tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHigh and Low Ch. 08

High and Low Ch. 08


Simon was definitely getting addicted to cock.

This femboy needed it more and more! As usual, dressed as a total slut in painted on low rise jeans, skimpy light blue halter top, wearing gypsy bangles and barefoot with toe rings, his wind swept now brunette hair just wild, this barefoot boy was looking to play.

He looked club slut cool.

A sexy sluttish fem fag.

He'd made his way to a Gay video store somewhere on Long Beaches sleazy side, and was now standing outside it. Simon was very, very horny.

He entered the darkened store, and saw a balding, unshaven, brooding, heavy set man, about forty something behind the counter. He reeked of booze and smoked a foul smelling cigar. The stench of it filled the air, but somehow Simon didn't care anymore.

"Room number 6." The man barked at Simon, forth right and menacingly, never raising his eyes from the porn magazine he had on the counter.

Naive Simon was taken aback by this. He'd never been in one of these places before. All he could do was saunter nervously down the short carpeted hallway and enter room number 6.

His bare feet felt every nuance of the cum stained, sweaty carpet . The heavy set man smirked evilly at him behind his back. Simon's ass shook seductively as always.

Entering the booth, Simon sat down on the bench. He pressed a button to view a transsexual video, and filled his pot pipe. He deeply inhaled the thick marijuana smoke, and this helped dissipate some of the tension he had felt.

Smoking the pot, getting high, he paid little attention to the video.

Finally feeling good, Simon decided to leave the video store and maybe find a groovy club to dance at. Maybe he'd get fucked.

Simon waved his girlfriend Brenda's credit card at the guy behind the counter.

"Look fuck head!. We only take cash, not that plastic shit! Gimme six bucks." The man snarled, half spitting at Simon.

"I don't have any money!" replied a worried Simon meekly. All he had was the credit card and some bus tickets in his shoulder bag!

The man groaned and quickly moved around the counter, he stood about 6 '7 tall. A big seething angry man.

He pushed Simon back several feet with his grubby dirty hand.

"Come on bitch. Get into the room!" he venomously, threateningly ordered Simon, and smiled wickedly like the foul devil he was.

Simon though very scared and of course apprehensive, felt his prick now turn hard as a metal rod!

This was turning him on for Christ sake! His heart was beating like crazy!

"He wants to humiliate me." Simon thought, getting rabid, sickly enticing, pleasurable sexual thoughts.

"Okay." Simon replied weakly, and walked very slowly, though gamely in front of the burly beast and again entered room number 6.

"Get down on your fucking knees!" The beast man now shouted at Simon.

He then violently swatted Simon across the side of his head with his bear paw fist!

Simon felt the cold steel of metal rings smash against his skull! It fucking hurt! God, did it ever!

"Don't hurt me!" screamed Simon nearly falling down!

Despite the pain, Simon now got down on his knees, threw his mouth onto the monsters thick, uncut ten inch prick and began sucking cock like his life depended on it.

Somehow Simon was viciously turned on!

The beast had his hands on Simon's head, and groaned as he swayed back and forth slightly.

Simon worked his tongue on his cock and balls, and fingered his thick hairy shaft.

Simon was now getting his mouth fucked vigorously.

The man roughly moved Simon's head Back and forth in rhythm to Simon's sucking of his Sinister prick. Simon groaned ecstatically in pleasure too, amidst his incessant cock slurping! Of course he would do , he was a fag now!

Simon rolled his tongue desperately, yet superbly over the fat cock head, grunting like a slave. He felt exhilaration when the man pumped it to the back of his mouth, nearly choking him!

"Fucking slut bitch!" the man would mutter in between his heavy groans.

"Down on my knees, I'm yours baby!" Simon thought as he feverishly sucked his enforcer, tormenter's manhood.

The man fucked Simon's mouth like an angry baboon, and sounded like it too!

Simon just sucked and groaned like the fem boy slut he had become. He so wanted to serve, and be the total submissive cock sucking queen!

Suddenly, the evil one's cock exploded into Simon's mouth, and Simon deliriously devoured the delicious demon jism as best he could, before choking and having it all run down onto his halter top.

Down on all fours in sexual ecstasy, Simon then slowly got on his feet as the man fell back on the bench exhausted.

"Look! Just get the fuck outta here faggot!" he shouted at Simon, while trying to gain composure.

Intimidated again, Simon grabbed his shoulder bag and wisely, quickly left the store.

Simon padded barefoot onto a bus with the cum still dripping from his mouth, down his chin, his halter top now near soaking wet.

His cock was still rock hard.

"Maybe I'll masturbate at the back of the bus," Simon slyly thought as he gave his ticket to the bus driver.

The next day, the back of the bus stank to high hell.

Soon, a few days later, Simon revisited the Long Beach shopping mall with the idea of seeing his gay lover hairdresser Corbey. It wasn't to be though, as Simon had stopped to read gay mags at a magazine stand, and had caught the attention of a hot older, dark skinned European man by the name of Pierre.

What a site Simon was though! A sluttish sultry barefoot boy in skin tight jeans, and funky jaded club wear.

Pierre looked ultra urban chic and ultra magnificent sexy in his dark Armani leisure suit. He had spent a lot of time in the Ibiza gay clubs.

"My God! You are one sexy hot fucking boy!" Pierre had uttered in his Slight French accent.

Simon, now twenty nine, just blushed.

"Actually I'm from Montreal." He told Simon while his eyes deliciously took feast of Simon's obviously available sexual attributes. Simon looked that much of a slut!

Simon admired Pierre's mustache! He wondered what his cock would feel like in that mouth. Pierre was tall and thin, olive skinned, black haired and black eyed, and exuded a come hither let me fuck you sexual magnetism that easily enticed Simon.

"You're hot too, babe!" warmly gushed Simon, looking up from his magazine, looking him in the eye, now getting so very confident.

Simon's prick was now on fire!

They went to a nearby cafe and drank some wine, to have a good time.

Pierre chain smoked long, lean white filtered cigarettes.

Sometimes when he smoked, Pierre looked like he was sucking a cock. His French lips pursed and pushed out the plumes of smoke that only enhanced the sexual vibe everywhere. Somehow effeminate, Pierre was truly one hot gay man.

Simon was also getting very high.

"I'm glad you brought me here." said Simon.

"Cool!" said Pierre.

"You want a cigarette?" offered Pierre.

"Yeah. Why not?" replied Simon.

Simon had never smoked before.

Simon took the cigarette with his thin fingers, and then nervously placed it between his plump lips, and then accepted a light from Pierre.

Simon took a drag and then had a more than slight coughing spell.

"I just started." said Simon like an air head, and waved the cigarette back and forth with his hand like a limp wrist queen.

This turned Pierre on.

Simon then took another longer drag, and did a much better job exhaling the smoke this time. He laughed nervously.

He still looked like a queen.

Simon's cock was hard.

"I want to fuck you!" Extolled Pierre, his hand now grasping Simon's across the table.

"I'm a slut!" gushed an enticed, always easy Simon.

Simon then took another quicker drag from his cigarette.

"You've just started." said Pierre.

Back at Pierre's basement apartment, Pierre's nose was now in front of Simon's bare ass.

Simon was on his hands and knees!

Sex on the carpet!

"You never stink baby!" extolled Pierre, sinking his nose into Simon's ass cheeks, before boarding him from behind in fuck you position.

He then proceeded to sink his cock into Simon and batter ram his anus at a dangerous rate. He leaned over a hunched down Simon and and nibbled Simon's back and massaged his fem boy torso while his cock pounded and did the damage.

Each of Pierre's hammer thrusts felt like divine sexual intervention to Simon. They hit insane peak prostate euphoria.

"Hurt me!" so managed to yell an ecstatic moaning Simon!

"Be my slut." Pierre aggressively gasped, pumping Simon with a renewed, even more urgent aggression.

Simon writhed like fuck under Pierre with pleasure!

"I love you baby. God I love you baby!" Pierre harshly whispered in his ear, upon each physical hammer thrust.

Each thrust hurt Simon's ass, but it hurt so fucking good!

Simon felt womanly warmth at giving in to each invading cock hammering. He sweated his shit out during the intense fuck, as did Pierre above him.

"I love giving my ass away!" squealed Simon, madly gyrating his own ass, as Pierre relentless screwed him.

They rocked back and forth, two lovers so intense, getting exhausted, gasping for breath, blind to everything but their immediate sexual salvation.

Pierre ruled Simon, and Simon was his. True Rainbow lovers in the burning heat.

As their sexual excitement peaked, Their rocking back and forth got insanely more violent. They both now moaned uncontrollably.

"You fucking whore!" exalted Pierre breathlessly. Their two bodies heaving as one.

At long last, Pierre shot his load into Simon. The bubbly sperm swam into his insides! Simon nearly died from the orgasm. His prostate exploded! It blew Simon's mind apart!

Simon wreathed, moaning on the ground as his own cock and balls exploded and flooded Pierre's carpet with his own hot sticky cum. The living room now stank of jism.

In the aftermath, they had a hell of a time slowly regaining their breath.

Simon now stood satisfied he was now yet another guy's fem slut.

Yet another guy's easy fuck.

He was becoming a whore.

Earlier that summer Simon had ran into an old high school class mate who he knew when he lived with his mother and sister, in a small town 100 miles North of LA.

Beth just now lived a few blocks away from Simon's girlfriends Brenda's house in Long Beach.

Beth was the consummate high school stoner back then, and she still looked the stoned hippie part. She wore the whole bit, bell bottoms, beads, headbands and sometimes went barefoot.

She was another strawberry sunshine California girl.

"You were such a square in high school, but you look awesome now!" she told Simon.

Sometimes Brenda and her boyfriend Jon, a tall thin reedy male with a large Blonde Afro, would go over to Brenda's place where they would party with Simon.

They'd smoke pot and drink beer and listen to music. Both Beth and Jon chained smoked cigarettes and the over flowing ashtrays and Nicotine clouds got on Brenda's nerves really bad. She didn't party with them anyway she was too busy.

They said they could get Simon some ecstasy and Simon was very excited about this.

"I wanna try it so bad!" he gushed.

Simon, Beth and Jon went to a rave where Simon finally swallowed a tab of E.

Simon had never felt so sexed up in his life!

When the E buzz hit and he started dancing, his entire universe was a sensual, erotic celebration. He moved in tune to the thumping techno beat and gyrated on a wave of pure wanton grooviness.

The three of them retired to a backroom to take a break. They lay about on cushions pleasantly stoned. Beth and Jon lit up cigarettes and took swigs of water.

"Can I have a cigarette?" asked Simon.

"When did you start smoking baby?" asked Beth curiously.

"Just recently, when I started sucking cock," said a stoned Simon giggling, and then taking a light from Beth.

Replenished with water, the nicotine seemed to refresh Simon even more in his E state.

Simon puffed away, dragging contentedly.

"I heard that honey!" came a thin male voice from a few feet away. Heard clearly through the thump of drum and bass.

A tall thin muscular male, about thirty dressed in skintight shiny purple latex briefs, and latex halter top eyed Simon with a horny vengeance.

He was obviously very, very turned on by Simon.

"I'm Max," he said, his brown eyes smiling hungrily. His face was of thin features, framed by long light brown hair tied back in a pony tail.

He fingered his cock and balls.

Simon saw that his finger nails were painted red!

Jon was also looking very turned on too! Turned on by Simon!

Max then sat down next to Simon and took his hand slowly and kissed it.

Simon blushed and was somehow speechless, but his horniness was indescribable.

Soon Max and Simon were intertwined and viciously engaged in tongue to tongue necking. Somehow Simon's jean button got undone and Max was then also feeling up the barefoot boy's sex vigorously.

His thin sensual fingers slid over Simon's very hard cock and very hard balls with the rapid authority of a sex artisan. The whole time, their tongues and lips made out with each other in hyper passion.

"Baby! Turn me on!" squealed Simon.

The whole time an amazed Beth and a very, very game looking Jon watched them.

Soon Simon's jeans were off and Max was in behind him breathing heavily, his cock now starting to penetrate Simon's interior anal area.

Now Jon in a violent heat quickly undid his Jeans clap and let them fall to the ground.

"That's it! Let me suck your cock!" screamed Simon!

Beth just watched in awe, even more amazed.

Soon a panting Jon's long limber cock was in Simon's mouth as Max proceeded to royally screw Simon.

Simon gurgled as his mouth worked Jon's prick. Jon wreathed and moaned deliriously, as Max ferociously fucked Simon. He made loud slapping noises with every thrust against Simon's pink ass.

Simon was in ecstasy and rocked back and forth to every anal violation.

In the darkened room, other couples made out and had sex but none quite as excited as these three sluts.

"Wow! I wonder what Beth thinks?" thought Simon through the crazed, passionate sex.

After all, he was sucking her boyfriends cock right in front of her!

Simon's ass was vibrating back and forth at a stellar rate as Max's prick gave him his steady persistent asshole reaming. Simon swallowed and licked up and down, and sometimes lightly nibbled Jon's formidable cock.

When Jon ejaculated into Simon's mouth, Simon swallowed the plentiful cum like a hungry starving man, in time to his ass shaking orgasm, which Max triggered by shooting his ferocious load into him.

Beth just sat, smiled and stared intensely while sipping from the water bottle and smoking.

The climax was heavenly beautiful and Beth had seen it all, and Simon had shown Jon gay sex for the first time.

Doing E is good.

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