teeth scrape across the taut nubs. She could hear Melanie sigh almost impatiently. Andy looked at her questioningly and Melanie answered by grabbing her hand and sliding in under the hem of her skirt to the apex of her thighs where Andy was greeted by her slick, ready pussy.

Andy nearly lost her balance as her fingers grazed over Melanie's dripping sex that had been naked and waiting for her all night. Andy growled in the back of her throat as she pushed the other woman into the wall and spread her legs with her own knee. Melanie's arms wrapped around Andy's neck as Andy quickly slid two fingers deep inside the tight confines of her puss. Melanie moaned loudly as she met each of Andy's thrusts. She leaned forward to lick and nip Andy's shoulder as Andy began a fast, deep, steady rhythm in her hungry sex.

Andy grabbed Melanie's leg with her other hand and wrapped it around her waist before putting her palm on the wall to support their weight. Melanie was arching into her, meeting each thrust from her questing fingers with wild abandon. Andy licked and sucked Melanie's neck, feeling her throbbing pulse beneath her tongue go crazy as she added a third finger and increased the tempo. She rubbed her palm into Melanie's clitoris sending the other woman bucking against her. She could feel Melanie's tight pussy clutch at her fingers before opening in an orgasmic bloom. Her pussy sucked and convulsed around Andy's fingers as Melanie threw her head back and screamed wordlessly. Andy was fueled by lust more intense than anything she had ever felt. She thrust deeper inside of Melanie and began to stroke her g-spot hard and fast as she whispered Melanie's name against her shoulder, urging her to cum again. Andy could feel the other woman's cum dripping over her wrist and down her arm. Andy pinned her to the wall making her cum again and again until Melanie pleaded for mercy. Andy slowly took her fingers out with a wet slurp, resting her head on Melanie's shoulder. She slowly slid the thin scrap of material that was bunched at Melanie's waist over the other woman's hips and to the floor. Andy stepped back and admired the look of Melanie naked and clad only in red high heels.

"Andy," Melanie whispered huskily in the darkness. She stood shakily away from the wall before pulling Andy closer. "Take me to your bedroom."

Andy led her up the stairs, their hands tightly locked together. She entered her darkened bedroom and turned to face Melanie.

Melanie could make out the dim outline of a bed. She walked Andy backwards towards it. As Andy's knees hit the edge, she sat down abruptly. Melanie knelt in front of her and quickly took off her shoes and socks. She pushed Andy flat on the bed before unbuttoning the tight leather pants. They both giggled as Melanie struggled to pull them over Andy's hips and down her thighs. Laughter quickly turned into low moans as the pants found their way to a heap on the floor.

Melanie leaned forward and pressed her nose and mouth against the thin scrap of fabric covering Andy's delicious puss. She could feel an answering shudder ripple through Andy's body as she tongued the wet material, her hot tongue pushing the fabric into Andy's hungry pussy. Melanie quickly pulled down the other woman's panties revealing the shaved pussy to hungry mouth and hands.

"So beautiful," Melanie murmured as she leaned forward to quickly lap at the honey glistening on Andy's nether lips in the moonlight. Andy hissed sharply at the contact, her hips rising off the bed to meet Melanie's mouth. "Mmmm. Tasty, too."

Melanie grabbed Andy's hand and pulled her to a sitting position. She quickly pulled her tank over her head. Melanie wanted her naked, needed her lover to be completely bared to her. Melanie gazed lustfully at Andy's nipples. The whole time she had watched Andy play, she had been fascinated at the gentle motion of Andy's breasts and the nipples that pressed into the thin fabric. She took one nipple between her teeth rubbing her tongue over the edge and licking it hard and rough. Andy gasped, her hands running through Melanie's hair.

Melanie could feel the same urgency between them that had overtaken them downstairs as Andy pushed her head down and lifted her hips off the bed. Melanie moaned at the blatant demand and with the flat of her hand pushed Andy down into a lying position. She lifted Andy's legs and pushed them up flat against her chest exposing everything to Melanie. Andy was panting, pleading wordlessly as Melanie licked a circle over her pelvis and across her thighs. She nearly screamed when Melanie's tongue brushed across her nether lips before proceeding lower to dip into her puckered anus. Andy had never been kissed like this, especially not by another woman, and the sensation of Melanie's lips and tongue circling her anus made her shudder with desire. Melanie continued to tongue and lick the forbidden flower before slowly pushing her tongue inside. Andy grabbed her knees and held them tightly to her chest, releasing Melanie's hands.

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